Changelog for djbdns-1.05-17rph.i586.rpm :
Tue Apr 16 04:00:00 2002 Vincent Danen 1.05-17rph
- 9.0 support
- add --with 8x to build for 8.x (builds for 9.0 by default)
- don\'t force a uid/gid number anymore; let the system assign it itself

Tue Apr 16 04:00:00 2002 Vincent Danen 1.05-16rph
- rebuild with rph extension

Tue Jan 15 03:00:00 2002 Vincent Danen 1.05-15mdk
- daemontools now includes /service, so we\'ll put symlinks in /service
anyways (%rootsrv is still useful if you want to change service location
in the initscript)
- compatability in /etc (ugly, but we have to do it for the license)
- use %_post_service and %_preun_service if not %build_72
- use /var/lock/subsys in initscript
- fix empty %pre on non-7.2 builds

Thu Dec 20 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-14mdk
- s/expend/expand/ (re: Oden Eriksson)
- add \"it\" to tinydns Makefile (now just \"make it\") (re: Oden Eriksson)

Tue Nov 27 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-13mdk
- use --with 7.2 to build for 7.2; otherwise we build for 8.0+ which
includes the required djbdns users
- use --with rootservice to use /service instead of /var/djbdns/service

Thu Jun 21 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-12mdk
- rebuild for 8.0

Mon Apr 30 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-11mdk
- fix initscript to use proper service directory

Fri Apr 13 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-10mdk
- revamp package to provide local and external dnscache; external conflicts
with full djbdns while local can co-exist with full djbdns
- on uninstall of djbdns-localcache, do not remove users if full djbdns is
- extcache uses dnscachex, localcache uses dnscache
- modified README.RPM
- djbdns-extcache and djbdns-localcache both obsolete djbdns-cache
- make sure all instance of /var/djbdns is replaced by %{djbdir}
- because djbdns-cache is obsolete, you must first remove it (rpm -e) prior
to installing extcache or localcache (otherwise the upgrade will seriously
break (sorry about that, no real way around it))

Fri Apr 13 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-9mdk
- fixes from Thomas Mangin :
- fix typeo that resulted in damaged symlink
- suggestion from Thomas Mangin :
- make initscript dynamic so rebuild with different service location does
not require user to make manual changes to initscript

Thu Apr 12 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-8mdk
- fix permissions on /var/djbdns/{tinydns,axfrdns,dnscachex}, force mode
1755 so upgrades don\'t break logging

Thu Apr 12 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-7mdk
- suggestion from Thomas Mangin :
- make a define for location of the service directory (/service or
/var/djbdns/service) so you can choose for rebuild (default is still

Mon Mar 26 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-6mdk
- modified /var/djbdns/tinydns/root/Makefile to not include comments (#) into
the data file
- add daily cronjob
- include Kenji Rikitake\'s, a logfile formatter for tinydns

Mon Mar 26 04:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-5mdk
- fix initscript
- fix problem with uninstall scripts. Users upgrading from 1.05-4mdk will
need to remove djbdns-1.05-4mdk using the --noscripts command switch

Thu Mar 15 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-4mdk
- don\'t turn djbdns off with chkconfig if upgrading
- create default /var/djbdns/tinydns/root/data file with instructions for
secondary djbdns servers
- create djbdns-getdata which is used to obtain DNS info from BIND servers
(useful when converting from BIND to djbdns)
- add build command to /var/djbdns/tinydns/root/Makefile so you can keep
zone files in seperate files (ala BIND), but build them into the single
data file djbdns needs (use: make build; make)
- added manpages from

Mon Mar 12 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-3mdk
- added devel package

Mon Mar 12 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-2mdk
- the
*-conf files will not operate if target directory exists, so remove
the directory first, then run
*-conf (not nice but necessary)
- run
*-conf only on install, not upgrades
- add %postun scripts to remove users/groups on uninstall
- fix symlinks
- make better test to see if djbdns is running on uninstall (prevent ugly
error messages)
- include some of the DNS lookup tools in the djbdns-cache package
- update initscript to remove pid file on stop

Sun Mar 11 03:00:00 2001 Vincent Danen 1.05-1mdk
- first mandrake adaptation
- create initscript for djbdns
- create package for caching-only nameserver
- try to intelligently configure dnscache or tinydns and axfrdns (depending
on the package installed)
- create symlinks for log files so they can all be reached under
/var/log/djbdns instead of all over the place