Changelog for xen-doc-4.14.1-1.mga8.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Mar 05 2021 tv 4.14.1-1.mga8+ Revision: 1699056- Linux: display frontend \"be-alloc\" mode is unsupported (comment only) [XSA-363, CVE-2021-26934] (#1929549)- arm: The cache may not be cleaned for newly allocated scrubbed pages [XSA-364, CVE-2021-26933] (#1929547)- backport upstream zstd dom0 and guest patches- BR libzstd- add weak dependency on grub modules to improve initial boot setup- IRQ vector leak on x86 [XSA-360]
* Mon Dec 21 2020 tv 4.14.1-1.mga8+ Revision: 1662465- update to 4.14.1
* Wed Dec 16 2020 tv 4.14.0-11.mga8+ Revision: 1658002- xenstore watch notifications lacking permission checks [XSA-115, CVE-2020-29480] (rhbz#1908091)- Xenstore: new domains inheriting existing node permissions [XSA-322, CVE-2020-29481] (rhbz#1908095)- Xenstore: wrong path length check [XSA-323, CVE-2020-29482] (rhbz#1908096)- Xenstore: guests can crash xenstored via watchs [XSA-324, CVE-2020-29484] (rhbz#1908088)- Xenstore: guests can disturb domain cleanup [XSA-325, CVE-2020-29483] (rhbz#1905648)- oxenstored memory leak in reset_watches [XSA-330, CVE-2020-29485] (rhbz#1908000)- undue recursion in x86 HVM context switch code [XSA-348, CVE-2020-29566] (rhbz#1908085)- oxenstored: node ownership can be changed by unprivileged clients [XSA-352, CVE-2020-29486] (rhbz#1908002)- oxenstored: permissions not checked on root node [XSA-353, CVE-2020-29479] (rhbz#1908003)- infinite loop when cleaning up IRQ vectors [XSA-356, CVE-2020-29567] (rhbz#1907932)- FIFO event channels control block related ordering [XSA-358, CVE-2020-29570] (rhbz#1907931)- FIFO event channels control structure ordering [XSA-359, CVE-2020-29571] (rhbz#1908089)- Work around another gcc-11 stringop-overflow diagnostic
* Wed Nov 25 2020 tv 4.14.0-10.mga8+ Revision: 1649191- stack corruption from XSA-346 change [XSA-355]
* Mon Nov 23 2020 tv 4.14.0-9.mga8+ Revision: 1648810- Support zstd compressed kernels (dom0 only) based on linux kernel code
* Wed Nov 11 2020 tv 4.14.0-8.mga8+ Revision: 1644447- Information leak via power sidechannel [XSA-351, CVE-2020-28368] (#1897146)
* Wed Nov 04 2020 tv 4.14.0-7.mga8+ Revision: 1642581- revised patch for XSA-286 (mitigating performance impact)- Work around gcc-11 stringop-overflow diagnostics as well
* Thu Oct 29 2020 tv 4.14.0-6.1.mga8+ Revision: 1640521- updage grub2 config when (un)installing hypervisor- x86 PV guest INVLPG-like flushes may leave stale TLB entries [XSA-286, CVE-2020-27674] (#1891092)- some fixes for gcc 11- switch to systemd macros, use them in the sub pkgs- drop the requires on grub (useless)- drop the requires on kmod (already in basesystem)- drop obsolete BR on texi2html ghostscript tetex-latex- requires kpartx- fix license
* Wed Oct 21 2020 tv 4.14.0-5.mga8+ Revision: 1637766- create a xen-licenses collecting all sub licenses- split runtime in order to minimize deps- add xen-hypervisor-abi provides- do not hard requires the full qemu stack (deps!)
* Tue Oct 20 2020 tv 4.14.0-4.mga8+ Revision: 1637400- x86: Race condition in Xen mapping code [XSA-345]- undue deferral of IOMMU TLB flushes [XSA-346]- unsafe AMD IOMMU page table updates [XSA-347]- do not require non existing kernel-server on arm
* Wed Sep 23 2020 tv 4.14.0-3.mga8+ Revision: 1629525- x86 pv: Crash when handling guest access to MSR_MISC_ENABLE [XSA-333, CVE-2020-25602] (rhbz#1881619)- Missing unlock in XENMEM_acquire_resource error path [XSA-334, CVE-2020-25598] (rhbz#1881616)- race when migrating timers between x86 HVM vCPU-s [XSA-336, CVE-2020-25604] (rhbz#1881618)- PCI passthrough code reading back hardware registers [XSA-337, CVE-2020-25595] (rhbz#1881587)- once valid event channels may not turn invalid [XSA-338, CVE-2020-25597] (rhbz#1881588)- x86 pv guest kernel DoS via SYSENTER [XSA-339, CVE-2020-25596] (rhbz#1881617)- Missing memory barriers when accessing/allocating an event channel [XSA-340, CVE-2020-25603] (rhbz#1881583)- out of bounds event channels available to 32-bit x86 domains [XSA-342, CVE-2020-25600] (rhbz#1881582)- races with evtchn_reset() [XSA-343, CVE-2020-25599] (rhbz#1881581)- lack of preemption in evtchn_reset() / evtchn_destroy() [XSA-344, CVE-2020-25601] (rhbz#1881586)
* Tue Aug 25 2020 tv 4.14.0-2.mga8+ Revision: 1618903- QEMU: usb: out-of-bounds r/w access issue [XSA-335, CVE-2020-14364] (rhbz#1871850)
* Sat Aug 01 2020 tv 4.14.0-1.mga8+ Revision: 1610277- update to 4.14.0 remove or adjust patches now included or superceded upstream adjust xen.hypervisor.config bison and flex packages now needed for hypervisor build /usr/bin/vchan-socket-proxy and /usr/sbin/xenhypfs have been added with associated libraries and man page- revise documentation build dependencies drop tex, texinfo, ghostscript, graphviz, discount add perl(Pod::Html) perl(File::Find)- additional build dependency for ocaml on perl(Data::Dumper)
* Wed Jul 08 2020 tv 4.13.1-3.mga8+ Revision: 1603032- incorrect error handling in event channel port allocation leads to DoS [XSA-317, CVE-2020-15566] (#1854465)- inverted code paths in x86 dirty VRAM tracking leads to DoS [XSA-319, CVE-2020-15563] (#1854463)- xen: insufficient cache write-back under VT-d leads to DoS [XSA-321, CVE-2020-15565] (#1854467)- missing alignment check in VCPUOP_register_vcpu_info leads to DoS [XSA-327, CVE-2020-15564] (#1854458)- non-atomic modification of live EPT PTE leads to DoS [XSA-328, CVE-2020-15567] (#1854464)
* Thu Jun 11 2020 tv 4.13.1-2.mga8+ Revision: 1592274- Special Register Buffer speculative side channel [XSA-320]
* Tue May 19 2020 tv 4.13.1-1.mga8+ Revision: 1586256- update to 4.13.1
* Wed May 06 2020 tv 4.13.0-21.mga8+ Revision: 1581249- force gcc >= 10- build aarch64 hypervisor with -mno-outline-atomics to fix gcc 10 build
* Wed Apr 15 2020 tv 4.13.0-19.mga8+ Revision: 1567543- multiple xenoprof issues [XSA-313, CVE-2020-11740, CVE-2020-11741] (rhbz#1823912, rhbz#1823914)- Missing memory barriers in read-write unlock paths [XSA-314, CVE-2020-11739] (rhbz#1823784)- Bad error path in GNTTABOP_map_grant [XSA-316, CVE-2020-11743] (rhbz#1823926)- Bad continuation handling in GNTTABOP_copy [XSA-318, CVE-2020-11742] (rhbz#1823943)
* Sun Apr 12 2020 tv 4.13.0-18.mga8+ Revision: 1566923- try even harder to fix armv7
* Sun Apr 12 2020 tv 4.13.0-17.mga8+ Revision: 1566914- try harder to fix armv7
* Sun Apr 12 2020 tv 4.13.0-16.mga8+ Revision: 1566910- try to fix build on arm
* Fri Apr 10 2020 tv 4.13.0-15.mga8+ Revision: 1566161- rebuild for brltty 6.1
* Tue Mar 10 2020 tv 4.13.0-14.mga8+ Revision: 1555341- setting for --with-system-ipxe should be a rom file (rhbz#1778516)- add weak depends on ipxe-roms-qemu and qemu-system-x86-core- build flask/xenpolicy
* Fri Feb 28 2020 umeabot 4.13.0-13.mga8+ Revision: 1551376- Rebuild for ocaml 4.10.0 final
* Thu Feb 20 2020 umeabot 4.13.0-12.mga8+ Revision: 1546201- Mageia 8 Mass Rebuild
* Fri Jan 31 2020 pterjan 4.13.0-11.mga8+ Revision: 1486154- Fix build on armv8l machines (by using arm32 rather than arm64)
* Fri Jan 31 2020 tv 4.13.0-10.mga8+ Revision: 1486013- use linux32 to hide the 64bitness of the build host & not build ACPI stuff- enable do disable ocaml support if needed
* Fri Jan 31 2020 tv 4.13.0-9.mga8+ Revision: 1485972- use --disable-qemu-traditional on armv7- restore XEN_TARGET_ARCH=arm32
* Fri Jan 31 2020 tv 4.13.0-8.mga8+ Revision: 1485925- try to workaround armv7 failing on 64bit aarch64 build host
* Fri Jan 31 2020 tv 4.13.0-7.mga8+ Revision: 1485849- try to workaround armv7 build failure
* Tue Jan 28 2020 tv 4.13.0-6.mga8+ Revision: 1484597- tag some files as %config- move oxenstored into ocaml-xen- update %descr
* Thu Jan 23 2020 tv 4.13.0-5.mga8+ Revision: 1482247- build fixes for OCaml 4.10.0 and gcc 10
* Fri Jan 17 2020 pterjan 4.13.0-4.mga8+ Revision: 1481223- Attempt again to fix armv7hl build
* Fri Jan 17 2020 pterjan 4.13.0-3.mga8+ Revision: 1481222- Attempt to fix armv7hl build
* Wed Jan 15 2020 tv 4.13.0-2.mga8+ Revision: 1478033- arm: a CPU may speculate past the ERET instruction [XSA-312]- add weak requires for perl (/etc/xen/scripts/
* Fri Dec 20 2019 tv 4.13.0-1.mga8+ Revision: 1469043- update config file- update to 4.13.0- remove patches now included or superceded upstream- adjust xen.hypervisor.config- /usr/sbin/xen-tmem-list-parse has been removed- pkgconfig files have moved to %{_libdir}/pkgconfig- /usr/sbin/xen-ucode has been added (x86 only)- fix build with OCaml 4.09.0
* Thu Dec 12 2019 tv 4.12.1-6.mga8+ Revision: 1466026- denial of service in find_next_bit() [XSA-307, CVE-2019-19581, CVE-2019-19582] (#1782211)- denial of service in HVM/PVH guest userspace code [XSA-308, CVE-2019-19583] (#1782206)- privilege escalation due to malicious PV guest [XSA-309, CVE-2019-19578] (#1782210)- Further issues with restartable PV type change operations [XSA-310, CVE-2019-19580] (#1782207)- vulnerability in dynamic height handling for AMD IOMMU pagetables [XSA-311, CVE-2019-19577] (#1782208)- add patches needed to apply XSA-311
* Wed Nov 27 2019 tv 4.12.1-5.mga8+ Revision: 1463124- Device quarantine for alternate pci assignment methods [XSA-306]
* Wed Nov 13 2019 tv 4.12.1-4.mga8+ Revision: 1459858- add missing XSA-299 patches- x86: Machine Check Error on Page Size Change DoS [XSA-304, CVE-2018-12207]- TSX Asynchronous Abort speculative side channel [XSA-305, CVE-2019-11135]
* Sun Nov 03 2019 tv 4.12.1-3.mga8+ Revision: 1457483- VCPUOP_initialise DoS [XSA-296, CVE-2019-18420]- missing descriptor table limit checking in x86 PV emulation [XSA-298, CVE-2019-18425]- Issues with restartable PV type change operations [XSA-299, CVE-2019-18421] (#1767726)- add-to-physmap can be abused to DoS Arm hosts [XSA-301, CVE-2019-18423]- passed through PCI devices may corrupt host memory after deassignment [XSA-302, CVE-2019-18424] (#1767731)- ARM: Interrupts are unconditionally unmasked in exception handlers [XSA-303, CVE-2019-18422]
* Sun Sep 15 2019 tv 4.12.1-2.mga8+ Revision: 1441507- rebuild with new rpm linked perl-URPM
* Fri Aug 09 2019 tv 4.12.1-1.mga8+ Revision: 1428475- new release
* Thu Jul 04 2019 tv 4.12.0-3.mga8+ Revision: 1418400- Unlimited Arm Atomics Operations [XSA-295] (#1720760)- some debug files are now properly packaged in debuginfo rpms- fix HVM DomU boot on some chipsets- fix expected FTBFS with Python 3.8 (#1704807)
* Wed May 15 2019 tv 4.12.0-2.mga7+ Revision: 1397871- Microarchitectural Data Sampling speculative side channel [XSA-297, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2019-11091]- additional patches so above applies cleanly
* Sun Apr 14 2019 tv 4.12.0-1.mga7+ Revision: 1389949- reeable i586 but disable cross compiling hypervisor for now- fix filelist for aarch64- temporary disable i586- update to 4.12.0- remove patches for issues now fixed upstream- replace xen.use.fedora.ipxe.patch with --with-system-ipxe- drop xen.glibcfix.patch xen.gcc8.temp.fix.patch which are no longer needed- rediff patches- xen.hypervisor.config refresh- kdd is now xen-kdd, is now xenmon, is now fs libdir is now xenfsimage libdir- xen-ringwatch xen-bugtool have been dropped- remove remaining traces of efiming and efi_flags logic- switch from python2 to python3
* Wed Mar 06 2019 tv 4.11.1-1.mga7+ Revision: 1372036- enable to disable building docs- update to 4.11.1- construct ovmf.bin from edk2-ovmf package (rhbz#1656651)- xen: various flaws (rhbz#1685577) grant table transfer issues on large hosts [XSA-284] race with pass-through device hotplug [XSA-285] x86: steal_page violates page_struct access discipline [XSA-287] x86: Inconsistent PV IOMMU discipline [XSA-288] missing preemption in x86 PV page table unvalidation [XSA-290] x86/PV: page type reference counting issue with failed IOMMU update [XSA-291] x86: insufficient TLB flushing when using PCID [XSA-292] x86: PV kernel context switch corruption [XSA-293] x86 shadow: Insufficient TLB flushing when using PCID [XSA-294] remove patches for issues now fixed upstream adjust xen.use.fedora.ipxe.patch