Changelog for wicked-service-0.6.60-lp151.2.6.1.i586.rpm :

* Thu Jan 23 2020 Squashed misc bug fixes from pull#821 [+ 0001-Squashed-misc-bug-fixes-from-pull-821.patch]- dhcp6: fix use-after-free on option parsing failure (CVE-2019-18902,bsc#1160903) [+ 0002-dhcp6-fix-use-after-free-on-option-parsing-failure-C.patch]- dhcp4: free lease on response without message type (CVE-2020-7216,bsc#1160905) [+ 0003-dhcp4-free-lease-on-response-without-message-type-CV.patch]
* Fri Oct 04 2019 version 0.6.60- libwicked: fix versioning and packaging (bsc#1143182,bsc#1132977) shipping the internal helper library inside of the wicked package.
* Thu Sep 19 2019 version 0.6.57- dhcp6: omit noprefixroute with address-length (bsc#1150972) Permit to assume that the address prefix-length override specified in the config is a valid on-link prefix length, to let the kernel create a route for this prefix.- dhcp6: differentiated mode=auto resolving from RA (bsc#1150183) Fixed to not trigger to report an error when ipv6 RA is not available or the received RA disables dhcp while mode is set to auto, but to deliver a \'deferred\' results.
* Fri Sep 06 2019 version 0.6.56- dhcp6: initial support to request prefix for delegations (jsc#SLE-5936)- dhcp6: set the noprefixroute address option (bsc#1132280)
* Wed Aug 14 2019 version 0.6.55- dhcp6: do not default to a /64 address prefix-length (bsc#1132280) Add an address-length aka DHCLIENT6_ADDRESS_LENGTH ifcfg option, which permits to specify explicit prefix-length to use for the DHCPv6 address and override detection using RA prefix info and a default to /128.- time: use boot time for timer instead of real time (bsc#1129986)- dhcp: Consistently log dhcp xid and enabled to log dhcp6 timings line.- dhcp6: lower unexpected xid messages to debug level- systemd: change to depend on udev settle service (bsc#1136034,bsc#1132774) Calling udevadm settle directly caused systemd to kill wicked services.- bridge: honour ifcfg LLADDR and set link address (bsc#1042123,boo#1142670)- rfkill: fix switch statement to check enum variable not a constant (bsc#1140117)- man: ifcfg-ovs-bridge(5): recommend STARTMODE=nfsroot- dhcp4: nullify defer timer pointer when timeout (openSUSE/wicked#798,bsc#1142214)- dhcp4: fix to request routing options when custom options are used (bsc#1132326)- testing: add helper script allowing to test hotplugging
* Fri Apr 05 2019 version 0.6.54- switch to use systemd notify and prevent event backlog at start by calling udevadm settle before starting wickedd (bsc#1118206)- dhcp6: don\'t discard confirm reply without status (bsc#1127340)- ethtool: set lro legacy flag and not txvlan (bsc#1123555)- init memory before use in ioctl- fsm: fix find pending worker loop segfault (boo#1106809)
* Thu Jan 24 2019 version 0.6.53- dhcp: request hostname/fqdn option in the tester (bsc#1118378)- build: link with relro by default for binary hardening
* Fri Nov 16 2018 version 0.6.52- wickedd: fix netdev detection bootstrap race (bsc#1107579)- compat: fix ifcfg parsing crash if network/config is missed
* Fri Oct 26 2018 version 0.6.51- wireless: fix eap peap auth mapping for wpa-supplicant (bsc#1026807)- vxlan: fix to convert dst_port to network byte order
* Fri Oct 05 2018 version 0.6.50- firewall: do not assign default zone, but pass as is (bsc#1109147)- nanny: fix memory leaks on fast create-delete calls (bsc#1095818) + fsm: cleanup worker reset (reinit) vs. free + fsm: do not process or pass pending workers to nanny + nanny: catch init failures in device registration + netdev: allow NULL in get and put functions + model: fix to call (netif) dbus object destructors + model: removed server specific call in netif destroy + fsm: handle NULL in worker get and release calls + fsm: process device delete event separately + calls: split get netif service and netif list utils + xml-schema: fix range constraint values parsing + xml-schema: remove underscores from ni_xs_type_new + xml-schema: fix type leak around ni_xs_build_one_type + fsm: free worker control mode on worker free + xpath: trace and free complete xpath expression tree + nanny: fix config leak in ni_nanny_recheck_policy + dbus: free pending call in ni_dbus_connection_call + dbus: free dbus_message_iter_get_signature result
* Fri Sep 21 2018 version 0.6.49- dhcp6: fix to properly decline dynamic addresses- extensions: do not use /etc/HOSTNAME artifact (bsc#972463)- ethtool: call offload ioctl if requested by offload name, e.g. tso has been splitted into several features and the old STSO offload ioctl sets multiple features at once.- ethtool: add missing pause support (bsc#1102871)- dhcp6: refresh info using rfc4242 info-refresh-time- dhcp6: add ia and ia addr list search utilities, improve status utils and use timeval struct in ia acquired times- dhcp6: restart on NotOnLink status request reply- ifcfg: show unknown/invalid bootproto as error- dhcp6: Fix server preference and weight option behaviour- dhcp6: retrigger duplicate detection on all address updates- man: add ifcfg-lo.5 manual page- man: add missing documentation for DHCLIENT6_CLIENT_ID- man: improved create-cid docs in wicked-config(5) (bsc#1084527)
* Fri Jun 01 2018 version 0.6.48- address cache-info and lease acquisition time fixes and cleanups- ethtool: streamline options available on all devices (bsc#1085786)- dhcp4: expose broadcast response as DHCLIENT_BROADCAST in ifcfg
* Fri Mar 23 2018 version-0.6.47- ipoib: do not fail setup on mode or umcast set failure (bsc#1084462)- bond: avoid reenslave failure in fail_over_mac mode (bsc#1083670)- Fix show-xml filtering by interface name (issue #735,bsc#954758)
* Fri Mar 16 2018 version-0.6.46- ifconfig: refresh state before link reenslave hotfix (bsc#1061051- ethtool: query priv-flags bitmap first (bsc#1085020)- util: fix a memory leak in ni_var_array_free- client: refactor arp utility to add missed arp ping (bsc#1078245)- dbus: omit zero-length hwaddr data properties
* Mon Feb 26 2018 version 0.6.45- ibft: no IP setup on bnx2x storage-only interfaces (bsc#1072343)- fixed format, self compare and always true issues
* Fri Feb 02 2018 version 0.6.44- dhcp4: use rfc4361 client-id as new default for ethernet on sle15 (fate#323576). It can be also enabled/disabled in wicked-config(5).- client: fixed broken wicked arp utility command (bsc#1078245)- cleanup: add mising/explicit designated field initializers- pkgconfig: fix to request libnl3 instead of libnl1- dbus: add missing DBUS_ERROR_FAILED type to a dbus_set_error call and enforce formatting input as string when an extension did not returned any error message.- Removed patch included in the source archive [- 0001-wickedd-explicitly-unbind-slaves-on-deletion.patch]
* Thu Dec 21 2017 wickedd: clear master references on slaves when a master gets deleted and the deletion event arrives before unenslave event to avoid a bridge reenslave failure on restart (bsc#1061051). [+ 0001-wickedd-explicitly-unbind-slaves-on-deletion.patch]
* Sat Dec 16 2017 version 0.6.43- ifconfig: set MTU even if device is up (bsc#1059292)- dhcp6: reapply confirmed addresses, also on any confirm status other to not-on-link
* Fri Dec 01 2017 version 0.6.42- spec: use new _fillupdir macro for fillup-templates (boo#1069468)- dhcp: clear hostname on lease recovery/reboot (bsc#1057007)- firewall: add firewalld and zone support (fate#320794)- ifconfig: cleanup slaves before enslaving (bsc#1036675)- ethtool: add rxvlan, txvlan, ntuple and rxhash offloads- ethtool: handle channel parameters (bsc#1043883)
* Fri Jul 28 2017 version 0.6.41- dhcp6: fix to send up to 5 release retransmissions- ifconfig: do not stop adding routes on one bad route (bsc#1036619)- dhcp4: fix to use rfc4361 client-id on infiniband (bsc#1022872)- man: ifcfg.5: Fix directory name for compatibility scripts- dhcp4: own check for user class id strings (bsc#1045522)- dhcp: cleanup common option update flags (bsc#1027099)- vxlan: convert ifcfg VXLAN_REMOTE_IP to remote-ip
* Thu May 04 2017 version 0.6.40- fsm: clone bound config and cleanup references fixing ifindex reference handling in iBFT vlan configuration (bsc#1030053)- updater: fix to not leave orphaned bg jobs on device delete, causing to block processing of synchronized jobs (bsc#1029133)- vxlan: initial support (boo#1026780)- dhcp: correct and complete fqdn option support (bsc#1025757)- bonding: properly send primary reselect to kernel (bsc#1027231)- dbus: fix caller-uid timeout to 15sec, not 15ms (bsc#1026683)- ethtool: handle ring,coalesce,eee parameters (bsc#1007909)- bond: fix xmit-hash-policy option mismatch (bsc#1021914)- ifconfig: avoid timeouts on large number of IPs by performing ipv4 duplicate address detection, apply and sending gratuitous ARP for chunks of multiple addresses at once (bsc#1009801)
* Fri Nov 18 2016 version 0.6.39- dhcp: suport to define and request custom options (bsc#988954), documented in wicked-config(5) and ifcfg-dhcp(5) manual pages.- dhcp6: fix refresh on newprefix workaround (boo#972471)- dhcp4: do not fail in capture on link type change (bsc#975466)- dhcp4: ignore invalid options, do not discard complete message ( dhcp4: log and add sender (server or relay) ethernet hw-address to the lease ( ifdown: show reasons to skip an action (bsc#997027)- ifconfig: fix to consider address scope in dbus model (bsc#988794)- bonding: set the primary slave in the master at enslave of the primary when it were not yet ready while bond setup (bsc#998413)- removed patch included in this version [- 0001-dhcp-fixed-to-properly-append-dhcp-option-data.patch]
* Mon Oct 10 2016 dhcp: fixed to properly append dhcp option data. Bug introduced by changes applied in version 0.6.37 (bsc#988954). [+ 0001-dhcp-fixed-to-properly-append-dhcp-option-data.patch]
* Mon Sep 26 2016 version 0.6.38- addrconf: rewrite to run lease updates in background jobs and use netconfig 0.84 batch support if available (bsc#989741). Fixed auto4 and dhcp supplicants to explicitly stop device before unregistering dbus object to disarm it and return release request result before sensing the released event. Fixed fsm to not advance fsm state on unrelated events and use new call to refresh addresses from kernel for tentative checks in ifup.
* Tue Aug 02 2016 version 0.6.37- auto6: do not apply rdnss/dnssl if autoconf=0 (bsc#984088)- addrconf: utility to parse string with update flags- leasefile: added an lease file exists utility- ifstatus: show IPv6 privacy addresses as autoconf- updater: adjusted system settings update debug info- updater: no remove before install on granted lease- updater: no backup/restore for netconfig, unused- updater: no warning on unset optional backup/restore- man: added DHCLIENT_REQUEST_OPTION to ifcfg-dhcp- leaseinfo: dump other/unknown dhcp options- dhcp4: initial support to request custom options (bsc#916948,bsc#988954)- lease: store and load other/unknown dhcp options- utils: fixed last byte formating in ni_format_hex- dbus: handle unparsed dhcp options in leases- dhcp4: store unparsed options in the lease- addrconf: add generic dhcp options to lease- dhcp: move specific dhcp.h to dhcp4.h and dhcp6.h- ovs: use generic ovs type until we can query ovs (bsc#982231)- dhcp4: send hostname in discover (bsc#985894)- ifconfig: fixed to apply address preferred_lft 0- address: apply suse ifcfg IP_OPTIONS (bsc#984088)- config: add a global LINK_REQUIRED ifcfg default- client: apply global LINK_REQUIRED setting if any
* Fri Jun 10 2016 version 0.6.36- ifreload: make output more informative (bsc#982952)- rules: do not fail when kernel support is missed (bsc#981887)- nanny: reapply policies on device renames (bsc#973355)- iflist: fixed macvlan/macvtap link info data parsing- auto6: apply rdnss/dnssl and wait for autoconf (bsc#902897,boo#916613)
* Fri May 27 2016 version 0.6.35- spec: removed ppp service template macro calls (fate#317976)- bonding: support for new v3.7.1 netlink options in 4.4 kernel- linux: update included headers to 4.4, add if_addr.h
* Fri May 20 2016 version 0.6.34- utils: fix for ni_string_set to set empty pointers- team: fix for unclosed file descriptor and string memleak- ppp: initial implementation of PPPoE support (fate#317976,bsc#865573,boo#913861)
* Wed May 04 2016 version 0.6.33- route: initial routing policy rules support (fate#312217)
* Fri Apr 15 2016 version 0.6.32- tunnel: add device binding support (fate#317977)- gre: fix flags use, added missed keyed gre options- doc: added an initial FAQ to the documentation- util: fix null string and string array in compare- ipv6: cleaned up IPv6 RA PI and RDNSS processing- ipv6: receive IPv6 RA DNSSL options forwarded by kernel- dhcp6: refresh ipv6 link on each prefix event to fix workaround for missed NEWLINK event on changes caused by RA (boo#972471).- macvlan: fix enum values for BRIDGE and PASSTHRU modes (boo#974231)
* Tue Apr 05 2016 version 0.6.31- xml: fix to not assert on too long entities or missed semicolon and fixed pointer use on DOCTYPE related parse error.- ifconfig: readd broadcast calculation (bcs#971629). While the kernel does not need it and calculates itself, e.g. glibc getbroadcastnets function used by yp expect it to be set.- ifup: let ovs bridges pull ovs-system config and omit ovs-system master reference in policy match (bsc#964019)- fsm: fixed a negated check causing a segmentation fault in some cases where the vlan config references a device without config.- bonding: call setup routine at the end of create (bsc#964877), fixed mismatched carrier-detect and validate-targets attributes in schema and dbus, permit to set bonding\'s hardware address, process bonding settings in newlink events and switched to create and setup also bonding the master device via netlink by default.- xml-schema: do not add description node to enums- ifreload: let ifdown delete team instances (bsc#954012,bsc#964477)- fsm: reset device_api of deleted workers (bsc#954012)- removed patch included in the source archive [- 0001-fsm-do-not-use-master-name-after-reset-bsc-959356.patch]
* Mon Feb 22 2016 fsm: do not segfault on device hierarchy loops (bnc#959356); corrected pull#618 fix to not reset master and use its name then. [+ 0001-fsm-do-not-use-master-name-after-reset-bsc-959356.patch]
* Fri Jan 29 2016 version 0.6.30- wireless: fix EAP inconsistencies and add missing auth method names to translation maps (bsc#936514, boo#927615).- ipv6: clear old address list before applying new fixing to not wait full time in the client-side tentative address check- fsm: do not segfault on device hierarchy loops but (bnc#959356)- fsm: handle down/step back events in ifup flow instead to try to workaround in nanny (bsc#955864).- man: documented how to declare several team link watches.- ethtool: map da,none,other port types (bsc#957944).- ipv4: removed pointless broadcast calculations and send to the kernel only if explicitly requested in ifcfg file or by dhcp options. The kernel has an own logic to automatically calculate related settings as needed. Also removed broadcast setting from ifcfg-lo to not override kernel\'s setup (bsc#944710).
* Fri Nov 20 2015 version 0.6.29- rpm: do not use systemctl show in scripts (bsc#955778) systemctl show makes a systemd query and does not work in a chroot or when systemd is not available and using it in RPM scripts breaks offline update. Replaced with readlink.- team: fix to use proper names of ethtool delay options- nanny: skip recheck when no policy configured (bsc#953107)
* Thu Nov 12 2015 version 0.6.28- fsm: dynamically resolve references and requirements (bsc#954289)- nanny: do not pull in and rearm subordinate workers (bsc#954289)- nanny: fix managed policy list handling (bsc#953107)- ifup: do not update policy when it has been created and recheck with a name filter list instead to enable separately to avoid a race condition (bsc#953107)- ovs: do not require link on ovs-system device
* Thu Oct 22 2015 vesion 0.6.27- nanny: fix policy file reading and objects references (boo#916035)- ovs: use --may-exist option in add-port (bsc#951315) commands to avoid error messages when the port is already in the db.- netconfig: do not refresh unrelated details in supplicants- service: fixed wicked client and nanny dependencies (bsc#950333).- service: restart wickedd
* on dbus restart (bsc#941964)- fsm: do not follow link-up checks on configured master devices not involved in the current ifup operation (bsc#948423).- client: added more comfortable \"wicked test dhcp[46]\" commands executing the wickedd-dhcp[46] in their --test mode (bsc#942278)
* Fri Oct 09 2015 version 0.6.26- nanny: add link device references to policy match (bsc#941611) This causes, that nanny checks and waits until the configuration for link references is applied by ifup (master device worker is available) in order to not start managing ports/slaves and fail on unresolvable requirements with \"document error\" first. Unavailable reference matches caused a timing race, where nanny omits to enslave ports into master (e.g. a dummy into ovsbr), but was not limited to ovs setups.- dhcp4: fix to request offer by default in --test (bsc#942278)- teamd: adjust permissions of the teamd interface config to be owned by teamd user if available and to always re-read dbus busname from the service file (bsc#947542)
* Fri Sep 25 2015 version 0.6.25- compat: read complete sysctl file set (bsc#928459)- wireless: fixed to parse/format hex escapes in essid (bsc#928459)
* Thu Sep 17 2015 version 0.6.24- auto4: initial autoip and dhcp4 fallback fix (bsc#899985)- ethtool: update to the most recent ethtool.h, fixed advertised mode and flags (bsc#927309)- dhcp4: verify received client-id, accept hex encoded id- ovs: fixes for ovs bridge handling- make: fixed to add linux header copies as noinst
* Mon Sep 07 2015 version 0.6.23- ovs: initial openvswitch bridge support (fate#318840)- team: fix segfault on discovery failure- nanny: register device object also on device-up event
* Tue Sep 01 2015 version 0.6.22- fsm: do not run post-up scripts when leases defer (bsc#940239)- team: configurable teamd support and ctl detection (fate#318389) [- 0001-teamd-create-teamd-run-directory-when-missed.patch]
* Thu Aug 20 2015 Add 0001-teamd-create-teamd-run-directory-when-missed.patch: Make sure /run/teamd directory is created on config generation.
* Wed Aug 19 2015 version 0.6.21- team: initial team device support (fate#318389)- ifstatus: fixed error return code and quiet option (bsc#939142)
* Fri Jul 31 2015 version 0.6.20- spec: enable nanny use by default (fate#318977)- ifconfig: handle link up of externally enslaved devices (fate#318840)- ifcfg: generate link master from master config, added MASTER_DEVICE variable- fsm: master/slave transition dependency and state check fixes- fsm: improve subordinate device relation updating and logging- fsm: reference count config nodes to avoid memleaks- ethtool: fix option tables terminator (bsc#925276)- scripts: fixed typo breaking wicked scheme scripts- sysfs: fixed memleak while reading device path- client: client: config parsing, origin processing, root-directory cleanup and memory leak fixes.- xml: fixes to memory leaks, location functions cleanup- firmware: properly extract discovery type and path
* Fri Jul 03 2015 version 0.6.19- dhcp4: improve invalid dhcp options handling (boo#918069)- dhcp6: just drop an info lease on release request and stop- dhcp6: refresh ipv6 link on newprefix in auto mode to workaround, that the kernel does not send us events about mode change when RA timers are unspecified (bsc#934067)- ethtool: do not warn when reading ethtool settings while netlink newlink processing and the device is already gone.- ibft: ignore invalid default gateway ( and ::) provided by the firmware (bsc#903759)- wireless: handle ANY for WPA-EAP methods and send passwd when phase2 method isn\'t set (boo#927615)- bonding: don\'t insist, that arp_validate=none default is valid in active-backup mode only (boo#919573)- wickedd: fix to send requested device-up event ack- nanny: fix error handling for NULL policy objects and fix to not compare iftype to a dbus class name (boo#931288)- nanny: ensure a device is ready to satisfy a policy match- nanny: fixes improving delete and hotplug handling- ifup: do not recurse when generating nanny policy matches- ifreload: properly handle some config rename cases- fsm: ensure to process events in order and don\'t advance fsm state from events when device state outdistances it.- schema: cleanup netif-reference meta:require checks.- spec: require util-linux-systemd providing logger (bsc#911310)- conditionally enable nanny use (boo#915025,bsc#916402)
* Sat Apr 25 2015 version 0.6.18- initial pre/post-up/down script and systemd service start support (bsc#920070,boo#907215)- fixed lease address owner and lifetime tracking to update address lifetimes on dhcp6 renewal, correctly drop (requesting/deferred) leases in wickedd not (yet) existing as lease in dhcp supplicants and avoid address exists error messages (bsc#920889,bsc#907694)- add missed wpa_supplicant\'s wireless mode names (bsc#927616)- schema: require macvlan lower device same as vlan (bsc#927065)- fixes to use only ready devices by name to avoid dependency confusion mapping config to wrong device, event races and wrong use of the link-up instead of the wireless link-associated event (bsc#918662,bsc#921218).
* Mon Feb 23 2015 Build with -std=gnu89 to deal with GCC 5 defaulting to -std=gnu11 and that changing the semantics of \'inline\'
* Thu Feb 19 2015 version 0.6.17- nanny: fixed a memory-leak on policy load failure- wickedd: fixed broken dummy0 autocreation workaround
* Tue Feb 17 2015 version 0.6.16- ifreload: segfault fix to require argument for --timeout option- client/nanny: initial handing of link-detection/require-link and timeout control flags (LINK_REQUIRED, LINK_READY_WAIT variables in suse ifcfg) to continue setup without ready link when requested in the config or based on device requirements (bsc#911562,bsc#914792).- client/nanny: wait for event ACKs from wickedd instead to continue on successful request results where possible, to minimize the risk of an event backlog (bsc#905421).- client/nanny: fsm timer and cleanup related fixes and improvements, fix to use \"device-setup\" (MAC, bond/bridge options, ...) as state name instead of \"device-up\" and use \"device-up\" as state when the device/link is administratively set UP. Separated waitLinkUp method to wait for link/carrier from linkUp setting it administratively UP.- wickedd: fix to handle automatically created dummy0 interface- wireless: consider auth-proto parameter (wpa1|wpa2) (bsc#911299)- ipv6: add accept-dad sysctl support, fix accept-ra constants- dhcp4: do not set/query mtu if set in the config (bsc#904323)- dhcp4: limit MTU to be lower-equal 576 as before- dhcp4: completed user-class option support permitting an rfc3004 formatted option or as non-rfc, but widely used string (bsc#909307)
* Fri Jan 23 2015 version 0.6.15- nanny: use ifindex to reference workers in managed devices and hold worker references when starting fsm (bsc#904061)- nanny: Always reference mdev\'s worker by ifindex (bsc#904061)- nanny: register discovered devices only when ready (bsc#904061)- events: query and update device name on events (bsc#904061)- udev: verify netdev index and update name at start, disable ready handling if udev is not used, e.g. in LXC (bug#904061)- xml: don\'t require parent\'s control node in config (bsc#901517)- wireless: use string dict entry for WIRELESS_AP/bssid (bsc#911315)- extensions: fixed false errors from hostname update (bsc#910323)- tuntap: typo fix causing to not set IFF_NO_PI flag- fixed some memory leaks in client and dbus object code- doc/ChangeLog: do not omit merge commits which contain bug refs
* Fri Dec 19 2014 version 0.6.14- client: fixed segfault in status (bsc#908554)- bonding: add new/missed bonding options (bsc#905750)- systemd: service ordering dependencies (bsc#895600,bsc#901337)
* Mon Dec 08 2014 version 0.6.13- sysctl: do not fail on read-only proc e.g. in LXC (bsc#904432)- netlink: recover from netlink event socket errors and allow to configure the event socket buffer sizes (bsc#905421)- fixed some memory and a file descriptor leak- bonding: add encap2+3 and 3+4 xmit-hash-policies (bsc#905750)- client: apply suse ifcfg alias label (bsc#907683)- netlink: retry on DUMP_INTR and AGAIN (bsc#904776)- gcrypt: do not fail when wicked has been build using a newer but compatible library than the currently used (bsc#906217)- compat: use info level on unspecified ip (bsc#904903)- compat: fix tap group node generation (bsc#904380)- sit,ipip,gre: generate tunnel config on change (bsc#901402)- fsm: always refresh worker on device-ready event and match only ready devices against config workers (bsc#904061)- fsm: perform tentative check on all started interfaces with nanny (bsc#900951)