Changelog for perl-ExtUtils-Constant-0.17-30.n0i.51.fc8.i386.rpm :
Tue Oct 9 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-30.n0i.51
- updated license tag (Fedora friendly)
- dropped reb00t rpm tools dependency (for now) ;-)
- split ExtUtils-Manifest
- updated Errno version to 1.10
- split File-Path
- base v2.12
- constant v1.11

Thu Aug 2 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-25.n0i.50
- split B-Lint
- split Math-Complex
- split Sys-Syslog
- split Tie-RefHash
- split XSLoader

Tue Jul 31 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-24.n0i.49
- (Fedora) Disable test_hosts because hostname tests fail in mock buildroots
- (Fedora) Upstream bug #28775
- (Fedora) RH\'BZ #247386

Tue Jun 12 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-23.n0i.48
- moved \"loaders\" into \"modules\" package
- more spec cleanup

Sat Jun 9 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-22.n0i.47
- split ExtUtils-Command

Sun Jun 3 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-21.n0i.46
- split AutoLoader

Thu May 31 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-20.n0i.45
- split Filter
- split ExtUtils-Constant
- split ExtUtils-Install
- moved \"\" from \"deprecated\" to \"modules\" (\"c2ph\" still requires
it... and a bunch of Fedora/RedHat packages)
- alleviate upgrade: all \"dual life\" packages Require perl \">=\"

Sun May 13 10:00:00 2007 Marius FERARU - 4:5.8.8-17.n0i.43
- bootstrap Fedora\'s 4:5.8.8-16.5 spec (and dub over it);
- generic Source0 URL;
- s/version/perl_version/ (fixing \"newperl\" params);
- fixed libnet cfg installation (it\'s noarch);
- s/define/global/ for filters macro definitions;
- s/Perl/perl.prov/ (wrong comment for provides filters);
- dropped useless tcsh BR;
- disabled RedHat\'s \"compatibility\" patch;
- reduced compat list to 5.8.7;
- integrated our req/prov filters;
- optional threading support (--without threads)
- moved \"site\" files in /usr/local
- fix DOSish end of lines;
- pager in _bindir;
- disabled using tcsh (dropping useless BR);
- disabled building NDBM_File;
- (try to) generate more Perl header files (\"standardish\" only though);
- improved AATTINC dirs existence double check;
- provide Artistic license text with the base package;
- dropped check block, back to timely make-test;
- moved \"compat\" kludge into a separate sub-package;
- optional \"compat\" support (--without compat)
- dropped \"libs\" sub-package (not useful... yet);
- dropped artificial dependency on \"perl-devel\";
- added URLs to all (appropriate) packages;
- fixed folders ownership (for sub-packages);
- moved more development tools to \"devel\": c2ph (AKA pstruct),
h2ph, splain, xsubpp, perlbug, AutoSplit, Benchmark, blib,,
Dumpvalue,, XS::APItest, XS::Typemap,
Devel::Selfstubber, ExtUtils::Miniperl, ExtUtils::Constant;
- moved developer documentation to \"devel\";
- split \"special\" suites into sub-packages: B, Unicode-UCD;
- split all \"CPAN available\" packages into sub-packages:
Attribute-Handlers, bignum, CGI, Class-ISA, Data-Dumper, DB_File,
Devel-DProf, Devel-Peek, Devel-PPPort, Digest, Digest-MD5, Encode,
File-Temp, Filter-Simple, Getopt-Long, I18N-LangTags, if, IO,
IPC-SysV, libnet, Locale-Codes, Locale-Maketext, Math-BigInt,
Math-BigRat, Memoize, MIME-Base64, Net-Ping, NEXT, PathTools,
PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint, Pod-LaTeX, podlators, Pod-Parser, Pod-Perldoc,
Safe, Scalar-List-Utils, Storable, Switch, Term-ANSIColor, Term-Cap,
Test, Text-Balanced, Text-Soundex, Text-Tabs +Wrap, Time-HiRes,
Time-Local, Unicode-Collate, Unicode-Normalize, threads, threads-shared;
- moved obsolete/deprecated tools into \"deprecated\" sub-package;
- moved \"non essential\" functionality into \"modules\" sub-package;

Fri Feb 3 09:00:00 2006 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.8-1.n0i.42
- version 5.8.8
- added the cppsymbols patch

Thu Jan 26 09:00:00 2006 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.8-0.n0i.41.RC1
- updated the incpush patch (fixing AATTINC)

Wed Jan 25 09:00:00 2006 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.8-0.n0i.40.RC1
- added backward compatible symlinks for versioned binaries
(for each version in perl_mod_compat)

Tue Jan 24 09:00:00 2006 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.8-0.n0i.39.RC1
- sync with Fedora\'s 3:5.8.8-0_RC1
- perl 5.8.8-RC1

Fri Nov 4 09:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.7-21.n0i.38
- Time::HiRes 1.80
- File-Spec 3.12
- IO-Seekable 1.10
- Pod-Find 1.34
- Text-Tabs+Wrap 2005.0824

Thu Nov 3 09:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.7-20.n0i.37
- Digest 1.13
- Time::HiRes 1.77
- Cwd 3.12
- DB_File 1.813
- Encode 2.12
- IO 1.22
- Pod::Checker 1.43
- Term::ANSIColor 1.10
- Unicode-Collate 0.52
- XSLoader 0.06
- if 0.0401

Mon Sep 26 10:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU - 3:5.8.7-19.n0i.36
- resync with Fedora\'s 3:5.8.7-0.3
- configurable parameters: threading, largefiles, suidperl, test
- use generic Source0 URL
- use proper name for Source11 (
- dropped obsolete patches
- versioned Obsolete tags
- fix DOSish end of line
- more Configure tuning
- drop duplicate binaries/manual-pages (use symlinks instead)
- try harder to generate \"development\" headers
- drop more unnecessary files (and don\'t drop DBM_Filter!)
- move libnet.cfg to proper location (sysconfdir)
- updates: Filter-Simple-0.82, Time-HiRes-1.74, Storable-2.15, Cwd-3.11,
Digest-1.11, Scalar-List-Utils-1.17

Wed Jul 20 10:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.7-18.n0i.35
- more \"catholic\" tweaks in %install stage
- fixed another Fedora fuckup (\"installprefix\" included RPM_BUILD_ROOT)
- dropped ugly %check, using \"--without test\" again
- re-included basic %doc

Mon Jun 27 10:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.7-17.n0i.34
- modified default options to be more compatible with FC4 build
(limited compat, threads enabled)
- This is a \"happy birthday\" rebuild ;-)

Fri Jun 17 10:00:00 2005 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.7-16.n0i.33
- resync with Rawhide\'s 3:5.8.6-15
- version 5.8.7
- dropped all Obsoletes that did not have any <= version provided
- fixed DOSish EOL (various files)
- fixed perl binary path (various files)

Mon Nov 29 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.6-1.n0i.32
- perl version 5.8.6
- dropped external __perl_requires file (integrated it into the spec)
- dropped MANIFEST.suidperl and system-owned-directories (integrated in spec)
- dropped (no longer necessary)
- more cruft cleaned up

Mon Nov 29 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.5-12.n0i.31
- resync with Rawhide\'s 3:5.8.5-11
- added build conditionals: threading, largefiles, test, compat, suid
- cleaned up some \"perlver\" macro usage
- switched to the \"bz2\" source
- made Source to point to a URL (on CPAN)
- updated Requirements
- tweaked Configure flags: disabled some useless items etc
- switched to using \"test-notty\" for make-test phase
- heavy lift-ups in %install stage...
- more useless files are dropped
- eliminated files duplication (replacing them with symlinks)
- fixed POSIX installation
- added more comments in the spec :))
- more complete h2ph headers building
- marked POD files as documentation
- marked libnet as configuration
- enforcing \"..arch../auto\" dirs creation/ownership
(more to come in a future FC sync)

Fri Apr 30 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.4-37.n0i.30
- split Term::Cap, if, Class-ISA.

Wed Apr 28 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.4-36.n0i.29
- rebuild (FC2 test 3)
- compat set only to 5.8.3

Sat Apr 24 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.4-35.n0i.28
- perl 5.8.4

Wed Apr 21 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.4-34.n0i.27.RC2
- fixed a directory ownership for IPC-SysV module

Tue Apr 20 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.4-33.n0i.26.RC2
- version 5.8.4-RC2
- merged two patches from official Fedora Core perl package:
- to fix empty RPATH issue on perl module compile
- to fix FindBin module when access to cwd is disallowed
- updated errno patch

Sat Apr 3 10:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-32.n0i.25
- missed moving the Digest::base manpage to the proper package
- corrected some sleepy-typos in previous changelog entry

Sat Mar 20 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-31.n0i.24
- deep overriding of FC2 base release number
- added Epoch: 0 to every module in order to override the base package serial
- get in sync with newer FC patches (fullinc and incpush)
- added Chip\'s MODULE_COMPAT_ Provides (haven\'t found out yet what\'s
the purpose of these bits...)
- dropped some obsolete patches
- dropped the plethora of _ver variables and inserted those right
in the Version line of each sub-package
- added a \"--with compat\" conditional, so we can avoid from now to create that
crooked perl binary with a tremendous AATTINC
- more split packages: Cwd, Test, Devel-Peek, Devel-DProf, Devel-PPPort,
- dropped \'packver\' additional value that what used as release \"prefix\" for
subpackages... instead just keep on using the first integer from the release
as a serial (always incrementing it, even for superior perl versions).
Is this dumber? :)

Thu Feb 12 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-7.n0i.23
- prepend %{packver} to every sub-package, where packver should
usually be the perl version with dots stripped (5.8.3 => 583)

Sat Feb 7 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-6.n0i.22
- again, a release increase over the version in FC2-test1

Tue Jan 27 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-5.n0i.21
- rebuild with 2 as main release tag, to get higher than the latest
\"official\" Fedora build

Thu Jan 22 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-1.n0i.6
- tweaked devel package MANIFEST generator so it will gain ownership
on its directories + triggered filtering of those for the main MANIFEST
- dropped Net/
- moved more files to devel
- the final(?) touch: perl-modules including all modules \"not-really-core\"

Wed Jan 21 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-4.n0i.20
- moved B extensions into its own package
- recreated doc package and moved every documentation file in it
(sorry folks, \"--excludedocs\" kicks ass, but remember that download
size/time is also important for some people)
- baked a conditional build option (--without doc) for moving docs
into a separate package
- added some more compilation flags (some undefs)
- dropped tcsh from BuildRequires (using -Ud_csh)
- more BuildRequires: findutils, coreutils, make
- baked a \"devel\" package containing for now all
*.h and
*.ph files
- plugged a special MANIFEST.devel for setting some statical stuff
that is to be moved into the devel package (I really need a new build
system as this creepy MANIFEST stuff is getting already way too heavy)
- split Opcode module
- moved Thread and attrs into \"obsolete\"
- moved c2ph, dprofpp, h2ph, perlbug, perlcc, perlivp, pstruct, splain,
xsubpp from \"utils\" to \"devel\"
- moved Devel::DProf, Devel::PPPort, Devel::Peek, Devel::SelfStubber,
ExtUtils::Constant, XS::APItest, XS::Typemap to \"devel\"

Wed Jan 21 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-3.n0i.19
- added all IVP-required headers files for h2ph conversion
- added a conditional --with(out) test
- added more directories to \'compat\' package
- fixed some more legacy-spec Provides
- moved POSIX/SigAction stuff into the arch dependent dir
- turned parallel build into a conditional as it seems to _seldomly_
break things (--with j)
- added byacc & glibc-headers to BuildRequires
- disabled previous perl versions search (inc_version_list)

Mon Jan 19 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-2.n0i.18
- more separate packages: PerlIO-via-QuotedPrint, Pod-LaTeX, Unicode-UCD,
- moved the above backward compatible stuff into a split \'compat\' package
- dropped dos2unix from BuildRequires
- fixed more MANIFEST to claim ownership on more directories so the last
one could remove it for real ;-]
- reparsing MANIFEST.all to regain/reclaim ownership on directories
in which there still are files

Sat Jan 17 09:00:00 2004 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.3-1.n0i.17
- perl 5.8.3
- switched to using tar.bz2 source
- updated Source0 path (Nicholas Clark is the maintainer for 5.8.3)
- added 5.8.2 to those backward mumblings (otherlibdirs, inc_version_list)
that usually trigger more problems rather than helping people. Anyway,
they want it, they got it :(
- various MANIFEST updates
- turned duplicate binaries and manpages (perl, sperl, pstruct, psed)
into symlinks
- enabled parralel building (_smp_mflags) ... quite useless in fact :)

Mon Dec 29 09:00:00 2003 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.2-8.n0i.16
- perl 5.8.2
- synced with current Fedora spec (3:5.8.2-7)
- turned threading/largefiles/suidperl into rpm conditionals (with/without)
- moved into the main package as it seems to be required by some
longtime-not-updated std module :(
- splitted CGI::Fast module into a separate package to avoid artificial
- added more and more documentation to each package
- dropped pods package (marking them as docs should be enough)
- added more macros/args to
- put a link to in /usr/lib

Mon Oct 6 10:00:00 2003 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.1-91.1.n0i.15
- rebuild for current rawhide
- re-added FCGI fake Provides tag for package

Sat Sep 27 10:00:00 2003 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.1-91.0.n0i.14
- perl 5.8.1;
- bumped up some modules versions

Fri Sep 26 10:00:00 2003 Marius FERARU 3:5.8.1-90.rc5.0.n0i.13
- reb00ted from Rawhide\'s 3:5.8.1-90.rc4.2 (sorry, history repeats)
- perl 5.8.1-RC5;
- tweaked;
- moved allmost all possible modules into separate packages, as it\'s easier
to install a module than to reinstall perl. The idea was to split ONLY
modules that are still distributed on CPAN by themselves. And people should
really use separated packages from CPAN for some modules which are crippled
in Perl distribution (for OS portability sake or something I suppose);
- dropped some Obsoletes lines;
- moved pod std documentation into a separate package as we already have
all those docs man formatted;
- heavy/nasty %install tweaks.