Changelog for accountsservice-devel-0.6.55-3.14.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Apr 14 2020 Apply as-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch to Leap.
* Sat Jan 25 2020 No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Wed Sep 11 2019 Add accountsservice-wtmp-io-improvements.patch: Backports that improve wtmp io performance (boo#1139487).- Refresh as-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch.
* Wed May 29 2019 Update to version 0.6.55: + Memory leak fix. + Improved heuristics for identifying user session. + Export interfaces directory to pkgconfig. + Lock down state directory from prying eyes to be more friendly to accountsservice extensions that require privacy. + Misc fixes. + Updated translations.- Drop accountsservice-upstream-fixes.patch: Fixed upstream.- Refresh patches with refresh_patches osc service.
* Wed May 08 2019 Update accountsservice-read-root-user-cache.patch. upstream commit d8b77951 (bsc#1114292 glfo#accountsservice/accountsservice#65).
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Drop upstream fixed patches: + accountsservice-lib-don-not-set-loaded-state-until-seat-fetched.patch- Update patches: + accountsservice-read-root-user-cache.patch + accountsservice-sysconfig.patch
* Sun Mar 17 2019 Redo summaries without em dashes.- Reduce %systemd_requires to %systemd_ordering: %service_
* can handle the absence.
* Thu Feb 21 2019 Update to version 0.6.54: + Fix user state dirs.- Changes from version 0.6.53: + Fix introspection.- Changes from version 0.6.52: + Migrate to meson and gettext (instead of autogoo and intltool). + Add code of conduct. + Add new session and session type properties (to replace XSession). + Try to handle misbehaving logind a little better. + Misc mixes and code modernization. + Add new \"Saved\" property to say whether a cached user is stored on disk.- Add accountsservice-upstream-fixes.patch: Add upstream bug fixes commits, fix build.- Switch to meson build system, add meson BuildRequires and macros.- Drop obsolete intltool, gnome-common, vala, xmlto and xsltproc BuildRequires: No longer needed.- Replace gobject-introspection-devel with pkgconfig(gobject-introspection-1.0) and add pkgconfig(dbus-1): New depdendency.- Disable the following patches that needs rebase: + accountsservice-sysconfig.patch. + accountsservice-lib-don-not-set-loaded-state-until-seat-fetched.patch. + accountsservice-read-root-user-cache.patch
* Mon Dec 10 2018 Add accountsservice-read-root-user-cache.patch: Read root user cache file (bsc#1114292 glfo#accountsservice/accountsservice#65).
* Sun Jul 22 2018 Update to version 0.6.50: + Fix insufficient path check on user icon files. (bsc#1099699 CVE-2018-14036) + Fix is-logged-in status for wayland sessions. + Fix user enumeration when system accounts are mixed in.- Drop upstream fixed patches: + accountsservice-missing-users-on-gdm-login.patch. + accountsservice-lib-treat-session-type-wayland-as-graphical-session.patch
* Fri Jul 20 2018 Add accountsservice-lib-don-not-set-loaded-state-until-seat-fetched.patch: At the moment we set is-loaded on the user-manager object as soon as we start fetching the seat, but we should waiting until the seat is fetched, so that can_switch() will return the correct value if the caller waited until the loaded signal to use it. (boo#1100041 fdo#107298)
* Tue Jul 17 2018 Add accountsservice-lib-treat-session-type-wayland-as-graphical-session.patch: When user session type is wayland, act_user_is_logged_in can return TRUE if the user is logged in (boo#1095918 fdo#106855).
* Wed Jul 11 2018 Make build verbose to see full command lines.
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Add accountsservice-missing-users-on-gdm-login.patch: Don\'t abort loading users when an /etc/shadow entry found missing (boo#1090003 fdo#106904).
* Sun May 13 2018 Update to version 0.6.49: + Fix crash on startup from previous compiler warning fix.- Changes from version 0.6.48: + Fix crashes when adding admin user and when user is removed. + Performance improvements handling really large wtmp files.- Changes from version 0.6.47: + Fix problem where libaccountsservice users weren\'t getting property change updates. + Reduce memory usage of cached users in daemon process. + Drop premature user-added/user-removed signals that erroneously get emitted before ListCachedUsers call finishes.
* Fri Apr 06 2018 Update to version 0.6.46: + Fix systemd unit file to use default standard output; + Performance improvements; + Leak fixes; + Crash fixes; + Support extra groups for admin users; + Add policy that allows admins to allow users to change their own password; + Introspection fixes; + Elogind support; + Decruftification of username blacklist; + Updated translations.- Add: + gio-2.0 and gio-unix-2.0 pkgconfig modules BuildRequires to avoid implicit dependencies. + xmlto and xsltproc BuildRequires to enable documentation.- Drop remove-no-longer-used-system-accounts.patch: fixed upstream.- Rebase patches: + accountsservice-sysconfig.patch and + accountsservice-filter-suse-accounts.patch.
* Wed Feb 28 2018 Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Fri Dec 22 2017 Add remove-no-longer-used-system-accounts.patch: Drop operator, nobody4 and noaccess from the blacklist (bsc#1063794, fdo#103879).
* Thu Aug 10 2017 Update specfile to build as-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch on SLE15.
* Tue Jul 04 2017 Remove redundant %clean section; use %_smp_mflags for build.
* Tue Apr 25 2017 Update to version 0.6.45: + Wrap password expiration info in libaccountsservice api.- Changes from version 0.6.44: + Export password expiration info from shadow file. + Fix user classification logic. + Don\'t lose track of users when /etc/passwd is reloaded.- Drop accountsservice-933083-load-root-setting.patch: fixed upstream (177509 edac45).
* Wed Nov 30 2016 Rebase accountsservice-933083-load-root-setting.patch.
* Sat Sep 24 2016 Update to version 0.6.43: + Fix logout times in login-history. + Increase performance in large deployments. + Memory leak fix. + Exclude nologin users from user list.
* Sun Sep 11 2016 Update accountsservice-sysconfig.patch: Flush the buffer before shut down the GIOChannel, otherwise we get a truncated setting file. The problem has caused the switching autologin in gnome-control-center breaking /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (bsc#998107).
* Wed Aug 24 2016 Enable as-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch for Leap as requested by the Leap Release Manager (boo#994876).
* Wed Jul 06 2016 Remove pkgconfig(libsystemd-daemon). Nowadays pkgconfig(libsystemd) is enough and replaces all libsystemd-
* libs which are obsolete.
* Wed Jun 15 2016 Update to version 0.6.42: + Wtmp fixes on solaris. + Allow a user to change his own data even if he\'s remote. + Add way to set password hint independent of password. + Conform to modern systemd library naming scheme. + Disable GVFS support in service, since it\'s not needed and has bad side effects.- Replace pkgconfig(libsystemd-login) for pkgconfig(libsystemd) BuildRequires following upstream changes.
* Sat May 28 2016 Add as-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch (fate#318433): Prevent multiple simultaneous logins.
* Thu Apr 14 2016 Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572- Rebased accountsservice-933083-load-root-setting.patch.
* Mon Jan 11 2016 Updated Url.
* Thu Jun 04 2015 Add accountsservice-933083-load-root-setting.patch (bnc#933083) Load settings of an account which is not \'human\' but can still be able to login to the system. (like \'root\')
* Tue Jan 27 2015 Update to version 0.6.40: + Support large UIDs better. + Don\'t require X11 display to fetch user with X11 session. + Ensure accountsservice doesn\'t start before NSS works.
* Sun Oct 19 2014 Update to version 0.6.39: + Fix ListCachedUsers race at startup. + Add new api for uncaching user. + Fix memory corruption bug. + Build goo changes.