Changelog for libwebp6-0.5.0-150000.3.7.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu May 27 2021 Add libwebp-CVE-2018-25011.patch: fail on multiple image chunks (bsc#1186247 CVE-2018-25011).
* Thu May 13 2021 Add libwebp-CVE-2020-36328.patch: fix invalid check for buffer size (bsc#1185688 CVE-2020-36328).- Add libwebp-CVE-2020-36329.patch: fix for thread race heap use after free (bsc#1185652 CVE-2020-36329).- Add libwebp-CVE-2020-36330.patch: fix riff size checks (bsc#1185691 CVE-2020-36330).- Add libwebp-CVE-2018-25013.patch: wait for all threads to be done in DecodeRemaining (bsc#1185654 bsc#1186250 CVE-2018-25013 CVE-2018-25014).- Add libwebp-CVE-2020-36331.patch: fix possible overflow when validating chunk size (bsc#1185686 CVE-2020-36331).- Add libwebp-CVE-2018-25010.patch: fix alpha-filtering crash when image is larger than radius (bsc#1185685 CVE-2018-25010).- Add libwebp-CVE-2018-25009.patch: fix overflow while reading VP8X chunk (bsc#1185673 bsc#1185690 CVE-2018-25009 CVE-2018-25012).- Add libwebp-CVE-2020-36332.patch: better handling of bogus Huffman code (bsc#1185674 CVE-2020-36332).
* Fri Feb 12 2016 Update baselibs.conf
* Thu Feb 11 2016 Update to 0.5.0
* miscellaneous bug & build fixes (issues #234, #258, #274, #275, [#278])
* encoder & decoder speed-ups on x86/ARM/MIPS for lossy & lossless + note! YUV->RGB conversion was sped-up, but the results will be slightly different from previous releases
* various lossless encoder improvements
* gif2webp improvements, -min_size option added
* tools fully support input from stdin and output to stdout (issue [#168])
* New WebPAnimEncoder API for creating animations
* New WebPAnimDecoder API for decoding animations
* other API changes: + libwebp: WebPPictureSmartARGBToYUVA() (-pre 4 in cwebp) WebPConfig::exact (-exact in cwebp; -alpha_cleanup is now the default) WebPConfig::near_lossless (-near_lossless in cwebp) WebPFree() (free\'ing webp allocated memory in other languages) WebPConfigLosslessPreset() WebPMemoryWriterClear() + libwebpdemux: removed experimental fragment related fields and functions + libwebpmux: WebPMuxSetCanvasSize()
* new libwebpextras library with some uncommon import functions: WebPImportGray/WebPImportRGB565/WebPImportRGB4444- Make building more verbose
* Tue Dec 08 2015 Update to version 0.4.4
* rescaling out-of-bounds read fix (issue #254)
* various build fixes and improvements (issues #253, #259, #262, #267, #268)
* container documentation update
* gif2webp transparency fix (issue #245)- Add freeglut-devel build requires
* Mon Jun 29 2015 Add libwebp-devel to baselibs.conf [bnc#936417]
* Sat Jun 13 2015 remove aarch64-disable-neon.diff: compiler was fixed, neon can be compiled now
* Sun Mar 29 2015 Update to new upstream release 0.4.3
* lossless decode fix and a multi-threading fix
* documentation / vwebp updates for animation
* Wed Oct 29 2014 Update baselibs.conf: make it match the currently build library packages.
* Tue Oct 28 2014 update to 0.4.2: This is a binary compatible release.
* Android / gcc build fixes
* (Windows) fix reading from stdin and writing to stdout
* gif2webp: miscellaneous fixes
* fix \'alpha-leak\' with lossy compression (issue #220)
* the lossless bitstream spec has been amended to reflect the current code- add aarch64-disable-neon.diff: work around compile failure with neon on aarch64.- add libwebpdecoder1 subpackage