Changelog for liborc-0_4-0-0.4.6-2.1.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Aug 6 14:00:00 2010
- Update to version 0.4.6:
+ Various fixes to make Orc more portable
+ Major performance improvements to NEON backend
+ Minor performance improvements to SSE backend
+ Major improvements to ARM backend, now passes regression tests.
+ The defaults for floating point operations have been changed
somewhat: NANs are handled more like the IEEE 754 standard, and
denormals in operations are treated as zeros. The NAN changes
causes certain SSE operations to be slightly slower, but produce
less surprising results. Treating denormals as zero has effects
ranging from “slightly faster” to “now possible”.
+ New tool: orc-bugreport. Mainly this is to provide a limited
testing tool in the field, especially for embedded targets
which would not have access to the testsuite that is not
+ The environment variable ORC_CODE can now be used to adjust
some code generation. See orc-bugreport -help for details.
+ orcc has a new option to generate code that is compatible with
older versions of Orc.
+ New NEON detection relies on Linux 2.6.29 or later.
- Changes from version 0.4.5:
+ Many small improvements related to converting GStreamer from
liboil to Orc.
+ The major addition in this release is the mainstreaming of
the NEON backend, made possible by Nokia.
+ There is a new experimental option to ./configure,
- -enable-backend, which allows you to choose a single code
generation backend to include in the library. This is mostly
useful for embedded systems, and is not recommended in general.
- Do not call and remove workaround for doc generation.

Tue May 25 14:00:00 2010
- update to version 0.4.4
o remove obsolete orc-asneeded.patch

Wed Mar 17 13:00:00 2010
- Initial package of orc 0.4.3