Changelog for knot-libs-2.7.2-1.fc29.i686.rpm :

* Wed Aug 29 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.7.2-1Knot DNS 2.7.2 (2018-08-29)===========================Improvements:------------- - Keymgr list command displays also key size - Kjournalprint displays total occupied size in the debug mode - Server doesn\'t stop if failed to load a shared module from the module directory - Libraries libcap-ng, pthread, and dl are linked selectively if neededBugfixes:--------- - Sometimes incorrect result from dnssec_nsec_bitmap_contains (libdnssec) - Server can crash when loading zone file difference and zone-in-journal is set - Incorrect treatment of specific queries in the module RRL - Failed to link module Cookies as a shared library
* Wed Aug 15 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.7.1-1Knot DNS 2.7.1 (2018-08-14)===========================Improvements:------------- - Added zone wire size information to zone loading log message - Added debug log message for each unsuccessful remote address operation - Various improvements for packagingBugfixes:--------- - Incompatible handling of RRSIG TTL value when creating a DNS message - Incorrect RRSIG TTL value in zone differences and knotc zone operation outputs - Default configure prefix is ignoredKnot DNS 2.7.0 (2018-08-03)===========================Features:--------- - New DNS Cookies module and related \'+cookie\' kdig option - New module for response tailoring according to client\'s subnet or geographic location - General EDNS Client Subnet support in the server - OSS-Fuzz integration (Thanks to Jonathan Foote) - New \'+ednsopt\' kdig option (Thanks to Jan Včelák) - Online Signing support for automatic key rollover - Non-normal file (e.g. pipe) loading support in zscanner #542 - Automatic SOA serial incrementation if non-empty zone difference - New zone file load option for ignoring zone file\'s SOA serial - New build-time option for alternative malloc specification - Structured logging for DNSSEC key submission event - Empty QNAME support in kdigImprovements:------------- - Various library and server optimizations - Reduced memory consumption of outgoing IXFR processing - Linux capabilities use overhaul #546 (Thanks to Robert Edmonds) - Online Signing properly signs delegations and CNAME records - CDS/CDNSKEY rrset is signed with KSK instead of ZSK - DNSSEC-related records are ignored when loading zone difference with signing enabled - Minimum allowed RSA key length was increased to 1024 - Removed explicit dependency on NettleBugfixes:--------- - Possible uninitialized address buffer use in zscanner - Possible index overflow during multiline record parsing in zscanner - kdig +tls sometimes consumes 100 % CPU #561 - Single-Type Signing doesn\'t work with single ZSK key #566 - Zone not flushed after re-signing during zone load #594 - Server crashes when committing empty zone transaction - Incoming IXFR with on-slave signing sometimes leads to memory corruption #595Compatibility:-------------- - Removed obsolete RRL configuration - Removed obsolete module names \'mod-online-sign\' and \'mod-synth-record\' - Removed obsolete \'ixfr-from-differences\' configuration option - Removed old journal migration - Removed module rosedb
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.6.8-2- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 11 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.6.8-1Knot DNS 2.6.8 (2018-07-10)===========================Features:--------- - New \'import-pkcs11\' command in keymgrImprovements:------------- - Unixtime serial policy mimics Bind – increment if lower #593Bugfixes:--------- - Creeping memory consuption upon server reload #584 - Kdig incorrectly detects QNAME if \'notify\' is a prefix - Server crashes when zone sign fails #587 - CSK->KZSK rollover retires CSK early #588 - Server crashes when zone expires during outgoing multi-message transfer - Kjournalprint doesn\'t convert zone name argument to lower-case - Cannot switch to a previously used ksk-shared dnssec policy #589
* Thu May 17 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.6.7-1Knot DNS 2.6.7 (2018-05-17)===========================Features:--------- - Added \'dateserial\' (YYYYMMDDnn) serial policy configuration (Thanks to Wolfgang Jung)Improvements:------------- - Trailing data indication from the packet parser (libknot) - Better configuration check for a problematical option combinationBugfixes:--------- - Incomplete configuration option item name check - Possible buffer overflow in \'knot_dname_to_str\' (libknot) - Module dnsproxy doesn\'t preserve letter case of QNAME - Module dnsproxy duplicates OPT and TSIG in the non-fallback mode
* Wed Apr 11 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.6.6-1Knot DNS 2.6.6 (2018-04-11)===========================Features:--------- - New EDNS option counters in the statistics module - New \'+orphan\' filter for the \'zone-purge\' operationImprovements:------------- - Reduced memory consuption of disabled statistics metrics - Some spelling fixes (Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor) - Server no longer fails to start if MODULE_DIR doesn\'t exist - Configuration include doesn\'t fail if empty wildcard match - Added a configuration check for a problematical option combinationBugfixes:--------- - NSEC3 chain not re-created when SOA minimum TTL changed - Failed to start server if no template is configured - Possibly incorrect SOA serial upon changed zone reload with DNSSEC signing - Inaccurate outgoing zone transfer size in the log message - Invalid dname compression if empty question section - Missing EDNS in EMALF responses
* Mon Mar 26 2018 Iryna Shcherbina - 2.6.5-2- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards (See
* Mon Feb 12 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.6.5-1- New upstream release 2.6.5Knot DNS 2.6.5 (2018-02-12)===========================Features:--------- - New \'zone-notify\' command in knotc - Kdig uses \'AATTserver\' as a hostname for TLS authenticaion if \'+tls-ca\' is setImprovements:------------- - Better heap memory trimming for zone operations - Added proper polling for TLS operations in kdig - Configuration export uses stdout as a default output - Simplified detection of atomic operations - Added \'--disable-modules\' configure option - Small documentation updatesBugfixes:--------- - Zone retransfer doesn\'t work well if more masters configured - Kdig can leak or double free memory in corner cases - Inconsistent error outputs from dynamic configuration operations - Failed to generate documentation on OpenBSD
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 2.6.4-3- Escape macros in %changelog
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.6.4-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jan 22 2018 Tomas Krizek - 2.6.4-1- Added PGP signature verification- Added integration test- New upstream release 2.6.4Knot DNS 2.6.4 (2018-01-02)===========================Features:--------- - Module synthrecord allows multiple \'network\' specification - New CSK handling support in keymgrImprovements:------------- - Allowed configuration for infinite zsk lifetime - Increased performance and security of the module synthrecord - Signing changeset is stored into journal even if \'zonefile-load\' is wholeBugfixes:--------- - Unintentional zone re-sign during reload if empty NSEC3 salt - Inconsistent zone names in journald structured logs - Malformed outgoing transfer for big zone with TSIG - Some minor DNSSEC-related issuesKnot DNS 2.6.3 (2017-11-24)===========================Bugfixes:--------- - Wrong detection of signing scheme rolloverKnot DNS 2.6.2 (2017-11-23)===========================Features:--------- - CSK algorithm rollover and (KSK, ZSK) <-> CSK rollover supportImprovements:------------- - Allowed explicit configuration for infinite ksk lifetime - Proper error messages instead of unclear error codes in server log - Better support for old compilersBugfixes:--------- - Unexpected reply for DS query with an owner below a delegation point - Old dependencies in the pkg-config file
* Mon Nov 06 2017 Petr Špaček - 2.6.1-1- New upstream release 2.6.1Knot DNS 2.6.1 (2017-11-02)===========================Features:--------- - NSEC3 Opt-Out support in the DNSSEC signing - New CDS/CDNSKEY publish configuration optionImprovements:------------- - Simplified DNSSEC log message with DNSKEY details - +tls-hostname in kdig implies +tls-ca if neither +tls-ca nor +tls-pin is given - New documentation sections for DNSSEC key rollovers and shared keys - Keymgr no longer prints useless algorithm number for generated key - Kdig prints unknown RCODE in a numeric format - Better support for LLVM libFuzzerBugfixes:--------- - Faulty DNAME semantic check if present in the zone apex and NSEC3 is used - Immediate zone flush not scheduled during the zone load event - Server crashes upon dynamic zone addition if a query module is loaded - Kdig fails to connect over TLS due to SNI is set to server IP address - Possible out-of-bounds memory access at the end of the input - TCP Fast Open enabled by default in kdig breaks TLS connectionKnot DNS 2.6.0 (2017-09-29)===========================Features:--------- - On-slave (inline) signing support - Automatic DNSSEC key algorithm rollover - Ed25519 algorithm support in DNSSEC (requires GnuTLS 3.6.0) - New \'journal-content\' and \'zonefile-load\' configuration options - keymgr tries to run as user/group set in the configuration - Public-only DNSSEC key import into KASP DB via keymgr - NSEC3 resalt and parent DS query events are persistent in timer DB - New processing state for a response suppression within a query module - Enabled server side TCP Fast Open if supported - TCP Fast Open support in kdigImprovements:------------- - Better record owner compression if related to the previous rdata dname - NSEC(3) chain is no longer recomputed whole on every update - Remove inconsistent and unnecessary quoting in log files - Avoiding of overlapping key rollovers at a time - More DNSSSEC-related semantic checks - Extended timestamp format in keymgrBugfixes:--------- - Incorrect journal free space computation causing inefficient space handling - Interface-automatic broken on Linux in the presence of asymmetric routingKnot DNS 2.5.5 (2017-09-29)===========================Improvements:------------- - Constant time memory comparison in the TSIG processing - Proper use of the ctype functions - Generated RRSIG records have inception time 90 minutes in the pastBugfixes:--------- - Incorrect online signature for NSEC in the case of a CNAME record - Incorrect timestamps in dnstap records - EDNS Subnet Client validation rejects valid payloads - Module configuration semantic checks are not executed - Kzonecheck segfaults with unusual inputsKnot DNS 2.5.4 (2017-08-31)===========================Improvements:------------- - New minimum and maximum refresh interval config options (Thanks to Manabu Sonoda) - New warning when unforced flush with disabled zone file synchronization - New \'dnskey\' keymgr command - Linking with libatomic on architectures that require it (Thanks to Pierre-Olivier Mercier) - Removed \'OK\' from listing keymgr command outputs - Extended journal and keymgr documentation and loggingBugfixes:--------- - Incorrect handling of specific corner-cases with zone-in-journal - The \'share\' keymgr command doesn\'t work - Server crashes if configured with query-size and reply-size statistics options - Malformed big integer configuration values on some 32-bit platforms - Keymgr uses local time when parsing date inputs - Memory leak in kdig upon IXFR query
* Mon Jul 31 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.5.3-1- new upstream releaseWARNING: Automatic upgrade from versions 1.y.z is no longer possible.To migrate, upgrade your packages gradually or use contacts listed on (if you are in trouble).Knot DNS 2.5.3 (2017-07-14)===========================Features:--------- - CSK rollover support for Single-Type Signing SchemeImprovements:------------- - Allowed binding to non-local adresses for TCP (Thanks to Julian Brost!) - New documentation section for manual DNSSEC key algorithm rollover - Initial KSK also generated in the submission state - The \'ds\' keymgr command with no parameter uses all KSK keys - New debug mode in kjournalprint - Updated keymgr documentationBugfixes:--------- - Sometimes missing RRSIG by KSK in submission state. - Minor DNSSEC-related issuesKnot DNS 2.5.2 (2017-06-23)===========================Security:--------- - CVE-2017-11104: Improper TSIG validity period check can allow TSIG forgery (Thanks to Synacktiv!)Improvements:------------- - Extended debug logging for TSIG errors - Better error message for unknown module section in the configuration - Module documentation compilation no longer depends on module configuration - Extended policy section configuration semantic checks - Improved python version compatibility in pykeymgr - Extended migration section in the documentation - Improved DNSSEC event timing on 32-bit systems - New KSK rollover start log info message - NULL qtype support in kdigBugfixes:--------- - Failed to process included configuration - dnskey_ttl policy option in the configuration has no effect on DNSKEY TTL - Corner case journal fixes (huge changesets, OpenWRT operation) - Confusing event timestamps in knotc zone-status output - NSEC/NSEC3 bitmap not updated for CDS/CDNSKEY - CDS/CDNSKEY RRSIG not updatedKnot DNS 2.5.1 (2017-06-07)===========================Bugfixes:--------- - pykeymgr no longer crash on empty json files in the KASP DB directory - pykeymgr no longer imports keys in the \"removed\" state - Imported keys in the \"removed\" state no longer makes knotd to crash - Including an empty configuration directory no longer makes knotd to crash - pykeymgr is distributed and installed to the distribution tarballKnot DNS 2.5.0 (2017-06-05)===========================Features:--------- - KASP database switched from JSON files to LMDB database - KSK rollover support using CDNSKEY and CDS in the automatic DNSSEC signing - Dynamic module loading support with proper module API - Journal can store full zone contents (not only differences) - Zone freeze/thaw support - Updated knotc zone-status output with optional column filters - New \'[no]crypto\' option in kdig - New keymgr implementation reflecting KASP database changes - New pykeymgr for JSON-based KASP database migration - Removed obsolete knot1to2 utilityImprovements:------------- - Added libidn2 support to kdig (with libidn fallback) - Maximum timer database switched from configure to the server configuration
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.5-2- Rebuilt for
* Mon Jul 10 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.5-1New upstream release: 2.4.5Knot DNS 2.4.5 (2017-06-23)===========================Security:--------- - Improper TSIG validity period check can allow TSIG forgery (Thanks to Synacktiv!)Bugfixes:--------- - Corner case journal fixes (huge changesets, OpenWRT operation)Knot DNS 2.4.4 (2017-06-05)===========================Improvements:------------- - Improved error handling in kjournalprintBugfixes:--------- - Zone flush not replanned upon unsuccessful flush - Journal inconsistency after deleting deleted zone - Zone events not rescheduled upon server reload (Thanks to Mark Warren) - Unreliable LMDB mapsize detection in kjournalprint - Some minor issues found by AddressSanitizerKnot DNS 2.4.3 (2017-04-11)===========================Improvements:------------- - New \'journal-db-mode\' optimization configuration option - The default TSIG algorithm for utilities input is HMAC-SHA256 - Implemented sensible default EDNS(0) padding policy (Thanks to D. K. Gillmor) - Added some more semantic checks on the knotc configuration operationsBugfixes:--------- - Missing \'zone\' keyword in the YAML output - Missing trailing dot in the keymgr DS owner output - Journal logs \'invalid parameter\' in several cases - Some minor journal-related problemsKnot DNS 2.4.2 (2017-03-23)===========================Features:--------- - Zscanner can store record comments placed on the same line - Knotc status extension with version, configure, and workers parametersImprovements:------------- - Significant incoming XFR speed-up in the case of many zonesBugfixes:--------- - Double OPT RR insertion when a global module returns KNOT_STATE_FAIL - User-driven zscanner parsing logic inconsistency - Lower serial at master doesn\'t trigger any errors - Queries with too long DNAME substitution do not return YXDOMAIN response - Incorrect elapsed time in the DDNS log - Failed to process forwarded DDNS request with TSIG
* Mon Feb 27 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.1-1- new upstream release: + fix: Transfer of a huge rrset goes into an infinite loop + fix: Huge response over TCP contains useless TC bit instead of SERVFAIL + fix: Failed to build utilities with disabled daemon + fix: Memory leaks during keys removal + fix: Rough TSIG packet reservation causes early truncation + fix: Minor out-of-bounds string termination write in rrset dump + fix: Server crash during stop if failed to open timers DB + fix: Failed to compile on OS X older than Sierra + fix: Poor minimum UDP-max-size configuration check + fix: Failed to receive one-record-per-message IXFR-style AXFR + fix: Kdig timeouts when receiving RCODE != NOERROR on subsequent transfer message + improvement: Speed-up of rdata addition into a huge rrset + improvement: Introduce check of minumum timeout for next refresh + improvement: Dnsproxy module can forward all queries without local resolving
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.4.0-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 24 2017 Petr Spacek - 2.4.0-1- new upstream release: + fix: False positive semantic-check warning about invalid bitmap in NSEC + fix: Unnecessary SOA queries upon notify with up to date serial + fix: Timers for expired zones are reset on reload + fix: Zone doesn\'t expire when the server is down + fix: Failed to handle keys with duplicate keytags + fix: Per zone module and global module insconsistency + fix: Obsolete online signing module configuration + fix: Malformed output from kjournalprint + fix: Redundant SO_REUSEPORT activation on the TCP socket + fix: Failed to use higher number of background workers + improvement: Lower memory consumption with qp-trie + improvement: Zone events and zone timers improvements + improvement: Print all zone names in the FQDN format + improvement: Simplified query module interface + improvement: Shared TCP connection between SOA query and transfer + improvement: Response Rate Limiting as a module with statistics support + improvement: Key filters in keymgr + features: New unified LMDB-based zone journal + features: Server statistics support + features: New statistics module for traffic measuring + features: Automatic deletion of retired DNSSEC keys + features: New control logging category
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.3-1- new upstream release: + fix: double free when failed to apply zone journal + fix: zone bootstrap retry interval not preserved upon zone reload + fix: DNSSEC related records not flushed if not signed + fix: false semantic checks warning about incorrect type in NSEC bitmap + fix: memory leak in kzonecheck + improvement: all zone names are fully-qualified in log + features: new kjournalprint utility
* Thu Nov 17 2016 Jan Vcelak - 2.3.2-1- new upstream release: + fix: missing glue in some responses + fix: knsupdate prompt printing on non-terminal + fix: configuration policy item names in documentation + fix: segfault on OS X Sierra + fix: incorrect %s expansion for the root zone + fix: refresh not existing slave zone after restart + fix: immediate zone refresh upon restart if refresh already scheduled + fix: early zone transfer after restart if transfer already scheduled + fix: not ignoring empty non-terminal parents during delegation lookup + fix: CD bit clearing in responses + fix: compilation error on GNU/kFreeBSD + fix: server crash after double zone-commit if journal error + improvement: significant speed-up of conf-commit and conf-diff operations + improvement: new EDNS Client Subnet API + improvement: better semantic-checks error messages + improvement: speed-up of knotc if control operation and known socket + improvement: zone purge operation purges also zone timers + feature: print TLS certificate hierarchy in kdig verbose mode + feature: new +subnet alias for +client + feature: new mod-whoami and mod-noudp modules + feature: new zone-purge control command + feature: new log-queries and log-responses options for mod-dnstap + feature: simple modules don\'t require empty configuration section + feature: new zone journal path configuration option + feature: new timeout configuration option for module dnsproxy