Changelog for gmpc-doc-11.8.16-2.10.noarch.rpm :
Sat Oct 8 14:00:00 2016
- Removed service file because build often fails with \'bad temdir\'
and only sometimes succeeds.

Wed Nov 12 13:00:00 2014
- Fix build on armv6l (exclude raspberrypi-userland package)

Sat Nov 8 13:00:00 2014
- Update to 11.8.16:

* new Albumview

* better fullscreen support

* easycommand update

* GNOME Integrated Manual
- Change url
- Use pkgconfig in package names
- Fix build errors found by RPMlint:

* add gmpc-11.8.16_return-function.patch
- Drop ld_build_fix.diff (fixed in upstream)
- Disable unique for SLES12 (no package)
- Add %post and %postun
- Add man page for gmpc-remote-stream
- Add reference documentation for gmpc
- Spec file cleanup

Sat May 19 14:00:00 2012
- fix libSM-devel buildreq for 12.2

Sun Jun 27 14:00:00 2010
- new upstream version <0.20.0>

Wed Oct 21 14:00:00 2009
- new upstream version <0.19.1>

* Completely wrong and wrong way around new url-fetching gui

* Make the new dialog slightly more sane

* Remove some empty lines

* Regenerate with new vala

* [UrlFetchGui] Show progressbar and make buttons insensitive

* Remove the \'num items\' from the left pane view.

* [Bug:2519] Trying to fix this bug.

* [Bug:2519] Sort utf-8 aware.

* [Bug:2532] Apply patch from bug.

* Fix for bug 2496

* Fix sizing rules so it should work again on windows32.

* Move notification code of db updates into separate code block.

* Add some extra bindings to libmpd.vapi

* Export gmpc-favorite and gmpc-rating for plugins

* Add extra icons, thanks to zeltak

* Export mpdinterfaction.h or gmpc-song-links.

* Integrate the new now playing browser

* Rename mockup-nowplaying to Now Playing

* [Metadata2] Don\'t query albumartist if not supported

* [Now Playing] Make colors configurable.

* Show kHz\'s not Hz\'s

* Fix rare bug that causes gtk to use tons of cpu and memory

* Adding new rating icons. Fix make distcheck

* Try not to reload stored playlist, when it is not needed.

* Add a theme-color option to now-playing

* If no title or name show filename, sanitiezed.

* Use theme colors by default

* Make coloring more robust

* Force text view in now playing read only

* Make sure gmpc_easy_download_uri_escape also escapes &&+

* Sort album list by release date. Show release date

* Add localtime_r for windows in gtktransition.h

* Bug:2567 Add gmpc.ico to dist

* Add extra type check to sorting function

Tue Sep 22 14:00:00 2009
- new upstream version <0.19.0>

Tue Mar 10 13:00:00 2009
- new upstream version <0.18.0>

Sat Dec 27 13:00:00 2008
- new upstream version <0.17.0>

* Fix building with NLS disabled.

* Fix resize issue.

* Add a function that generates a filename for cover art, this should be used in metadata plugins. To give a more consistent saving.

* New Metadata database that uses a more structured layout. (less overhead)

* Custom progres bar. (So gmpc does not use 20% cpu on a theme with animated progress bar)

* Sharper lines around album art.

* [libmpd] If idle command available use it to detect changes in stored playlist.

* Update stored playlist without loosing selection.

* Allow prioritizing of metadata plugins from the gui.

* Speed up saving of config/metadata file by +- 50 times.

* Only save config/metadata/profile file on closing of gmpc.

* Add a script that allows you to open pls files from your browser (gmpc-remote-stream).

* Always safe window zoom state between sessions.

* Add possibility to use buttons instead of dropdown.

* Allow more advanced search query in playlist filter.

* Allow the more advanced search in the search browser. (query entry).

* Compile time option to get the EggTrayIcon back. (that allows scroll(ing) event on the tray)

* Add Hebrew and turkish translation.

* Fix wrong version check, causing GmpcMpdDataTreeview settings to reset on each update.

* Several smaller and larger memory leaks fixed.

* 0001764: Allow drag and drop of images on the GmpcMetaImage.

* 0001481: Add possibility to prioritize metadata plugins.

* 0001765: Check available urlhandler before handling dnd.

* 0001604: Mute/unmute multimedia key support.

* 0001767: Expand/Collaps keybinding keypad is wrong.

* 0001772: Opening of Information on a song is slow.

* 0001794: Fix gtk deprecation warnings.

* 0001814: Add reset browser option.

* 0001794: Fix high cpu usage caused by progressbar.

* 0001866: Fonts get cut off during mouse over of songs.

* 0001888: Show tooltip on hoover.

* Memory leak in GmpcClickLabel

* Fix play-queue gettting stuck in quick-search.

* Add --debug-updates option that shows redraws.

* Fix mute icon.

Fri Sep 26 14:00:00 2008
- new upstream version <0.16.1>

* Fix lockup when entering wrong password in setup assistant.

* Allow cut/copy/paste in the main playlist.

* Prevent fullscreen in mini-mode

* Fix copyright notice

* Better showing of cover art in tag-browser.

* Allow jumping to metadata browser from tag-browser

* Correctly show \"Mpd finished updating it database\" message.

* Update tag browser on database update.

* Fix compile warnings, making --enable-maintainermode work.

* Fix crasher after playlist songs are added and gmpc is quit.

* Compile option for some timing output.

* Reduce memory usage.

* Code cleanups.