Changelog for liblzma5-5.2.3-116.1.x86_64.rpm :
Mon Jul 10 14:00:00 2017
- % needs to be encoded in description; adjust weird indent there
as well. Expand LZMA in summaries.

Fri Jun 30 14:00:00 2017
- Really use the selfdefined CFLAGS during build to fix build

Sun Jun 25 14:00:00 2017
- fix CentOS/RHEL builds after clean-up

Wed Jun 21 14:00:00 2017
- Simplify spec file conditions
- Clenup profiled building
- Use full lists of files

Tue Feb 21 13:00:00 2017
- enable static package by default.
Needed for AppImageKit

Sat Dec 31 13:00:00 2016
- xz 5.2.3:

* xz: always close a file before trying to delete it to avoid
problems on some operating system and file system combinations.

* C99/C11 conformance fixes to liblzma. The issues affected at
least some builds using link-time optimizations.

* Fixed bugs in the rarely-used function lzma_index_dup().

* Use of external SHA-256 code is now disabled by default.
It can still be enabled by passing --enable-external-sha256

* Changed CPU core count detection to use sched_getaffinity() on
GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD.

* Fixes to the build-system

Sun Mar 13 13:00:00 2016
- Install xznew with correct permissions (boo#970842)

Sun Feb 14 13:00:00 2016
- Do not split out lang_package conditional, used in sle10 out of support

Tue Nov 10 13:00:00 2015
- fix conversion: spell the missed parts correctly

Sun Nov 8 13:00:00 2015
- add xznew{,.1}, converted from bznew

Tue Sep 29 14:00:00 2015
- xz 5.2.2:

* Omitted the use of pipe2() even if it is available to avoid
portability issues with some old Linux and glibc combinations

* Updated German translation

* Documented that threaded decompression is not implemented yet

Fri Feb 27 13:00:00 2015
- xz 5.2.1:

* Fixed a compression-ratio regression in fast mode of LZMA1 and

Wed Jan 21 13:00:00 2015
- Avoid running configure twice and using -fprofile-generate or
- fprofile-use for compiling configure tests when profiling.

Thu Dec 25 13:00:00 2014
- xz 5.2.0:

* liblzma:
- Added support for multi-threaded compression
- Made the uses of lzma_allocator const correct.
- Added lzma_block_uncomp_encode() to create uncompressed
.xz Blocks using LZMA2 uncompressed chunks.
- Added support for LZMA_IGNORE_CHECK.
- A few speed optimizations were made.
- Added support for symbol versioning. It is enabled by default
on GNU/Linux, other GNU-based systems, and FreeBSD.

* xz:
- Fixed a race condition in the signal handling
- Multi-threaded decompression can be enabled with the
- -threads (-T) option.
- New command line options in xz: --single-stream,
- -block-size=SIZE, --block-list=SIZES,
- -flush-timeout=TIMEOUT, and --ignore-check.
- xz -lvv now shows the minimum xz version that is required to
decompress the file. Currently it is 5.0.0 for all supported
.xz files except files with empty LZMA2 streams require 5.0.2.

* xzdiff and xzgrep now support .lzo files if lzop is installed.
The .tzo suffix is also recognized as a shorthand for .tar.lzo.

Thu Dec 25 13:00:00 2014
- xz 5.0.8:

* Fixed an old bug in xzgrep that affected OpenBSD and probably
a few other operating systems too.

* Updated French and German translations.

* Minor build system update

Fri Dec 19 13:00:00 2014
- build with PIE support.

Thu Dec 18 13:00:00 2014
- Build XZ with full RELRO.

Tue Sep 23 14:00:00 2014
- xz 5.0.7:

* Fix regressions introduced in 5.0.6:
- Fix building with non-GNU make.
- Fix invalid Libs.private value in liblzma.pc which broke
static linking against liblzma if the linker flags were
taken from pkg-config.
- include changes from 5.0.6:

* xzgrep now exits with status 0 if at least one file matched.

* A few minor portability and build system fixes

Sun Nov 24 13:00:00 2013
- add optional -static-devel library package, intended to publish pixz for
CentOS / RHEL, default off

Wed Oct 16 14:00:00 2013
- Use gzipped archive to prevent a build cycle on older targets

- Add a signature and keyring file for source verification

* not enable in spec due bootstrapping issues

Tue Jul 16 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 5.0.5

* lzmadec and liblzma\'s lzma_alone_decoder(): Support decompressing
.lzma files that have less common settings in the headers
(dictionary size other than 2^n or 2^n + 2^(n-1), or uncompressed
size greater than 256 GiB).

* xz:
- Fixes and improvements to error handling.
- Various fixes to the man page.

* xzless: Fixed to work with \"less\" versions 448 and later

* xzgrep: Made -h an alias for --no-filename.

Tue Jan 29 13:00:00 2013
- Disable profiling for aarch64 arch

Tue Nov 27 13:00:00 2012
- Update to version 5.0.4

* liblzma:
- Fix lzma_index_init(). It could crash if memory allocation
- Fix the possibility of an incorrect LZMA_BUF_ERROR when a BCJ
filter is used and the application only provides exactly as
much output space as is the uncompressed size of the file.
- Fix a bug in doc/examples_old/xz_pipe_decompress.c. It didn\'t
check if the last call to lzma_code() really returned
LZMA_STREAM_END, which made the program think that truncated
files are valid.
- New example programs in doc/examples (old programs are now in
doc/examples_old). These have more comments and more detailed
error handling.

* Fix \"xz -lvv foo.xz\". It could crash on some corrupted files.

* Fix output of \"xz --robot -lv\" and \"xz --robot -lvv\" which
incorrectly printed the filename also in the \"foo (x/x)\" format.

* Fix exit status of \"xzdiff foo.xz bar.xz\".

* Fix exit status of \"xzgrep foo binary_file\".

* Fix portability to EBCDIC systems.

* Fix a configure issue on AIX with the XL C compiler. See INSTALL
for details.

* Update French, German, Italian, and Polish translations

Sun Jul 29 14:00:00 2012
- Disable profiling on SPARC due to compiler bug [gcc #54121]

Fri Jul 6 14:00:00 2012
- correct license \"LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+\" (bnc#770195)

Sun Feb 12 13:00:00 2012
- Put libraries back in %{_libdir}, /usr merge project.

Sun Oct 9 14:00:00 2011
- rewrite last broken arm portability changes

Fri Sep 30 14:00:00 2011
- Fix build in armv5el doesnt like profiling

Tue Sep 27 14:00:00 2011
- minor fixes of last portability changes:

* decouple do_profiling and lang_package again

* don\'t define do_factory, just use lang_package instead

* simplify files section

* do_profiling for some more systems

Mon Sep 26 14:00:00 2011
- build on SLE_10

Sat Sep 17 14:00:00 2011
- remove _service, too fragile

Fri Sep 16 14:00:00 2011
- Add xz-devel to baselibs
- Remove redundant sections

Tue Jun 14 14:00:00 2011
- add recommends xz-lang

Wed Jun 8 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 5.0.3

* liblzma fixes:
- A memory leak was fixed.
- lzma_stream_buffer_encode() no longer creates an empty .xz
Block if encoding an empty buffer. Such an empty Block with
LZMA2 data would trigger a bug in 5.0.1 and older (see the
first bullet point in 5.0.2 notes). When releasing 5.0.2,
I thought that no encoder creates this kind of files but
I was wrong.
- Validate function arguments better in a few functions. Most
importantly, specifying an unsupported integrity check to
lzma_stream_buffer_encode() no longer creates a corrupt .xz
file. Probably no application tries to do that, so this
shouldn\'t be a big problem in practice.
- Document that lzma_block_buffer_encode(),
lzma_easy_buffer_encode(), lzma_stream_encoder(), and
lzma_stream_buffer_encode() may return LZMA_UNSUPPORTED_CHECK.
- The return values of the _memusage() functions are now
documented better.

* Fix command name detection in xzgrep. xzegrep and xzfgrep now
correctly use egrep and fgrep instead of grep.

* French translation was added.

Thu Apr 7 14:00:00 2011
- Update to version 5.0.2

* LZMA2 decompressor now correctly accepts LZMA2 streams with no
uncompressed data. Previously it considered them corrupt. The
bug can affect applications that use raw LZMA2 streams. It is
very unlikely to affect .xz files because no compressor creates
.xz files with empty LZMA2 streams. (Empty .xz files are a
different thing than empty LZMA2 streams.)

* \"xz\" now refuses to compress the
file due to it already having the suffix .foo. It was already
documented on the man page, but the code lacked the test.

* \"xzgrep -l foo bar.xz\" works now.

* Polish translation was added.

Fri Mar 4 13:00:00 2011
- Update to version 5.0.1

* Fix --force on setuid/setgid/sticky and multi-hardlink files.

* Add alloc_size and malloc attributes to a few functions.

* Fix gzip and bzip2 support in xzdiff

Tue Dec 7 13:00:00 2010
- Use compiler profile information, makes xz marginally faster
(around 1-2 secs)

Sat Oct 30 14:00:00 2010
- Use %_smp_mflags

Thu Oct 28 14:00:00 2010
- adapt baselibs.conf

Wed Oct 27 14:00:00 2010
- Update to 5.0.0 final

* The major soname has been bumped to 5.0.0. liblzma API and ABI
are now stable.

* The memory usage limit is now disabled by default

* Added support for XZ_DEFAULTS environment variable

* The compression settings associated with the preset levels
have been changed,they are now less likely to make compression worse.

* Support for \"xz --list\" was added

Sat Apr 24 14:00:00 2010
- buildrequire pkg-config to fix provides

Sat Dec 12 13:00:00 2009
- add baselibs.conf as a source

Fri Sep 4 14:00:00 2009
- update to 4.999.9beta

* only some polishment above the git snapshot I took

Sun Aug 23 14:00:00 2009
- borrow %check section from fedora spec

Thu Aug 20 14:00:00 2009
- update to latest git (5.0 still not released)

* a xz man page (bnc#505969)

* fix data corruption in LZ/LZMA2 encoder.

* major documentation update

* install lzdiff, lzgrep, and lzmore as symlinks

* make the default memory usage limit 40 % of RAM for both
compressing and decompressing.

* fixed a crash in liblzma
See git:// for more

Sun Jun 7 14:00:00 2009
- remove static libraries, see bnc#509945 for details

Sun Feb 22 13:00:00 2009
- added baselibs.conf (for rpm-32bit)

Mon Feb 16 13:00:00 2009
- use bzip payload, so users are able to install new rpm on old systems

Wed Feb 11 13:00:00 2009
- fix devel symlink

Fri Feb 6 13:00:00 2009
- Update to xz-4.999.8beta.
See git://

Wed Jan 7 13:00:00 2009
- Update to xz-4.999.7beta.
See git://
- Rename to xz.

Wed Jul 30 14:00:00 2008
- Update to lzma-4.32.7.

* If \"lzma -t\" is run on a corrupt file or interrupted by a signal,
don\'t unlink /dev/null.

* Partial fix to race conditions where a signal could make lzma to
unlink both the source and destination files. Now it cannot lose
data anymore, but with bad luck an incomplete file may be left
on the disk.

Wed May 14 14:00:00 2008
- Update to lzma-4.32.6.

* Always use 32-bit integer to hold probability variables. Earlier,
these were 64-bit on 64-bit architectures, which hurt cache
efficiency in the CPU, and thus performance of LZMA. 32-bit
architectures are not affected by this change.

* Fix a theoretical data corruption bug in the LZMA encoder. It is
about overflowing a 32-bit integer, whose typical value stays below
five. I don\'t know if it is actually possible to construct to a file
that could make it overflow. Even if it were possible, it would \"only\"
make the output file corrupt so that it is 4 GiB too small; there
are no other security risks. Now the integer is 64-bit to be sure
it won\'t overflow.

* Add support for copying timestamps on operating systems that support
setting timestamps only by filename, not by file descriptor.

* Several portability fixes were made.

Fri May 9 14:00:00 2008
- Revert last changes.

Tue May 6 14:00:00 2008
- ci removed #neededforbuild while mbuild converts to BuildRequires
- bzip2 source to save space (not lzma, so it can be built in <11.0)

Tue May 6 14:00:00 2008
- run the package-provided self-test by adding a call to \'make check\'
- use %configure instead of equivalent configure call with options
- improved to allow building in SLES and non-SUSE repositories, eg:
- replace obsolete nostatic patch with check for static objects
- use more generic wildcards in the file list for manual pages

Mon Feb 4 13:00:00 2008
- Fix installation.

Mon Feb 4 13:00:00 2008
- Update to lzma-4.32.5.

* The percentage shown when --verbose is used, works again. Also some
typos were fixed from the messages printed by --verbose.

* Several small portability fixes were made.

Fri Jan 4 13:00:00 2008
- Version 4.32.4

* Ignore command line switch --format=alone. This way current scripts
can be written so that they will produce LZMA_Alone format files
even with the new command line tool once it is finishes along with

* The command line tool now tells if the user tries to decode files
in the new .lzma format. The message recommends upgrading to newer
LZMA Utils.

* Added some internal consistency checks to liblzmadec, so that it
doesn\'t crash if given lzmadec_stream whose initialization failed.
Some applications using zlib and libbzip2 don\'t check if
initialization was successful, and expect that error gets caught
safely later.
- disable static libraries
- remove that has empty dependency_libs
- do not link utils statically

Mon Dec 3 13:00:00 2007
- update to 4.32.3:

* rare file content loss bugs fixed (did not check for error upon close())

* permissions copying fixed
- testsuited switched partially to GPLv3
- fix library package name

Thu Oct 11 14:00:00 2007
- Fix missing include.

Wed Oct 10 14:00:00 2007
- Initial version 4.32.0beta5.