Changelog for libefivar1-35-39.2.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Jul 24 2018 Add reproducible.patch to initialize memory (boo#1061219)
* Mon Jul 16 2018 Downgrade to 35 + 36 rewrote the linux interface parsers and caused several problems in efibootmgr. Downgrade the version before the change to avoid the failure of boot variable creation (boo#1100077, boo#1101023)- Refresh libefiboot-export-disk_get_partition_info.patch
* Wed Jun 20 2018 Update to version 36- adjust libefiboot-export-disk_get_partition_info.patch to fit new version
* Thu Mar 23 2017 RPM group fix
* Fri Mar 03 2017 libefiboot-export-disk_get_partition_info.patch: (bsc#870211, bsc#945705)
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Update to 31 (fate#322108)- Drop upstreamed patches + efivar-no-static.patch + deprecated-readdir_r.patch + efivar-use-sysmacros.patch
* Thu Feb 09 2017 Add efivar-use-sysmacros.patch to fix the Factory/Tumbleweed build correctly.- Amend the spec file to specify the gcc version for SLE11SP4
* Mon Feb 06 2017 Fix building for SLE11SP4, SLE12SP2, and Tumbleweed (fate#322108, bnc#1012765)- Drop obsolete patch efivar-bsc988000-remove-versioning-efi_set_variable.patch
* Wed Jul 13 2016 Update to 0.24- Drop upstreamed patches + efivar-0.21-gcc6.diff + efivar-nvme-rename.patch + efivar-nvme-no-kernel-header.patch + efivar-relicensing.patch + efivar-bsc988000-fix-mode-efi_set_variable.patch
* Tue Jul 12 2016 deprecated-readdir_r.patch: Remove use of deprecated readdir_r
* Mon Jul 11 2016 Add efivar-bsc988000-fix-mode-efi_set_variable.patch and efivar-bsc988000-remove-versioning-efi_set_variable.patch to set the default file mode rather than fetching a value randomly (bsc#988000)
* Wed Apr 13 2016 Add efivar-relicensing.patch to update the license in some files
* Tue Apr 12 2016 Add the missing COPYING
* Wed Mar 09 2016 Update to 0.23 for fwupdate (FATE#319345)- Add efivar-nvme-rename.patch and efivar-nvme-no-kernel-header.patch to work around the missing kernel header.- Add efivar-no-static.patch to remove efivar-static since it causes build failure and we don\'t really need it.- Remove efivar-fix-initializer.patch since it\'s already in 0.23.- Remove _smp_mflags since the Makefile doesn\'t work well with the flag.
* Wed Feb 10 2016 Add efivar-0.21-gcc6.diff to fix strict-aliasing issue.- Build with -Wno-nonnull as efivar tests nonnull args for zero and that breaks with its use of -Werror.
* Tue Dec 01 2015 Update the source link
* Fri Nov 27 2015 Update to 0.21- Add efivar-fix-initializer.patch to initialize ifreq properly- Drop patches + efivar-fix-vars_del_variable.patch: upstreamed + efivar-revert-linker-order.patch: not necessary
* Wed Jun 24 2015 Add efivar-fix-vars_del_variable.patch to fix the deletion of the variable with the old efivar kernel modules
* Tue Jun 16 2015 Add efivar-revert-linker-order.patch to adjust the linker order which caused the compilation error in pesign
* Thu Jun 11 2015 Use default CFLAGS
* Wed Jun 03 2015 Update to 0.20
* Make sure tester is build with the right link order for libraries.
* Adjust linker order for pkg-config
* Work around LocateDevicePath() not grokking PcieRoot() devices properly.
* Rectify some missing changelog entries- Changes for 0.19
* Lots of debugging in this release, as well as some of the documentation that\'s planned. There\'s more of that to come.- Changes for 0.18
* This release is mostly about adding the efidp and libefiboot APIs available.Next release will feature documentation for them, verification that various different device path types work, etc. Right now efi device path generation is basically limited to: + full file paths on sata devices + full file paths on sas devices + HD() paths for SATA and SAS devices + ipv4 dhcp device paths that don\'t specify their own filenames- Drop upstreamed patche
* efivar-correct-license-header.patch- Drop as Makefiles have been restructured, CFLAGS no longer defined in them
* efivar-suse-build.patch- Use fdupes to reduce amount of duplicate files
* Fri Nov 07 2014 Add efivar-correct-license-header.patch to correct the license of util.h- Amend the spec file with spec-cleaner
* Wed Oct 29 2014 Update to 0.15 + Make FSF addresses in COPYING be URLS + Fix variables\' DataSize field on 32-bit machines. + Add some vendor specific guids to our guid list + Add efi_id_guid_to_name() and efi_name_to_id_guid(), which support {ID GUID} as a concept a la + Call \"empty\" \"zero\" now, as many other places do. (empty references still exist for ABI compatibility) + add \"efivar -L\" to the man page + efi_symbol_to_guid() + efi_name_to_guid() will fall back on efi_symbol_to_guid() + \"efivar -L\" to list all the guids we know about + better namespacing on (rename well_known_
* -> efi_well_known_
*)- Refresh efivar-suse-build.patch
* Fri Sep 26 2014 Update to 0.12 + Make efi_guid_to_str() only optionally allocate. + Add \", mode\" optionally to efi_set_variable() + Fix some return values that don\'t properly set errno. + Make \"wrong size\" test more verbose + Excise read_fd() since we\'ve got read_file(), plus cleanups. + Remove variables we\'ve failed to create. + Only open with O_CREAT if we\'re not using EFI_VARIABLE_APPEND_WRITE + Fix poptReadDefaultConfig() error checking + Get rid of ftruncate() call in efivarfs writes. + If the real file size of an efivarfs file is smaller than stat, get it right. + Fix uninitialized variables + Remove effectively dead code from text_to_guid() + Remove unnecessary explicit definitions or overrides of make variables- refresh efivar-suse-build.patch
* Mon Nov 04 2013 Initial import 0.7