Changelog for system-group-hardware-20170617-22.1.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Jan 14 2022 Buildrequire the updated sysuser-tools which supports busybox-adduser as well
* Mon Sep 13 2021 system-user-tss.conf: Remove group entry, not needed and did contain syntax errors (bsc#1190401).
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Add default hardware group for \'sgx\' enclave access Since udev v248, a default rule for /dev/sgx_enclave is provided to give rw access to the new group hopefully making \'sgx\' the standard group name for such devices. [bsc#1190572]
* Fri Dec 04 2020 Remove kvm group from hardware subpackage, since kvm is in its own subpackage (jsc#SLE-11629).
* Fri Nov 13 2020 Add qemu user to kvm group
* Thu Nov 12 2020 Add system account and groups for kvm, qemu, and libvirt (jsc#SLE-11629) New files: system-group-kvm.conf, system-group-libvirt.conf, system-user-qemu.conf
* Fri Aug 21 2020 Don\'t add group nogroup to user nobody, as many daemons misuse \'nogroup\' as own group
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Use test -x instead of -f
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Call usermod only if installed
* Tue Feb 18 2020 Align /var/lib/tss permissions with trousers (boo#1162360).
* Fri Jan 31 2020 Add tss user for TPM tools (boo#1162360).
* Tue Aug 13 2019 Remove s390 groups again. The s390-tools maintainer wants to add groups in s390-tools manually.
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Add system-user-tftp subpackage with tftp user and group and /srv/tftpboot as home directory [bsc#1143454].
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Add cpacfstats, ts-shell, and zkeyadm groups for s390-tools (bsc#1123730)
* Wed Mar 21 2018 Add \"render\" group in system-group-hardware (bsc#1085847) \"uaccess\" tag has been dropped from /dev/dri/renderD
* and these devices now have 0666 permsions by default is owned by the render group.
* Wed Nov 29 2017 Change home directory of user man to /var/lib/empty. Home directories below /var/cache are by definition insecure and a bad idea.
* Thu Sep 14 2017 uuidd does not need group daemon, Copy&Paste error.
* Thu Sep 14 2017 udev needs groups kvm and lp: [bsc#1058703] - Add group kvm to system-group-hardware - Move group lp from system-user-lp to system-group-hardware
* Tue Sep 12 2017 Add system-user-uuidd.conf (boo#1057937#c3).
* Mon Aug 21 2017 user nobody: move usermod to %post, else it will be executed before the user is created.
* Mon Jul 10 2017 Drop pkgconfig(systemd) BuildRequires: we no longer depend on systemd-sysusers, but converted to shadow toolset.
* Mon Jun 19 2017 Move group trusted into system-user-root package [bsc#1044014]
* Sat Jun 17 2017 Move system-user-root into own package
* Fri Jun 09 2017 Fix syntax of groups in system-user-root.conf
* Fri Jun 09 2017 Add utmp to system-group-hardware.conf like systemd has- Create new system-user-root sub-package creating passwd, group and shadow files with root user.
* Tue Jun 06 2017 BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: this allows OBS to pick systemd-mini, which is still good enough. And ultimately it helps us break a build cycle (system-users - libssh2_org - curl - systemd - system-users).
* Tue Jun 06 2017 BuildIgnore group(lock) and group(daemon) for ourselves, needed for bootstrap.
* Wed May 03 2017 /bin/bash is needed as shell for user nobody
* Tue May 02 2017 Add upsd for UPS daemon packages.
* Sat Apr 01 2017 Prerequire group lock for uucp
* Sat Apr 01 2017 Allow user uucp to do locking
* Fri Mar 17 2017 Fix group ownership of /var/lib/wwwrun
* Wed Mar 15 2017 Add group sys to system-group-obsolete- Add systemusers lp and nobody
* Wed Mar 15 2017 Add systemusers wwwrun, mail and ftp
* Sat Mar 11 2017 Add hardware access groups: kmem, lock, tty, audio, cdrom, dialout, disk, input, tape, video- Add group wheel
* Tue Feb 21 2017 Remove /var/spool/uucp directories...
* Mon Feb 20 2017 Change license to MIT
* Sat Jan 21 2017 Add subpackages for obsolete groups and trusted group
* Sat Jan 21 2017 Add subpackages for bin, daemon, news and man
* Fri Jan 20 2017 Adjust to new sysuser-tools
* Thu Dec 22 2016 Use automatic provides and generate %pre with a script- fix uids and add also groups
* Tue Dec 20 2016 Create users in %pre install section
* Thu Oct 27 2016 Add /etc/uucp to filelist of system-user-uucp
* Wed Oct 26 2016 Add system account games
* Wed Oct 26 2016 Initial version with system account uucp