Changelog for gambas3-gb-net-curl-3.9.1-2.25.x86_64.rpm :
Fri Sep 16 14:00:00 2016
- Update to 3.9.1:

* Release includes various bugfixes

* See more info:
- Change in 3.9.0:

* A new component gb.web.form and gb.form.terminal

* A new IDE output console based on the previous component

* A new and better project argument list interface

* Project creation is now based on project templates

* The Expression class is now inheritable and allows to customize
the interpreter evaluator.

* FileView and DirView controls automatically refresh themselves
if your project uses the gb.inotify component

* TextEditor now can display thin vertical lines to emphasize

* Menu can have a proxy, i.e. pop up the children of another menu

* Paint.StretchImage() is a new method that scales an image to
fit a rectangle, keeping the image proportions

* component support PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication

* See more info:
- Use default Qt5 on openSUSE > 13.2

Tue May 31 14:00:00 2016
- Recheck the required dependencies

Sat May 21 14:00:00 2016
- Fixed Tumbleweed build

Mon Mar 7 13:00:00 2016
- Add Requires: gb-{markdown,util}

Sun Mar 6 13:00:00 2016
- Fix: Installation of Gambas [bnc#969744]

Fri Dec 25 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.8.4:

* Release includes various bugfixes

* No crash anymore when running the IDE through a terminal server.

* Support for time-only values on recent PostgreSQL databases.

* Support for PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentications in

* See more info:

Wed Nov 11 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.8.3:

* Source files can now be dragged & dropped in the IDE project

* Project directories are now movable.

* Support for line cap style, line join style and fill rule in
the IDE image editor.

* Array accessors are faster.

* See more info:
- Build with llvm on openSUSE <= 13.2 (gambas3-3.8.3-llvm.patch)
- Clean up functions for configuration gambas3
- Add a new package for openSUSE <= 13.2: gb-jit
- Remove files: gambas3-Fedora_16.spec, gambas3.png

Sat Oct 31 13:00:00 2015
- Add a new package: gb-libxml
- Don\'t use fdupes: symbolic links can be empty

Tue Oct 27 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 3.8.2:

* Support for dark themes.

* New logo, project, mime types and control icons based on the
breeze theme look.

* Project creation is now based on customizable project templates.

* Logical set operations on selections in the image editor.

* Relative paths now can refer to files located in the main
project, in the current component, or in components crossed by
stacked function calls.

* The ODBC component is usable now.

* Includes all bugs fixes since the release of 3.8.1

* See more info:
- Change in 3.8.1:

* This release includes all bugs fixes and little changes made
since the release of Gambas 3.8.0.

* See more info:
- Change in 3.8.0:

* The text editor has been entirely rewritten in Gambas. It is
located in a new component named gb.form.editor.

* Support for QT5. The new gb.qt5, gb.qt5.opengl and gb.qt5.webkit
components have the same interface as the QT4 components.

* Automatic support for KDE & Unity tray icon DBus protocols.

* Important fixed in UTF-8 string handling.

* Searching inside native arrays is faster.

* The SQLite3 driver has been rewritten and is faster now.

* And of course tons of bug fixes...

* See more info:
- Use pkgconfig(foo) style
- Use %{version} macro: its use is highly recommended
- Update Requires in gb-image-imlib and gb-sdl
- Fix build with v4l support
- Do not compile in DATE and TIME
- Build with Qt5 on openSUSE > 13.2
- Del old functions for configuration gambas3
- Add a svg icon instead of png: use %icon_theme_cache_post(un)
- Use %mime_database_post(un) and %desktop_database_post(un)
- Add a new packages: gb-gmp, gb-form-editor, gb-media
- Spec file cleanup

Wed May 20 14:00:00 2015
- update to 3.7.1:

* A new software repository made with Gambas for Gambas. It allows to
publish and install Gambas softwares.
All Gambas examples will be stored there now.
[Development environment]

* Projects can be published to a \"farm server\", and installed from there.

* The database editor now automatically store the description of the
database into a template file that can be used at runtime to
initialize a new database.

* The text editor now can handle Unix, Windows and Mac end-of-lines
[Interpreter & compiler]

* Array accessors are now faster.

* Two new functions for encoding URLs: Url$ and FromUrl$.

* The child process interface has been fixed and optimized.

* The USE instruction of Gambas scripts is now part of the language.

* gb.db got new methods to create databases from templates generated by the IDE.

* gb.db.mysql is now faster, as metadata requests are now cached.

* gb.db.sqlite3 now supports common table expressions introduced in SQLite 3.8.3.

* ListEditor is a new control that allows to edit and reorder the contents
of a ListBox.

* Completion is a new class that helps implementing automatic completion.

* FileCompletion is a new class that implements file automatic completion.

* DocumentView is a new control that allows to implement a viewer of any document.

* ColorPalette is a new control that allows to select a color among a
predefined list of colors.

* MessageView is a new control that implements an embedded notification panel
that is automatically hidden and shown if there is a message to display.

* Keyboard management and input method nightmare have been fixed in gb.gtk and gb.gtk3.

* The Border class is now creatable and allows to paint complex css-like
border where you want.

* HttpForm is a new class to help submit forms to HTTP servers.

* /wiki/comp/gb.report2 is a new and better implementation of the
reporting component.

* gb.scanner is a new component based on SANE to help dealing with scanners.

* The same Settings can now be shared by several running applications.

* gb.util is a new component written in Gambas that provides utility
functions to the interpreter.

* gb.util.web is a new component written in Gambas that provides utility
functions to web applications.
- spec file cleanup
- removed example sub-package

Sat Dec 27 13:00:00 2014
- update to 3.6.2:

* BUG: Control properties containing a database table name can be modified

* BUG: Don\'t use forward typedefs as some compilers don\'t seem to
understand them.

* BUG: Silence false positive compiler warnings.

* BUG: Try to reconnect to a lost database server when listing existing
databases and the fields of a table.

* NEW: The SliderBox is now in the same change group as Slider.

* BUG: Fix an uninitialized variable.

* BUG: Fix warning with Slider or SpinBox when setting a minimum value
equal to the maximum value, or the contrary.

* BUG: Fix an uninitialized variable.

* BUG: Fix warning with Slider or SpinBox when setting a minimum value
equal to the maximum value, or the contrary.

* BUG: Paint.Reset() now works as expected on non-cached DrawingArea.

* BUG: TreeView renaming works now if the renamed item is not visible.

* BUG: MediaView: The Control property has been renamed as ShowControl.

* BUG: The Menu.Checked property now returns the correct value for
non-radio menu items.

* BUG: TextBox: Workaround a Qt4 weird behaviour that sometimes lose the
selection. Same workaround for editable ComboBox.

* BUG: Fix a compilation warning.

Fri Dec 19 13:00:00 2014
- update to 3.6.1:
This new release fixes more than 459 bugs, adds 465 new features
and 22 optimizations. Some of the main changes are:

* A new open project dialog in the IDE.

* Support for session management.

* Offline help automatically downloaded from the wiki.

* Single-file mode for the IDE.

* Support for transparent windows.

* Shadowed text drawing routines.

* New controls: Spinner, SwitchButton, DirBox, FontBox.

* gb.gtk3 is a new GUI component based on GTK+ 3.

* gb.inotify is a new component to monitor filesystem events
with Linux inotify interface.

* gb.markdown is a new component that implements the Gambas
Markdown syntax.

* The component has been entirely rewritten in
Gambas and fixed.
- added sub-packages:
+ gb-inotify
+ gb-gtk3
+ gb-markdown
- adapted file list for latest changes and fixes

Mon Jul 7 14:00:00 2014
- update to 3.5.4:

* NEW: The GB_FIND macro now searches files one directory deeper.

* NEW: Add a new autoconf macro that can compare version numbers.

* BUG: Form editor: Setting the \"Invert\" property of a container now does
not crash anymore.

* BUG: Automatically solve conflicts on project configuration files by
taking the ones from the repository.

* BUG: Fix the custom browser support.

* NEW: Add Chromimum to the list of browsers.

* BUG: Creating a new SDL project correctly checks all needed components.

* NEW: Use the new wiki for the documentation.

* BUG: Write project configuration before making an executable or a source
archive, so that their contents is up to date.

* BUG: Don\'t freeze when loading an older version of a component project
that misses some classes implemented in the newer versions of the

* BUG: Fix the analyze of exported classes that override a class from a

* BUG: Help on function argument is correct now.

* BUG: NeHeTutorial: Fix compilation error.

* BUG: Add a small reserved area in the stack for the Eval() function, so
that the debugger can return the contents of a variable after a stack
overflow without raising a new stack overflow error and then crashing.

* BUG: System.TimeZone now returns the accurate value, i.e. the number of
seconds that must be
* to go to UTC.

* BUG: Correctly close the standard error output of an ending process if
its standard output has already been closed.

* BUG: Fix a possible file descriptor leak when using LOCK.

* BUG: Fix memory leak with Lower$() and Upper$() on some null strings.

* BUG: Correctly raise a syntax error now when there is anything between
the left part of an assignment and the assignment operator.

* BUG: Prevent NEW and READ from being used without an affectation.

* BUG: Raise an error if a function has too many arguments or too many
local variables.

* BUG: Conversion from complex to number now returns the real part if the
imaginary part is null, and raises an error otherwise. It does not return
the complex modulus anymore. Use Abs() for that.

* BUG: Make gb.db.postgresql compile with new postgresql headers location.

* BUG: Fix a possible crash if the debugged process is stopped during the
Debug Read event.

* BUG: ValueBox.ReadOnly works as expected now.

* BUG: TableView.Clear now hides the current edited cell.

* BUG: Balloon: Fix position on desktop having top and/or left panels.

* BUG: Balloon: Fix arrow drawing.

* BUG: TextArea.Text property can be set to a null string correctly now.

* BUG: Fix the behaviour of auto-resize labels.

* BUG: Setting Application.Font now updates the font of all controls.

* BUG: The TextArea.Text property does not waste memory anymore.

* BUG: TrayIcon: Handle DblClick and MouseWheel events correctly.

* BUG: Controls inside TabStrip now are detected correctly and are not
insensitive anymore.

* BUG: The MouseDrag event can be canceled now, like with gb.qt4.

* BUG: Fix the default size of message boxes.

* BUG: Fix Align.IsBottom() and Align.IsMiddle().

* BUG: Conversion from complex to number now returns the real part if the
imaginary part is null, and raises an error otherwise. It does not return
the complex modulus anymore. Use Abs() for that.

* BUG: Draw.Line() correctly takes into account the LineStyle property in
all cases now.

* BUG: Fix the dash patterns used for implementing the Draw.LineStyle

* BUG: GridView: Dnd now works as expected even in multiple selection mode.

* BUG: Draw.End() now resets anti-aliasing to TRUE.

* BUG: If the Layout property of HSplit or VSplit controls does not receive
one size for each child control, then child controls without size are
hidden (i.e. their size is assumed to be zero).

* BUG: Rewrite the ImageStat class source code because the PHP licence is
not compatible with the GPL.

* BUG: Explicitely search for the \'llvm-c/Core.h\' include file.

* BUG: Fix LLVM version comparison.

* BUG: When a MediaPipeline is freed, the pipeline is first stopped before
being put to the null state. Otherwise GStreamer freezes.

* BUG: Fix inputs and outputs enumeration.

* BUG: Add GB_END_DECLARE to the Input class to not crash anymore (on
cygwin only?). Reported by Nigel Gerrard.

* BUG: The VerifyPeer and VerifyHost properties are really taken into
account now.

* BUG: Pop3Client: Raise an error if the Open() method fails, and correctly
abort the connection.

* BUG: Cipher[] and Digest[] now read their method argument correctly.

* BUG: Fix bad use of string API in the Cipher class. Consequently
Cipher[].Encrypt() does not crash anymore.

* BUG: Enumerating `Settings.Keys[Slot]` (the keys of a specific slot) does
not break anymore the enumeration of `Settings.Key` (the slot names).

* BUG: Fix the behaviour of auto-resize labels.

* BUG: Fix the implementation of HTMLDocument.GetElementById().

* NEW: Recipients now support the \"Chuck Norris \" syntax.

* NEW: The \"Chuck Norris \" is now supported in the \"From\"

* BUG: Fix the missing \"gl\" prefix on two OpenGL calls.

* BUG: TextLabel: Automatic size is correctly computed now. Apparently
there are internal changes in the Qt library that made it false.

* BUG: Text can be drop on TextBox and TextArea controls again, unless
their Drop property is set. In that case, the dnd behavior is entirely
controlled by Gambas.

* BUG: Correctly free the internal clipboard formats list when the
clipboard contents changes. This avoids possible crashes.

* BUG: Correctly handle UTF-8 when displaying the error message.

* BUG: Fix Align.IsBottom() and Align.IsMiddle().

* BUG: Key.Normal now works correctly with numeric pad keys.

* BUG: Don\'t create a default TTF font for each draw event!

Sat Feb 15 13:00:00 2014
- update to 3.5.2:
This release fixes more than sixty bugs - please have a look at
/usr/share/doc/packages/gambas3/ChangeLog for details

Thu Dec 12 13:00:00 2013
- 3.5.1 fixes:

* added subpackages:
+ gb-clipper,
+ gb-geom,
+ gb-logging,
+ opengl-sge,
+ openssl;

* obsoleted subpackage:
- gb-media;

* fixed up subpackages:
x gb-complex,
x gb-sdl.

Mon Nov 18 13:00:00 2013
- update to 3.5.1:

* BUG: Fix project browser cursor management when the focus is on the
filter field.

* BUG: Fix form editor control highlighting when the hovered control is a

* BUG: Packager now use the current Gambas major & minor version as minimum
version for component dependencies.

* BUG: Follow Ubuntu package naming convention.

* BUG: Some fixes in GUI metapackage creation for Debian/Ubuntu.

* BUG: Automatic completion of identifiers now correctly shows the known

* BUG: Correctly display optional values in signatures.

* NEW: The system information dialog now displays the Gambas version.

* NEW: The \'gb.desktop.gnome\' component is now visible and explicitely

* NEW: If a project uses gb.gui, then the packager will create two extra
packages: one for Qt4 support, the other for GTK+ support.

* NEW: Support for package version number.

* NEW: Update Gambas font.

* NEW: Display help for third-party components.

* NEW: Add Afrikaans to the language list.

* BUG: Don\'t detach a process that returns an error otherwise the Kill
event is lost.

* BUG: Correctly check that there is a current enumeration if the Enum
class methods and properties.

* BUG: The [] operator is now correctly overridden in classes inheriting an
array class or Collection.

* BUG: VarPtr() correctly works on method arguments.

* BUG: Fix the CLOSE instruction when dealing with a string stream.

* BUG: Prevent crashes at exit by releasing array classes first.

* NEW: Support for the GB_PATH environment variable, that gives the Gambas
interpreter path if set.

* NEW: Enum.Stopped is a new property that returns if the current
enumeration has been stopped.

* NEW: OPEN STRING is a new instruction that allows to use a string as a
stream. Writing to it appends the written data to the end of the string
at the moment.

* NEW: Closing a string stream returns the data written to the stream as a
new string.

* NEW: Make WRITE behave the same way as READ on a memory stream. I.e. it
writes a null-terminated \"C\" string, as READ was reading a null-terminated
\"C\" string.

* NEW: New OPEN STRING instruction.

* NEW: OPEN MEMORY and OPEN PIPE are synonymous of the MEMORY and PIPE
instructions alone.

* NEW: Make this component visible to the IDE.

* NEW: Highlight the new OPEN STRING instruction correctly.

* BUG: DirChooser.ShowPreview used FDirChooser.GetPreview which does not
exist. The correct symbol is FDirChooser.GetShowPreview.

* NEW: FileChooser now has support for uncompressing \'zip\' files, provided
that the \'zip\' utility is installed on the system.

* NEW: If one GUI component fails to load, try the other one.

* NEW: Abort if no GUI component is found.

* NEW: Define the GB_GUI environment variable with the GUI component
actually loaded.

* NEW: Always load the OpenGL support component associated with what lies
in the GB_GUI environment variable.

* NEW: Rename the default SDL font file as \"_default.ttf\" to prevent
packaging conflicts.

* NEW: Use the Gambas monospace font as SDL default font now.

* BUG: JSON.Encode() correctly encodes ASCII control characters.

* NEW: JSON.Decode() now takes an extra optional argument indicating that
keys having a null value are taken into account inside objects.

* NEW: JSONCollection is a new class that represents a JSON object whose
some keys are associated with a \'null\' value.
- just recommend libogg and libvorbis for the sdl subpackage on

Mon Mar 25 13:00:00 2013
- update to 3.4.1:

* BUG: Uninstall should honor XDG_UTILS variable during \'make uninstall\'.

* NEW: The subversion dialog is not closed automatically anymore when
hitting ENTER.

* BUG: Fix PdfPresentation example.

* BUG: Lighttable: Correct renaming of files if ScrollView is expanded

* OPT: Lighttable: Allow double-click on DirChooser

* NEW: Update Czech translations.

* BUG: When the parent of an observer is detected invalid while raising an
event, detach the observer and not the observed object!

* BUG: When the default date format associated with the current locale is
not a numeric one, use the american format. It was done for \'en_PH\'

* BUG: Don\'t flush the process output at process end if the process stream
has already been closed.

* BUG: Handle SQLITE_BUSY error for all requests, even SELECT queries. Busy
requests are retried during 2 minutes max.

* NEW: Try to use gnome keyring on XFCE.

* BUG: Fix a stupid typo. Now PointF works correctly!

* BUG: Regular expressions of a file filter are split by the \";\"
character only now. Not the comma anymore.

* NEW: FileView: The IconView grid size takes the icon size into account
automatically now.

* BUG: Scrollbar and Slider correctly raise their Change event when their
Value property is set manually.

* BUG: The Window.Controls property does not return invalid controls

* BUG: Fix the naming of controls. The rule is the following: by default, a
control takes the name of its event handler prefix. If it has no such
prefix, it takes a unique name made from an incremental integer. But the
automatic instance of Form is named from its class name.

* BUG: The default ColumnView sorting now correctly takes the column into

* OPT: IconView items refresh is delayed if the IconView is locked.

* BUG: Draw.FillStyle has been implemented.

* BUG: HttpClient: Allows null data when using the Post() or Put() method.

* BUG: Don\'t crash if FtpClient.Exec() gets a void array or an array with
empty strings as commands array.

* BUG: The Window.Controls property does not return invalid controls

* BUG: Paint.Image() works correctly with temporary images now.

* BUG: Fix the naming of controls. The rule is the following: by default, a
control takes the name of its event handler prefix. If it has no such
prefix, it takes a unique name made from an incremental integer. But the
automatic instance of Form is named from its class name.

* BUG: Creating a WebElement should not crash anymore.

* BUG: The Session timeout is correctly computed now.

* BUG: The XmlElement.GetChildById() method is now correctly implemented.

Sun Feb 10 13:00:00 2013
- update to 3.4.0:
+ This new release fixes about 240 bugs and adds about 270 new
+ The main changes are:
++ A custom terminal font is now provided with the IDE.
++ Better subversion support in the IDE.
++ Patch support in the IDE.
++ A new gb.args component that replaces gb.option.
++ A new gb.maps component for displaying Google Maps,
OpenStreetMap... inside your application.
++ Support for the freedesktop shared MIME database.
++ The old drawing API has been deprecated.
Now everything is based on Cairo for GTK+.
++ Many controls are now implemented in Gambas and shared between
GUI components.
++ A new fast blur method in the Image class.
++ The webkit component now has full support for DOM parsing
and editing.

Sun Feb 3 13:00:00 2013
- remove gcc and gcc-c++ as requirement for the runtime package
and add those to the devel package instead (fixes bnc #801802
thanks to Dmitriy Perlow)

Sat Dec 15 13:00:00 2012
- update to 3.3.4:

* NEW: Use a SidePanel to display the stack backtrace.

* BUG: The name of GridView controls is now always visible in the
form editor.

* BUG: Events of class written in Gambas are correctly detected now.

* BUG: Automatic local variable declaration now correctly analyze
expressions like \"A.B\" in all cases.

* BUG: Fix scrolling of code editor procedure list.

* BUG: Automatic local variable declaration now works correctly
when a method named \"Get\" is called inside the analyzed

* BUG: Fix an infinite loop when choosing a fixed font for the
search list after the default font has been changed from
the option dialog.

* BUG: Implicit array conversion now correctly preserves dimensions.

* BUG: Fix profiling of WAIT instruction.

* BUG: Using Enum.Index outside of an enumeration now raises an
error instead of crashing.

* BUG: Fix a crash in String.Comp() when one of the two string is null.

* BUG: NULL can be converted to a pointer now.

* BUG: DB.Quote(..., True) now does a table name quoting in all cases.

* BUG: The database controls now can handle table names that are
reserved SQL keywords.

* BUG: Correctly handle null values when sorting a DataSource.

* BUG: DataSource.Table contents is automatically trimmed before
being sent to the database driver.

* BUG: Desktop.ActiveWindow really works now.

* BUG: MaskBox and ButtonBox controls with no mask now should act
like a normal TextBox for popup menu and focus events.

* BUG: GridView does not crash anymore if all rows are hidden
(i.e. if their height is zero).

* BUG: GridView is correctly updated now when the Border
property is set.

* BUG: Removing GridView rows correctly resets the row heights.

* BUG: Fix event handling when a window has only invisible
top-level menus.

* BUG: Fix a possible crash in TrayIcon mouse wheel event handling.

* BUG: Fix string to Font conversion for fonts whose name starts with
\"nan\" or other special numeric strings.

* BUG: Reparenting a container correctly keeps the visibility
state of its children.

* BUG: Foreground color is now correctly preserved when reparenting.

* BUG: Fix crash in menu deletion.

* BUG: Label, TextLabel, PictureBox and MovieBox now draw their
plain border with the foreground color, like gb.qt4 does.

* BUG: Scrollbar width is correctly respected.

* BUG: Setting the background color of a Panel should not have
spurious effects anymore (they were due to the
internal reparenting).

* BUG: Fix reparenting when there is a TabStrip in the process.

* BUG: The mouse cursor is correctly inherited from the parent
control if the Mouse property is set to Mouse.Default.

* BUG: Fix management of multiple modal dialogs and popups.

* BUG: Image.RotateRight() now really rotates to the right.

* BUG: Fix Image.RotateRight() algorithm.

* BUG: Image.Histogram() now correctly handle ABGR images.

* BUG: Remove a debugging message.

* BUG: Paint.DrawRichText() now takes the color opacity
into account.

* BUG: Compilation with new gcc should be fixed.

* BUG: The menubar height is now correctly updated after a
font change.

Sun Nov 18 13:00:00 2012
- update to 3.3.3:

* BUG: Fix symbol table search that could sometimes fail with non ASCII

* BUG: Error messages are correctly printed when warnings are disabled.

* BUG: Clicking on the \"Fixed font\" check box in the Text property editor
does not crash anymore.

* BUG: Fix conversion of multiple array declarations on the same line in
Gambas 2 projects.

* BUG: Writing the Desktop.ActivateWindow property works now.

* BUG: Set the default Height and Width of the report controls back to 0
cm, because it was not backward-compatible.

* BUG: Fix WebHitTest.Editable property declaration.

Wed Oct 3 14:00:00 2012
- update to 3.3.2:

* BUG: Fix a possible crash during automatic completion.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Update czech translation for: GNUBoxWorld, WebBrowser, MoviePlayer,
Gravity, Painting.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* BUG: Fix the Control.Grab() method.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* BUG: Reactivate the OnePiece property because some report stopped
working correctly.

* NEW: Update czech translation.

* NEW: Session.CookiePath is a new property that allows to define the URL
path of the session cookie.

Fri Aug 24 14:00:00 2012
- update to 3.2.1:

* BUG: When a top-level source directory actually several components,
compile the sub-components
* the main components. This is
especially important with gb.xml and gb.xml.rpc.

* BUG: Do not leak memory if the _unknown method raised an error.

* BUG: Make the interpreter compile when FFI has been disabled.

* BUG: Like can be used in a Case expression just after the Case keyword

* BUG: Fix bad casting of strcmp() return value to boolean. The same
security flaw has been found in MySQL recently. See

* NEW: Support for the Mate desktop in Desktop.Open, Desktop.OpenTerminal
and Desktop.Passwords.

* BUG: Fix bad casting of strcmp() return value to boolean in the Font

* BUG: Panel with an explicit background color now have their own X11
window so that they can cover any over controls.

* BUG: The child search method now takes clientX and clientY into account.
Consequently, clicking on TabStrip tab buttons work correctly again.

* BUG: The component is now compatible with the new way of arguments
handling, and does not crash anymore.

* BUG: ScrollView internal visible flag is correctly set, and so the
Hovered property returns the right value.

* BUG: Remove an apparently useless type definition, and fix compilation on
recent Linux kernels.
- added new subpackage gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl
- use pangox-devel instead of gtkglext-devel for openSUSE > 12.2

Sun Jul 8 14:00:00 2012
- update to 3.2.0:
+ This new release fixes more than 100 bugs and adds
more than 100 new features
+ The main new feature of Gambas 3.2 is the new Just-In-Time
compiler made by Emil Lenngren, that can make a function or an
entire class up to 100 times faster!
+ Otherwise the other main changes are:
++ gb.gtk.opengl is a new component that allows to use OpenGL
in GTK+ applications.
++ is a new component based on GStreamer.
++ gb.ncurses is a new component based on the ncurses library
made by Tobias Boege.
++ gb.xml has been entirely rewritten from scratch by
Adrien Prokopowicz.
++ gb.xml.html is a new HTML generator component based on gb.xml
++ The IDE now has an integrated profiler.
++ New ON GOTO and ON GOSUB instructions.
++ New Base64() and UnBase64() conversion functions.
=> See the Release Notes for the details.

Tue Feb 14 13:00:00 2012
- update to final version 3.0.0:
+ There were many many last minute changes since the last release
candidate, but I like being near the danger.
A few noticeable points:
+ The special mathematical functions of glibc are correctly
detected and used now.
+ Floating point numbers should be printed in a better way.
+ French, Czech and Catalan translations were updated.
And two security holes were closed:
+ String hashing algorithm has been randomized.
See that document for the details.
+ In the IDE, you cannot get the project version by running a
program (what a stupid idea!). Now you get it from a text file
located in a parent directory of the project.
- adapted rpmlintrc to new version
- following
=> Gambas 3 packaging HowTo

Sun Nov 13 13:00:00 2011
- update to 2.99.6 (Sixth Release Candidate):
+ Thirty-one bugs were fixed, with some important ones inside the
interpreter, and the component was updated.

Sat Sep 10 14:00:00 2011
- new package gambas3 based on gambas2 - version 2.99.3:
+ third release candidate of Gambas 3
+ please refer to the Changelog in
/usr/share/doc/packages/gambas3/Changes for details
- adapt all pathnames to the new version, so gambas2 and gambas3
can be installed in parallel