Changelog for giflib-debugsource-5.1.4-lp152.5.3.1.i586.rpm :

* Wed Apr 21 2021 Wolfgang Frisch - Enable Position Independent Code and inherit CFLAGS from the build system.
* Added giflib-PIE.patch (bsc#1184123).
* Wed Jul 05 2017 Keep timestamps before patch updates them to fix build-compare
* Fri May 13 2016 Added fix-autoconf11.patch for fixing build with older autoconf, requires for SLE11.
* Tue Apr 12 2016 Update to version 5.1.4
* Fix SF bug #94: giflib 5 loves to fail to load images... a LOT.
* Fix SF Bug #92: Fix buffer overread in gifbuild.
* Fix SF Bug #93: Add bounds check in gifbuild netscape2.0 path
* Fix SF Bug #89: Fix buffer overread in gifbuild.- Removed patch:
* giflib-sf-88.patch + Integrated upstream- Added patch:
* giflib-CVE-2016-3977.patch - Fix CVE-2016-3977: heap buffer overflow in gif2rgb (bsc#974847)
* Wed Mar 23 2016 Update to version 5.1.3
* Prevent malloc randomess from causing the header output routine to emit a GIF89 version string even when no GIF89 features are present.
* Prevent malloc randomess from producing sporadic failures by causing sanity checks added in 5.1.2 to misfire.
* Bulletproof gif2rgb against 0-height images. Addressed sf#78: Heap overflow in gif2rgb with images of size 0, also sf#82.
* Remove unnecessary duplicate EGifClose() in gifcolor.c. Fixes sf#83 introduced in 5.1.2.
* Fix sf#84: incorrect return of DGifSlurp().- Add giflib-sf-88.patch to fix sf#88
* Tue Jan 19 2016 Update to version 5.1.2 (fixes CVE-2015-7555, bsc#960319)
* Code Fixes + Code hardening using reallocarray() from OpenBSD. + Sanity check in giffilter catches files with malformed extension records. Fixes SourceForge bug #63: malformed gif causes segfault in giffilter. + Inexpensive sanity check in DGifSlurp() catches malformed files with no image descriptor. Fixes SourceForge bug #64: malformed gif causes crash in giftool. + Fix SourceForge bug #66: GifDrawBoxedText8x8() modifying constant input parameter. + Bail out of GIF read on invalid pixel width. Addresses Savannah bug #67: invalid shift in dgif_lib.c + Fix SourceForge bug #69: #69 Malformed: Gif file with no extension block after a GRAPHICS_EXT_FUNC_CODE extension causes segfault (in giftext). + Fix SourceForge bug #71: Buffer overwrite when giffixing a malformed gif. + Fix SourceForge bug #73: Null pointer deference in gifclrmap (only reachable with malformed GIF). + Fix SourceForge bug #74: Double free in gifsponge under 5.1,1, for any valid gif image. + Fix SourceForge bug #75: GAGetArgs overflows due to uncounted use of va_arg. + Sanity check in giffix catches some malformed files. Addresses SourceForge bug #77: dgif_lib.c: extension processing error- Modified patches:
* giflib-automake-1_13.patch
* giflib-visibility.patch + rediff to changed context
* Thu Jan 15 2015 Cleanup a bit- Remove obsolete sle10 deprecations- Fix one tiny rpmlint warning
* Wed Jan 14 2015 Update to version 5.1.1 + Numerous minor fixes in getarg.c. Affects only the utilities, not the core library. + Fix SourceForge bug #59 DGifOpen can segfault if DGifGetScreenDesc fails. + SourceForge patch #20: In gifalloc, fix usage of realloc() in case of failure. + Fix SourceForge bug #61 Leak in gifsponge. + glibtoolize port fix for OS X.
* Fri May 30 2014 Update to new upstream release 5.1.0
* Minor API change to assist library wrappers in dynamic languages, removal of the the gif2raw utility, and various minor fix patches for unusual edge cases.
* API changes to functions: GifErrorString returns const char
*; EGifGetGifVersion returns const char
*; EGifCloseFile takes another int
*errorcode; DGifCloseFile takes another int
* Sat Aug 31 2013 Update to new upstream release 5.0.5 (bugfix release)
* This release sets the error return properly when a screen descriptor read fails, and fixes minor API documentation bugs.