Changelog for perl-Mojolicious-9.22-bp154.1.56.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Oct 22 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.22 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.22 2021-10-16 - Added a referer method to Mojo::Headers, as an alias for the referrer method. - Fixed response status log message to use the \"trace\" log level instead of \"debug\".
* Sat Aug 14 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.21 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.21 2021-08-13 - Added EXPERIMENTAL supprt for top-level await to Mojo::Promise. - Updated Future::AsyncAwait requirement to 0.52 for new fatures and bug fixes. - Improved
*_attr and
*_text methods in Test::Mojo to return undef instead of empty string for values that do not exist. (tim-2) - Fixed Mojo::DOM not to auto-close tags in and blocks. (mkende)
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.20 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.20 2021-08-09 - Added trace log level to Mojo::Log. - Changed default log level in Mojo::Log from \"debug\" to \"trace\" and moved all built-in \"debug\" log messages to the level \"trace\". That will allow for the \"debug\" level to be used exclusively for user defined log messages.
* Wed Jun 02 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.19 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.19 2021-06-01 - This release contains fixes for security issues, everybody should upgrade! - Swiched from HMAC-SHA1 to HMAC-SHA256 for signed cookies. Note that this means that all sessions will be reset. - Improved signed cookie based sessions to pad short values, to make it harder to brute force attack the application secret. (jberger)
* Mon May 24 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.18 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.18 2021-05-09 - Remove Font Awesome from distribution.
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.17 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.17 2021-04-12 - Deprecated ?format=
* parameter in favor of ?_format=
* for content negotiation in Mojolicious::Renderer.
* Sat Apr 10 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.16 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.16 2021-04-08 - Added support for format inheritance. - Improved Mojo::Server::CGI with support for before_server_start hook. 9.15 2021-03-30 - Improved form generator in Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor to allow custom Content-Disposition headers.
* Wed Mar 24 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.14 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.14 2021-03-23 - Added EXPERIMENTAL support for :text pseudo-class to Mojo::DOM::CSS. 9.13 2021-03-22 - Improved request_id attribute in Mojo::Message::Request to be a little more unique. - Fixed Mojolicious::Plugin::Mount to share the logger of the host application.
* Sun Mar 21 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.12 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.12 2021-03-21 - Improved mojo script startup time slightly with a Mojo::HelloWorld optimization. - Improved design of built-in templates. 9.11 2021-03-20 - This release contains fixes for security issues, everybody should upgrade! - Disabled format detection by default to fix vulnerabilities in many Mojolicious applications. That means some of your routes that previously matched \"/foo\" and \"/foo.json\", will only match \"/foo\" after upgrading. From now on you will have to explicitly declare the formats your routes are allowed to handle. [#] /foo [#] /foo.html [#] /foo.json $r->get(\'/foo\')->to(\'bar#yada\'); becomes $r->get(\'/foo\' => [format => [\'html\', \'json\']])->to(\'bar#yada\', format => undef); And if you are certain that your application is not vulnerable, you also have the option to re-enable format detection for a route and all its nested routes. Due to the high risk of vulnerabilities, this feature is going to be removed again in a future release however. my $active = $r->any([format => 1]); $active->get(\'/foo\')->to(\'Test#first\'); $active->put(\'/bar\')->to(\'Test#second\'); - Improved built-in templates not to show embedded apps in the stash snapshot. - Improved built-in development not found page to include tooltips with the compiled regular expressions for each route. - Improved Mojo::UserAgent to include \"Content-Length: 0\" with non-GET requests for better compatibility with broken web servers.
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.10 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.10 2021-03-14 - Fixed top-level --help and -h options in Mojolicious::Commands. 9.09 2021-03-13 - Added comma_separated filter to Mojolicious::Validator. - Fixed built-in templates to be a bit more responsive. - Fixed filter list handling in Mojolicious::Validator::Validation. 9.08 2021-03-12 - Fixed a bug in Test::Mojo where Test::Mojo->new($app) would not work correctly. 9.07 2021-03-11 - Improved config override feature to work for Mojolicious::Lite applications. - Improved Mojo::UserAgent performance slightly by not including unnecessary \"Content-Length: 0\" request headers.
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.03 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.03 2021-03-05 - Fixed a bug in Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket where finish event handlers would not always get the same number of arguments passed.
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.02 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.02 2021-02-17 - Fixed finally method in Mojo::Promise to deal correctly with promises returned by the handler. - Improved Mojo::Server::Daemon to include random ports in the \"Web application available at ...\" message.
* Wed Feb 17 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.01 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.01 2021-02-16 - Added EXPERIMENTAL color attribute to Mojo::Log. - Added EXPERIMENTAL MOJO_LOG_COLOR environment variable to Mojo::Log. - Fixed Windows support of network_contains function in Mojo::Util. (jberger)
* Mon Feb 15 2021 Tina Müller - updated to 9.0 see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes 9.0 2021-02-14 - Code name \"Waffle\", this is a major release. - Added support for deployment specific plugins. - Removed Mojo::IOLoop::Delay. - Removed hidden attribute from Mojolicious::Routes. - Removed hide and is_hidden methods from Mojolicious::Routes. - Removed deprecated success method from Mojo::Transaction. - Removed deprecated detour, over, route and via methods from Mojolicious::Routes::Route. - Removed deprecated local_address method from Mojo::UserAgent. - Removed deprecated tls_ciphers, tls_protocols, tls_verify and tls_version options from Mojo::IOLoop::TLS. - Removed deprecated local_address option from Mojo::IOLoop::Client. - Removed deprecated config stash value. - Changed Mojo::Log to join mutiple log messages with a whitespace instead of a newline. - Added is_reserved method to Mojolicious::Routes::Route. - Improved Mojolicious::Routes to disallow the use of reserved stash values, such as \"/:action\", in route patterns. - Improved Mojolicious::Routes to throw exceptions for missing controllers. - Improved Mojolicious::Routes to throw exceptions for routes with controllers but without action. - Improved Mojolicious::Routes to disallow namespace without controller for routing. - Improved Mojolicious::Routes to die if auto rendering failed. - Improved render method in Mojolicious::Controller to die if no response could be rendered. - Improved reply->static helper to die if the requested file does not exist. - Improved contextual logging feature in Mojo::Log not to concatenate log messages and context. - Improved all_text method in Mojo::DOM to exclude \"