Changelog for alsa-plugins-a52-1.2.2-1.55.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Oct 05 2020 Placeholder for SLE15-SP3 sync: jsc#SLE-11987 no functional changes at all
* Wed May 06 2020 Split plugins in alsa-plugin package to each subpackage (boo#1171276): now alsa-plugins is a meta package that requires only the fundamental speexrate and upmix plugins- Add documentation for aaf plugin- Minor spec cleanups
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Update to alsa-plugins 1.2.2:
* upmix plugin code refactoring, m4 file update
* Fri Nov 15 2019 Update to alsa-plugins 1.2.1:
* pulse: Add DEVICE parameter
* Fri May 10 2019 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.9: Fixes for jack and maemo plugins, see for details
* Mon Mar 25 2019 Build alsa-plugins-aaf conditionally, not stop the whole builds for old distros
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Adjust BuildRequires to use pkgconfig
* Thu Jan 10 2019 Drop idempotent %if..%endif guards.
* Tue Jan 08 2019 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.8:
* A52 Output plugin: a52_close: set slave to NULL to avoid double pcm free in open fcn
* AVTP Audio Format (AAF) PCM plugin aaf: AVTPDU transmission periodicity aaf: Implement Playback mode support aaf: Load configuration parameters aaf: Introduce plugin skeleton aaf: Tx multiple AVTPDUs per media clock tick aaf: Refactor timeout routines aaf: Refactor AVTPDU reception routines aaf: Refactor AVTPDU transmission routines aaf: Add presentation time tolerance aaf: do not free twice aaf - snd_pcm_close() is called from snd_pcm_ioplug_delete() aaf: Add support for direct read/write transfers aaf: Implement dump() ioplug callback aaf: Implement Capture mode support aaf: Prepare for Capture mode support aaf: Implement Playback mode support aaf: Load configuration parameters aaf: Introduce plugin skeleton
* Documentation: aaf: AVTPDU transmission periodicity aaf: Tx multiple AVTPDUs per media clock tick aaf: Add presentation time tolerance doc: Fix typo in AAF doc aaf: Implement Capture mode support aaf: Implement Playback mode support aaf: Load configuration parameters aaf: Introduce plugin skeleton
* Jack PCM plugin: Revert \"jack: Fix leaks when jack_set_hw_constraint() fails\"
* OSS Mixer -> ALSA Control plugin: Revert \"oss: Fix leaks when oss_hw_constraint() fails\"
* USB stream plugin: Revert \"usb_stream: Fix leaks when us_set_hw_constraint() fails\" pcm_usb_stream: fix signess issues pcm_usb_stream: remove unused parameter in snd_pcm_us_read() pcm_usb_stream: fix another leak in snd_pcm_us_open()- Drop obsoleted patches: 0001-pcm_usb_stream-fix-another-leak-in-snd_pcm_us_open.patch 0002-pcm_usb_stream-remove-unused-parameter-in-snd_pcm_us.patch 0003-pcm_usb_stream-fix-signess-issues.patch 0004-a52_close-set-slave-to-NULL-to-avoid-double-pcm-free.patch 0005-Revert-jack-Fix-leaks-when-jack_set_hw_constraint-fa.patch 0006-Revert-usb_stream-Fix-leaks-when-us_set_hw_constrain.patch 0007-Revert-oss-Fix-leaks-when-oss_hw_constraint-fails.patch- Add a new subpackage alsa-plugins-aaf; currently built only for TW
* Fri Dec 07 2018 Use ffmpeg-4 versions of pkgconfig(libav
* Thu Nov 15 2018 Remove the old override configs as the updated setup-pulseaudio script should handle the new configs (bsc#1116153)
* Wed Oct 24 2018 Backport of yet another regression fixes in upstream: 0005-Revert-jack-Fix-leaks-when-jack_set_hw_constraint-fa.patch 0006-Revert-usb_stream-Fix-leaks-when-us_set_hw_constrain.patch 0007-Revert-oss-Fix-leaks-when-oss_hw_constraint-fails.patch
* Wed Oct 24 2018 Backport upstream commits: fix memory leaks and other minor issues in usb_stream plugin, fix a regression (appearins in PulseAudio) with a52 plugin: 0001-pcm_usb_stream-fix-another-leak-in-snd_pcm_us_open.patch 0002-pcm_usb_stream-remove-unused-parameter-in-snd_pcm_us.patch 0003-pcm_usb_stream-fix-signess-issues.patch 0004-a52_close-set-slave-to-NULL-to-avoid-double-pcm-free.patch
* Wed Oct 17 2018 Updated to alsa-plugins 1.1.7:
* configure: add --with-alsaaddondir, add default config files for plugins
* configure: change --with-alsaaddondir to --with-alsagconfdir and --with-alsalconfdir
* samplerate: fix unused variable warning
* Renamve rate-lavc to rate-lav
* configure script cleanups / fixes
* Add explicit -lpthread to
* usb_stream: Fix leaks when us_set_hw_constraint() fails
* oss: Fix leaks when oss_hw_constraint() fails
* jack: Fix leaks when jack_set_hw_constraint() fails
* a52: Fix leaks when a52_set_hw_constraint() fails
* jack: Only allow ALSA periods multiple of JACKd period
* jack: Allow build with older alsa-lib
* jack: Update poll_fd also in draining state
* jack: Avoid call to snd_pcm_avail_update() from JACK thread- Renamed subpackage alsa-plugins-lavcrate to alsa-plugins-lavrate
* Fri May 04 2018 Use ffmpeg3 versions of pkgconfig(libav
* Mon Apr 23 2018 Replace libavcodec-devel with pkgconfig(libavcodec), pkgconfig(libavutil) and pkgconfig(libavresample) BuildRequires and version them to less than the symbol versions provided by ffmpeg4 branch until upstream catches up. Currently provided by new ffmpeg3 compatability package.
* Wed Apr 04 2018 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.6:
* Change FSF address (Franklin Street)
* jack: Write only valid values to the internal hw_ptr
* jack: Use boundary as hw_ptr wrap around
* jack: Do not Xrun the ALSA buffer
* jack: Report Xruns to user application
* jack: Use correct parameter order for snd_pcm_areas_silence()- Remove the build conditions for too old distros- Use %license file tag- Enable avcodec build for SLE15, too
* Tue Nov 14 2017 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.5:
* pulse: prevent double-free when pulse_hw_constraint returns error
* Tue Aug 29 2017 Disable avcodec-related plugins for SLE packages
* Tue May 16 2017 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.4:
* extend configure script to disable more stuff
* including previous fix for libavcodec- Obsoleted patch: 0001-configure-Fix-detection-of-avcodec.h.patches
* Wed May 03 2017 Fix the detection of libavcodec header files: 0001-configure-Fix-detection-of-avcodec.h.patches- Enable the build of a52 and lavcrate plugins for openSUSE
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Own alsa-lib dir, needed due to changes in alsa.
* Thu Mar 31 2016 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.1: including all previous fixes, fixes of a52 plugin for the recent ffmpeg versions- Delete obsoleted patches: 0001-speex-Add-missing-include-config.h.patch 0002-a52-fix-reported-input-channel-order.patch 0003-pph-include-config.h-from-rate_speexrate.c.patch
* Wed Feb 03 2016 Backport upstream fixes: build fixes with the recent ffmpeg 0001-speex-Add-missing-include-config.h.patch 0002-a52-fix-reported-input-channel-order.patch 0003-pph-include-config.h-from-rate_speexrate.c.patch- Drop the obsoleted patch: alsa-plugins-include-config.h.patch
* Wed Nov 25 2015 Add supplements to 32bit packages to be fetched automatically (bsc#956402)
* Mon Nov 09 2015 Update to alsa-plugins 1.1.0: including all previous fixes, a small memory leak fix in jack plugin- Dropped patches: 0001-rate-Allow-LGPL-for-libsamplerate-commercial-license.patch 0002-mix-Fix-extplug-version-ifdef-checks.patch 0003-a52-Fix-ioplug-version-ifdef-checks.patch 0004-pulse-Add-24-bit-data-formats-to-Pulse-plugin.patch 0005-arcam-av-Include-sys-select.h-for-fd_set-definition.patch 0006-pph-include-speexdsp_types.h-not-speex_types.h.patch 0007-pph-Fix-build-with-older-speex.patch
* Thu Jul 09 2015 Backport upstream fixes: just minor build fix issues that don\'t hit us, but kept here for consistency 0005-arcam-av-Include-sys-select.h-for-fd_set-definition.patch 0006-pph-include-speexdsp_types.h-not-speex_types.h.patch 0007-pph-Fix-build-with-older-speex.patch- Fix build error with SLE11-SP3 due to lack of speexdsp pkgconfig.
* Fri May 22 2015 Backport upstream fixes: fixes for A52 plugin, mix plugin protocol version fix, and enhancement for JACK plugin to support 24bit formats: 0001-rate-Allow-LGPL-for-libsamplerate-commercial-license.patch 0002-mix-Fix-extplug-version-ifdef-checks.patch 0003-a52-Fix-ioplug-version-ifdef-checks.patch 0004-pulse-Add-24-bit-data-formats-to-Pulse-plugin.patch
* Thu Mar 12 2015 BuildRequire pkgconfig(speexdsp) instead of speex-devel: the packages have been rearranged/split.- Add alsa-plugins-include-config.h.patch: Fix build with new speexdsp versions. The speexdsp headers expect the caller to set HAVE_STDINT_H (or any of the other appropriate headers, based on platform) in order to define the specific types.
* Thu Feb 26 2015 Update to alsa-plugins 1.0.29: Just a version bump including previous fixes- Drop obsoleted patch: 0001-jack-Restore-PID-to-jack-client-name-when-not-specif.patch
* Sun Nov 09 2014 fix bashisms in post/postun scripts: option \'-p\' of \'type\' command may be unsupported is some shells, use \'command -v\' instead