Changelog for libxcb-xv0-1.13-lp151.4.3.1.i586.rpm :

* Tue Aug 14 2018 u_don-t-flag-extra-reply-in-xcb_take_socket.patch
* Fix IO errors with KWin in combination with NVIDIA driver. (bnc#1101560)
* Mon Mar 05 2018 Update to version 1.13
* As with xcb-proto, this release mainly enables multi-planar buffers in DRI3 v1.2 via support for variable-sized lists of FDs, and enables sending GenericEvents to other clients. Present v1.2 and RandR v1.6 did not require any specific library changes.- supersedes U_add-support-for-eventstruct.patch, u_build_python3.patch
* Wed Jan 17 2018 Really conditionalize the python3 option to allow us building without any python2 present
* u_build_python3.patch- Convert to pkgconfig style deps- Format bit with spec-cleaner
* Mon Jan 08 2018 Enable xinput extension. (bnc#1074249)- U_add-support-for-eventstruct.patch
* Update xinput to the state when it was enabled by default upstream.
* Fri Jan 05 2018 n_If-auth-with-credentials-for-hostname-fails-retry-with-XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME.patch
* Prevent infinite loop also in case DISPLAY is non-local.
* Wed Dec 20 2017 Use spaces instead of tabs in the patches (as does the original source code) to avoid confusion.- n_If-auth-with-credentials-for-hostname-fails-retry-with-XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME.patch
* If authentication (with
*stage == 0) failed and the variable XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME wasn\'t set, we were never getting to stage 2 in the original patch, causing calls to xcb_connect_to_display to be stuck in an infinite loop. Now we also go to stage 2 if the variable isn\'t set.
* Mon Dec 11 2017 fixes build against python3 (package rename of python-xcb-proto-devel to python3-xcb-proto-devel)
* Thu Nov 30 2017 n_If-auth-with-credentials-for-hostname-fails-retry-with-XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME.patch
* Modify this patch to do what it say - retry not only if the current hostname is not found in the xauthority file, but also when it is rejected by X server. (bnc#1043221)
* Thu May 19 2016 Update to version 1.12
* here is a new version of libxcb for you to enjoy. The highlights are the same as for the new xcb-proto release: xinput support, RandR 1.5 and an automatic alignment checker.- removed libxcb-xevie0/libxcb-xprint0 subpackages
* Wed Dec 23 2015 n_If-auth-with-credentials-for-hostname-fails-retry-with-XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME.patch: If auth with credentials for hostname fails retry with XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME (boo#906622).
* Sun Sep 06 2015 Update to version 1.11.1: This fixes some threading-related bugs with xcb_wait_for_special_event() and adds 64-bit versions of functions that work with sequence numbers.