Changelog for libaudiofile1-32bit-0.3.6-lp152.5.7.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Nov 01 2018 Add 0008-CVE-2018-13440.patch to return AF_FAIL in that case instead of causing NULL pointer dereferences later (bsc#1100523, CVE-2018-13440).
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Add 0007-set-the-output-chunk-to-the-amount-of-frames.patch to set the output chunk to the amount of frames we pulled so that the next module in the chain has the correct frame count ( boo#1111586, CVE-2018-17095 ).
* Thu Mar 09 2017 Add 0001-Always-check-the-number-of-coefficients.patch to put in code an assert that was removed when building the code for a release which checks the number of coeficients in WAVE.cpp .- Add 0002-Check-for-multiplication-overflow-in-MSADPCM-decodeS.patch to check for a multiplication overflow in MSADPCM.cpp .- Add 0003-Check-for-multiplication-overflow-in-sfconvert.patch to check that a multiplication doesn\'t overflow when calculating a buffer size and reduce it if necessary.- Add 0004-clamp-index-values-to-fix-index-overflow-in-IMA.cpp.patch to clamp index values to fix an index overflow in IMA.cpp .- Add 0005-Actually-fail-when-error-occurs-in-parseFormat.patch so when there\'s an unsupported number of bits per sample or an invalid number of samples per block, don\'t only print an error message using the error handler, but actually stop parsing the file.- Add 0006-Check-for-division-by-zero-in-BlockCodec-runPull.patch to check for division by zero in BlockCodec::runPull- These patches fix boo#1026978 (CVE-2017-6837, CVE-2017-6838, CVE-2017-6839), boo#1026979 (CVE-2017-6827), boo#1026980 (CVE-2017-6828), boo#1026981 (CVE-2017-6829), boo#1026982 (CVE-2017-6830), boo#1026983 (CVE-2017-6831), boo#1026984 (CVE-2017-6832), boo#1026985 (CVE-2017-6833), boo#1026986 (CVE-2017-6834), boo#1026987 (CVE-2017-6836), boo#1026988 (CVE-2017-6835).
* Fri Jan 29 2016 Add audiofile-gcc6.patch to fix compile errors with GCC 6.
* Thu Oct 22 2015 Fix overflow when changing both number of channels and sample format (bsc#949399, CVE-2015-7747, audiofile-CVE-2015-7747.patch).
* Thu Aug 14 2014 Add Obsoletes audiofiles-32bit to baselibs.conf
* Tue Mar 25 2014 Fix unresolvable dependencies for SLE11: + add RPM conditional tests for sles_version- Fix compilation error on SLE11: permission denied: + add $DESTDIR to make install
* Thu Mar 07 2013 Update to version 0.3.6: + Implement FLAC and ALAC encoding and decoding. + Update license to LGPL 2.1.- Remove audiofile-0.3.5-without_examples.patch- Add pkgconfig(flac) BuildRequires
* Wed Feb 20 2013 Update to version 0.3.5: + Implement IMA ADPCM encoding and decoding for AIFF-C, CAF, and WAVE files. + Implement Microsoft ADPCM encoding for WAVE files. + Fix calculation of IRCAM frame size. + Record marker comments in WAVE files. + Improve validation of compressed audio formats. + Add support for building without documentation.- Add audiofile-0.3.5-without_examples.patch- Remove audiofile-remove-unused-variables.patch- Remove Obsoletes: audiofile-64bit
* Fri Feb 01 2013 update license to new format