Changelog for python3-beautifulsoup4-4.4.0-3.1.noarch.rpm :
Wed Jul 15 14:00:00 2015
- specfile:

* update copyright year
- update to version 4.4.0:

* Especially important changes:
+ Added a warning when you instantiate a BeautifulSoup object
without explicitly naming a parser. [bug=1398866]
+ __repr__ now returns an ASCII bytestring in Python 2, and a
Unicode string in Python 3, instead of a UTF8-encoded bytestring
in both versions. In Python 3, __str__ now returns a Unicode
string instead of a bytestring. [bug=1420131]
+ The `text` argument to the find_
* methods is now called
`string`, which is more accurate. `text` still works, but
`string` is the argument described in the documentation. `text`
may eventually change its meaning, but not for a very long
time. [bug=1366856]
+ Changed the way soup objects work under copy.copy(). Copying a
NavigableString or a Tag will give you a new NavigableString
that\'s equal to the old one but not connected to the parse
tree. Patch by Martijn Peters. [bug=1307490]
+ Started using a standard MIT license. [bug=1294662]
+ Added a Chinese translation of the documentation by Delong .w.

* New features:
+ Introduced the select_one() method, which uses a CSS selector
but only returns the first match, instead of a list of
matches. [bug=1349367]
+ You can now create a Tag object without specifying a
TreeBuilder. Patch by Martijn Pieters. [bug=1307471]
+ You can now create a NavigableString or a subclass just by
invoking the constructor. [bug=1294315]
+ Added an `exclude_encodings` argument to UnicodeDammit and to
the Beautiful Soup constructor, which lets you prohibit the
detection of an encoding that you know is wrong. [bug=1469408]
+ The select() method now supports selector grouping. Patch by
Francisco Canas [bug=1191917]

* Bug fixes:
+ Fixed yet another problem that caused the html5lib tree builder
to create a disconnected parse tree. [bug=1237763]
+ Force object_was_parsed() to keep the tree intact even when an
element from later in the document is moved into
place. [bug=1430633]
+ Fixed yet another bug that caused a disconnected tree when
html5lib copied an element from one part of the tree to
another. [bug=1270611]
+ Fixed a bug where Element.extract() could create an infinite
loop in the remaining tree.
+ The select() method can now find tags whose names contain
dashes. Patch by Francisco Canas. [bug=1276211]
+ The select() method can now find tags with attributes whose
names contain dashes. Patch by Marek Kapolka. [bug=1304007]
+ Improved the lxml tree builder\'s handling of processing
instructions. [bug=1294645]
+ Restored the helpful syntax error that happens when you try to
import the Python 2 edition of Beautiful Soup under Python
3. [bug=1213387]
+ In Python 3.4 and above, set the new convert_charrefs argument
to the html.parser constructor to avoid a warning and future
failures. Patch by Stefano Revera. [bug=1375721]
+ The warning when you pass in a filename or URL as markup will
now be displayed correctly even if the filename or URL is a
Unicode string. [bug=1268888]
+ If the initial tag contains a CDATA list attribute such
as \'class\', the html5lib tree builder will now turn its value
into a list, as it would with any other tag. [bug=1296481]
+ Fixed an import error in Python 3.5 caused by the removal of the
HTMLParseError class. [bug=1420063]
+ Improved docstring for encode_contents() and
decode_contents(). [bug=1441543]
+ Fixed a crash in Unicode, Dammit\'s encoding detector when the
name of the encoding itself contained invalid
bytes. [bug=1360913]
+ Improved the exception raised when you call .unwrap() or
.replace_with() on an element that\'s not attached to a tree.
+ Raise a NotImplementedError whenever an unsupported CSS
pseudoclass is used in select(). Previously some cases did not
result in a NotImplementedError.
+ It\'s now possible to pickle a BeautifulSoup object no matter
which tree builder was used to create it. However, the only tree
builder that survives the pickling process is the
HTMLParserTreeBuilder (\'html.parser\'). If you unpickle a
BeautifulSoup object created with some other tree builder,
soup.builder will be None. [bug=1231545]

Tue Oct 22 14:00:00 2013
- update to 4.3.2

* Fixed a bug in which short Unicode input was improperly encoded to
ASCII when checking whether or not it was the name of a file on
disk. [bug=1227016]

* Fixed a crash when a short input contains data not valid in
filenames. [bug=1232604]

* Fixed a bug that caused Unicode data put into UnicodeDammit to
return None instead of the original data. [bug=1214983]

* Combined two tests to stop a spurious test failure when tests are
run by nosetests. [bug=1212445]
- update to 4.3.1

* Fixed yet another problem with the html5lib tree builder, caused by
html5lib\'s tendency to rearrange the tree during
parsing. [bug=1189267]

* Fixed a bug that caused the optimized version of find_all() to
return nothing. [bug=1212655]
- update to 4.3.0

* Instead of converting incoming data to Unicode and feeding it to the
lxml tree builder in chunks, Beautiful Soup now makes successive
guesses at the encoding of the incoming data, and tells lxml to
parse the data as that encoding. Giving lxml more control over the
parsing process improves performance and avoids a number of bugs and
issues with the lxml parser which had previously required elaborate
- An issue in which lxml refuses to parse Unicode strings on some
systems. [bug=1180527]
- A returning bug that truncated documents longer than a (very
small) size. [bug=963880]
- A returning bug in which extra spaces were added to a document if
the document defined a charset other than UTF-8. [bug=972466]
This required a major overhaul of the tree builder architecture. If
you wrote your own tree builder and didn\'t tell me, you\'ll need to
modify your prepare_markup() method.

* The UnicodeDammit code that makes guesses at encodings has been
split into its own class, EncodingDetector. A lot of apparently
redundant code has been removed from Unicode, Dammit, and some
undocumented features have also been removed.

* Beautiful Soup will issue a warning if instead of markup you pass it
a URL or the name of a file on disk (a common beginner\'s mistake).

* A number of optimizations improve the performance of the lxml tree
builder by about 33%, the html.parser tree builder by about 20%, and
the html5lib tree builder by about 15%.

* All find_all calls should now return a ResultSet object. Patch by
Aaron DeVore. [bug=1194034]

Thu Jun 27 14:00:00 2013
- Use upstream URL
- Update to version 4.2.1:
+ The default XML formatter will now replace ampersands even if they
appear to be part of entities. That is, \"<\" will become
\"&lt;\". The old code was left over from Beautiful Soup 3, which
didn\'t always turn entities into Unicode characters.
If you really want the old behavior (maybe because you add new
strings to the tree, those strings include entities, and you want
the formatter to leave them alone on output), it can be found in
EntitySubstitution.substitute_xml_containing_entities(). [bug=1182183]
+ Gave new_string() the ability to create subclasses of
NavigableString. [bug=1181986]
+ Fixed another bug by which the html5lib tree builder could create a
disconnected tree. [bug=1182089]
+ The .previous_element of a BeautifulSoup object is now always None,
not the last element to be parsed. [bug=1182089]
+ Fixed test failures when lxml is not installed. [bug=1181589]
+ html5lib now supports Python 3. Fixed some Python 2-specific
code in the html5lib test suite. [bug=1181624]
+ The html.parser treebuilder can now handle numeric attributes in
text when the hexidecimal name of the attribute starts with a
capital X. Patch by Tim Shirley. [bug=1186242]

Sat May 18 14:00:00 2013
- Update to 4.2.0

* The method now supports a much wider variety of CSS
- Added support for the adjacent sibling combinator (+) and the
general sibling combinator (~). Tests by \"liquider\". [bug=1082144]
- The combinators (>, +, and ~) can now combine with any supported
selector, not just one that selects based on tag name.
- Added limited support for the \"nth-of-type\" pseudo-class. Code
by Sven Slootweg. [bug=1109952]

* The BeautifulSoup class is now aliased to \"_s\" and \"_soup\", making
it quicker to type the import statement in an interactive session
The alias may change in the future, so don\'t use this in code you\'re
going to run more than once.

* Added the \'diagnose\' submodule, which includes several useful
functions for reporting problems and doing tech support.
- diagnose(data) tries the given markup on every installed parser,
reporting exceptions and displaying successes. If a parser is not
installed, diagnose() mentions this fact.
- lxml_trace(data, html=True) runs the given markup through lxml\'s
XML parser or HTML parser, and prints out the parser events as
they happen. This helps you quickly determine whether a given
problem occurs in lxml code or Beautiful Soup code.
- htmlparser_trace(data) is the same thing, but for Python\'s
built-in HTMLParser class.

* In an HTML document, the contents of a