Changelog for asciidoc-examples-9.0.0rc2-1.13.noarch.rpm :

* Tue Apr 21 2020 Bring back asciidoc in maintainable fashion to fix bsc#1135082
* Tue Apr 21 2020 Update to 9.0.0rc2: - Running `make help` will now print out a helpful usage message - Add simplified Chinese translation (thanks AATTmuirmok) - vim-asciidoc: speed up the refresh process for big files (thanks AATTaerostitch)
* Tue Jan 14 2020 Small packaging adjustements
* Tue Jan 14 2020 Update to 9.0.0rc1:
* Port asciidoc to run on Python 3.5+ (see for the EOL Python 2 implementation)
* Drop internal implementation of OrderedDict and use the standard library collections.OrderedDict instead
* Implement Dockerfile for running asciidoc
* Add Catalan translation
* Add docbook5 backend
* Fix misspellings in various files and documents
* Use UTC for testing instead of Pacific/Auckland (which observes daylight saving time).
* Use \"with\" context statement for opening and closing files instead of older try/finally pattern.
* Search sibling paths before system wide paths in asciidocapi
* Add manpage for
* Use argparse instead of optparse for argument parsing
* Migrate from A-A-P based build system to Make
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)
* Tue Nov 07 2017 Explicitly use python2 (fate#323526)
* Fri Oct 06 2017 Re-add documentation
* Wed Oct 04 2017 Remove asciidoc version from generated files with asciidoc.version.patch The version causes unneeded republish of pkgs that make use of asciidoc
* Sun Oct 01 2017 Update to 8.6.10
* Improve reproducibility of builds (e.g. support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH)
* SVG output support
* documentation and translations- Lint spec file- Remove asciidoc-change-Last-Updated-field.patch
* merged in
* Fri Jul 07 2017 added themes directory for installing the other available themes shipped with asciidoc. Makes the \"-a theme=volnitsky\" and \"-a theme=flask\" switches work.
* Thu Sep 01 2016 Adding the ability to change \"Last Updated\" field ... to reduce build-compare noise in git.rpm asciidoc-change-Last-Updated-field.patch
* Fri Mar 06 2015 Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner- Remove asciidoc-vim-fix.diff- Update to 8.6.9
* html5, xhtml11 and slidy outputs now wrap pre element contents at right margin (see [1] 77a316b7a47309).
* Vim syntax file: highlight line breaks in lists (patch submitted by Alex Efros). See [2] 45e4c0b65cde0a).
* Vim syntax file: fixed highlighting of lines with spaces preceding an indented paragraph. See [3] 45e4c0b65cde0a
* Vim syntax file: dropped ) from list of illegal characters following opening quote. See [4] 60eb4507a0555f/264c39c6a89fc7a0
* Added + intrinsic attribute. See [5]
* Allow tabsize=0 in configuration file. See [6] 8457020288ce1d
* Removed wordpress backend into the blogpost project (where it belongs) as an AsciiDoc backend plugin.
* Added HTML5 footer badges.
* Added favicon to AsciiDoc website.
* Changed AsciiDoc website domain to
* Vim syntax file: closing quote character cannot be immediately followed by same closing quote character.
* Documentation updates.
* If admonition icons are embedded using the Data URI Scheme and the icons directory is undefined or does not exist then the iconsdir attribute is set to the location of the icons installed in the AsciiDoc configuration directory.
* Updated ./stylesheets/pygments.css from pygments 1.4.
* HTML backends: Align inline images to text-bottom.
* html4 backend: Added hr attribute to make the inter-section horizontal ruler element optional.
* Documented Callout lists cannot be used within tables. See: [7] 8f9b46ebc192d3
* Removed Vim related stuff from the installer makefile. See: [8] 3a52b2af85fcfc/04c9091b0856fc13 and [9] 07629fa7a53fb3
* Dropped vim/ftdetect/asciidoc_filetype.vim from distribution, the file detection was broken and the default settings satisfied noone.
* Vim syntax highlighter: increase sync backtracking to catch changes to large block elements.
* Added Romanian language configuration file. Contributed by Vitalie Lazu. See [10] fe14a10dbf20d20/27726e7e13f7bfc7?lnk=gst&q=romanian#27726e7e13f7bfc 7
* Added ruler and line-break outputs to HTML Help outputs. Patch submitted by DonM. See [11] 131d0155eccd73e
* Added Czech language configuration file. Contributed by Petr KlĂ­ma.
* html4 backend: allow embedded images and icons (data-uri attribute).
* html4 backend: table and example block caption place at bottom for consistency.
* html4 backend: dropped border around example block.
* html4 backend: cellpaddings made equal to 4 for consistency.
* Vim syntax highligher: Highlight closing OpenBlock delimiter when it immediately follows a list.
* Updated html5 backend (previous commit was xhtml11 only). See: [12] bdfaf838f93e020
* Embedded data-uri images now figure file mimetype from file contents rather than the file extension. Patch submitted by Lex Trotman. See: [13] bdfaf838f93e0