Changelog for scilab-modules-6.0.1-lp151.5.1.noarch.rpm :

* Fri Apr 20 2018 Explicitly add Requires: java >= 9 to make sure the correct version of java is installed in the system.
* Wed Apr 04 2018 Add scilab-java_source_target.patch: Build with source and target 6 in order to avoid runtime errors with unrecognized class version.- Make build with any java-devel >= 9 for openSUSE >= 1500, in order not to depend on a particular exact java version.
* Mon Mar 12 2018 Drop scilab-self-closing-br.patch: No longer required as the offending issues have been fixed upstream and we don\'t care for the minor pieces enough to carry around this patch; see Require xterm for scilab since the desktop launchers now launch the executable via xterm.
* Mon Feb 26 2018 Update License in keeping with upstream: Scilab is now distributed under the terms of GPL-2.0.- Modify scilab-launch-from-xterm.patch: also add scinotes and xcos desktop launchers to patch, and make them launch via xterm; add xterm to Requires.- Modify scilab-openjdk9-no-javah.patch: enclose JAVAH variable declaration in quotes.- Document the addition of jaf = 1.1 to [Build]Requires; added in previous commit, and required for building documentation in conjunction with scilab-java9-ClassLoader.patch; not required for openSUSE < 1500 where jdk 1.8 is used.- Restore sed commands to clear Class-Path from Manifest files; this was erroneously removed in previous commit.- Use jdk 9 only for openSUSE >= 1500; disable patches relating to jdk 9+ for older openSUSE.- Enforce minimum version on eigen3-devel BuildRequires: at least version 3.3.2 required.- Add i586 to ExcludeArch, building no longer supported by upstream.
* Thu Feb 22 2018 Enforce java 9 for building, as there are runtime error when java 10 is used- Add scilab-xcos-java9.patch: Fix xcos compilation against openjdk-java 9; enable building xcos during configure.- Add scilab-java9-ClassLoader.patch: Hack frontloading of all necessary jar classpaths by passing them to _JAVA_OPTIONS since dynamic classpath loading doesn not work any more; see Enable documentation; building fixed due to above patch.- Add scilab-bin-correct-java9-path.patch- Drop scilab-batik-1.8.patch
* Fri Feb 16 2018 Update to version 6.0.1:
* Long list of changes, see Update BuildRequires and Requires: eigen3-devel [only BuildRequires], ecj, java-devel >= 9, lucene
* >= 6.0.- Add scilab-launch-from-xterm.patch: Modify Exec key for .desktop file so that scilab is launched via xterm; this is needed because of upstream\'s negligence: Disable documentation module: does not build with java >= 9; see Workaround: Use Add scilab-openjdk9-no-javah.patch: configure should not error out when javah is not found, instead should simply use javac -h. See Exclude nullpotent post[un] scriptlets for main package: these are instead hndled by rpm file-triggers.- Add scilab-no-return-in-non-void.patch: Fix non-void functions to return some trivial values.- Add scilab-hdf5-function-return-compatibility.patch: Make function writeDoubleComplexMatrix6\'s definition and implementation return same data type.- Minor rebase of carried over patches.- Drop patches incorporated upstream:
* scilab-0002-always-use-dynamic-stack.patch
* scilab-allow-batik-1.9.patch
* scilab-build-with-fop-2_1.patch
* scilab-gcc7-nullptr-fix.patch
* scilab-build-with-xmlgraphics-commons-2_0.patch
* scilab-ocaml.patch
* scilab-openjdk9-support.patch.
* Sun Feb 11 2018 Disable Xcos until building with java >=9 can be fixed.
* Sun Dec 10 2017 Add scilab-openjdk9-support.patch: Add support for openjdk 9; patch taken from upstream git and rebased for version 5.5.2.
* Tue Jul 18 2017 Fix build with ocaml-4.05 with scilab-ocaml.patch (bug#15107)
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Add scilab-gcc7-nullptr-fix.patch: Replace the character-literal \'\\0\' by appropriate null pointer \'0\' to fix compilation with gcc >= 7.
* Sun Apr 30 2017 Also apply patches scilab-batik-1.8.patch, scilab-batik-1.8.patch, scilab_ppc64le_java_archinstall_changed.patch for Leap:42.3 as the versions of dependencies have been upgraded to sync with Factory.
* Thu Aug 04 2016 Add scilab-hdf5-1_10-compat.patch to adapt code to HDF5 (>= 1.10) and fix build failures.- Add scilab-self-closing-br.patch to fix building with updated javadoc.
* Mon Jun 20 2016 BuildRequire ocaml.opt to avoid failure in bytecode-only projects
* Tue Jun 14 2016 Sources do not handle make -j N, remove _smp_mflags usage
* Wed Apr 13 2016 Add scilab-build-with-fop-2_1.patch to fix build failures when using xmlgraphics-fop >= 2.1 which has now landed in openSUSE:Factory; patch taken from upstream.
* Mon Mar 21 2016 new scilab_ppc64le_java_archinstall_changed.patch to sync with java-1_8_0-openjdk sr #365892- exclude ppc64 build as upstream still open bug
* Tue Mar 15 2016 Add scilab-batik-1.8.patch to fix build with Batik 1.8
* Mon Mar 07 2016 Remove timestamps from binaries scilab-timestamp.patch
* Fri Jan 08 2016 Remove scilab-disable-debian-specific-cflags.patch: This causes unforeseen issues (see e.g. and the corresponding commit has also been reverted upstream.
* Mon Aug 31 2015 Apply scilab-build-with-xmlgraphics-commons-2_0.patch also for openSUSE:42 as it too has xmlgraphics-commons >= 2.0.
* Sun Jul 26 2015 Add scilab-disable-debian-specific-cflags.patch to disable cflags meant excl. for Debian.
* Tue May 26 2015 Build without external scirenderer; remove Requires and BuildRequires on external scirenderer which is discontinued as a standalone library by upstream.
* Thu Apr 09 2015 Use java-devel >= 1.8.0 for building, older java causes build failures.
* Thu Apr 02 2015 Update to version 5.5.2: + Release notes at Requires jogl2 >= 2.2.4 to build.- Add scilab-build-with-jogl-2.3.patch to make building with jogl and gluegen >= 2.3.0,
* Mon Mar 02 2015 Added patch to fix desktop file categories, they were causing brp-check-suse failure in Factory. + Added: scilab-0003-fix-desktop-categories.patch
* Sat Jan 24 2015 Add scilab-build-with-xmlgraphics-commons-2_0.patch to fix compilation with xmlgraphics-commons >= 2.0 (
* Thu Oct 02 2014 Update to version 5.5.1: + See release notes at Remove upstreamed patches: + scilab-make-doc-ja_JP.patch + scilab-gluegen-path.patch + scilab-intg-crash.patch + scilab-fileio-hang-with-incorrect-format.patch + scilab-translation-build.patch + scilab-fix-arpack-detection.patch + scilab-pkconfig-use-system-tcltk-version.patch- Rebase existing patches for current version.
* Fri Jul 18 2014 Add scilab-fileio-hang-with-incorrect-format.patch to fix scilab becoming unresponsive when incorrect format is specified for mfscanf; patch came from upstream; fixes
* Tue Jul 08 2014 Add scilab-intg-crash.patch to fix scilab crash when intg involved division by zero; patch came from upstream; fixes .
* Wed Jun 18 2014 Add scilab-fix-arpack-detection.patch to fix arpack-ng detection during compilation and enable arpack-ng bindings (fixes bnc#883233)- Update scilab-fix-64bit-portability-issue.patch and scilab-pkconfig-use-system-tcltk-version.patch with those from upstream- Comment out testng Requires from scilab-tests package; no longer seems necessary (testng is unmaintained in Java:packages anyway, so this has been a blocker for scilab\'s inclusion into Factory).
* Mon Apr 14 2014 Add scilab-translation-build.patch and scilab-make-doc-ja_JP.patch to fix building of lang package- Enable lang package (building doc now requirs access to the X-server).
* Fri Apr 11 2014 Update to 5.5.0: + See list of changes since last stable version (5.4.1), see Packaging changes: + Drop patches (incorporated upstream): - scilab-fix-no-return-in-non-void.patch - scilab-build-with-jgraphx-2.5.patch - scilab-log-nan-plot-freeze.patch - scilab-crash-when-unreachable-url.patch - scilab-csv-read-crash.patch - scilab-datatip-precision.patch - scilab-fix-interactive-zoom.patch + Package non-english documentation for additional modules in a module-doc-lang package (reduces download size for eng users who would not need the additional languages) + Build \"without-emf\" as the required dependencies for building with emf are not packaged for openSUSE (and in all likelihood cannot be, since they depend on maven)
* Sun Mar 30 2014 Add scilab-pkconfig-use-system-tcltk-version.patch to fix compiler flags using hardcoded tcl/tk versions in scilab.pc instead of using version numbers from system tcl/tk versions- Fix a couple more class-path-in-manifest rpmlint warnings.
* Thu Mar 13 2014 Add patches from upstream git to fix a few issues: + scilab-log-nan-plot-freeze.patch: to prevent scilab from freezing when used in some logscale plots involving %nan; fixes + scilab-crash-when-unreachable-url.patch: fixes - When host is not found, getURL provokes a Crash To Desktop + scilab-csv-read-crash.patch: fixes - csvRead freezes if separator is empty string + scilab-datatip-precision.patch: fixes - bad number display in datatips (minor rebase of upstream commit) + scilab-fix-interactive-zoom.patch: fixes - interactive zooming in figures was broken.
* Tue Mar 11 2014 Update scilab-fix-no-return-in-non-void.patch with fixes from upstream git (fix includes fixes for fortran too); enable post-build-checks and remove corresponding rpmlintrc snippet- Weird jvm crashes causes a test to fail, disable tests for openSUSE 12.3 also for now- Proper ownership for %{_libdir}/scilab directory.
* Tue Mar 11 2014 Split out a shared library package (libscilab5)- scilab-devel now provides the header and shared object files needed for calling scilab from C/C++ programs; linking against Scilab also requires: + tcl-devel + pcre-devel + libxm2-devel + libSM-devel + ncurses-devel- The main package scilab provides the scilab environment (both command-line and gui)- Use fdupes to also link up files in %{_bindir} -- these are essentially the same bash script.
* Sun Mar 09 2014 Add new patches: + Make building compatible with jgraphx >=; patch taken from upstream git; fixes + scilab-fix-64bit-portability-issue.patch: Fix compiler warnings w.r.t 64bit portability; fixes + scilab-fix-no-return-in-non-void.patch: Fix non-void functions returning random data (only cpp, fortran files not yet fixed, hence still disable post-build-checks); partly fixes Install scilab.conf file in %{_sysconfdir}/ that ldconfig can find the shared libs- Requires bwidget at run-time for the GUI- Fix rpmlint warnings and errors as far as possible; comment to explain rpmlintrc usage when suppressing false positives.
* Sun Mar 09 2014 Update to version 5.5.0-beta-1: + Numerous changes; see /usr/doc/share/packages/scilab/CHANGES_5.5.X + Requires jgraphx >=, libcurl + Pass disable-static-system-lib to ./configure to prevent building and linking with static libs- Rebase existing patches: + scilab-0001-Use-pkcon-to-install-doc-package.patch + scilab-0002-always-use-dynamic-stack.patch + scilab-gluegen-path.patch- Drop unneeded patches: + scilab-0003-upgrade-to-matio-1.5.patch: incorporated upstream- Add patches: + scilab-special-jarnames.patch: Adapt configure script to be able to find a few jar files with names exclusive to openSUSE- Drop unnecessary externally bundled files: + patched_configure_script: use scilab-special-jarnames.patch to patch the configure script during building instead + no longer needed + scilab.desktop, scinotes.desktop, xcos.desktop: correct \"Categories\" and install corresponding desktop files packaged in upstream tarball, instead, by using desktop-file-install- Updated and new build/runtime dependecies: + libcurl-devel (build requirement) + jgraphx >= (both build and runtime requirements).
* Sat Mar 08 2014 Use %find_lang macro with %{?no_lang_C} to ignore english lang files in lang_package and keep them in main package.
* Sat Mar 08 2014 Disable %check section for openSUSE >= 13.1 until dependencies required specifically for this section (checkstyle, cobertura) are fixed and built; this should fix building on openSUSE >= 13.1 for now- Use proper macros in the %post(un) sections.
* Mon Sep 16 2013 Fix path to gluegen2 library
* scilab-gluegen-path.patch
* Sun Aug 04 2013 Spec file cleanup- Move modules to separate package- Move localizations to separate package
* Thu Aug 01 2013 Update to version 5.4.1 See included CHANGES_5.4.X for details
* Thu Jun 28 2012 update blas and lapack dependencies
* Thu Feb 23 2012 addded scilab-5.3.2-allow-hdf-1.8.8.patch to fix Xcos start instead of scilab-5.3.2-allow-hdf-1.8.7.patch
* Tue Jul 26 2011 update to 5.3.3: + #9475 A mistake in the translation of a string was causing Scinotes to fail with the Japanese and Polish localizations + #9527 Problem when a text was exported in SVG from the GUI + #9545 contrib/loader.sce was no longer installed under Linux
* Mon Jun 20 2011 addded scilab-5.3.2-allow-hdf-1.8.7.patch to fix Xcos start
* Sun May 22 2011 updated to 5.3.2
* Tue Mar 29 2011 updated to 5.3.1- dropped emacs support
* Thu May 06 2010 emacs-nox => emacs-x11 to avoid a build issue
* Mon Mar 29 2010 added scilab-5.2.1-program-causes-undefined-operation.patch- added scilab-5.2.1-pvm-spawn-process.patch- added mime support (scilab-editor.desktop and scilab.xml)
* Sat Mar 13 2010 added scilab-5.2.1-implicit-fortify-decl.patch to fix implicit function declarations
* Thu Mar 11 2010 enable pvm modules
* Tue Feb 09 2010 swig dep removed- Author update- other minor typo
* Sun Aug 16 2009 added scilab-5.1.1-gcc-undefined-situations.patch- updated scilab-5.1.1-src-configure-path.patch to build against javahelp2 instead of jhall- renamed gcc-checks.patch to scilab-5.1.1-gcc-implicit-definitions.patch- other minor spec updates
* Tue Aug 11 2009 Andrea Florio - added gcc-checks.patch to fix some post-build-checks errors
* Mon Aug 10 2009 Kirill Kirillov - Added \"export NO_BRP_CHECK_BYTECODE_VERSION=true\" to %install section- Introduced .change file
* Wed Jun 03 2009 Andrea Florio 5.1.1 improved translations- built docs
* Sun May 24 2009 Andrea Florio 5.1.1 new upstream version
* Thu Mar 19 2009 Andrea Florio 5.1 improved russian translation