Changelog for perl-libs-5.30.1-449.module_f32+7155+1847c895.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Nov 29 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.1-449- Fix a memory leak when compiling a regular expression with a non-word class (GH#17218)
* Tue Nov 12 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.1-448- Fix overloading for binary and octal floats (RT#125557)- Fix handling undefined array members in Dumpvalue (RT#134441)- Fix taint mode documentation regarding AATTINC- Fix handling a layer argument in Tie::StdHandle::BINMODE() (RT#132475)- Fix an unintended upgrade to UTF-8 in the middle of a transliteration- Fix a race in File::stat() tests (GH#17234)- Fix a buffer overread when parsing a number (GH#17279)- Fix GCC 10 version detection (GH#17295)
* Mon Nov 11 2019 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.30.1-447- 5.30.1 bump (see for release notes)
* Wed Sep 11 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-446- Fix a memory leak when matching a UTF-8 regular expression (RT#134390)- Fix a detection for futimes (RT#134432)
* Mon Sep 02 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-445- Adjust spec file to rpm-build-4.15.0-0.rc1.1- Fix parsing a Unicode property name when compiling a regular expression- Fix a buffer overread when parsing a Unicode property while compiling a regular expression (RT#134133)- Do not interpret 0x and 0b prefixes when numifying strings (RT#134230)- Fix a buffer overread when compiling a regular expression with many escapes (RT#134325)- Fix a buffer overflow when compiling a regular expression with many branches (RT#134329)- Correct a misspelling in perlrebackslash documentation (RT#134395)
* Thu Aug 22 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-444- Fix a NULL pointer dereference in PerlIOVia_pushed()- Fix a crash when setting $AATT on unwinding a call stack (RT#134266)- Fix parsing a denominator when parsing a Unicode property name- Fix a documentation about a future API change- Do not run File-Find tests in parallel
* Wed Aug 07 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-443- Fix propagating non-string variables in an exception value (RT#134291)- Include trailing zero in scalars holding trie data (RT#134207)- Fix a use after free in /(?{...})/ (RT#134208)- Fix a use after free in debugging output of a collation- Fix file mode of a perl-example.stp example
* Fri Jul 26 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 4:5.30.0-442- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 17 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-441- Fix a test for a crash in SIGALARM handler when waiting on a child process to be closed (RT#122112)- Fix a crash on an uninitialized warning when processing a multideref node (RT#134275)- Preserve append mode when opening anonymous files (RT#134221)- Run Turkish locale tests
* Tue Jun 25 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-440- Fix an out-of-buffer read while parsing a Unicode property name (RT#134134)- Do not panic when outputting a warning (RT#134059)- Fix memory handling when parsing string literals- Fix an undefined behavior in shifting IV variables- Fix stacking file test operators (CPAN RT#127073)- Fix a crash in SIGALARM handler when waiting on a child process to be closed (RT#122112)- Fix a crash with a negative precision in sprintf function (RT#134008)- Fix an erroneous assertion on OP_SCALAR (RT#134048)- Prevent from wrapping a width in a numeric format string (RT#133913)- Fix subroutine protypes to track reference aliases (RT#134072)- Improve retrieving a scalar value of a variable modified in a signal handler (RT#134035)- Fix changing packet destination sent from a UDP IO::Socket object (RT#133936)- Fix a stack underflow in readline() if passed an empty array as an argument (#RT133989)- Fix setting supplementar group IDs (RT#134169)- Fix %{^CAPTURE_ALL} to be an alias for %- variable (RT#131867)- Fix %{^CAPTURE} value when used after AATT{^CAPTURE} (RT#134193)
* Tue Jun 11 2019 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.30.0-439- Define %perl_vendor
*, %perl_archlib, %perl_privlib, because in rpm 4.15 those are no longer defined
* Sun Jun 02 2019 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.30.0-438- Perl 5.30 re-rebuild of bootstrapped packages
* Wed May 22 2019 Jitka Plesnikova , Petr Pisar - 4:5.30.0-437- 5.30.0 bump (see for release notes)- Make site paths specific to Perl minor version (e.g. /usr/local/share/perl5/5.30) to prevent from an ABI clash after upgrade to an ABI-incompatible Perl
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.28.2-436- 5.28.2 bump (see for release notes)
* Fri Apr 05 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.1-435- Fix a leak when compiling a typed hash dereference- Fix a buffer overread when handling a scope error in qr/\\(?{/ (RT#133879)- Fix a buffer overread when parsing a regular expression with an unknown character name (RT#133880)- Fix mbstate_t initialization in POSIX::mblen (RT#133928)- Fix a memory leak when cloning a regular expression- Fix a memory leak when spawning threads in a BEGIN phase- Fix a memory leak when assigning a regular expression to a non-copy-on-write string- Fix a memory leak when assignig to a localized ${^WARNING_BITS}- Fix a memory leak when parsing misindented here-documents- Fix a memory leak in package name lookup (RT#133977)- Fix a memory leak when deletion in a tied hash dies- Fix a crash when matching case insensitively (RT#133892)- Fix a memory leak when warning about malformed UTF-8 string
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Björn Esser - 4:5.28.1-434- Add explicit Requires: libxcrypt-devel to devel sub-package (bug #1666098)
* Fri Feb 22 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.1-433- Fix a crash when parsing #line directives with large numbers in eval (RT#131562)- Fix setting magic when changing $^R (RT#133782)- Fix a race when loading XS modules- Fix extending a stack in Perl parser (RT#133778)
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 4:5.28.1-432- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.1-431- Remove a fix for un undefined C behavior in NULL pointer arithmetics (RT#133223) because it changes perl ABI
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.1-430- Adjust tests to gdbm-1.15 using an upstream fix (RT#133295)- Do not close an IPC pipe that already has a desired descriptor (RT#133726)- Fix reporting a line number for non-terminated prototypes (RT#133524)- Fix first eof() return value (RT#133721)- Fix a crash when compiling a malformed form (RT#132158)- Fix un undefined C behavior in NULL pointer arithmetics (RT#133223)- Prevent long jumps from clobbering local variables (RT#133575)- Fix a mismatch with a case-insesitive regular expression on a text with ligatures (RT#133756)- Fix the interpreter path if procfs is not mounted (RT#133573)
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Björn Esser - 4:5.28.1-429- Rebuilt for (#1666033)
* Sun Jan 13 2019 Björn Esser - 4:5.28.1-428- Add BuildRequires: gcc-c++ for tests
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.1-427- Fix script run matching to allow ASCII digits in scripts that use their own in addition (RT#133547)- Fix PathTools tests to cope with ESTALE error (RT#133534)- Fix an undefined behaviour in S_hv_delete_common()- Fix in-place edit to replace files on a successful perl exit status (bug #1650041)- Fix compiling regular expressions that contain both compile- and run-time compiled code blocks (RT#133687)
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.28.1-426- 5.28.1 bump- Fix CVE-2018-18312 (heap-buffer-overflow write in regcomp.c)
* Fri Nov 02 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-425- Install Encode developmental files when installing complete Perl
* Thu Oct 25 2018 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.28.0-424- Fix annocheck failure by passing CFLAGS to dtrace
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-423- Fix upack \"u\" of invalid data (RT#132655)
* Mon Sep 10 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-422- Revert a fix for a buffer overrun in deprecated S_is_utf8_common() (bug #1627091)
* Wed Sep 05 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-421- Fix a buffer overrun in deprecated S_is_utf8_common()- Fix a buffer overrun in deprecated utf8_to_uvchr()- Fix a time race in Time-HiRes/t/itimer.t test- Fix matching an ASCII digit followed by a non-ASCII digit using a script run- Fix Time::Piece to handle objects in overloaded methods correctly- Fix an assignment to a lexical variable in multiconcatenation expressions (RT#133441)- Fix a spurious warning about uninitialized value in warn (RT#132683)- Require Devel::PPPort by perl-devel for h2xs script
* Wed Aug 01 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-420- Fix a file descriptor leak in in-place edits (RT#133314)
* Tue Jul 17 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-419- Fix index() and rindex() optimization in given-when boolean context (RT#133368)- Fix build conditions in locale.c
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 4:5.28.0-418- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jul 09 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.28.0-417- Adjust tests to gdbm-1.15 (RT#133295)- Fix an integer wrap when allocating memory for an environment variable (RT#133204)- Fix printing a warning about a wide character when matching a regular expression while ISO-8859-1 locale is in effect- Fix invoking a check for wide characters while ISO-8859-1 locale is in effect
* Wed Jun 27 2018 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.28.0-416- Stop providing old perl(MODULE_COMPAT_5.26.
* Tue Jun 26 2018 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.28.0-415- 5.28.0 bump (see for release notes)
* Fri May 25 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.2-414- Fix an infinite loop in the regular expression compiler (RT#133185)
* Fri May 18 2018 Jitka Plesnikova - 4:5.26.2-413- Correct license tags of perl-libs (bug #1579524)
* Thu Apr 19 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.2-412- perl-devel requires redhat-rpm-config because of hardened compiler profiles (bug #1557667)- Do not clobber file bytes in :encoding layer (RT#132833)- Fix line numbers in multi-line s/// (RT#131930)- Fix parsing extended bracketed character classes (RT#132167)- Fix a possibly unitialized memory read in the Perl parser (RT#133074)
* Mon Apr 16 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.2-411- 5.26.2 bump
* Mon Mar 26 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.2-410.RC1- 5.26.2-RC1 bump- Fix CVE-2018-6913 (heap buffer overflow in pp_pack.c) (bug #1567776)- Fix CVE-2018-6798 (heap read overflow in regexec.c) (bug #1567777)- Fix CVE-2018-6797 (heap write overflow in regcomp.c) (bug #1567778)
* Thu Mar 01 2018 Florian Weimer - 4:5.26.1-409- Rebuild to pick up new build flags from redhat-rpm-config
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 4:5.26.1-408- Escape macros in %changelog
* Tue Feb 06 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.1-407- Fix parsing braced subscript after parentheses (RT#8045)- Fix a heap use after free when moving a stack (RT#131954)- Call ldconfig scriptlets using a macro
* Thu Feb 01 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.1-406- Correct shell bangs in tests
* Mon Jan 29 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.1-405- Link XS modules to pthread library to fix linking with -z defs
* Sat Jan 20 2018 Björn Esser - 4:5.26.1-404- Add patch to conditionalize a fix for an old and long fixed bug in libcrypt / glibc (rhbz#1536752)
* Mon Jan 15 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.1-403- Rebuild against glibc without nsl library
* Tue Jan 09 2018 Petr Pisar - 4:5.26.1-402- Remove invalid macro definitions from macros.perl (bug #1532539)- Fix an overflow in the lexer when reading a new line (RT#131793)- Fix Term::ReadLine not to create spurious &STDERR files (RT#132008)- Fix a crash when a match for inversely repeated group fails (RT#132017)- Fix an overflow when parsing a character range with no preceding character (RT#132245)- Fix walking symbol table for ISA in Carp- Fix handling file names with null bytes in stat and lstat functions (RT#131895)- Fix a crash when untying an object witout a stash- Fix deparsing of transliterations with unprintable characters (RT#132405)- Fix error reporting on do() on a directory (RT#125774)- Fix stack manipulation when a lexical subroutine is defined in a do block in a member of an iteration list (RT#132442)- Fix setting $! when statting a closed file handle (RT#108288)- Fix tainting of s/// with overloaded replacement (RT#115266)- Expand system() arguments before a fork (RT#121105)- Avoid undefined behavior when copying memory in Glob and pp_caller (RT#131746)