Changelog for libbsd0-0.8.7-lp152.4.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Jan 13 2020 Michael Vetter - bsc#1160551 (CVE-2019-20367): Fix out-of-bounds read during a comparison for a symbol name from the string table.- Add libbsd-0.8.7-CVE-2019-20367.patch
* Wed Jan 24 2018 Update to version 0.8.7:
* Fix for gcc with no __has_include or __has_include_next support
* man: Document on what other BSDs arc4random(3) is present
* Handle several functions now being provided by glibc
* test: Fix nlist(3) unit test on IA64- switch to mirror temporarily, per announce:
* Thu Oct 19 2017 Update to version 0.8.6:
* test: + Fix nlist() unit test on IA64 and PowerPC 64-bit ELFv1
* Fix handling of non-contiguous argv + envp in setproctitle()- Changes for version 0.8.5:
* test: + Handle libtool executable names in getprogname() unit test + Remove unused variable in nlist() unit test
* man: + Ship and install libbsd(7) + Update man page sections in titles and references
* Fix ELF definitions for PowerPC in local-elf.h
* Fix ELF definitions for MIPS in local-elf.h- Changes for version 0.8.4:
* Add support for RISC-V
* Support GCC deprecated attribute for GCC older than 4.5
* Fix the __progname check to avoid the optimizer discarding the symbol
* Gracefully handle lack of system
* Do not provide funopen() on musl
* Try if is not present
* Do not use legacy BSD u_
* types
* Import for some of its macros
* Tue May 17 2016 Update to version 0.8.3:
* Fix unportable sizeof() usage
* Fix file descriptor leak in HASHFileChunk helper
* Switch URLs from http or git to https
* build: Support clock_gettime() provided in librt
* man: Fix ungrammatical construct
* test: Add a unit test for md5
* Add missing includes- Changes for 0.8.2:
* test: Fix success return code for arc4random unit test
* test: Add missing include
* Fix heap buffer overflow in fgetwln()
* test: Fix race condition in headers-
*.sh- Enable internal tests- Use correct package categories
* Mon Dec 28 2015 Split static library into libbsd-ctor-static package.
* Sat Dec 26 2015 Update to 0.8.1
* Use local SHA512 header
* Unify most arc4random Unix hooks into a single file
* Add support for GNU/kFreeBSD for closefrom() and getentropy()
* Fix getentropy implementation to use the correct system hooks
* Add missing copyright and license headers
* Relicense my contribution to BSD-2-clause
* Switch COPYING to Debian copyright machine readable format 1.0
* Use the non-overlayed libbsd headers when we need our own definitions
* Add missing include to
* Turn inert when using LIBBSD_OVERLAY
* test: Add new unit tests for individual headers usage
* Add support for GNU/Hurd to getentropy()
* Wed Dec 09 2015 Update to 0.8.0
* See attached ChangeLog for details
* Fri May 08 2015 Add gpg signature- Use fdupes to remove duplicate files- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
* Thu Oct 30 2014 update to version 0.7.0
* Thu Sep 06 2012 Avoid unnecessary complex install line on Redhatish- Compact file list, add helpful URLs to specfile