Changelog for glibc-2.32-30.mga8.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Nov 25 2022 tmb 6:2.32-30.mga8+ Revision: 1911150- x86: Fix wcsnlen-avx2 page cross length comparison [BZ #29591]- resync with fixes in upstream release/2.32 branch:
* adjust patch list for upstream master branch fixes now in release/2.32 branch
* elf: Call __libc_early_init for reused namespaces [BZ #29528]
* x86-64: Require BMI2 for strchr-avx2.S [BZ #29611]
* x86-64: Require BMI2 for avx2 functions [BZ #29611]
* : Support compat_symbol_reference for _ISOMAC- linux: Fix mq_timereceive check for 32 bit fallback code [BZ #29304]- update syscall list for linux 5.11-5.15- string: Add a testcase for wcsncmp with SIZE_MAX [BZ #28755]- x86: Fallback {str|wcs}cmp RTM in the ncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]- x86: Test wcscmp RTM in the wcsncmp overflow case [BZ #28896]- x86: Fix TEST_NAME to make it a string in tst-strncmp-rtm.c- NEWS: Add a bug fix entry for [BZ #28896]- gconv: Do not emit spurious NUL character in ISO-2022-JP-3 [BZ #28524]- x86: Fix __wcsncmp_avx2 in strcmp-avx2.S [BZ #28755]- x86: Set Prefer_No_VZEROUPPER and add Prefer_AVX2_STRCMP- x86-64: Add ifunc-avx2.h functions with 256-bit EVEX- x86-64: Add strcpy family functions with 256-bit EVEX- x86-64: Add memmove family functions with 256-bit EVEX- x86-64: Add memset family functions with 256-bit EVEX- x86-64: Add memcmp family functions with 256-bit EVEX- x86-64: Add AVX optimized string/memory functions for RTM- x86: Add string/memory function tests in RTM region- x86-64: Use ZMM16-ZMM31 in AVX512 memset family functions- x86-64: Use ZMM16-ZMM31 in AVX512 memmove family functions- test-strnlen.c: Initialize wchar_t string with wmemset [BZ #27655]- test-strnlen.c: Check that strnlen won\'t go beyond the maximum length- x86: Optimize memchr-avx2.S- x86: Fix overflow bug with wmemchr-sse2 and wmemchr-avx2 [BZ #27974]- x86: Optimize strlen-avx2.S- x86: Optimize memchr-evex.S- x86-64: Fix an unknown vector operation in memchr-evex.S- x86-64: Move strlen.S to multiarch/strlen-vec.S- x86-64: Add wcslen optimize for sse4.1- x86: Fix overflow bug in wcsnlen-sse4_1 and wcsnlen-avx2 [BZ #27974]- x86: Optimize strlen-evex.S- String: Add overflow tests for strnlen, memchr, and strncat [BZ #27974]- x86-64: Require BMI2 for __strlen_evex and __strnlen_evex- x86: Check RTM_ALWAYS_ABORT for RTM [BZ #28033]- x86: Black list more Intel CPUs for TSX [BZ #27398]- x86: Remove wcsnlen-sse4_1 from wcslen ifunc-impl-list [BZ #28064]- x86-64: Test strlen and wcslen with 0 in the RSI register [BZ #28064]- fix CVE-2021-3999 (mga#29935)- socket: Add the __sockaddr_un_set function- CVE-2022-23219: Buffer overflow in sunrpc clnt_create for \"unix\" [BZ #22542]- sunrpc: Test case for clnt_create \"unix\" buffer overflow [BZ #22542]- CVE-2022-23218: Buffer overflow in sunrpc svcunix_create [BZ #28768]- regex: fix buffer read overrun in search [BZ#28470]- nptl: Do not set signal mask on second setjmp return [BZ #28607]- elf: Replace nsid with args.nsid [BZ #27609]- x86_64: Remove unneeded static PIE check for undefined weak diagnostic- librt: add test [BZ #28213]- sysvipc: Fix tst-sysvshm-linux on x32- linux: Remove shmmax check from tst-sysvshm-linux- posix: Correct attribute access mode on readlinkat [BZ #27024].- Fix failing nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-long with local resolver- posix: Fix attribute access mode on getcwd [BZ #27476]- librt: fix NULL pointer dereference [BZ# 28213]- wordexp: handle overflow in positional parameter number [BZ #28011]- fix %transfiletriggerin for running ldconfig (mga#28797)- run ldconfig via %transfiletriggerpostun also when removing libs (mga#28797)- run %transfiletrigger(in|postun) ldconfig for all files in lib directories to avoid broken pipe msg (mga#28797)- Use __pthread_attr_copy in mq_notify [BZ #27896]- Fix use of __pthread_attr_copy in mq_notify [BZ #27896]- support: Add capability to fork an sgid child- tst-env-setuid: Use support_capture_subprogram_self_sgid- Enhance setuid-tunables test- Fix SXID_ERASE behavior in setuid programs [BZ#27471]- support: Pass environ to child process- support: Typo and formatting fixes- nscd: Fix double free in netgroupcache [BZ #27462] (CVE-2021-27645)
* Sun Jan 31 2021 tmb 6:2.32-14.mga8+ Revision: 1674208- rebuild with new binutils / gcc
* Thu Jan 28 2021 tmb 6:2.32-12.mga8+ Revision: 1673800- gconv: Fix assertion failure in ISO-2022-JP-3 module [BZ #27256]
* Fri Jan 22 2021 tmb 6:2.32-11.mga8+ Revision: 1672828- aarch64: Fix missing BTI protection from dependencies [BZ #26926]- aarch64: align address for BTI protection [BZ #26988]-elf: Move note processing after l_phdr is updated- elf: Pass the fd to note processing- aarch64: Use mmap to add PROT_BTI instead of mprotect [BZ #26831]- __vfscanf_internal: fix aliasing violation [BZ #26690]- aarch64: fix static PIE start code for BTI [BZ #27068]
* Thu Jan 14 2021 tmb 6:2.32-10.mga8+ Revision: 1671756- tests-mcheck: New variable to run tests with MALLOC_CHECK_=3- x86: Set header.feature_1 in TCB for always-on CET [BZ #27177]- x86: Check IFUNC definition in unrelocated executable [BZ #20019]
* Mon Jan 04 2021 tmb 6:2.32-9.mga8+ Revision: 1668870- aarch64: fix stack missing after sp is updated- x86-64: Avoid rep movsb with short distance [BZ #27130]
* Fri Dec 25 2020 tmb 6:2.32-8.mga8+ Revision: 1663698- revert enabling SELinux+ oden - enable SELinux
* Mon Dec 21 2020 tmb 6:2.32-7.mga8+ Revision: 1662564- Fix buffer overrun in EUC-KR conversion module [bz #24973]- update syscall list for linux 5.10
* Sat Dec 12 2020 tmb 6:2.32-6.mga8+ Revision: 1655850- Fix parsing of /sys/devices/system/cpu/online [BZ #25859]- Handle out-of-memory case in svc_tcp.c/svc_unix.c:rendezvous_request- malloc: Detect infinite-loop in _int_free when freeing tcache [BZ#27052]
* Wed Dec 09 2020 tmb 6:2.32-5.mga8+ Revision: 1654770- iconv: Fix incorrect UCS4 inner loop bounds [BZ #26923] (CVE-2020-29562)- glibc-devel: drop deps on libtirpc and libnsl as they dont really help fixing anything
* Wed Dec 02 2020 tmb 6:2.32-4.mga8+ Revision: 1651569- iconv: Accept redundant shift sequences in IBM1364 [BZ #26224] (CVE-2020-27618)
* Thu Nov 26 2020 tmb 6:2.32-3.mga8+ Revision: 1649550- linux: Allow adjtime with NULL argument [BZ #26833]- sync in glibc-2.32 branch - update to 2.32 - rebase P27 - update filelists - add fixes from upstream 2.32 branch - drop upstream removed --enable-obsolete-rpc, --enable-obsolete-nsl build flags - glibc-devel: require libtirpc and libnsl to simplify transition to glibc 2.32 - Use O_CLOEXEC in sysconf [BZ #26791]