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Name : xemacs
Version : 21.1.8 Vendor : Red Hat, Inc_
Release : 4 Date : 2000-02-14 15:52:12
Group : Applications/Editors Source RPM : xemacs-21.1.8-4.src.rpm
Size : 37.02 MB
Packager : Red Hat, Inc_ < http://bugzilla_redhat_com/bugzilla>
Summary : An X Window System based version of GNU Emacs.
Description :
XEmacs (and regular GNU Emacs, too) is a self-documenting,
customizable, extensible, real-time display editor. XEmacs is
self-documenting because at any time you can type in control-h to find
out what your options are or to find out what a command does. XEmacs
is customizable because you can change the definitions of XEmacs
commands to anything you want. XEmacs is extensible because you can
write entirely new commands--programs in the Lisp language to be run
by Emacs\' own Lisp interpreter. XEmacs includes a real-time display,
which means that the text being edited is visible on the screen and is
updated very frequently (usually after every character or pair of
characters) as you type.

This XEmacs distribution consists of four rpms: xemacs-21.1.8 (the
main portion, including the standard XEmacs binary which most people
use), xemacs-el-21.1.8 (elisp sources, which you only need if you\'re
going to program with Lisp in XEmacs), xemacs-info-21.1.8 (optional
information about XEmacs), and xemacs-extras-21.1.8 (files in common
with Emacs, which you must install if you\'re installing XEmacs and you
do not have Emacs installed).

To use XEmacs, you\'ll need to install the XEmacs binary. The xemacs
package includes the standard XEmacs binary that most people will use.
The XEmacs binary is dynamically linked, with both X11 and TTY
(ncurses) support, but without mule (MUlti-Lingual Emacs, the Asian
character set) support.

You might be able to tailor XEmacs to your use by using one of the
following packages instead of xemacs: xemacs-static (static link with
X11, ncurses, NO mule), xemacs-X11 (dynamic link with X11, NO ncurses,
NO mule), xemacs-mule (dynamic link with X11, NO ncurses, mule) or
xemacs-nox (dynamic link with NO X11, ncurses, NO mule).

In order to use XEmacs, you will have to install either xemacs OR one
of the four choices listed above (xemacs-static, xemacs-X11,
xemacs-mule, xemacs-nox). Check each of the individual package
descriptions if you want more information. You will also need to
install xemacs-extras, if you do not have GNU Emacs already

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