Changelog for 2ping-4.5.1-bp154.1.3.noarch.rpm :

* Tue Aug 10 2021 Johannes Segitz - Added hardening to systemd service(s). Added patch(es):
* harden_2ping.service.patch
* Mon Jun 14 2021 Jiri Slaby - python symbol is not provided by python 3, use proper python3
* Mon Mar 22 2021 Martin Pluskal - Update to version 4.5.1
* 2ping.bash_completion: Make more resilient to failure / missing features.
* Minimum Python version changed from 3.5 to 3.6.
* Minor no-op code and distribution updates.
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Jiri Slaby - use one python, not singlespec
* Thu Jul 09 2020 Matthias Eliasson - Change optional requirements to recommends since they just enhance the tool- Use correct package names for the recommends
* Thu Jul 02 2020 Matthias Eliasson - Update to version 4.5
* Added PyCryptodome support (recommended over PyCrypto, though the latter is still detected/supported).
* Replaced best_poller module with Python native selectors module.
* Changed --flood output: dots/backspaces are no longer printed, and loss results / errors display full details.
* --audible tones will only occur if stdout is a TTY.
* Improved hostname/IP display edge cases.
* Added an AF_UNIX --loopback test mode.
* Listener sockets are added and removed as needed, instead of being re-created on each rescan.
* Listener sockets are automatically rescanned periodically.
* Multiple systemd sockets are now allowed.
* A run can be both a listener and a client at the same time (mainly useful for smoke testing).
* Other socket handling refactoring.
* Other code refactoring.
* Listener statistics are displayer per-bind.
* Many, many testing/CI improvements.- Remove groups in spec- Package systemd service unit- Add missing optional build requirements to enable all available options- Some other clean up in spec
* Sun Feb 03 2019 Matthias Eliasson - Update to version 4.3
* Add --srv-service
* Change --adaptive behavior to better match ping -A
* Fix typos in manpage- Ran spec-cleaner- Fix rpmlint duplicate error with fdupes
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Update to version 4.2
* Added SIGHUP handling of listener processes
* Added an example bash_completion script
* Better cleanup handling of peer information
* Sat Aug 11 2018 Update to version 4.1.2
* Fix UTF-8 tests when run with invalid locale.
* Fix cleanup on non-encrypted sessions.
* Wed May 23 2018 Use OpenPGP signature provided upstream- Added 2ping.keyring, which contains the key from the author
* Sat Nov 04 2017 Update to version 4.1
* Fixed --fuzz CRC function.
* Added --encrypt option for shared-secret encrypted packets.
* Added --listen --all-interfaces option for automatically binding to all interface IPs (requires Python netifaces module).
* Simplified monotonic_clock functionality, relying on Python 3 for most functionality, reducing the possibility of platform bugs.- Includes changes from 4.0
* Rewrite to Python 3 (3.4 or higher).
* Fixed hmac-sha256 handling, added hmac-sha512.
* --nagios will now work when combined with --deadline, in addition to - -count.
* Added Wireshark Lua dissector and sample capture.
* Added battery level (ExtID 0x88a1f7c7). Note that while 2ping recognizes the new option in incoming packets, it currently does not have the capability to send battery levels.
* Fri Jul 29 2016 Make rpmlint happy by avoiding installation in %build.
* Sun Jul 24 2016 Update to version 3.2.1
* Please read the ChangeLog; not able to track all changes since previous version- Upstream moved to python
* Remove %{perl_requires} dependency
* Remove perl recommendations; perl(Digest::CRC), perl(Digest::MD5), perl(Digest::SHA) and perl(IO::Socket::INET6)
* Add python-devel and python-setuptools requirements- Use official tarball and download Url- Remove obsolete 2ping-fix-use-of-uninitialized-warning.patch
* Fri Apr 03 2015 update to 1397618874.f2c2047- 2ping-fix-use-of-uninitialized-warning.patch: add