Changelog for device-mapper-libs-1.02.154-3.fc30.x86_64.rpm :

* Sun Feb 17 2019 Igor Gnatenko - 2.02.183-3- Rebuild for readline 8.0
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.183-2- Rebuilt for
* Fri Dec 07 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.183-1- Bug fix release addressing issus with MD RAID version 1.0 and 0.90.
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.182-1- Important bugfix release fixing possible data corruption.
* Thu Aug 02 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.181-1- Reject conversions on raid1 LVs with split tracked SubLVs.- Reject conversions on raid1 split tracked SubLVs.- Fix dmstats list failing when no regions exist.- Reject conversions of LVs under snapshot.- Limit suggested options on incorrect option for lvconvert subcommand.- Add vdo plugin for monitoring VDO devices.
* Thu Jul 19 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.180-1- Never send any discard ioctl with test mode.- Fix thin-pool alloc which needs same PV for data and metadata.- Enhance vgcfgrestore to check for active LVs in restored VG.- Provide possible layouts when converting between linear and striped/raid.- Fix unmonitoring of merging snapshots.- Cache can uses metadata format 2 with cleaner policy.- Avoid showing internal error in lvs output or pvmoved LVs.- Fix check if resized PV can also fit metadata area.- Reopen devices RDWR only before writing to avoid udev issues.- Change pvresize output confusing when no resize took place.- Fix lvmetad hanging on shutdown.- Fix mem leak in clvmd and more coverity issues.
* Fri Jul 13 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.179-4- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 10 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.179-3- Remove deprecated python bindings.
* Tue Jun 19 2018 Miro HronĨok - 2.02.179-2- Rebuilt for Python 3.7.
* Mon Jun 18 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.179-1- Bugfix release mainly fixing known cache and lvmlockd issues.
* Wed Jun 13 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.178-1- Remove the rc1 from release.
* Tue May 29 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.178-0.1.rc1- Remove lvm1 and pool format handling and add filter to ignore them.- Rework disk scanning and when it is used.- Add new io layer using libaio for faster scanning.- Support activation of component LVs in read-only mode.- Avoid non-exclusive activation of exclusive segment types.- Restore pvmove support for clusterwide active volumes (2.02.177).- Add prioritized_section() to restore cookie boundaries (2.02.177).- Again accept striped LV as COW LV with lvconvert -s (2.02.169).- Restore usability of thin LV to be again external origin for another thin (2.02.169).- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.
* Wed Apr 04 2018 Marian Csontos - 2.02.177-5- Disable python2 bindings.
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko - 2.02.177-4- Escape macros in %changelog
* Thu Feb 08 2018 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.177-3- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 09 2018 Iryna Shcherbina - 2.02.177-2- Update Python 2 dependency declarations to new packaging standards (See
* Tue Dec 19 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.177-1- When writing text metadata content, use complete 4096 byte blocks.- Change text format metadata alignment from 512 to 4096 bytes.- When writing metadata, consistently skip mdas marked as failed.- Refactor and adjust text format metadata alignment calculation.- Fix python3 path in lvmdbusd to use value detected by configure.- Reduce checks for active LVs in vgchange before background polling.- Ensure _node_send_message always uses clean status of thin pool.- Fix lvmlockd to use pool lock when accessing _tmeta volume.- Report expected sanlock_convert errors only when retries fail.- Avoid blocking in sanlock_convert on SH to EX lock conversion.- Deactivate missing raid LV legs (_rimage_X-missing_Y_Z) on decativation.- Skip read-modify-write when entire block is replaced.- Categorise I/O with reason annotations in debug messages.- Allow extending of raid LVs created with --nosync after a failed repair.- Command will lock memory only when suspending volumes.- Merge segments when pvmove is finished.- Remove label_verify that has never been used.- Ensure very large numbers used as arguments are not casted to lower values.- Enhance reading and validation of options stripes and stripes_size.- Fix printing of default stripe size when user is not using stripes.- Activation code for pvmove automatically discovers holding LVs for resume.- Make a pvmove LV locking holder.- Do not change critical section counter on resume path without real resume.- Enhance activation code to automatically suspend pvmove participants.- Prevent conversion of thin volumes to snapshot origin when lvmlockd is used.- Correct the steps to change lock type in lvmlockd man page.- Retry lock acquisition on recognized sanlock errors.- Fix lock manager error codes in lvmlockd.- Remove unnecessary single read from lvmdiskscan.- Check raid reshape flags in vg_validate().- Add support for pvmove of cache and snapshot origins.- Avoid using precommitted metadata for suspending pvmove tree.- Ehnance pvmove locking.- Deactivate activated LVs on error path when pvmove activation fails.- Add \"io\" to log/debug_classes for logging low-level I/O.- Avoid importing persistent filter in vgscan/pvscan/vgrename.- Fix memleak of string buffer when vgcfgbackup runs in secure mode.- Do not print error when clvmd cannot find running clvmd.- Prevent start of new merge of snapshot if origin is already being merged.- Fix offered type for raid6_n_6 to raid5 conversion (raid5_n).- Deactivate sub LVs when removing unused cache-pool.- Do not take backup with suspended devices.- Avoid RAID4 activation on incompatible kernels under all circumstances.- Reject conversion request to striped/raid0 on 2-legged raid4/5.- Activation tree of thin pool skips duplicated check of pool status.- Remove code supporting replicator target.- Do not ignore failure of _info_by_dev().- Propagate delayed resume for pvmove subvolumes.- Suppress integrity encryption keys in \'table\' output unless --showkeys supplied.
* Thu Dec 14 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.176-2- Add testsuite subpackage.
* Fri Nov 03 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.176-1- Fix segfault in lvm_pv_remove in liblvm. (2.02.173)- Do not allow storing VG metadata with LV without any segment.- Fix printed message when thin snapshot was already merged.- Remove created spare LV when creation of thin-pool failed.- Avoid reading ignored metadata when MDA gets used again.- Fix detection of moved PVs in vgsplit. (2.02.175)- Ignore --stripes/--stripesize on RAID takeover- Disallow creation of snapshot of mirror/raid subLV (was never supported).- Keep Install section only in
*.socket systemd units.- Improve used paths for generated systemd units and init shells.- Fix regression in more advanced vgname extraction in lvconvert (2.02.169).- Allow lvcreate to be used for caching of _tdata LV.- Avoid internal error when resizing cache type _tdata LV (not yet supported).- Show original converted names when lvconverting LV to pool volume.- Move lib code used only by liblvm into metadata-liblvm.c.- Distinguish between device not found and excluded by filter.- Monitor external origin LVs.- Allow lvcreate --type mirror to work with 100%FREE.- Improve selection of resource name for complex volume activation lock.- Avoid cutting first character of resource name for activation lock.- Support for encrypted devices in fsadm.- Improve thin pool overprovisioning and repair warning messages.- Fix incorrect adjustment of region size on striped RaidLVs.- Issue a specific error with dmsetup status if device is unknown.- Fix RT_LIBS reference in generated libdevmapper.pc for pkg-config.
* Mon Oct 09 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.175-1- Use --help with blockdev when checking for --getsize64 support in fsadm.- Dump lvmdbusd debug information with SIGUSR1.- Fix metadata corruption in vgsplit and vgmerge intermediate states.- Add PV_MOVED_VG PV status flag to mark PVs moving between VGs.- Fix lvmdbus hang and recognise unknown VG correctly.- Improve error messages when command rules fail.- Require LV name with pvmove in a shared VG.- Allow shared active mirror LVs with lvmlockd, dlm, and cmirrord.- Support lvconvert --repair with cache and cachepool volumes.- lvconvert --repair respects --poolmetadataspare option.- Fix thin pool creation in a shared VG. (2.02.173)- Schedule exit when received SIGTERM in dmeventd.- Fix blkdeactivate regression with failing DM/MD devs deactivation (1.02.142).- Add blkdeactivate -r wait option to wait for MD resync/recovery/reshape.- Use blkdeactivate -r wait in blk-availability systemd service/initscript.- Also try to unmount /boot on blkdeactivate -u if on top of supported device.- Fix typo in blkdeactivate\'s \'--{dm,lvm,mpath}options\' option name.- Correct return value testing when get reserved values for reporting.- Take -S with dmsetup suspend/resume/clear/wipe_table/remove/deps/status/table.- Fix mistakenly commented out %python_provide line for python3-lvm.
* Mon Oct 02 2017 Troy Dawson - 2.02.174-2- Bump to rebuild on rebuilt corosync- Cleanup spec file conditionals
* Wed Sep 20 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.174-1.f28- NOTE: Deprecating python bindings and liblvm2app.- Prevent raid1 split with trackchanges in a shared VG.- Avoid double unlocking of client & lockspace mutexes in lvmlockd.- Fix leaking of file descriptor for non-blocking filebased locking.- Fix check for 2nd mda at end of disk fits if using pvcreate --restorefile.- Use maximum metadataarea size that fits with pvcreate --restorefile.- Always clear cached bootloaderarea when wiping label e.g. in pvcreate.- Disallow --bootloaderareasize with pvcreate --restorefile.- Fix lvmlockd check for running lock managers during lock adoption.- Add --withgeneralpreamble and --withlocalpreamble to lvmconfig.- Add warning when creating thin-pool with zeroing and chunk size >= 512KiB.- Introduce exit code 4 EINIT_FAILED to replace -1 when initialisation fails.- Add synchronization points with udev during reshape of raid LVs.- Restore umask when creation of node fails.- Add --concise to dmsetup create for many devices with tables in one command.- Accept minor number without major in library when it knows dm major number.- Introduce single-line concise table output format: dmsetup table --concise.
* Thu Aug 03 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.173-4- Rebuilt for
* Sun Jul 30 2017 Florian Weimer - 2.02.173-3- Rebuild with binutils fix for ppc64le (#1475636)
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering - 2.02.173-2- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 25 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.173-1- Create /dev/disk/by-part{uuid,label} and gpt-auto-root symlinks with udev.- Add synchronization points with udev during conversion of raid LVs.- Improve --size args validation and report more detailed error message.- Initialize debugging mutex before any debug message in clvmd.- Log error instead of warn when noticing connection problem with lvmetad.- Fix memory leak in lvmetad when working with duplicates.- Remove restrictions on reshaping open and clustered raid devices.- Add incompatible data_offset to raid metadata to fix reshape activation.- Accept \'lvm -h\' and \'lvm --help\' as well as \'lvm help\' for help.- Suppress error message from accept() on clean lvmetad shutdown.- Tidy clvmd client list processing and fix segfaults.- Protect clvmd debug log messages with mutex and add client id.- Fix shellcheck reported issues for script files.
* Thu Jun 29 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.172-1- Do not lvdisplay --maps unset settings of cache pool.- Fix lvdisplay --maps for cache pool without policy settings.- Support aborting of flushing cache LV.- Improve lvcreate --cachepool arg validation.- Cache format2 flag is now using segment name type field.- Disallow cachepool creation with policy cleaner and mode writeback.- Lvconvert --repair handles failing raid legs (present but marked \'D\'ead).- Add display_percent helper function for printing percent values.- Add dm_percent_to_round_float for adjusted percentage rounding.- Fix lvcreate extent percentage calculation for mirrors.- Reenable conversion of data and metadata thin-pool volumes to raid.- Linear to RAID1 upconverts now use \"recover\" sync action, not \"resync\".- No longer necessary to \'--force\' a repair for RAID1.- Improve raid status reporting with lvs.- dm_get_status_raid() handle better some incosistent md statuses.- Limit maximal size of thin-pool for specific chunk size.- Print a warning about in-use PVs with no VG using them.- Disable automatic clearing of PVs that look like in-use orphans.- Extend validation of filesystems resized by fsadm.- Properly handle subshell return codes in fsadm.- Stop using \'--yes\' mode when fsadm runs without terminal.- Support storing status flags via segtype name field.- Enhance lvconvert automatic settings of possible (raid) LV types.- Add missing NULL to argv array when spliting cmdline arguments.- Don\'t reinstate still-missing devices when correcting inconsistent metadata.- Allow lvchange to change properties on a thin pool data sub LV.- Fix reusing of dm_task structure for status reading (used by dmeventd).- Drop unneeded --config option from raid dmeventd plugin.- Accept truncated files in calls to dm_stats_update_regions_from_fd().- Restore Warning by 5% increment when thin-pool is over 80% (1.02.138).- Reset array with dead rimage devices once raid gets in sync.
* Fri Jun 09 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.171-3- Fix lvmdbusd not passing --all with vgreduce --removemissing.
* Wed May 17 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.171-2- Fix lvmdbusd mangling config options.
* Tue May 09 2017 Marian Csontos - 2.02.171-1- Add RAID takeover and reshaping.- Add pvcreate prompt when device size doesn\'t match setphysicalvolumesize.- Remove obsolete lvmchange binary - convert to built-in command.- Support cache segment with configurable metadata format.- Add option for lvcreate/lvconvert --cachemetadataformat auto|1|2.- Add allocation/cache_metadata_format profilable settings.- Command line options, help and man pages using common definitions.- Add build-time configuration command line to \'lvm version\' output.- Disable lvmetad when lvconvert --repair is run.- Raise mirror/raid default regionsize to 2MiB.- Support shrinking of RaidLVs.- Introduce global/fsadm_executable to make fsadm path configurable.- Look for limited thin pool metadata size when using 16G metadata.- Add lvconvert pool creation rule disallowing options with poolmetadata.- Fix missing lvmlockd LV locks in lvchange and lvconvert.- Fix dmeventd setup for lvchange --poll.- Fix use of --poll and --monitor with lvchange and vgchange.- Disallow lvconvert of hidden LV to a pool.- Ignore --partial option when not used for activation.- Allow --activationmode option with lvchange --refresh.- Allow valid lvconvert --regionsize change- Fix SIGINT blocking to prevent corrupted metadata- Fix systemd unit existence check for lvmconf --services --startstopservices.- Check and use PATH_MAX buffers when creating vgrename device paths.- Handle known table line parameter order change in specific raid target vsns.- Show more information for cached volumes in lvdisplay [-m].- Use function cache_set_params() for both lvcreate and lvconvert.- Skip rounding on cache chunk size boudary when create cache LV.- Improve cache_set_params support for chunk_size selection.- Fix metadata profile allocation/cache_[mode|policy] setting.- Fix missing support for using allocation/cache_pool_chunk_size setting.- Support conversion of raid type, stripesize and number of disks- Reject writemostly/writebehind in lvchange during resynchronization.- Deactivate active origin first before removal for improved workflow.- Fix regression of accepting both --type and -m with lvresize. (2.02.158)- Add extra memory page when limiting pthread stack size in clvmd.- Support striped/raid0
* <-> raid10_near conversions.- Support region size changes on existing RaidLVs.- Avoid parallel usage of cpg_mcast_joined() in clvmd with corosync.- Support raid6_{ls,rs,la,ra}_6 segment types and conversions from/to it.- Support raid6_n_6 segment type and conversions from/to it.- Support raid5_n segment type and conversions from/to it.- Support new internal command _dmeventd_thin_command.- Introduce new dmeventd/thin_command configurable setting.- Use new default units \'r\' for displaying sizes.- Also unmount mount point on top of MD device if using blkdeactivate -u.- Restore check preventing resize of cache type volumes (2.02.158).- Add missing udev sync when flushing dirty cache content.- vgchange -p accepts only uint32 numbers.- Report thin LV date for merged LV when the merge is in progress.- Detect if snapshot merge really started before polling for progress.- Checking LV for merging origin requires also it has merged snapshot.- Extend validation of metadata processing.- Enable usage of cached volumes as snapshot origin LV.- Fix displayed lv name when splitting snapshot (2.02.146).- Warn about command not making metadata backup just once per command.- Enable usage of cached volume as thin volume\'s external origin.- Support cache volume activation with -real layer.- Improve search of lock-holder for external origin and thin-pool.- Support status checking of cache volume used in layer.- Avoid shifting by one number of blocks when clearing dirty cache volume.- Extend metadata validation of external origin LV use count.- Fix dm table when the last user of active external origin is removed.- Improve reported lvs status for active external origin volume.- Fix table load for splitted RAID LV and require explicit activation.- Always active splitted RAID LV exclusively locally.- Do not use LV RAID status bit for segment status.- Check segtype directly instead of checking RAID in segment status.- Reusing exiting code for raid image removal.- Fix pvmove leaving -pvmove0 error device in clustered VG.- Avoid adding extra \'_\' at end of raid extracted images or metadata.- Optimize another _rmeta clearing code.- Fix deactivation of raid orphan devices for clustered VG.- Fix lvconvert raid1 to mirror table reload order.- Add internal function for separate mirror log preparation.- Fix segfault in lvmetad from missing NULL in daemon_reply_simple.- Simplify internal _info_run() and use _setup_task_run() for mknod.- Better API for internal function _setup_task_run.- Avoid using lv_has_target_type() call within lv_info_with_seg_status.- Simplify internal lv_info_with_seg_status API.- Decide which status is needed in one place for lv_info_with_seg_status.- Fix matching of LV segment when checking for it info status.- Report log_warn when status cannot be parsed.- Test segment type before accessing segment members when checking status.- Implement compatible target function for stripe segment.- Use status info to report merge failed and snapshot invalid lvs fields.- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.