Changelog for pagure-milters-5.8-1.el7.noarch.rpm :
Fri Nov 15 13:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.8-1
- Update to 5.8

Sat Aug 10 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.7.4-1
- Update to 5.7.4

Fri Aug 2 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.7.3-1
- Update to pagure 5.7.3

Tue Jul 30 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.7.2-1
- Update to pagure 5.7.2

Fri Jul 12 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.7.1-1
- Update to pagure 5.7.1

Fri Jul 5 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.7-1
- Update to pagure 5.7

Tue Jun 4 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.6-1
- Update to pagure 5.6

Mon Apr 8 14:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.5-1
- Update to pagure 5.5

Thu Mar 28 13:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.4-1
- Update to pagure 5.4

Fri Feb 22 13:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.3-1
- Update to pagure 5.3

Mon Jan 7 13:00:00 2019 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.2-1
- Update to pagure 5.2

Thu Oct 11 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.1.3-1
- Update to pagure 5.1.3

Thu Oct 11 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.1.2-1
- Update to pagure 5.1.2

Tue Oct 9 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.1.1-1
- Update to pagure 5.1.1

Tue Oct 9 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.1-1
- Update to pagure 5.1

Thu Sep 27 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.0.1-1
- Update to pagure 5.0.1

Mon Sep 24 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 5.0-1
- Update to pagure 5.0

Mon Sep 17 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.93.0-1
- Update to 4.93.0, fourth beta release of pagure 5.0

Wed Aug 29 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.92.0-1
- Update to 4.92.0, third beta release of pagure 5.0

Thu Aug 23 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.91.0-1
- Update to 4.91.0, second beta release of pagure 5.0

Mon Aug 20 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.90.0-1
- Update to 4.90.0, first beta release of pagure 5.0

Thu Jul 19 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.0.4-1
- Update to 4.0.4

Mon May 14 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.0.3-1
- Update to 4.0.3

Mon May 14 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.0.2-1
- Update to 4.0.2

Thu Apr 26 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.0.1-1
- Update to 4.0.1

Thu Apr 26 14:00:00 2018 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 4.0-1
- Update to 4.0
- Changelog is from now on included in the doc/ folder

Thu Dec 21 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.13.2-1
- Update to 3.13.2
- Fix ordering issues by author using an alias so the User doesn\'t collide

Tue Dec 19 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.13.1-1
- Update to 3.13.1
- Add an alembic migration removing a constraint on the DB that not only no
longer needed but even blocking regular use now

Mon Dec 18 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.13-1
- Update to 3.13
- Fix the alembic migration adjusting the pull_requests table
- Fix how is created the db in the docker development environment (Clement
- Ensure optional dependencies remain optional
- Ensure groups cannot be created when it is not allowed
- When listing issues, include the project as well in the user\'s issue API
- Sort forks by date of creation (descending) (Neha Kandpal)
- Ensure the pagination arguments are returned when a page is specified
- Make the milestone clickable on the issue page
- Make the celery tasks update their status so we know when they are running (vs

Fri Dec 8 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.12-1
- Update to 3.12
- Adjust the API endpoint listing project to not return a 404 when not projects
are found (Vivek Anand)
- Remove --autoreload from the docker dev deployment (Vivek Anand)
- Fix ordering issues (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Do not log actions pertaining to private issues, PRs or projects
- Fix flagging a PR when no uid is specified
- Fix the doc about custom gitolite config
- Fix displaying the filename on the side and linking to file for remote PRs
- Add irc info in Readme (Vivek Anand)
- Make pagure compatible with newer python chardet
- Check that the identifier isn\'t the hash of a git tree in view_file
- Fix if the identifier provided is one of a blob instead of a commit in
- Include the status when flagging a PR via jenkins
- Enable OpenID Connect authentication (Slavek Kabrda)
- Use the updated timestamp in the pull-request list
- Add migration to fix the project_from_id foreign key in pull_requests
- Let the SSE server to send the notifications so they can be displayed live
- Improve the createdb script to support stamping the database in the initial
- Specify a different connection and read timeout in pagure-ci
- Small CSS fix making the (un)subscribe show up on the PR page

Wed Nov 29 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.11.2-1
- Update to 3.11.2
- Fix giving a project if no user is specified
- Don\'t show issue stats when issues are off

Tue Nov 28 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.11.1-1
- Update to 3.11.1
- Fix showing the issue list
- Make clear in the project\'s settings that tags are also for PRs (Clement
- Remove unused jdenticon js library (Shengjing Zhu)

Mon Nov 27 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.11-1
- Update to 3.11
- Print out the URL to existing PR(s) or to create one on push
- Reword the repository access warning (Matt Prahl)
- Add pagure-admin admin-token update to update the expiration date
- Fix the api_view_user_activity_stats to return the expected data (post flask
- Add small icon showing if issues are blocked or blocking in the issue list
- Replace all print statements with print function calls (Vadim Rutkovski)
- Add a default_priority field to projects
- Bail on merge a PR that is already closed
- Add a graph of the history of the open issues on the project
- Make the pagure hook act as the person doing the push
- Clean spec file to drop deprecated lines and macros (Igor Gnatenko)
- Include selectize in the settings page to fix the autocomplete in the give
project action
- Do not display the close_status if there isn\'t one
- Do not show the `Fork and edit` button all the time
- Allow project maintainer to set metadata when creating a new issue (expand the
API as well)
- Add a timeout when trying to query jenkins
- Show the reply button even if the PR/issue is closed.
- Add a diff view for PR
- Improve the `My star` page
- Introduce repo statistics
- When a project enforce signed-off-by, clearly say so on the new PR page and
properly block the PR from being created
- Adjust button title on the \'Fork and Edit\' action
- Fix typos in the code (chocos10)
- When editing an issue, act as the person who pushed the change
- Commit using the user\'s fullname if there is one, otherwise its username
- Expand the group info API endpoint
- Sorting on Opened, Modified, Closed, Priority, Reporter, Assignee cols (Mohan
Boddu and Matt Prahl)
- Fix the Vagrant setup (Ryan Lerch)
- Fix typo in the example pagure.wsgi file (Vivek Anand)
- Add API endpoints for listing pull requests for a user (Ryan Lerch)
- Ask for the post-commit hook to be run when editing files via the UI
- Fix the milter for email gpg signed
- Allow filtering the user\'s project by access level
- Add a modal at the bottom of the issues list to add milestones
- Add a field to store the order of the milestones
- Hide the ``+`` button on the index page when it is disabled in the UI
- Improve mimetype detection (Shengjing Zhu and Clement Verna)
- Allow assignee to drop their assignment
- Remove duplicate [Pagure] from mail subjects (Stefan Bühler)
- Fix undefined \'path\' in blame.html template (Stefan Bühler)
- Warn users when a project does not support direct push
- Update gitolite\'s config for the project when set to PR only
- Do not report the branch differing master if PRs have been turned off
- Add a button and an API endpoint to subscribe to PR\'s notifications
- Fix showing the file names in PR (pre)view
- Fix number of typos in the documentation (René Genz)
- Improve the documentation about documentation hosting in pagure (René Genz)
- Allow priorities and milestones to be 0 or -1
- Return the flag UID when adding or updating a flag on a PR not in fedmsg
- Add flags on commits
- Add documentation about flags on commits and PRs
- Add status fields to flags
- Make flag\'s UID be unique to the commit/PR being flagged
- Add API endpoint to retrieve all issues related to an user across all repos
- Fix the new PR and delete buttons for branch name with + in them
- When merging a PR, call the post-update hook on the target repo
- Add tags to pull-request
- Fix documentation for fork API endpoint (ishcherb)
- Send fedmsg messages when deleting a project (Shaily)

Fri Oct 13 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.10.1-1
- Update to 3.10.1
- Fix providing access to some of the internal API endpoints by javascript

Fri Oct 13 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.10-1
- Update to 3.10
- Show the branches\' head in the commit list
- Log which IP is being denied access to the internal endpoints (makes debugging
- Link to pagure\'s own markdown documentation and warn that remote images are
not supported
- Document how to run a single test file or a single test in a file
- Fix trying to decode when the encoding is None
- Include an url_path field in the JSON representation of a project
- Generalize the description of the ACLs (since we know have project-less API
- Drop ``--autoreload`` from the .service files as celery dropped support for it
and it never really worked (Vivek Anand)

Wed Oct 11 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.9-1
- Update to 3.9
- Fix the editing issue when the user does not actually edit anything
- Fix the internal API endpoint: get branches of commit to support namespace
- Consolidate the code in our custom markdown processor (fixes linking to a
commit on a namespaced project)
- Fix deleting a project by also removing it from the gitolite config
- Warn if the user is about to just recompile the gitolite config via
pagure-admin (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Update .git/config example in doc/usage/pull_requests.rst (sclark)
- Include the PRs opened by the user on the \'My pull-requests\' page
- Add to pagure-admin the actions: get-watch and update-watch
- Add to pagure-admin the action: read-only
- Add the user\'s fullname (if there is one) as title when they comment
- Fix the title of the percentage when hovering over the red bar in issues
- Make the box to edit comments bigger
- Document in the usage section where to find the API documentation
- Provide the sha256 and sha512 of the releases in a CHECKSUMS file
- Remove clear buttons (Till Maas)

Fri Sep 29 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.8-1
- Update to 3.8
- Fix API documentation for git/branch (Matt Prahl)
- Fix giving a project to someone who already has access (Matth Prahl)
- Add some border to the tables created in README files
- Ask the user to confirm merging a pull-request
- Fix processing status and close_status updates in the SSE
- Fix the URL to the issue used by the SSE JS on tags
- Increase the logging in the milter to help figuring out issues in the future
- Fix the In-Reply-To header when sending notifications
- Fix showing the delete project button
- Fix search issues with a unicode character
- Catch exception raised when accessing the head of the repo
- Fix deleting a project when some of the folder are not used
- Allow viewing a PR when its origin (fork or branch) is gone
- Fix linking to issue or PR in namespaced projects via #
- Make it more obvious that the namespace and the project are different links
- Tell fedmsg to send things with pagure certificates (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Fix loading ticket templates on namespaced project and extracting their names
- Add a banner on the overview page when the ACLs are being refreshed on the
backend (and thus ssh access may not be entirely functional) (Vivek Anand)
- Update the documentation on how to create pull requests (Clement Verna)
- Add button to refresh external pull requests (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Add the possibility to get the group members when asking the project info
- Make the PROJECT_NAME_REGEX used in form be configurable
- Adjust the milter to support replying with any email addresses associated
- Allow pagure admin to give a project

Tue Sep 5 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.7.1-1
- Update to 3.7.1
- Fix the UPGRADING documentation
- Add the API endpoint to edit multiple custom fields to the doc (Clement

Tue Sep 5 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.7-1
- Update to 3.7
- Update link to markdown documentation, fix typo on the way (Till Hofmann)
- Add feature allowing to prevent project creation in the UI only
- Remove the front whitespace from the commit markdown regex (Clement Verna)
- New API endpoint to modify multiple custom fields (Clement Verna)
- Update the example output of the API endpoint giving project information
- Add the ability to order issues by ascending or descending (Matt Prahl)
- Consolidate around pagure.lib.git.generate_gitolite_acls
- Regenerate the gitolite ACL when changing the main admin of a project
- Change the documentation link end point (Clement Verna)
- Fixes the README.rst file (Ompragash)
- Update Docker Environment (Clement Verna)
- Add a configuration key to allow deleting forks but not projects
- Show the entire project name in the UI on the delete button
- Add support for a custom user in the SSH URL
- Do not show the SSH url when the user isn\'t logged in
- Update the documentation on how to work with pull requests (Clement Verna)
- Support both JSON and Form POST on APIs that accepted only JSON (Matt Prahl)
- Don\'t expand groups in the watchers API (Ralph Bean)
- Add a new branch API (Matt Prahl)
- Add bash function example to PR documentation (Clement Verna)
- Add the star project feature (Vivek Anand)
- Update the overview diagram
- Fix the rendering of the API version in the html page (Clement Verna)
- Fix message-id not having FQDN (Sachin Kamath)
- Mention on what the rebase was done
- Remove the line numbers coming from pygments on pull-requests
- Include the targeted branch in the list of PRs
- Separately link user/namespace/name
- Fix the pagination when listing projects via the view_projects endpoints
- Retain access when transfering ownership of the project (Matt Prahl)

Mon Aug 14 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.6-1
- Update to 3.6
- Blacklist creating a group named \'group\'
- Allow having a dedicated worker to compile the gitolite configuration file
- Fix removing groups of a project
- Make the API returns only open issues by default (as documented) (Clement
- Improve the README regarding the use of eventlet to run the tests (Vivek
- Give Pagure site admins the ability to modify projects using the API (Matt
- Add the \"git/generateacls\" API endpoint for projects (Matt Prahl)

Tue Aug 8 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.5-1
- Update to 3.5
- Fix login when groups are managed outside
- Fix the ordering of the issues by priority using JS and its documentation
- Indicate the issue/PR status in the title of its link
- Correct typo in waiting page template: \'You task\' -> \'Your task\' (Hazel Smith)
- Fix redirect in search (Carl George)
- Fix removing users of a project
- Allow customizing the HTML title globally
- Drop the new line character and the \'# end of body\' message when loading the
- Scroll to the comment section on clicking reply. (shivani)
- only show issues on the My Issue page if the issue tracker is on for the
project (Vivek Anand)
- Update the refresh-gitolite action of pagure-admin for the new interface
(turns out this wasn\'t in fact merged in 3.4)
- Add a configuration key to make pagure case sensitive
- Add an USER_ACLS configuration key
- Document the different API token ACLs configuration keys
- Fix syncing groups from external account sources (Patrick Uiterwijk)

Mon Jul 31 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.4-1
- Update to 3.4
- Fix layout breakage in the doc
- Stop using readlines() to drop the trailing new line character
- Fix logging by properly formatting the message
- Fix the issue count in the My Issues page (Vivek Anand)
- Add a configuration key to disable deleting branches from the UI
- Add a configuration key to disable managing user\'s ssh key in pagure
- Fix the vagrant environment (Clement Verna)
- Fix branch support for the git blame view
- Update the PR ref when the PR is updated
- Add a configuration key to disable the deploy keys in a pagure instance
- Fix login when groups are managed outside of pagure
- Fix setting up the git hooks when there is no DOCS_FOLDER set
- Fix installing up the pagure hooks when there is no DOCS_FOLDER set

Mon Jul 24 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.3.1-1
- Update to 3.3.1
- Fix typo in the alembic migration present in 3.3

Mon Jul 24 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.3-1
- [SECURITY FIX] block private repo (read) access via ssh due to a bug on how we
generated the gitolite config - CVE-2017-1002151 (Stefan Bühler)
- Add the date_modified to projects (Clement Verna)

Fri Jul 14 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.2.1-1
- Fix a syntax error on the JS in the wait page

Fri Jul 14 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.2-1
- Update to 3.2
- Use a decorator to check if a project has an issue tracker (Clement Verna)
- Optimize generating the gitolite configuration for group change
- Fix the issue_keys table for mysql
- Drop the load_from_disk script
- Fix next_url URL parameter on the login page not being used (Carlos Mogas da
- Support configuration where there are no docs folder and no tickets folder
- Show all the projects a group has access to
- Add pagination to the projects API (Matt Prahl)
- Simplify diff calculation (Carlos Mogas da Silva)
- Show the inline comment in the PR\'s comments by default (Clement Verna)
- Fix the URL in the API documentation for creating a new project (Matt Prahl)

Tue Jul 4 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.1-1
- Update to 3.1
- Allow project-less API token to create new tickets
- Tips/tricks: add info on how to validate local user account without email
verification (Vivek Anand)
- Optimize the generation of the gitolite configuration
- Improve logging and load only the plugin of interest instead of all of them
- Show the task\'s status on the wait page and avoid reloading the page
- Don\'t show \'+\' sign when GROUP_MNGT is off (Vivek Anand)

Fri Jun 30 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 3.0-1
- Update to 3.0
- Since 2.90 celery has become a requirement as well as one of the queueing
system it supports (pagure defaults to using redis)
- Multiple stability and performance improvements (mainly thanks to Patrick
- Fix the assignee value in fedmsg when assigning a ticket (Ricky Elrod)
- Make pagure support bleach 2.0.0 (Shengjing Zhu)
- Fixes in CI support (Tim Flink)
- Update the documentation
- Fix plain readme html escape (Shengjing Zhu)
- Refactor user existence code in API and UI (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Add an API to modify a Pagure project\'s owner (Matt Prahl)
- Support for uploading multiple files to an issue at once
- Introduce the external committer feature
- Add the required groups feature
- Add an API endpoint to get the git urls of a project (Matt Prahl)
- Blacklist \'wait\' as project name
- Add a border to the search box on the side bar to the documentation
- Add the list-id, list-archive and X-Auto-Response-Suppress email headers
- Add ways to customize the gitolite configuration file with snippets
- Return a 404 on private ticket if the user is not authenticated
- cleanup: move static js/css to vendor dir
- Limit the requests version as it conflicts with our chardet requirement
- Rename all the services to pagure-
- Remove \'on - Create references for pull-request in the git repo for local checkout
- Use the entire list of users for the assignee field completion
- Fix searching for groups
- Make the search work when searching for project with namespaces or forks
- Return a human-friendly error message when upload fails
- Let acting on the status potentially set the close_status and vice versa
- Multiple fixes to the SSE server
- When forking a project, wait until the very end to let the user go through
- Allow customizing the writing of gitolite\'s configuration file
- Fix diffing the branch of a project against the target branch
- Fix displaying the new PR button on the default branch
- Do not send a notification upon merge conflicts
- Do not let pagure return 500 when hit with bogus URL
- When loading comment from JSON rely on username/comment rather than comment id
- When deleting a comment, refresh the ticket git repo
- Make patch_to_diff use lists instead of string concatenation (Patrick

Wed May 24 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.90.1-1
- Update to 2.90.1
- Fix the systemd service file for the worker, needs to have the full path
(Patrick Uiterwijk and I)
- Fix the logcom server (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Use python-redis instead of trollius-redis to correctly clean up when client
leaves on the EV server (Patrick Uiterwijk)

Tue May 23 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.90.0-1
- Bump to 2.90, pre-release of 3.0
- Re-architecture the interactions with git (especially the writing part) to be
handled by an async worker (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Add the ability to filter projects by owner (Matt Prahl)

Thu May 18 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.15.1-1
- Update to 2.15.1
- Fix the requirements on straight.plugin in the requirements.txt file
(Shengjing Zhu)
- Fix typo in the fedmsg hook so it finds the function where it actually is
- Fix and increase the logging when merging a PR
- Fix pushing a merge commit to the original repo
- Use psutil\'s Process() instead of looping through all processes (Patrick
- Don\'t email admins for each PR conflicting
- Fix/improve our new locking mechanism (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Drop making the token required at the database level since pagure-ci doesn\'t
use one (but do flag pull-requests)
- Fix the watch feature (Matt Prahl)

Tue May 16 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.15-1
- Update to 2.15
- Improve logic in api/ to reduce code duplication (Martin Basti)
- Fix the download button for attachment (Mark Reynolds)
- Fix our markdown processor for strikethrough
- Add a spinner indicating when we are retrieving the list of branches differing
- Make add_file_to_git use a lock as we do for our other git repositories
- Add the opportunity to enforce a PR-based workflow
- Store in the DB the API token used to flag a pull-request
- Allow people with ticket access to take and drop issues
- Display the users and groups tied to the repo in the API (Matt Prahl)
- Document our markdown in rest so it shows up in our documentation
- Fix comparing the minimal version of flask-wtf required
- Allow the td and th tags to have an align attribute to allow align in html
tables via markdown
- Avoid binaryornot 0.4.3 and chardet 3.0.0 for the time being
- Add group information API that shows group members (Matt Prahl)
- Ensure people with ticket metadata can edit the custom fields
- Add support to create private projects (Farhaan Bukhsh) - Off by default
- Link to the doc when the documentation is activated but has no content
- Enforce project wide flake8 compliance in the tests
- Enforce a linear alembic history in the tests
- Increase logging in pagure.lib.git
- Use custom logger on all module so we can configure finely the logging
- Multiple improvements to the documentation (René Genz)
- Add the ability to query projects by a namespace in the API (Matt Prahl)
- Add the //git/branches API endpoint (Matt Prahl)
- Lock the git repo when removing elements from it
- Always remove the lockfile after using it, just check if it is still present
- Implement the `Give Repo` feature
- Allow project-less token to change the status of an issue in the API
- Make the watch feature more granular (Matt Prahl): you can now watch tickets,
commits, both, neither or go back to the default
- Bring the pagure.lib coverage to 100% in the tests (which results to bug fixes
in the code)
- Add locking at the project level using SQL rather than filelock at the git
repo level

Wed Mar 29 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.14.2-1
- Update to 2.14.2
- Fix a bug in the logic around diff branches in repos

Wed Mar 29 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.14.1-1
- Update to 2.14.1
- Fix typo for walking the repo when creating a diff of a PR
- Have the web-hook use the signed content and have a content-type header
- Fix running the tests on jenkins via a couple of fixes to pagure-admin and
skipping a couple of tests on jenkins due to the current pygit2/libgit2
situation in epel7

Mon Mar 27 14:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.14-1
- Update to 2.14
- Update the label of the button to comment on a PR (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Make search case insensitive (Vivek Anand)
- Improve the debugging on pagure_loadjson
- Only link the diff to the file if the PR is local and not remote
- Do not log on fedmsg edition to private comment
- When deleting a project, give the fullname in the confirmation window
- Add link to the FPCA indicating where to sign it when complaining that the
user did not sign it (Charelle Collett)
- Fix the error: \'Project\' object has no attribute \'ci_hook\'
- Fix input text height to match to button (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Fix the data model to make deleting a project straight forward
- Fix searching issues in the right project by including the namespace
- When creating the pull-request, save the commit_start and commit_stop
- Ensure there is a date before trying to humanize it
- Fixing showing tags even when some of them are not formatted as expected
- Allow repo user to Take/Drop assigment of issue (Vivek Anand)
- Add merge status column in pull requests page (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Allow user with ticket access to edit custom fields, metadata and the privacy
flag (Vivek Anand)
- Add number of issues in my issues page (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Allow report to filter for a key multiple times
- Add the support to delete a report in a project
- Fix rendering the roadmap when there are tickets closed without a close date
- Fix to show tabs in pull request page on mobile (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Document some existing API endpoints that were missing from the doc
- Make issues and pull-requests tables behave in responsive way (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Add option to custom field for email notification (Mark Reynolds)
- When resetting the value of a custom field, indicate what the old value was
- Add instance wide API token
- Move the admin functions out of the UI and into a CLI tool pagure-admin
- Do not update the hash in the URL for every tabs on the PR page
- Fix heatmap to show current datetime not when when object was created (Smit
Thakkar and Vivek Anand)
- Do not include watchers in the subscribers of a private issue
- Do not highlight code block unless a language is specified
- Make getting a project be case insensitive
- Do not change the privacy status of an issue unless one is specified
- Fix the logic of the `since` keyword in the API (Vivek Anand)
- Fix the logic around ticket dependencies
- Add reset watch button making it go back to the default (Vivek Anand)
- Do not show dates that are None object, instead make them empty strings
- Allow filtering tickets by milestones in the API
- Allow filtering tickets by priorities in the API
- Expand the API to support filtering issues having or not having a milestone
- Use plural form for SSH key textfield (Martin Basti)
- Support irc:// links in our markdown and adjust the regex
- Remove backticks from email subject (Martin Basti)
- Adjust the logic when filtering issues by priorities in the API
- Remove mentioning if a commit is in master on the front page
- Optimize finding out which branches are in a PR or can be
- Add required asterisk to Description on new issues (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Fix misc typo in 404 messages (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Add performance git repo analyzer/framework (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Added tip_tricks in doc to document how to pre-fill issues using the url
- Document how to filter out for issues having a certain tag in the tips and
tricks section
- Allow to manually triggering a run of pagure-ci via a list of sentences set in
the configuration
- Add support for admin API token to pagure-admin
- Make clicking on \'Unassigned\' filter the unassigned PR as it does for issues
- Add Priority column to My Issues page (Abhijeet Kasurde)
- Optimize diffing pull-requests
- Add a description to the API tokens
- Include the fullname in the API output, in the project representation
- Add the possibility to edit issue milestone in the API (Martin Basti)
- Fix some wording (Till Maas)
- Rename \"request pull\" to pull request (Stanislav Laznicka)
- Make tags in issue list clickable (Martin Basti)
- Include the priority name in the notification rather than its level
- Update the ticket metadata before adding the new comment (if there is one)

Fri Feb 24 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.13.2-1
- Update to 2.13.2
- Fix running the test suite due to bugs in the code:
- Fix picking which markdown extensions are available
- Fix rendering empty text files

Fri Feb 24 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.13.1-1
- Update to 2.13.1
- Add a cancel button on the edit file page (shivani)
- Fix rendering empty file (Farhan Bukhsh)
- Fix retrieving the merge status of a pull-request when there is no master
- On the diff of a pull-request, add link to see that line in the entire file
(Pradeep CE)
- Make the pagure_hook_tickets git hook file be executable
- Be a little more selective about the markdown extensions always activated
- Do not notify the SSE server on comment added to a ticket via git
- Fix inline comment not showing on first click in PR page (Pradeep CE)

Tue Feb 21 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.13-1
- Update to 2.13
- Allow filtering issues for certain custom keys using : in the
search input (Patric Uiterwijk)
- Make loading the JSON blob into the database its own async service
- Add ACLs to pagure (Vivek Anand)
- Fix running the tests against postgresql
- Let the doc server return the content as is when it fails to decode it
- Fix rendering a issue when one of the custom fields has not been properly
setup (ie a custom field of type list, with no options set-up but still having
a value for that ticket)
- Fix auto-completion when adding a tag to a ticket
- Add the possibility to filter the issues with no milestone assigned (Mark
- Fix the callback URL for jenkins for pagure-ci
- Backport the equalto test to ensure it works on old jinja2 version (fixes
accessing the user\'s PR page)

Mon Feb 13 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.12.1-1
- Update to 2.12.1
- Include the build id in the flag set by pagure-ci on PR (Farhaan Bukhsh)
- Fix using the deploy keys (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Add the possibility to ignore existing git repo on disk when creating a new
- Fix checking for blacklisted projects if they have no namespace
- Link to the documentation in the footer (Rahul Bajaj)
- Fix retrieving the list of branches available for pull-request
- Order the project of a group alphabetically (case-insensitive)
- Fix listing the priorities always in their right order

Fri Feb 10 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon - 2.12-1
- Update to 2.12
- Fix the place of the search and tags bars in the issues page (Pradeep CE)
- Support removing all content of a custom field (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Improve the `My Pull Requests` page (Pradeep CE)
- Fix displaying binary files in the documentation
- Add a way to easily select multiple tags in the issues list and roadmap
- Allow selecting multiple milestones easily in the UI of the roadmap
- Fix displaying namespaced docs (Igor Gnatenko)
- Fix the web-hook server
- Add a way to view patch attached to a ticket as raw
- Allow milestone to be set when creating an issue using the API (Mark Reynolds)
- Fix adding and editing tags to/of a project
- Make the usage section of the doc be at the top of it (Jeremy Cline)
- Add notifications to issues for meta-data changes (Mark Reynolds)
- Fix not updating the private status of an issue when loading it from JSON
(Vivek Anand)
- Fix triggering web-hook notifications via the fedmsg hook
- Add a configuration key allowing to hide some projects that users have access
to only via these groups
- Fix figuring out which branches are not merged in namespaced project
- Automatically link the commits mentionned in a ticket if their hash is 7 chars
or more
- Allow dropping all the priorities info of an issue
- Do not edit multiple times the milestone info when updating a ticket
- Only update the custom field if there is a value to give it, otherwise remote
- Make pagure compatible with flask-wtf >= 0.14.0
- Add a button to test web-hook notifications
- Fix the layout on the page listing all the closed issues (Rahul Bajaj)
- Load priorities when refreshing the DB from the ticket git repos (Mark
- Ignore `No Content-Type header in response` error raised by libgit2 on pull
from repo hosted on github (for remote PR)
- Add deployment keys (ssh key specific for a single project can be either read
and write or read-only) (Patrick Uiterwijk)
- Fix install the logcom service to log commits
- Fix deleting tickets that have a tag attached
- Allow pre-filling title and content of an issue via URL arguments:
?title=&content=<issue description><BR>- Re-initialize the backend git repos if there are no tickets/PRs in the DB<BR> (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix invalid pagination when listing all the tickets (regardless of their<BR> status) and then applying some filtering (Vibhor Verma)<BR><BR>Fri Jan 20 13:00:00 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.11-1<BR>- Update to 2.11<BR>- Fix the forked repo text on the user\'s PR page (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Display the number of subscribers subscribed to the ticket<BR>- Add an attachments section to tickets (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Small fixes around the git blame feature<BR>- Add an `Add group` button on page listing the groups (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Move the `My Issues` and `My Pull-requests` links under the user\'s menu<BR>- Document the FORK_FOLDER configuration key as deprecated<BR>- Display the subscribers to PR in the same way to display them on ticket<BR>- Adjust the wording when showing a merge commit<BR>- Ensure the last_updated field is always properly updated (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Fix decoding files when we present or blame them<BR>- Disable the markdown extensions nl2br on README files<BR>- Make issue reports public<BR>- Only display modified time as the modifying user can not be determined (Mark<BR> Reynolds)<BR>- Add a new API endpoint returning information about a specific project<BR>- Add a button allowing dropping of assignments for an issue easily (Paul W.<BR> Frields)<BR>- Make attachments of ticket downloadable (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Make patch/diff render nicely when viewed attached to a ticket (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Filter out the currrent ticket in the drop-down list for the blocker/depending<BR> fields (Eric Barbour)<BR>- Move the logging of the commit as activity to its own service: pagure_logcom<BR>- Add a new API endpoint to set/reset custom fields on tickets<BR>- Introduce the USER_NAMESPACE configuration key allowing to put the project on<BR> the user\'s namespace by default<BR>- Fix sending notifications about pull-requests to people watching a project<BR>- Fix the list of blacklisted projects<BR>- Inform the user when they try to create a new group using a display name<BR> already used (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Fix importing the milestones into the project when loading from the git repo<BR> (Clement Verna)<BR>- Add a button to create a default set of close status (as we have a default set<BR> of priorities)<BR>- Have pagure bail with an error message if the OpenID server did not return an<BR> username<BR>- Let the error email use the FROM_EMAIL address set in the configuration file<BR>- Fix theprogress bar shown when listing issues (Gaurav Kumar)<BR>- Replace our current tags by colored one (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Make the roadmap page use the colored tag (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Fix the tag of Open pull-request when listing all the pull-requests (Rahul<BR> Bajaj)<BR>- Remove the \'pagure.lib.model.drop_tables\' from test/ file (Amol<BR> Kahat)<BR>- Fix the headers of the table listing all the pull-request<BR>- Raise an exception when a PR was made against a branch that no longer exists<BR>- Document what to do when pull-requests are not available in a troubleshooting<BR> section of the documentation<BR>- Send notification upon closing tickets<BR>- Fix re-setting the close_status to None it when re-opening a ticket<BR>- Fix linking to the tabs in the pull-request page (cep)<BR>- Adjust the rundocserver utility script to have the same arguments as runserver<BR>- Ensure the filtering by author remains when changing the status filter on PR<BR> list (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Improve the page/process to create a new API token (Pradeep CE)<BR>- Prevent re-uploading a file with the same name<BR>- Improve the roadmap page (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Improve the `My Issues` page (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Fix home page \'open issues\' links for namespaced projects (Adam Williamson)<BR>- Fix logging who did the action<BR>- Return a nicer error message to the user when an error occurs with a remote<BR> pull-request<BR>- Make interacting with the different git repos a locked process to avoid<BR> lost/orphan commits<BR>- Update API doc for api_view_user (Clement Verna)<BR>- Dont return 404 when viewing empty files (Pradeep CE (cep))<BR>- Do not automatically update the last_updated or updated_on fields<BR>- Make alembic use the DB url specified in the configuration file of pagure<BR>- Only connect to the smtp server if we\'re going to send an email<BR>- Add a type list to the custom fields (allows restricting the options) (Mark<BR> Reynolds)<BR>- Fix displaying non-ascii milestones<BR>- Add the possibility to view all the milestones vs only the active ones (Mark<BR> Reynolds)<BR><BR>Sun Dec 4 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.10.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.10.1<BR>- Clean up the JS code in the settings page (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Fix the URLs in the `My Issues` and `My Pull-request` pages<BR><BR>Fri Dec 2 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.10-1<BR>- Update to 2.10<BR>- Updating language on not found page (Brian (bex) Exelbierd)<BR>- Add a view for open pull requests and issues (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Issue 1540 - New meta-data custom field type of \"link\" (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Fix overflow issue with comment preview and pre (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Issue 1549 - Add \"updated_on\" to Issues and make it queryable (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Drop UPLOAD_FOLDER in favor of UPLOAD_FOLDER_URL<BR>- Make the group_name be of max 255 characters<BR>- Bug - Update documentation to match the default EMAIL_SEND value (Michael<BR> Watters)<BR>- Change - Fix grammar in UI messages around enabling/deactivating git hooks<BR> (Michael Watters)<BR>- Allow resetting the priorities of a project<BR>- Several fixes and enhancements around the activity calendarheatmap<BR>- Add quick_replies field to project (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Fix blaming files containing non-ascii characters (Jeremy Cline and I)<BR>- Include regular contributors when checking if user is watching a project<BR>- List subscribers on the issue pages (Mark Renyolds and I)<BR><BR>Fri Nov 18 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.9-1<BR>- Update to 2.9<BR>- Fix redirecting after updating an issue on a project with namespace (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Remove take button from Closed Issues (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Show the open date/time on issues as we do for PR (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- When rendering markdown file use the same code path as when rendering comments<BR>- Add documentation for using Markdown in Pagure (Justing W. Flory)<BR>- Fix the behavior of the Cancel button on PR page (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Be tolerant to markdown processing error<BR>- Let the notifications render correctly when added by the SSE server<BR>- Fix the URL for pull request on the list of branches of a fork (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Adjust the markdown processor to have 1 regex for all cross-project links<BR>- Remove unsued variables (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR>- Hide the title of private tickets when linking to them in markdown<BR>- Show user activity in pagure on the user\'s page<BR>- Add the possibility to subscribe to issues<BR>- Do not cache the session in pagure-ci (as we did for pagure-webhook)<BR>- Fix rendering raw file when the sha1 provided is one of a blob<BR>- Include project\'s custom fields in the JSON representation of a project<BR>- Include the issue\'s custom fields values in the JSON representation of an<BR> issue<BR>- Include the list of close_status and the milestones in the JSON of a project<BR>- Improve documentation related to unit-tests (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Use `project.fullname` in X-Pagure-Project header (Adam Williamson)<BR>- Figure a way to properly support WTF_CSRF_TIME_LIMIT on older version of<BR> flask-wtf<BR>- When updating an issue, if the form does not validate, say so to the user<BR>- Fix the total number of pages when there are no PR/issues/repo (vibhcool)<BR>- Fix forking a repo with a namespace<BR>- Include the namespace in the message returned in pagure.lib.new_project<BR>- Move the metadata-ery area in PR to under the comments tab (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Update setup instructions in the README.rst (alunux)<BR>- Support namespaced projects when reading json data (clime)<BR>- When uploading a file in a new issue, propagate the namespace info<BR>- Ensure our avatar works with non-ascii email addresses<BR>- Downgrade to emoji 1.3.1, we loose some of the newer emojis we get back<BR> preview and reasonable size (Clément Verna)<BR>- Fix sending notifications email containing non-ascii characters<BR>- Fix using the proper URL in email notifications (Adam Williamson)<BR>- Move the Clear and Cancel buttons to the right hand side of the comment box<BR>- Fix spelling in the PR page (Vibhor Verma)<BR>- Support loading custom fields from JSON when loading issues from git (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Fix handling namespaced project in the SSE server (Adam Williamson)<BR>- Add a pylintrc configuration file to help with code standards (Adam<BR> Williamson)<BR>- Add go-import meta tag allowing go projects to be hosted on pagure (Patrick<BR> Uiterwijk)<BR>- Fix index overflow when opening remote pull-request (Mark Reynolds)<BR>- Add SSE support for custom fields<BR>- Add a git blame view<BR>- Allow emptying a file when doing online editing<BR>- Only let admins edit the dependency tree of issues<BR>- Fix some spelling errors (Adam Williamson)<BR>- Add SHA256 signature to webhooks notifications (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Multiple fixes in the API documentation and output<BR><BR>Mon Oct 24 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.8.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.8.1<BR>- Handle empty files in detect_encodings (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Fix the import of encoding_utils in the issues controller<BR>- Fix the list of commits page<BR>- Update docs to dnf (Rahul Bajaj)<BR>- Add close status in the repo table if not present when updating/creating issue<BR> via git (Vivek Anand)<BR>- If chardet do not return any result, default to UTF-8<BR><BR>Fri Oct 21 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.8-1<BR>- Update to 2.8<BR>- Fix the migration adding the close_status field to remove the old status<BR> only at the end<BR>- Fix the RTD and Force push hooks for the change in location of the plugins<BR>- Fix creating new PR from the page listing the pull-requests<BR>- Add the possibility for the user to edit their settings in their settings page<BR>- Include the close_status in the JSON representation of an issue<BR>- Load the close_status if there is one set in the JSON repsentation given<BR>- Fix running the tests when EVENTSOURCE_SOURCE is defined in the<BR> configuration.<BR>- Make the search case-insensitive when searching issues<BR>- Fix the \"cancel\" button when editing a \"regular\" comment on a pull-request<BR>- Remove the ``Content-Encoding`` headers from responses (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Fix creating the release folder for project with a namespace<BR>- When sending email, make the user who made the action be in the From field<BR>- When searching groups, search both their name and display name<BR>- Create a Vagrantfile and Ansible role for Pagure development (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Made searching issue stop clearing status and tags filters (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Improve documentation (Bill Auger)<BR>- Fix finding out the encoding of a file in git (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Fix making cross-project references using <project>#<id><BR>- Allow filter the list of commits for a certain user<BR>- Ensure we disable all the submit button when clicking on one (avoid sending<BR> two comments)<BR>- Do not always compute the list of diff commits<BR>- Let\'s not assume PAGURE_CI_SERVICES is always there<BR>- Allow html table to define their CSS class<BR>- Add a link to the user on the commit list (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Change `Fork` button to `View Fork` on all pages of the project (tenstormavi)<BR>- Enable some of the markdown extensions by default<BR>- Fix mixed content blocked in the doc by not sending our user to google (Rahul<BR> Bajaj)<BR><BR>Thu Oct 13 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.7.2-1<BR>- Update to 2.7.2<BR>- Do not show the custom field if the project has none<BR>- Improve the documentation around SEND_EMAIL (Jeremy Cline)<BR><BR>Wed Oct 12 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.7.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.7.1<BR>- Bug fix to the custom fields feature<BR><BR>Tue Oct 11 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.7-1<BR>- Update to 2.7<BR>- Clean imports (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix NoneType error when pagure-ci form is inactively updated first time<BR> (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR>- Fix minor typos in configuration documentation (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Use context managers to ensure files are closed (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Adjust update_tickets_from_git to add milestones for issues as well (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Update milestone description in Settings (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Add checks for the validity of the ssh keys provided (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Remove hardcoded hostnames in unit tests (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Skip clamd-dependent tests when pyclamd isn\'t installed (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Fix interacting with branch containing a dot in their name (new PR button,<BR> delete branch button)<BR>- Ensure only project admins can create reports<BR>- Do not warn admins when a build in jenkins did not correspond to a<BR> pull-request<BR>- Fix the progress bar on the page listing the issues (d3prof3t)<BR>- Do not call the API when viewing a diff or a PR if issues or PRs are disabled<BR>- Port pagure to flask 0.13+<BR>- Fix displaying the reason when a PR cannot be merged<BR>- Allow projects to turn on/off fedmsg notifications<BR>- Fix the web-hook service so when a project is updated the service is as well<BR>- Add the possibility to specify a status to close ticket (closed as upstream,<BR> works for me, invalid...)<BR>- Let all the optional SelectFields in forms return None when they should<BR>- Make each tests in the test suite run in its own temporary directory (Jeremy<BR> Cline)<BR>- Use long dash in footer instead of two short ones (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Add a welcome screen to new comers (does not work with local auth)<BR>- Ensure user are not logged in if we couldn\'t properly set them up in pagure<BR>- Add the possibility to search through issues (AnjaliPardeshi)<BR>- Add a default hook to all new projects, this hook re-set the merge status of<BR> all the open PR upon push to the main branch of the repo<BR>- Add support for setting custom fields for issues per projects<BR><BR>Tue Sep 20 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.6-1<BR>- Update to 2.6<BR>- Fix creating new PR from the page listing all the PRs<BR>- Fix grammar error in the issues and PRs page (Jason Tibbitts)<BR>- Fall back to the user\'s username if no fullname is provided (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix typo in the using_docs documentation page (Aleksandra Fedorova (bookwar))<BR>- Fix viewing plugins when the project has a namespace (and the redirection<BR> after that)<BR>- Rework the milestone, so that a ticket can only be assigned to one milestone<BR> and things look better<BR>- Add a project wide setting allowing to make all new tickets private by default<BR> (with the option to make them public)<BR>- Allow toggling the privacy setting when editing the ticket\'s metadata<BR>- Rework some of the logic of pagure-ci for when it searches the project related<BR> to a receive notification<BR>- Fix the label of the button to view all close issues to be consistent with the<BR> PR page (Jeremy Cline)<BR>- Add the possibility for projects to notify specific email addresses about<BR> issues/PRs update<BR>- Fix loading tickets from the ticket git repository (fixes importing project to<BR> pagure)<BR><BR>Tue Sep 13 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.5-1<BR>- Update to 2.5<BR>- Don\'t track pagure_env (venv) dir (Paul W. Frields)<BR>- Setting Mail-Followup-To when sending message to users (Sergio Durigan Junior)<BR> (Fixed by Ryan Lerch and I)<BR>- Fixed the tickets hook so that we dont ignore the files committed in the first<BR> commit (Clement Verna)<BR>- Fix behavior of view of tree if default branch is not \'master\' (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix checking the release folder for forks<BR>- Improve the Remote PR page<BR>- Improve the fatal error page to display the error message is there is one<BR>- Avoid issues attachment containing json to be considered as an issue to be<BR> created/updated (Clement Verna)<BR>- Allow the <del> html tag (Clement Verna)<BR>- Specify rel=\"noopener noreferrer\" to link including target=\'_blank\'<BR>- Show in the overview page when a branch is already concerned by a PR<BR>- Fix viewing a tree when the identifier provided is one of a blob (not a tree)<BR>- Port all the plugins to `uselist=False` in their backref to make the code<BR> cleaner<BR>- Fix pagure_ci for all sort of small issues but also simply so that it works as<BR> expected<BR>- Make the private method __get_user public as get_user<BR>- Improve the documentation (fix typos and grammar errors) (Sergio Durigan<BR> Junior)<BR>- Drop the `fake` namespaces in favor of real ones<BR>- Add the possibility to view all tickets/pull-requests of a project (regardless<BR> of their status)<BR>- Paginate the pages listing the tickets and the pull-requests<BR>- Add the possibility to save a certain filtering on issues as reports<BR>- Add support to our local markdown processor for ~~striked~~<BR><BR>Wed Aug 31 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.4-1<BR>- Update to 2.4<BR>- - [Security] Avoid all html related mimetypes and force the download if any<BR> (CVE-2016-1000037) -- Fixed in 2.3.4 as well<BR>- Redirect the URL to projects <foo>.git to <foo> (Abhishek Goswami)<BR>- Allow creating projects with 40 chars length name on newer pagure instances<BR>- Fix AATT<user> and #<id> when editing a comment (Eric Barbour)<BR>- Display properly and nicely the ACLs of the API tokens (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Removing html5lib so bleach installation finds what version is best (Tiago M.<BR> Vieira)<BR>- Remove the branchchooser from the repoheader (again) (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix hard-coded urls in the master template<BR>- Made the interaction with the watch button clearer (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Introduce pagure-ci, a service allowing to integrate pagure with a jenkins<BR> instance (Farhaan Bukhsh and I)<BR>- Accept Close{,s,d} in the same way as Merges and Fixes (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Avoid showing the \'New PR\' button on the overview page is a PR already exists<BR> for this branch, in the main project or a fork (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix presenting the readme file and display the readme in the tree page if<BR> there is one in the folder displayed (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Move the new issue button to be available on every page (AnjaliPardeshi)<BR>- Fix pagure for when an user enters a comment containing #<id> where the id<BR> isn\'t found in the db<BR>- Make the bootstrap URLs configurable (so that they don\'t necessarily point to<BR> the Fedora infra) (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR>- Fix how the web-hook server determine the project and its username<BR>- Replace the login icon with plain text (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix layout in the doc (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR>- Improve the load_from_disk utility script<BR>- Fix our mardown processor to avoid crashing on #<text> (where we expect #<id>)<BR>- Fix the search for projects with a / in their names<BR>- Fix adding a file to a ticket when running pagure with `local` auth<BR>- Improve the grammar around the allowed prefix in our fake-namespaces (Jason<BR> Tibbitts)<BR>- Implement scanning of attached files for viruses (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Document how to set-up multiple ssh keys per user (William Moreno Reyes)<BR>- Add display_name and description to groups, and allow editing them<BR>- Add the ability to run the post-receive hook after merging a PR in the UI<BR>- Fix showing the group page even when user management is turned off (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Make explicit what the separators for tags is (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR>- Include the word setting with icon (tenstormavi)<BR>- Fix the requirements.txt file (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Cleaned up the topbar a bit (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix location of bottom pagination links on user page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add user\'s project watch list in index page of the user (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix showing the reporter when listing the closed issues (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix accessing forks once the main repo has been deleted (Farhaan Bukhsh)<BR><BR>Wed Jul 27 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.3.4-1<BR>- Update to 2.3.4<BR>- Security fix release blocking all html related mimetype when displaying the<BR> raw files in issues and forces the browser to download them instead (Thanks to<BR> Patrick Uiterwijk for finding this issue) - CVE: CVE-2016-1000037<BR><BR>Fri Jul 15 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.3.3-1<BR>- Update to 2.3.3<BR>- Fix redering the release page when the tag message contain only spaces (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Fix the search in AATT<username> (Eric Barbour)<BR>- Displays link and git sub-modules in the tree with a dedicated icon<BR><BR>Tue Jul 12 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.3.2-1<BR>- Update to 2.3.2<BR>- Do not mark as local only some of the internal API endpoints since they are<BR> called via ajax and thus with the user\'s IP<BR><BR>Mon Jul 11 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.3.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.3.1<BR>- Fix sending notifications to users watching a project<BR>- Fix displaying if you are watching the project or not<BR><BR>Mon Jul 11 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.3-1<BR>- Update to 2.3<BR>- Fix typos in pr_custom_page.rst (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Improve the unit-test suite (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Remove the branch chooser from the repoheader and rework the fork button (Ryan<BR> Lerch)<BR>- Add support for non utf-8 file names (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add a \'Duplicate\' status for issues (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Add title attribute for replying to comment and editing the comment in issues<BR> and PRs (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Include the user when reporting error by email<BR>- Add an API endpoint to create projects<BR>- Add an API endpoint to assign someone to a ticket<BR>- Add small script to be ran as cron to send reminder of expiring tokens (Vivek<BR> Anand)<BR>- Do not show the PR button on branches for which a PR is already opened<BR>- Add an API endpoint to fork projects<BR>- Add the possibility to watch/unwatch a project (Gaurav Kumar)<BR>- Add a \'Take\' button on the issue page (Ryan Lerch and I)<BR>- Add a dev-data script to input some test data in the DB for testing/dev<BR> purposes (skrzepto)<BR>- Fix links to ticket/pull-request in the preview of a new ticket<BR>- Add the possibility to diff two or more commits (Oliver Gutierrez)<BR>- Fix viewing a file having a non-ascii name<BR>- Fix viewing the diff between two commits having a file with a non-ascii name<BR>- On the commit detail page, specify on which branch(es) the commit is<BR>- Add the possibility to have instance-wide admins will full access to every<BR> projects (set in the configuration file)<BR>- Drop the hash to the blob of the file when listing the files in the repo<BR>- Add autocomple/suggestion on typing AATT<username> on a ticket or a pull-request<BR> (Eric Barbour)<BR>- Fix the edit link when adding a comment to a ticket via SSE<BR>- Add notifications to issues as we have for pull-requests<BR>- Record in the db the date at which a ticket was closed (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Add the possibility for pagure to rely on external groups provided by the auth<BR> service<BR>- Add the possibility for pagure to use an SMTP server requiring auth<BR> (Vyacheslav Anzhiganov)<BR>- Add autocomple/suggestion on typing #<id> for tickets and pull-requests (Eric<BR> Barbour)<BR>- With creating a README when project\'s description has non-ascii characters<BR> (vanzhiganov)<BR>- Add colored label for duplicate status of issues (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Ship working wsgi files so that they can be used directly from the RPM<BR>- Mark the wsgi files provided with the RPM as %config(noreplace)<BR>- Install the script next to the createdb one<BR><BR>Wed Jun 1 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.2.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.2.1<BR>- Fix showing the inital comment on PR having only one commit (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix diffs not showing for additions/deletions for files under 1000 lines (Ryan<BR> Lerch)<BR>- Split out the commits page to a template of its own (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix hightlighting the commits tab on commit view<BR>- Fix the fact that the no readme box show on empty repo (Ryan Lerch)<BR><BR>Tue May 31 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.2-1<BR>- Update to 2.2<BR>- Fix retrieving the log level from the configuration file (Nuno Maltez)<BR>- Rework the labels used when sorting projects (Ankush Behl)<BR>- Fix spelling error in sample config (Bruno)<BR>- Hide the URL to the git repo for issues if these are disabled<BR>- Do not notify about tickets being assigned when loaded from the issue git repo<BR> (Clément Verna)<BR>- Adjust get_revs_between so that if the push is in the main branch we still get<BR> the list of changes (Clément Verna)<BR>- Fix display of files moved on both old and new pygit2 (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix changes summary sidebar for older versions of pygit (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix the label on the button to add a new milestone to a project (Lubomír<BR> Sedlář)<BR>- Allow the roadmap feature to have multiple milestone without dates (Lubomír<BR> Sedlář)<BR>- Fix the link to switch the roadmap/list views (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Render the emoji when adding a comment to a ticket or PR via SSE (Clément<BR> Verna)<BR>- Always allow adming to edit/delete comments on issues<BR>- Build Require systemd to get macros defined in the spec file (Bruno)<BR>- Upon creating a ticket if the form already has data, show that data<BR>- Add a readme placeholder for projects without a readme (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Enable markdown preview on create pull request (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Make bottom pagination links on project list respect the sorting filter (Ryan<BR> Lerch)<BR>- Add the ability to create a README when creating a project (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Try to prevent pushing commits without a parent when there should be one<BR>- Fix the configuration keys to turn off ticket or user/group management for an<BR> entire instance (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix deleting project (propagate the deletion to the plugins tables)<BR>- Do not render the diffs of large added and removed files (more than 1000<BR> lines) (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Adjust the UI on the template to add/remove a group or an user to a project in<BR> the settings page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Check if a tag exists on a project before allowing to edit it (skrzepto)<BR><BR>Fri May 13 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.1.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.1.1<BR>- Do not render the comment as markdown when importing tickets via the ticket<BR> git repo<BR>- Revert get_revs_between changes made in<BR> (Clement Verna)<BR><BR>Fri May 13 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.1<BR>- Fix the milter to get it working (hotfixed in prod)<BR>- Fix the fedmsg hook so that it works fine (hotfixed in prod)<BR>- Fix the path of one of the internal API endpoint<BR>- Pass client_encoding utf8 when connecting to the DB (Richard Marko)<BR>- Do not use client_encoding if using sqlite (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Allow project names up to 255 characters (Richard Marko)<BR>- Add a spinner showing we\'re working on retrieve the PR status on the PR page<BR> (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Rework installing and removing git hooks (Clement Verna)<BR>- Rework the summary of the changes on the PR page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Improve the description of the priority system (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Fix commit url in the pagure hook (Mike McLean)<BR>- Improve the regex when fixing/relating a commit to a ticket or a PR (Mike<BR> McLean)<BR>- Improve the description of the pagure hook (Mike McLean)<BR>- Fix the priority system to support tickets without priority<BR>- Fix the ordering of the priority in the drop-down list of priorities<BR>- Ensure the drop-down list of priorities defaults to the current priority<BR>- Adjust the script to setup PAGURE_CONFIG before importing pagure<BR>- Remove flashed message when creating a new project<BR>- Add markdown support for making of PR# a link to the corresponding PR<BR>- Include the priority in the JSON representation of a ticket<BR>- Include the priorities in the JSON representation of a project<BR>- Do not update the assignee if the person who commented isn\'t an admin<BR>- When adding a comment fails, include the comment text in the form if there was<BR> one<BR>- Add support to remove a group from a project<BR>- Add a roadmap feature with corresponding documentation<BR>- Allow \'kbd\' and \'var\' html tags to render properly<BR>- Fix deleting a project on disk as well as in the DB<BR>- Allow setting the date_created field when importing ticket from git (Clement<BR> Verna)<BR>- Strip GPG signature from the release message on the release page (Jan Pokorný)<BR>- Make comment on PR diffs fit the parent, and not overflow horiz (Ryan Lerch)<BR><BR>Sun Apr 24 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.0.1-1<BR>- Update to 2.0.1<BR>- Fixes to the UPGRADING documentation<BR>- Fix URLs to the git repos shown in the overview page for forks<BR>- Fix the project titles in the html to not start with `forks/`<BR><BR>Fri Apr 22 14:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.0-1<BR>- Update to 2.0<BR>- Rework the initial comment of a PR, making it less a comment and more<BR> something that belong to the PR itself<BR>- Fix showing or not the fork button when editing a comment on an issue or a PR<BR> and fix the highlighted tab when editing comment of an issue (Oliver<BR> Gutierrez)<BR>- Fix the count of comments shown on the page listing all the PRs to include<BR> only the comments and not the notifications (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- In the settings page explain that API keys are personal (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Rework the fedmsg message sent upon pushing commits, one message per push<BR> instead of one message per commit<BR>- Mark the page next/previous as disabled when they are (on browse pages)<BR>- Avoid the logout/login loop when logging out<BR>- Support rendering file with a `.markdown` extension<BR>- Fix the layout of the password change branch<BR>- Improve the documentation, add overview graphs, expand the usage section,<BR> improve the overview description<BR>- Fix checking if the user is an admin of a project or not (which was making the<BR> user experience confusing as they sometime had the fork button and sometime<BR> not)<BR>- Fix the pagination on the browse pages when the results are sorted<BR>- Disable the Commit and Files tabs if a repo is new<BR>- Update the pagure logo to look better (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Allow anyone to fork any project (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix searching on the browse pages by preventing submission of the \'enter\' key<BR> (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Rework the issue page to be a single, large form allowing to update the<BR> meta-data and comment in one action and fixing updating the page via SSE<BR>- Turn off the project\'s documentation by default to empty `Docs` tab leading to<BR> nothing<BR>- Fill the initial comment with the body of the commit message if the PR only<BR> has one commit (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add a plugin/git hook allowing to disable non fast-forward pushes on a branch<BR> basis<BR>- Fix asynchronous inline comments in PR by fixing the URL to which the form is<BR> submitted<BR>- Add a plugin/git hook allowing to trigger build on upon git<BR> push, with the possibility to restrict the trigger to only certain branches<BR>- Automatically scroll to the highlighted range when viewing a file with a<BR> selection (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Indicate the project\'s creation date in the overview page (Anthony Lackey)<BR>- Clear the `preview` field after adding a comment via SSE<BR>- Adjust the unit-tests for the change in behavior in pygments 2.1.3<BR>- Fix listing all the request when the status is True and do not convert to text<BR> request.closed_at if it is in fact None<BR>- Improved documentation<BR>- Attempt to fix the error `too many open files` on the EventSource Server<BR>- Add a new param to to set the host (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix the of the Docs tab and the Fork button with rounded corners (Pedro Lima)<BR>- Expand the information in the notifications message when a PR is updated (Ryan<BR> Lerch)<BR>- Fix hidding the reply buttons when users are not authenticated (Paul W. Frields)<BR>- Improve the description of the git hooks (Lubomír Sedlář)<BR>- Allow reply to a notification of pagure and setting the reply email address as<BR> Cc<BR>- In the fedmsg git hook, publish the username of all the users who authored the<BR> commits pushed<BR>- Add an activity page/feed for each project using the information retrieved<BR> from datagrepper (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix showing lightweight tags in the releases page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix showing the list of branches when viewing a file<BR>- Add priorities to issues, with the possibility to filter or sort them by it in<BR> the page listing them.<BR>- Add support for pseudo-namespace to pagure (ie: allow one \'/\' in project name<BR> with a limited set of prefix allowed)<BR>- Add a new plugin/hook to block push containing commits missing the<BR> \'Signed-off-by\' line<BR>- Ensure we always use the default email address when sending notification to<BR> avoid potentially sending twice a notification<BR>- Add support for using the keyword Merge(s|d) to close a ticket or pull-request<BR> via a commit message (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Add an UPGRADING.rst documentation file explaining how to upgrade between<BR> pagure releases<BR><BR>Tue Mar 1 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.2-1<BR>- Update to 1.2<BR>- Add the possibility to create a comment when opening a pull-request (Clement<BR> Verna)<BR>- Fix creating PR from a fork directly from the page listing all the PR on the<BR> main project (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Color the label showing the issues\' status on the issue page and the page<BR> listing them (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add a small padding at the bottom of the blockquote (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- In the list of closed PR, replace the column of the assignee with the date of<BR> closing (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Drop font awesome since we no longer use it and compress the png of the<BR> current logo (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Drop the svg of the old logo from the source (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add descriptions to the git hooks in the settings page (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Fix the pagure git hook<BR><BR>Wed Feb 24 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.1.1-1<BR>- Update to 1.1.1<BR>- Fix showing some files where decoding to UTF-8 was failing<BR>- Avoid adding a notification to a PR for nothing<BR>- Show notifications correctly on the PR page when received via SSE<BR><BR>Tue Feb 23 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.1-1<BR>- Update to 1.1<BR>- Sort the release by commit time rather than name (Clerment Verna)<BR>- Add a link to the markdown syntax we support<BR>- Add the possibility to display custom info when creating a new PR<BR>- Improve the title of the issue page<BR>- Make the ssh_info page more flexible so that we can add new info more easily<BR>- Add the possibility to resend a confirmation email when adding a new email<BR> address<BR>- Encode the email in UTF-8 for domain name supporting it<BR>- Add a button to easily change your avatar in your settings\' page (Clement<BR> Verna)<BR>- Expand our markdown processor to support implicit linking to both PR and<BR> issues<BR>- Fix running the unit-tests on F23<BR>- Fix deleting in the UI branches containing a slash (\'/\') in their name<BR>- Add the possibility to always have a merge commit when merging a PR<BR>- Add the project\'s avatar to the list in front page when authenticated<BR>- Make the dependency on flask-fas-openid (part of python-fedora) optional<BR>- Prevent our customized markdown to create link on if it doesn\'t start<BR> with {f,ht}tp(s) (Clement Verna)<BR>- Bring back the delete ticket button (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add the possibility to notify someone when it is mentioned in a comment via<BR> AATTusername<BR>- Fix setting the default value of the web-hook setting and its display in the<BR> settings page<BR>- Add the possibility to have templates for the issues<BR>- Add a button on the doc page to open it in a new tab<BR>- Add the concept of notifications on PR allowing to indicate when a PR is<BR> updated or rebased<BR>- Fix allowing people with non-ascii username to merge PR with a merge commit<BR>- Add the possibility to theme your pagure instance and customized its layout at<BR> will<BR>- Add the possibility to always see inline-comments even if the file was changed<BR> since<BR>- Improve the error message given to the user upon error 500 (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Stop relying on pygit2 to determine if a file is a binary file or not and<BR> instead use the python library binaryornot<BR>- Store in the DB the identifier of the tree when an inline comment is made to a<BR> PR, this way it will be simpler to figure out a way to add the context of this<BR> comment either by email on in the UI<BR>- Add styling to blockquotes so that we see what is the quote and what is the<BR> answer when replying to someone<BR>- Prevent users from adding again an email pending confirmation<BR>- Fix the preview box for long comment (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add the possibility to sort the projects when browsing them (Ryan Lerch)<BR><BR>Thu Feb 4 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.0.2-1<BR>- Update to 1.0.2<BR>- Rework the PR page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Add ssh_info to blacklist in default config (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Restyle the ssh_info page (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix hiding the preview pane when creating an issue (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Indicate the number of comments on the PR when listing them (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Fix showing the links to issues when previewing a comment<BR>- Ensure some more that the page number isn\'t below 1<BR>- Do not show the edit and delete buttons to everyone when adding a comment via<BR> SSE<BR>- Update the requirements.txt for a missing dependency on Ubuntu (vanzhiganov)<BR>- Improving sorting the release tags in the release page (Clement Verna)<BR><BR>Mon Feb 1 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.0.1-1<BR>- Update to 1.0.1<BR>- Improve the fork list (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Make sure the images on comments do not exceed the size of the comment<BR> box/area (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Improve the page listing all issues (Ryan Lerch)<BR>- Include the project information when sending a fedmsg message about editing a<BR> comment<BR>- Allow <span> tags in rst files so that the README shows fine<BR>- Fix linking directly to a specific comment in a PR<BR>- Fix adding comment in a PR via SSE<BR>- Fix updating issue information via SSE<BR>- Fix the reply buttons on the issue page<BR>- Remove the choice for a status when creating a new ticket (Farhaandukhsh)<BR>- Fix deleting a branch from the UI<BR>- Make the cards have rounded corners (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR>- Fix showing the description of form field (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix checking if the passwords added are the same (for local accounts)<BR> (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix displaying emojis when previewing a comment on a ticket (Clement Verna)<BR>- Add support for emojis when creating a new ticket (Clement Verna)<BR><BR>Wed Jan 27 13:00:00 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 1.0-1<BR>- Update to 1.0<BR>- Entirely new UI thanks to the hard work on Ryan Lerch<BR>- Add the possibility to edit comments on PR/Tickets (and the option to disable<BR> this) (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Add the number of open Tickets/PR on the project\'s menu<BR>- Also allow PRs to be closed via a git commit message (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Disable issues and PR on forks by default (Vivek Anand)<BR>- Fix deleting the temporary folders we create<BR>- Un-bundle flask_fas_openid (requires python-fedora 0.7.0 or higher<BR>- Add support for an openid backend (ie same thing as FAS but w/o the FPCA<BR> enforcing)<BR>- Add support to view rst/markdown files as html directly inline (default) or as<BR> text (Yves Martin)<BR>- Change the encryption system when using pagure with local auth to not be<BR> time-sensitive and be stronger in general (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Change the size of the varchar from 256 to 255 for a better MySQL support<BR>- Add support for pagure to work behind a reverse proxy<BR>- Rename the cla_required decorator to a more appropriate login_required<BR>- Show the in the front page and the page listing all the pull-requests the<BR> branch for which a PR can be opened<BR>- Rework the avatar to not rely on the ones associated with<BR>- Add support to high-light a section of code in a PR and show the diff<BR> automatically if there is such selection<BR><BR>Mon Dec 14 13:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.36-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.36<BR>- Add the ssh info on the front page if the repo is empty<BR>- Make the code handling exception be python3 compatible<BR>- Make pagure compatible with F23 (ie: pygit2 0.23.0)<BR>- Fix pagination when rendering the repo blocks (Gaurav Kumar)<BR>- Make the SHOW_PROJECTS_INDEX list what should be showing in the index page<BR>- Adjust pagure to work on recent version of psutils as well as the old one<BR>- Added \'projects\' to the blacklisted list of projects (Gaurav Kumar)<BR>- Removed delete icons for non group members on the group info page (Gaurav<BR> Kumar)<BR>- Fixed forbidden error for PR title editing (Gaurav Kumar)<BR><BR>Mon Nov 30 13:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.35-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.35<BR>- Fix the web-hook server by preventing it to raise any exception (rather log<BR> the errors)<BR><BR>Mon Nov 30 13:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.34-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.34<BR>- Fix the encoding of the files we\'re displaying on the UI<BR>- Fix commenting on the last line of a diff<BR>- Fix returning error message from the internal API (shows the PR as conflicting<BR> then)<BR>- Fix stacktrace encountered in some repo if the content of a folder is empty<BR> (or is a git submodule)<BR>- Split the web-hooks into their own server<BR>- If you try to fork a forked project, redirect the user to the fork<BR>- Show the repo from and repo to when opening a new PR<BR>- Add the pagination links at the bottom of the repo list as well<BR>- Add the groups to the pool of users to notify upon changes to a project<BR>- Hide private repo from user who do not have commit access<BR><BR>Fri Nov 20 13:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.33-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.33<BR>- Prevent project with a name starting with a non-alphanumerical character<BR> (Farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Ensure we appropriately set the private flag when creating an issue<BR>- Add an activity graph on the user profile using datagrepper<BR>- Sometime the identified we get is a Tag, not a commit (fixes traceback<BR> received by email)<BR>- Order the PR from the most recent to the oldest<BR>- Fix the patch view of a PR when we cannot find one of the commit (fixes<BR> traceback received by email)<BR>- Allow user that are not admin to create a remote pull-request<BR>- Fix closing the EV server by calling the appropriate variable<BR>- Fix generating the diff of remote pull-request<BR><BR>Fri Nov 13 13:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.32-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.32<BR>- Fix the example configuration file<BR>- Make pagure work on MySQL<BR>- Hide sections on the front page only if the user is logged out<BR>- Fix the release page where sometime tags are commits<BR>- Escape the raw html in markdown<BR>- Decode the bytes returned by pygit2 to try to guess if the content is a text<BR> or not<BR>- Fix the \'Clear\' button on the pull-request page (farhaanbukhsh)<BR>- Fix installing pagure in a venv<BR>- Fix uploading images when editing the first comment of a ticket<BR>- Let the author of the merge commit be the user doing the merge<BR>- Suggest the title of the PR only if it has one and only one commit in<BR>- Do not hide sections on the user page if we set some to be hidden on the front<BR> page<BR>- Forward the head to the commits page to fix the pull-request button<BR>- Ensure we create the git-daemon-export-ok when forking a repo (fixes cloning<BR> over https)<BR>- Add instructions on how to get pagure working in a venv (Daniel Mach)<BR>- Improve the way we retrieve and check pygit2\'s version (Daniel Mach)<BR><BR>Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.31-1<BR>- Forward the bail_on_tree boolean when iterating so that we know how to behave<BR> when we run into a git tree (where we expected a git blob)<BR> -> fixes error received by email<BR><BR>Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.30-1<BR>- Fix error received by email by checking the right variable if it is a git tree<BR> or a git blob<BR>- Unless we explicitly accept all images tag, always filter them (fixes<BR> attaching images to a ticket)<BR><BR>Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.29-1<BR>- Use monospace fonts for online editing as well as comment on tickets and<BR> pull-requests<BR>- Fix online editing of symlinked files (such as the README)<BR>- Handle potential error when converting from rst to html<BR><BR>Mon Oct 12 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.28-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.28<BR>- Fix the call to noJS() in the pull-request template to avoid crashing<BR>- Improve the runserver script in the sources<BR>- Fix the projects pagination on the index page<BR>- Create the git-daemon-export-ok file upon creating a new project/git<BR>- Use first line of commit message for PR title when only one commit (Maciej<BR> Lasyk)<BR>- Show the tag message near the tag in the release page<BR>- Set the default_email when creating a local user account<BR><BR>Mon Oct 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.27-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.27<BR>- Skip writing empty ssh keys on disc<BR>- Regenerate authorized_keys file on ssh key change (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR><BR>Mon Oct 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.26-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.26<BR>- Let admins close PRs as well<BR><BR>Mon Oct 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.25-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.25<BR>- Improve the documentation (especially the part about configuring pagure and<BR> all the options the configuration file supports)<BR>- Remove the two trailing empty lines when showing a file online<BR>- Add a link on the issue list to be able to filter all the unassigned issues<BR>- Rework the layout of the pull-request page<BR>- Rework the commit list in the PR page to allow showing the entire commit<BR> message<BR>- Let any user create remote pull-request otherwise what\'s the point?<BR>- Add the possibility to edit the title of a pull-request<BR>- Add a page listing all the pull-requests of an user (opened by or against)<BR>- Add support for multiple ssh-keys (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Ensure the authorized_keys file is generated by gitolite (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Fix the regex for AATT<username><BR>- Improve the display of renamed files in PR<BR>- Add option to disable entirely the user/group management from the UI<BR>- Add an updated_on field to Pull-Request<BR>- Add an closed_at field to Pull-Request<BR>- Allow the submitter of a PR to close it (w/o merging it)<BR>- Disable editing a pull-request when that one is closed/merged<BR>- Add option to hide by default a part of the index page (ie: all the repos, the<BR> user\'s repos or the user\'s forks)<BR>- Drop the csrf_token from the error emails sent to the admins<BR><BR>Tue Sep 8 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.24-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.24<BR>- Fix changelog to add the -release<BR>- Block the <img> tag on titles<BR>- Better fedmsg notifications (for example for new branches or rebase)<BR>- Support uploading multiple files at once<BR>- Add a load_from_disk utility script to the sources<BR>- Fix indentation to the right on very long pull-request<BR><BR>Sun Aug 30 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.23-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.23<BR>- Return a 404 error if we can\'t find the doc repo asked<BR>- Fix for #106 Allow setting the default branch of the git repo and in the UI<BR> (Ghost-script)<BR>- Improve unit-tests suite<BR>- Add a global boolean to disable entirely tickets on all projects of a pagure<BR> instance (with no way to re-set them per project)<BR>- Do display uploading a tarball if it is not entirely configured<BR>- Ensure we do not offer to reply by email if the milter is not set up<BR>- Ensure there is no new line character on the msg-id and improve logging in the<BR> milter<BR>- Add a configuration key to globally disable creating projects<BR>- Add a configuration key to globally disable deleting projects<BR>- Add the possibility to search projects/users<BR>- Drop links to the individual commits in a remote pull-request<BR>- Input that are cleaned via the noJS filter are safe to be displayed (avoid<BR> double HTML escaping)<BR>- When writing the authorized_key file, encode the data in UTF-8<BR>- Makes page title easier to find in multi-tab cases (dhrish20)<BR>- Fix authorized_keys file creation (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Honor also symlinked README\'s in repo overview (Jan Pakorný)<BR>- Fix the patch generation for remote PR<BR>- Fix showing the comment\'s preview on the pull-request page<BR>- Fix bug in checking if a PR can be merged<BR><BR>Fri Aug 7 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.22-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.22<BR>- Adjust the README to the current state of pagure<BR>- Rework how we integrate our custom tags into markdown to avoid the infinite<BR> loop we run into once in a while<BR><BR>Wed Aug 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.21-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.21<BR>- Make SSH protocol explicit for SSH URLs (Till Maas)<BR>- Adjust the documentation (layout and content)<BR>- Rework the doc server to allow showing html files directly<BR>- Fix installing the pagure hook correctly (tickets and requests)<BR>- Give proper attribution to the pagure logo to Micah Deen in the documentation<BR>- Increase pull request text field lengths to 80 (Till Maas)<BR>- Fix who can open a remote PR and the check that the repo allows PR<BR>- If there is no commit and no content, it means we didn\'t find the file: 404<BR><BR>Wed Jul 29 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.20-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.20<BR>- Include the tags in the JSON representation of a project<BR>- Add the ability to open a pull-request from a git repo not hosted on pagure<BR>- Fix pagination when browsing the list of commits<BR>- Fix the fork button when viewing the Settings of a project<BR>- Adjust the example apache configuration file<BR>- Add a favicon with pagure\'s logo<BR>- Fix asynchronous commentting on pull-requests<BR>- Start working on some documentation on how to install pagure<BR>- Do no flash messages when a comment is submitted via javascript (ie: async)<BR>- Do not blink the tittle of the page if the page is already on focus<BR>- Retrieve ssh key from FAS and set it up in pagure if none is currently set-up<BR>- Fix anchors for comments on the pull-request pages<BR>- Fix checking the merge status of a PR when user is not logged in<BR><BR>Mon Jul 20 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.19-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.19<BR>- Prettify the JSON stored in the git for tickets/requests... (Simo Sorce)<BR>- Use the project name as subject tag in the notifications sent (Simo Sorce)<BR>- Add an X-pagure header with either the pagure instance or the project name<BR>- Reset the merge status of all the open PR when one is merged<BR>- Add a second server listing the number of connections opened on the first<BR> eventsource server<BR>- Log the info instead of printing them in the eventsource server<BR>- Split the documentation to a different wsgi application to avoid any risk of<BR> cross-site forgery<BR>- Fix the JS logic when adding a tag or a dependency to avoid having duplicates<BR> in the input field<BR>- Allow deleting a git branch of a project via the UI<BR>- Include the font-awesome in the source rather than relying on an external cdn<BR>- Do not try to connect to the eventsource server if we\'re not viewing a<BR> pull-request<BR>- Fix showing the first comment made on a PR via the eventsource server<BR>- Fix showing the git URLs in the doc server<BR>- Much better API documentation (Lei Yang)<BR>- Handle showing closed PR that were not merged<BR>- Fix refreshing the UI of private tickets via the eventsource (making calls to<BR> the API to get the info while only getting what changed via the SSE)<BR>- Fix the anchor links in the API documentation<BR>- Blink the tab upon changes in the page<BR>- Ensure we close both SSE server when stopping pagure_ev<BR>- Let the HTML form trigger if we did not connect to the EV server successfully<BR>- The admins of a repo are anyone with commit access to the repo, directly or<BR> via a group<BR>- Order the project by names in the front page (instead of creation date)<BR>- Add the ability to tag a project<BR>- Fix the fedmsg_hook when there are only deletions or only additions<BR>- Add a new API endpoint allowing to search projects (by name, author, tag ...)<BR>- Make pagure compatible with pygit 0.22.0<BR>- Adjust unit-tests for all these changes<BR><BR>Mon Jun 22 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.18-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.18<BR>- Fix the eventsource server for CORS<BR>- Fix showing/checking the merge status of a PR<BR><BR>Mon Jun 22 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.17-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.17<BR>- Fix for missing docs of API issue add comment (Kunaal Jain)<BR>- Fix the systemd init file<BR>- Be more careful about the URL specified, it may be of the wrong format in the<BR> eventsource server<BR>- Allow configuring the port where the event source server runs in the<BR> configuration<BR>- Fix bug in filter_img_src introduced with its moved to the backend library<BR><BR>Thu Jun 18 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.16-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.16<BR>- Clone all the remote branches when cloning a project<BR>- Allow online editing to a new branch or any of the existing ones<BR>- Allow the <hr /> html tags in markdown<BR>- Add eventsource support in the ticket and pull-request pages<BR><BR>Tue Jun 16 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.15-1<BR>- Update 0.1.15<BR>- Use a monospace font for the commit hash<BR>- Remove duplicated \"commit\" id in the HTML (causing a graphical bug in the<BR> commit page)<BR>- Secure the input using the no_js filter instead of relying on a restrictive<BR> regex for PR and issue titles<BR>- Support \',\' in the tags field since it\'s required to specify multiple tags<BR><BR>Fri Jun 12 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.14-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.14<BR>- Remove all new lines characters from the ssh key uploaded<BR>- Adjust the URL in the footer to point to<BR>- Fix displaying the time of a comment<BR>- Forbid the use of spaces in group name<BR>- Do not get the list of not-merged commits if there is only 1 branch in the<BR> repo<BR>- Display the error message if pagure.lib.add_group raises an exception<BR>- Add a new setting enforcing that all commits in a PR are signed-off by their<BR> author<BR>- Enforce that all commits are signed-off by the author if the repo is<BR> configured for this<BR>- Also check for the signed-off status before merging a pull-request<BR>- Adjust online-editing to allow specifying which email address to use in the<BR> commit<BR>- Add an avatar_email field to projects<BR>- Change the PullRequest\'s status from a Boolean to a Text restricted at the DB<BR> level (Allows to distinguish Open/Merged/Closed)<BR>- Show in the pull-request view who merged the pull-request<BR>- Specify who closed the pull-request in the API output<BR>- Catch GitError when merging and checking merge status of a PR<BR>- Hide the form to create pull-requests if the user is not an admin of the repo<BR>- Replace the Pull-Request button by a Compare button if the user it not a repo<BR> admin<BR>- Set the title of the tab as URL hash to allow directly linking to it<BR>- Adjust the API to be able to distinguish API authentication and UI<BR> authentication<BR>- Fix API documentation to create new issues<BR>- Drop the status from the requirements to open a new issue via the API<BR>- Expand the list of blacklisted project names<BR>- Have the code tags behave like pre tags (html tags)<BR>- Allow project to specify an URL and display it on their page<BR>- Strip the ssh keys when writing them to the authorized_keys file<BR>- Disable javascript in all the markdown fields<BR>- Validate early the input submitted in the forms (using more or less strict<BR> regex)<BR>- If the session timed-out, redirect to the setting page after authentication<BR> and inform the user that the action was canceled<BR>- Catch PagureException when adjusting the project\'s settings<BR>- Redirect the /api endpoint to the api documentation place<BR>- Fix how is retrieved the list of emails to send the notification to<BR>- Sanitize the html using bleach to avoid potential XSS exploit<BR>- Do not give READ access to everyone on the tickets and pull-requests repos to<BR> avoid leaking private tickets<BR>- Adjust the unit-tests for all these changes<BR><BR>Fri Jun 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.13-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.13<BR>- Do not show the edit button if the user cannot edit the file<BR>- Fix who is allowed to drop comments<BR>- Fix showing the drop comment button on issue comments<BR>- Fix creating the pull-request for fast people like AATTlmacken<BR>- Display the target of the PR as well as the origin in the PR page<BR>- Limit the size of the lists on the front page<BR><BR>Fri Jun 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.12-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.12<BR>- Fix the URL where the sources upload are done<BR>- Upload the new sources under the project\'s name (be it project or<BR> user/project)<BR><BR>Fri Jun 5 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.11-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.11<BR>- Another fix for the fedmsg_hook git hook<BR>- Adjust how we display the README page to avoid XSS there as well<BR>- Add the possibility to disable plugins via the configuration file<BR>- Present the git tags in the UI<BR>- As soon as the API user present a token, validate it or not, even if the<BR> endpoint would work without token<BR>- Integrate alembic for DB scheme migration<BR>- Cache the PR\'s merge status into the DB<BR>- Only people with access to the project can add/remove API token<BR>- Make the unit-tests run on bare repos as in prod<BR>- First stab at online editing<BR>- Simplify the API output to drop the project\'s settings where it doesn\'t<BR> make sense<BR>- First stag at allowing upstream to upload their release to pagure<BR>- Fix merging a PR into another branch than master<BR>- Reduce code duplication when checking if a PR can be merged or merging it<BR>- Code style clean-up<BR><BR>Tue Jun 2 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.10-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.10<BR>- Add support for URL ending with a trailing slash where it makes sense (so<BR> we support both with and without trailing slash)<BR>- Fix XSS issue by disabling <script> tags in the documentation pages<BR>- Expend the unit-test suite for the api.project controller<BR>- Add the possibility for 3rd party apps to \'flag\' a pull-request with for<BR> example the result of a build<BR>- Handle the situation where there are multiple branch of the same name in<BR> the same repo<BR>- Fix the color of the link on hover when displayed within a tab view<BR> (for example in the PR pages)<BR>- Redirect the user to the pull-request created after its the creation<BR>- Do not leak emails over fedmsg<BR>- Fix the fedmsg_hook plugin<BR><BR>Fri May 29 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.9-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.9<BR>- Initial API work<BR>- Document the initial API<BR>- Fix the CSS to present the links correctly<BR>- Add new API endpoint to list the git tags of a project<BR>- Ensure the DB is updated regarding the start and stop commits before merging<BR><BR>Wed May 27 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.8-1<BR>- Update 0.1.8<BR>- Add the possibility to do Asynchronous in-line comment posting<BR> (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR>- Handle the situation where the branch asked is not found in the git repo<BR>- Handle the situation where we cannot find a desired commit<BR>- Do not display a value in the settings page if there are none<BR>- Rework the pull-request view to move the list of commits into a tab<BR>- Make email sending optional (Patrick Uiterwijk)<BR><BR>Fri May 22 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.7-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.7<BR>- Drop debugging code on the milter and the hooks<BR>- Adjust the search_issues method to support filter for some tags, excluding<BR> some others (for example ?tags=easfix&tags=!0.2)<BR>- Support groups when searching an user\'s projects (ie: finding the projects an<BR> user has access to via the group their are in)<BR>- Do not load the git repo from the FS when loading an user\'s page<BR>- Present and document the SSH keys in a dedicated documentation page<BR><BR>Wed May 20 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.6-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.6<BR>- Fix sending notification emails to multiple users, avoid sending private into<BR> to all of them<BR><BR>Tue May 19 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.5-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.5<BR>- Bug fix on the milter and the internal API endpoint<BR><BR>Tue May 19 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.4-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.4<BR>- Fix loading requests and tickets from git (allows syncing projects between<BR> pagure instances)<BR>- Add to the template .wsgi file a way to re-locate the tmp folder to work<BR> around a bug in libgit2<BR>- Fix unit-tests suite<BR>- Adjust the spec file to install all the files required for the milters<BR>- Fix the `View` button on the pull-request pages<BR><BR>Wed May 13 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.3-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.3<BR>- Add support for gitolite3<BR>- Fix unit-tests suite to work on jenkins<BR><BR>Sat May 9 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.2-2<BR>- Fix the Requires on the milter subpackage (adding: post, preun and postun)<BR>- Add systemd scriptlet to restart the service gracefully<BR>- Use versioned python macro (py2)<BR>- Ship the license in the milter subpackage as well<BR>- Use the %license macro<BR><BR>Thu May 7 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.2-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.2<BR>- Fix bug in the fedmsg hook file (Thanks Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek)<BR><BR>Wed May 6 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1.1-1<BR>- Update to 0.1.1<BR>- Port to python-munch and list it in the dependencies<BR>- Fix exporting patch when they contain unicode characters or accent<BR>- After creating an issue, user is brought back to the new issue page<BR>- Fix unit-tests<BR>- Stop the pagure hook if the user is deleting a branch (no need to run through<BR> all the commits of that branch)<BR>- Fix the requirements.txt file (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR>- Fix the tree page to show the commit sha on its proper line (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR>- Fix typo in the form of some of the plugin (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR>- Improve the README (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR>- Fix highlighting the commits tab when accessing it (Sayan Chowdhury)<BR><BR>Mon May 4 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.1-1<BR>- First official release: 0.1<BR><BR>Thu Apr 2 14:00:00 2015 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.0-1.20150402<BR>- Cut a RPM for testing on Thu Apr 2nd 2015<BR><BR>Wed Oct 8 14:00:00 2014 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 0.0-1.20141008<BR>- Initial packaging work for Fedora<BR><BR><BR></DIV> </td> <td bgcolor="#F2F2F2"> </td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> </table> </td></tr> <tr><td> <table width="100%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr align="left" valign="top"> <td height="10" bgcolor="#A00B0F" width="100%"><img src="/images/spacer.gif" width="759" height="10" alt=""></td> </tr> </table> </td></tr> <tr><td> <table width="100%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr align="left" valign="top"> <td height="10" width="50%"><img src="/images/index_30.jpg" width="130" height="47" alt=""> </td> <td width="50%" align="right"><FORM ACTION="/out.php3" METHOD="post" TARGET="_blank"><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="station" VALUE="1"><INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="/images/index_32.jpg" name="station" alt="Designed by station75" width="209" height="47" border="0"></FORM></td> </tr> </table> </td></tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? 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