Changelog for python3-peewee-3.7.1-bp153.1.17.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Oct 08 2018 Alexei Podvalsky - Update to 3.7.1:
* Added table_settings model Meta option, which should be a list of strings specifying additional options for CREATE TABLE, which are placed after the closing parentheses.
* Allow specification of on_update and on_delete behavior for many-to-many relationships when using ManyToManyField.
* Fixed incorrect SQL generation for Postgresql ON CONFLICT clause when the conflict_target is a named constraint (rather than an index expression). This introduces a new keyword-argument to the on_conflict() method: conflict_constraint, which is currently only supported by Postgresql. Refs issue #1737.
* Fixed incorrect SQL for sub-selects used on the right side of IN expressions. Previously the query would be assigned an alias, even though an alias was not needed.
* Fixed incorrect SQL generation for Model indexes which contain SQL functions as indexed columns.
* Fixed bug in the generation of special queries used to perform operations on SQLite FTS5 virtual tables.
* Allow frozenset to be correctly parameterized as a list of values.
* Allow multi-value INSERT queries to specify columns as a list of strings.
* Support CROSS JOIN for model select queries.
* Sat Jul 28 2018 Add missing \"that\".
* Thu Jul 19 2018 Update to 3.6.4: - bugfixes - works with python 3.7.0 - Support for specifying ROWS or RANGE window frame types. - Add APIs for user-defined window functions if using pysqlite3 and sqlite 3.25.0 or newer. - TimestampField now uses 64-bit integer data-type for storage. - Added support to pwiz and playhouse.reflection to enable generating models from VIEWs. - Added lower-level database API for introspecting VIEWs. - Revamped continuous integration setup for better coverage, including 3.7 and 3.8-dev. - Allow building C extensions even if Cython is not installed, by distributing pre-generated C source files.- Fixes tests
* Wed Jul 04 2018 Update to 3.5.2:
* New guide to using window functions in Peewee.
* New and improved table name auto-generation.
* Allow passing single fields/columns to window function order_by and partition_by arguments.
* Support for FILTER (WHERE...) clauses with window functions and aggregates.
* Added IdentityField class suitable for use with Postgres 10\'s new identity column type.
* Fixed bug creating indexes on tables that are in attached databases (SQLite).
* Fixed obscure bug when using prefetch() and ModelAlias to populate a back-reference related model.- Change in 3.5.1:
* New documentation for working with relationships in Peewee.
* Improved tests and documentation for MySQL upsert functionality.
* Allow database parameter to be specified with ModelSelect.get() method. For discussion, see #1620.
* Add QualifiedNames helper to peewee module exports.
* Add temporary= meta option to support temporary tables.
* Allow a Database object to be passed to constructor of DataSet helper.
* Sat Jun 23 2018 Update to 3.5.0:
* see: /usr/share/package/python-peewee/ Build with dependencies: sqlite3, cython- Build with python3 and python2 (singlespec)- Drop the noarch package (arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object)- Spec file cleanup
* Fri Aug 14 2015 update version 2.6.3
* read
* Mon Apr 28 2014 update version 2.2.3
* New migrations module
* Added a return value to indicating number of rows affected.
* Added a date_trunc() method that works for Sqlite.
* Added a Model.sqlall() class-method to return all the SQL to generate the model/indices.
* bugfixes
* Sun Apr 20 2014 initial version 2.2.2
* see for details