Changelog for bar-0.20e-27.3.x86_64.rpm :
Wed Jul 19 14:00:00 2017 Torsten Rupp 0.20e
- added test for immutable/append-only files
- fixed manual: --no-stop-on-error
- fixed memory leak if archive is broken and cannot be read
- fixed create/rename jobs: wrong name
- fixed overflow in database if internal id become greater
than 268435456

Mon May 1 14:00:00 2017 Torsten Rupp 0.20d
- fixed huge Sqlite WAL file: fixed starvation of recycling due
to long running internal database clean-up operations
- BARControl: fixed file request dialog when restore file to
specific destination directory
- BARControl: improved new/clone/rename job dialog. Close
dialog before execute the operation
- BARControl: fixed drag+drop of shortcuts in file requester
- BARControl: fixed flickering in progress bars

Sun Mar 5 13:00:00 2017 Torsten Rupp 0.20c
- fixed schedule edit: combo box entries
- fixed removed debug code: trap int3
- upgrade PCRE to 8.40
- fixed download of zlib
- fixed edit server configuration: log level
- fixed invalid memory access with LZO, LZ4 compress
- upgraded LZ4: fixed memory align bug
- upgraded and fixed link mxml: 2.10
- fixed race-condition in semaphore debug code
- fixed possible read-error on SSL connections
- BARControl: fixed file requester

Sat Dec 3 13:00:00 2016 Torsten Rupp 0.20b
- BARControl: fixed SSL encryption. Please re-generate
the BAR key files with bar-keygen (generate now a
self-signed certificate)
- BARControl: fixed delete storages (possible index
database error when entity/storage is selected)
- fixed error message when mount fail
- BARControl: fixed possible widget dispose error
- fixed \"archive-type\" unknown error when edit schedule

Wed Nov 9 13:00:00 2016 Torsten Rupp 0.20a
- fixed restore into original path
- fixed purge old storages by size: may have caused an
index database error if entity was deleted
- fixed continuous backup of single file
- BARControl: fixed type error in archive name editor
- BARControl: clear encryption password if type set to
\"default\" or \"ask\"
- BARControl: fixed default restore path
- BARControl: fixed dead-lock when restore is aborted
- BARControl: fixed server settings dialog
- BARControl: fixed communication error when changing
archives (translation error)

Thu Oct 13 14:00:00 2016 Torsten Rupp 0.20
- added (semi-) continuous backup of changed files
- new index database with much better performance
- support full-text-search in index database
- started basic support of remote jobs
- BARControl: added dialog for major server settings;
support on-the-fly changes
- TLS port is now optional: if possible as SSL protected
connection is establed via the standard plain port
- added option --archive-file-mode: stop, append or
override; removed configurationm option
overwrite-archive-files (deprecated)
- delete empty directories when purge old storage files
- BARControl: file requester with remote file list
local file requester with CTRL+click
- BARControl: added support to connect to different servers;
added connect menu
- BARControl: added unit TByte/TB
- added option --log-format for log date format, standard
log date format is now YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
- improved delete database entries
- separate log for each executed job
- removed macro %last for archive names
- BARControl: removed \"connector\" button in restore tab;
search is automatically filtered by selected entities,
- BARControl: new restore dialog with list, destination
and directory content option
- Added test button for scripts
- added option --mount: mount/unmount devices before/after
execution of job
- deprecated option --mount-device
- added option --include-command, --exclude-command
- added configuration options include-file-command,
include-image-command, exclude-command
- add job option comment: free text comment
- added code-coverage analysis to build process
- moved database file /usr/lib/bar -> /var/lib/bar
- change option: --stop-on-error -> --no-stop-on-error,
--stop-on-error is now deprecated
- create temporary log file in system temporary directory
- improved parsing configuration files: reject unknown
- added option --server-max-connections: limit max.
number of concurrent server connections, default 8
- BARControl: added option --force-ssl
- upgrade libssh2: 1.7.0
- upgrade bzip2: 1.0.6
- added bar-sqlite3 tool
- added logrotate script, support for log rotate
- added options --blank, --(cd|dvd|bd|device)-blank to
blank medium before writing
- BARControl: added abort to load volume dialog
- BARControl: renamed option --index-database-storage-list
-> --index-database-storages-list, added option
- fixed crash with multiple connections from same host
and authetification failure
- fixed max. size for LZO/LZ4 compression when block cannot
be compressed
- fixed init script on CentOS
- fixed possible wrong error text
- fixed possible dead-lock when a specific error
occurred while executing a job
- fixed clean-up duplicate database entries: delete
storage index
- webDAV: fixed race condition in receive data
- fixed auto-index: search for .bar files
- BARControl: fixed login credentials on command line
- BARControl: fixed archive name editor %S, %s, _
- fixed storage of splitted hardlink-entries!
- fixed abort when there is an error when writing

Sat Jan 9 13:00:00 2016 Torsten Rupp 0.19d
- fixed include of multiple entries with pattern: store
- and foo/b.
* if exists
- fixed possible crash when files with % in name may not
be readable
- upgrade PCRE 8.38
- BARControl: fixed typing errors in translation
- fixed memory leak

Sun Dec 6 13:00:00 2015 Torsten Rupp 0.19c
- added user, group, permission to long list output
- fix get user/group name with large number of names
- BARControl: fixed parsing float number with different
- BARControl: fixed edit pre/post-scripts on Windows:
replace line ending CRLR by LF.
- BARControl: improved restore dialog: show failed
entries, show total progress bar
- fixed assert in restore archives
- BARControl: fixed restore complete archives

Sun Nov 22 13:00:00 2015 Torsten Rupp 0.19b
- fixed reading job files with none-LF at end
- try to delete temporary directory also on Ctrl-C or
a crash
- fixed index auto-update: search for .bar files in
directory and all sub-directories
- BARControl: fixed possible null-pointer-exception
on Windows
- BARControl: fixed layout buttons
- BARControl: fixed translation
- BARControl: fixed multi language support (language files
were missing in distribution)
- fixed scanning for .bar-archives: scan in sub-directories,
- BARControl: fixed typing error in help
- BARControl: fixed null-pointer-exception when delete
entity in restore tab
- fixed init scripts

Sat Oct 31 13:00:00 2015 Torsten Rupp 0.19a
- changed upgrade database: do not lock database
- added support to output stacktraces! Press Ctrl-\\
or send signal SIGQUIT to BAR
- improved error handling in database
- always unmount mounted device if init storage fail
- fixed typing error in scp protocol init
- fixed init SSH default password
- fixed some compilation errors when packages are
- added barserver.service for systemd
- fixed init.d-start script for Fedora
- fixed install init-scripts
- fixed --quiet option
- upgraded libgpg-error to 1.20: fixed problem with
pre-processor and newer gcc versions
- upgraded libgcrypt to 1.6.4: fixed problem with
pre-processor and newer gcc versions
- improved error message when ssh login fail
- fixed possible dead-lock in server when file
.nobackup cannot be created
- improved error message when SSL authentification
- fixed compiling ring buffer when no backtrace()
function is available
- removed wrong assert in server.c
- fixed compiling without ulong
- fixed unintialized data with unknown job UUIDs
- fixed unintialized data in database access
- BARControl: fixed number format exception when BAR
and BARControl use different locales
- fixed memory corruption when stringmaps are
- fixed error message for wrong double config values
- fixed exitcode list archives
- fixed possible deadlock in server when started as
a daemon
- fixed possible crash when index database could not
be opened or is created
- BARControl: fixed output of --list
- fixed possible crash when decompress broken archive
compressed with LZO
- upgraded LZO to 2.09
- use LZO safe-decompress, fixed valgrind warning
- disabled test Serpient for CentOS 5: do not use!
Probably bug in gcc 4.1 together with -O2; solved
in newer versions of gcc.

Fri May 1 14:00:00 2015 Torsten Rupp 0.19
- added LZO compression
- added LZ4 compression
- fixed large file support: on some systems large files
(>4GB) could be incompletely written
- do not modify atime of files when creating or compare
archives (NO_ATIME)
- BARControl: added new/clone/rename/delete to status tab
option menu
- added pre-/post-command
- improved crash reporting: include symbol file
- improved logging
- BARControl: added different exclude types in
context menu (nodump, .nobackup, exclude)
- BARControl: added pre-/post scripts
- BARControl: added archive tree view to restore tab
- added \"entities\" for set of created storage files:
keep set of storage in the internal database and show
created backups in a tree view in BARControl
- BARControl: added function in restore tab context
menu to assign storage to some entity
- started localization support (English, German,
and Japanese! Thanks to Satoko Koiwa)
- added no-storage to schedule: schedule just to create
.bid file
- added min/max/age to schedule
- BARControl: show tooltip in restore tab in left
half of tree/table
- BARControl: show number of entries in entity and
storage (tooltip info)
- BARControl: add function in context menu to trigger
a specific schedule entry
- BARControl: improved statistic view of no-storage
- upgraded GMP to version 6.0.0a: fix usage of wrong
code on AMD architecture.
Thanks to Shane for his help to understand this bug!
- BARControl: added option --version
- fixed parsing compress algorithm names
- improved error when reading encryption algorithm from
- fixed matching files with \\ in name (glob pattern)
- improved tests
- fixed delete files via webdav-protocol
- fixed error if entered passwords are not equal
- fixed listing, testing of content in directory:
support pattern matching
- fixed possible infinite recursion when processing
delta compressed files while searching for
delta sources
- improved error output for libcdio
- fixed parsing schedule data
- BARControl: fixed schedule dialog, removed \"
*\" archive
- fixed race-condition in init database (thanks to Shane)
- fixed restore: keep root (first /) when no directories
are stripped
- fixed sending data via scp: close and transmit last
data package
- fixed superfluous output on stdout of ftp+webdav

Mon Nov 10 13:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18e
- removed nice-level in init scripts
- BARControl: fixed selection and storage of
file names via file dialog
- BARControl: fixed restore destination directory
bug + overwrite flag

Mon Sep 29 14:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18d
- fix not closed file when --no-storage is specified

Fri Sep 26 14:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18c
- fixed server network connection wait time in pselect();
may caused network trouble on some Linux systems.
Thanks to Daniel Webb for his help to find this bug!
- BARControl: upgraded to SWT 4.4 to fix a crash on
close when a combo widget is disposed.
Thanks to Daniel Webb for his help to find this bug!
- Upgraded LZMA library to version 5.0.7

Fri May 9 14:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18b
- fixed server start script BAR server for Debian
- do not download epm, breakpad by default
- fix compilation some third party package: m4 required

Thu May 1 14:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18a
- upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1g (fix for Heartbleed bug)
- fixed replaced storage archives in database
- BARControl: fixed possible exception when session id key
data cannot be parsed (NumberFormatException)
- BARControl: fix delete database index entries
- BARControl: fixed possible exception when insert
new element into exclude list, compress exclude list
- fix compile non-debug version without stacktrace function
- install BAR binary in /usr/bin
- fixed install of man-page
- fixed include bar-keygen in base package
- fixed man page
- BARControl: improved error message when a SSL connection
cannot be established
- BARControl: fixed error handling
- fixed free resources when creating image archives

Fri Mar 21 13:00:00 2014 Torsten Rupp 0.18
- added multi-core compression/encryption support!
- dramatic speed-up when creating archives!
- added automatic delete of duplicate index entries when
server is started
- store and restore extended file attributes (EAs)
- improved FTP access: replaced FTPLib by curl+c-areas
- added support for WebDAV protocol
- added support for crash dump tool Breakpad
- integrated a scan-mode which will scan partially broken
archives for still readable parts
- server protocol changes: replaced list of values by value map
for easier extension of protocol. Note: you _must_ update
both server and clients with this change.
- added uuid to jobs
- added custom text to schedule entries
- added macros %uuid, %text to storage name template
- added options --[ftp|ssh|webdav]-max-connections: limit
number of concurrent network connections for server
- BARControl: added time macros %U2, %U4, %W, %W2 and %W4,
added macros %T, %uuid, %text
- BARControl: added file selector button to storage name
- support listing remote directory content
- start support cross-compilation Linux -> Windows
- upgrade gpg-error 1.10, gcrypt 1.5.0, gnutls 3.1.18, libcdio 0.92,
pcre 8.34
- fixed create index: do not delete index which is currently
- fixed output in verbose/quiet mode
- fixed restore: list files when \"only newest\" is disabled
- fixed duplicate archive entries when multiple include options
are specified (thanks to Stefan A.)
- fixed writing .bid file when no directory is given
- BARControl: fixed duplicate job
- BARControl: added insert/edit/delete keyboard shortcuts
- BARControl: passwords sent to the BAR daemon are now RSA
encrypted! This makes it much harder to steal plain text
passwords even when no TLS encrypted network connection is
- improved tests: added special testcode to execute error
handling code in tests
- using gcc to compile is now mandatory (required because of
improved error-handling with using closure like code)
- improved defense against denial-of-service-attack: force
delay for clients with multiple authorization failure
- changed schedule entry in job configuration: use a section.
Entries in the old format are still read, but not created
- avoid console input in non-interactive mode
- fixed BARControl: list storage ignoring case
- fixed BARControl: delete storage files

Sun May 5 14:00:00 2013 Torsten Rupp 0.17b
- fixed parsing of storage specifier (ftp, scp/sftp,
cd/dvd/bd): user name
- fixed dialog text when password is requested
- improved checking host name for ftp/scp/sftp login
- fixed lost string resource

Sat Jan 26 13:00:00 2013 Torsten Rupp 0.17a
- fixed writing CD/DVD/BD: do not write an empty last medium
- improved database index
- fixed parsing CD/DVD/BD/device specifier: last character was
- fixed logging of skipped own files

Wed Oct 3 14:00:00 2012 Torsten Rupp 0.17
- finally: added support for xdelta compression!
Note: integrating this was really a _hard_ work.
- added support for libcdio to read content of CD/DVD/BD
devices/images without mounting
- upgraded used libssh2 to version 1.4.2
- use libssh2 send64() when available to be able to
send large files, too
- added check for file permission of config files. Should
be 400 or 600.
- improved error handling with public/private keys
- fixed handling of error case when asymmetric encrypted
archive cannot be read
- print fragment info if file is incomplete on verbose
level >= 2
- fix header information in sources
- improved logging for not stored files
- support no-dump file attribute, add option
--ignore-no-dump (see lsattr, chattr)
- set default ssh keys to $HOME/.ssh/,
- fix string free bug in restore
- fix file-seek bug in restore
- BARControl: add warning when minor protocol version do
not match
- BARControl: ask for FTP/SSH password on restore if
- added internal debug code for list allocations
- added hidden option --server-debug for automated test
of server functions
- improved valgrind tests
- output percentage info if verbose level >= 2
- output test/compare/restore info if verbose level >= 1
- improved processing speed: implemented ring buffers
for compress/decompress
- fixed compare of images: only compare used blocks
- fixed creating FAT images: in some cases one block was
missing in the archive
- improved tests: added more tests for images
- stop support of Reiser 4: file system is not supported
anymore by all Linux versions
- if an encryption password is specified on the command
line do not ask for another password if decryption fail
- clean-up of BAR manual
- improved console output with multiple threads: avoid
mixing output of lines in interactive mode
- renamed command line option --database-file -> --database-index
- renamed command line option --no-auto-update-database-index
-> --database-index-auto-update
- renamed config option database-file -> index-database
- renamed config option no-auto-update-database-index
-> index-database-auto-update
WARNING: modify your bar.cfg file!
- added command line/config option --datbase-index-keep-time
- set example for log-post-command to (removed quotes):
sh -c \'cat %file|mail -s \"Backup log\" root\'
- fix parsing configuration files: strings must not be quoted
- improved error output when log-post command cannot be executed:
show last 5 lines of stderr
- fixed usage of libcrypt: enabled multi-thread-support
- set read-timeout for SSH connections to avoid possible infinite
blocking in libssh2-code when remote side may close socket
- BARControl: add ellipsis character to menus/buttons which
require further user input
- BARControl: added schedule copy menu entry/button
- BARControl: show tool tip in tree view only when mouse is
in the left side to avoid that tooltip is shown all the
- BARControl: add functions to clear stored passwords on
- BARControl: renamed option --index-add -> --index-database-add,
renamed option --index-remove -> --index-database-move
- BARControl: renamed config option pause-index-update ->
- fixed possible crash in log file post processor
- BARControl: fix abort job. Set last executed time.
- BARControl: fix parsing storage name when login name is not given
- BARControl: fixed cloning of schedule entries
- BARControl: added path selector in include/exclude dialogs
- BARControl: added confirmation dialog when include/exclude entry
should be removed
- BARControl: fixed schedule hour setting, show 00..23
- BARControl: added function to delete storage files in context menu
in restore tab
- added configuration option index-database-max-band-width: limit the
used band width for background index updates
- improved band width limitation: specify either a value or name of an
external file
- fixed scheduler: do not start job immediately again when execution
time was longer than time period of scheduling
- added optional time range to max-band-width,
index-database-max-band-width options to support different limits
depending on date/time
- support external file for max-band-width,
index-database-max-band-width options
- fixed memory leak in server

Sat Jan 14 13:00:00 2012 Torsten Rupp 0.16g
- fix restore: do not create empty parent directories
- fix restoring archive entries without directory part
- added verbose level 5, output ssh debug messages for
level 4 and 5
- fixed crash when archive on CD/DVD/BD/device should
be listed/tested/extracted directly. Please mount
a CD/DVD/BD/device and use the file operations instead.
Next version of BAR will support reading CD/DVD/BD
- fixed memory leaks

Sat Sep 10 14:00:00 2011 Torsten Rupp 0.16f
- re-added option --volume-size, fixed setting CD/DVD/BD
volume size
- added check for Java version
- improved error messages
- do not print passwords which may be included in FTP
specifier when creating/list/restore entries
- BARControl: ask for crypt password when restoring
single archive entries
- fixed URI parser: clear port number if not set
- improved index database: do not set error state when
connection to server cannot be opened
- fixed memory leaks
- back-ported file handle debug code
- do not set index state to error if archive cannot be
decrypted because of missing password
- fix bug in ftplib: listing directory did not close
temporary file

Sun Jul 31 14:00:00 2011 Torsten Rupp 0.16e
- create sub-directories when storing to file system or
ftp server
- fix creating directories: to not set parent directory
permissions if permissions are already set
- BARControl: do not close new job dialog on error
- BARControl: fixed setting crypt type radio buttons with
default value
- save job file immediately after creating a new one
- fix lost error state when writing file to a server
- improved FTP transmission, added patch to set timeout
for receiving data in FTPLib
- fixed possible infinite loop when executing external
command, e. g. sending the log file via log-post-command
- fixed error in pre-defined log-post-command in bar.cfg
- fix losing failure error
- create job files with read/write permission for owner only
- do not print passwords to log/screen which may be included
in FTP specifier
- fixed missing delete temporary file on error in incremental
- fixed adding index of FTP content to local archive database
- fixed string parser: parse \\x as x if outside of \" or \'
- BARControl: fixed null-pointer-exception when server password
is not set
- improved FTP read: try to read all data when the network
connection is bad
- fix CD/DVD/BD write command: must be %directory, not %file
- BARControl: add command to remove all archives with error
state in tab restore
- BARControl: fixed possible null-pointer-exception on communication
- BARControl: improved usability. Use tagged+selected entries
entries to remove/refresh in tab restore.
- add log type \"index\"
- BARControl: fixed list of storage archives when removing an
- BARControl: ask for crypt password when starting job with
crypt password mode \"ask\"
- BARControl: give visual feedback when entered passwords in
password dialog are not equal
- show date/time for directories entries in list, too
- changed DVD write image command: removed sectors, added
- output stdout/stderr of external commands with verbose level 4
- BARControl: added some warnings when selection of part size/
medium size/error correction codes may not fit to create a

Tue May 31 14:00:00 2011 Torsten Rupp 0.16d
- BARControl: fix parsing of ftp/scp/sftp archive names
- fix parsing of ftp archive names
- support for non-passive/passive ftp connections
- fixed wrong free of resources when archive entry could
not be read
- fixed numbers for compress/crypt type: must be a real
constant (self-assigned enum may change)

Sun Apr 17 14:00:00 2011 Torsten Rupp 0.16c
- renamed macro %file -> %directory for cd/dvd/bd/device-commands
- fixed typing error in code when FTP is not available
- added options --file-write-pre|post-command,
--ftp-write-pre|post-command, --scp-write-pre|post-command,
- added option --always-create-image
- fixed creating CDs: use mkisofs+cdrecord
- removed double linefeed for log entries
- fixed log entries when creating database index: avoid
creating huge log files
- only write log file in daemon/server mode
- add missing MacOSX JARs to distribution
- renewed man page, improved manual

Sun Apr 10 14:00:00 2011 Torsten Rupp 0.16b
- fix error handling when password is wrong
- create jobs directory if it does not exists
- enable creating index database by default
- BARControl: fix file name editor drag+drop
- BARControl: ask for password on restore
- fix memory leak when reading archive directory entries
- fixed deinit error when password is wrong
- fixed reading file names which contain \\ or LF/CR
- BARControl: fix discarding first character for archive target cd:, bd:
- BARControl: fixed file listing
- fix error handling when calling external tool for CD/DVD/BD
- BARControl: add year two digits in archive file name editor, fixed
- BARControl: fix enabling restore-button
- improved documentation: added archive file name macros, add more
entries to FAQ, small fixes

Thu Dec 30 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.16a
- fix wrong storage name in database
- BARControl: fix start/abort button enable/disable for
incremental/differential/dry-run jobs
- BARControl: fix tab restore storage filter: edit+reset
- clean-up

Fri Dec 17 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.16
- do not store content of directories and sub-directories
when file .nobackup or .NOBACKUP exists
- add option --ignore-no-backup-file
- support hard links: add new chunk types HLN0, HENT, HNAM,
- rewrite chunk code: add init and done, moved clean-up
code down to chunk code, improve error handling
- fix wrong data parsing in index database for directories,
links, special files
- improved error handling
- fix typing errors in error messages
- improved tests
- added -o as shortcut for --overwrite-archive-files
- added option --dry-run: do all operations, but do not
compress, encrypt and store files, do not write incremental
data lists, do not write on CD/DVD/BD/devices
- fixed --no-storage: incremental data list was not written
- fixed possible deadlock in server when archive files cannot
be transmitted to a remote server and local hard disk becomes
- added option --compress-exclude to disable compression for
files, images and hard links which match to the specified
- BARControl: added exclude list in storage tab under compress
- fixed memory leak
- support building Debian/Ubuntu packages with SuSE build
- fix install: add bar-keygen
- added option --differential: differential storage. Like
--incremental, but incremental data is not updated
- fixed creating parent directories when restoring files:
use default file mask to create parent directories
- fix restoring splitted files which are read only
- fixed typing error in bar.cfg entry \"schedule\": must be Apr,
not Arp. Note: please fix this in your jobs files in /etc/bar/jobs,
too, when you created a job which should be scheduled in April!
- fixed SigSegV with option -g: internal sorting of list was wrong

Sun Dec 5 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15f
- fix SigSegV in string.c:formatString() which can occur on
AMD 64bit systems

Thu Dec 2 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15e
- BARControl: fix exception when running BARControl under
Windows and connecting to a Linux server (file separator
is different on Windows and Linux; this is a temporary fix
which will be improved in version 0.16)
- BARControl: made columns size, modified, state in restore
tab, storage list resizable, too
- fixed wrong BAR binary path in SuSE, Redhat, Mandrake, Fedora
start scripts
- fixed wrong BAR config path in SuSE, Redhat, Mandrake, Fedora
start scripts
- BARControl: fixed some table column widths (automatic setting
seems to be different on Windows)
- BARControl: fix arguments in start script BARControl.bat

Mon Nov 29 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15d
- fix SigSegV when deleting a storage archive from
the database via BARControl

Thu Nov 18 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15c
- fixes for MacOSX:
- fix SWT start thread problem
- use \"java\" without any path
- fix out-dated JAR archives
- added missing documentation images to distribution
- fix creation of BARControl/BARControl
- fix error message when archive file already exists

Wed Nov 17 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15b
- BARControl: fix sorting of columns
- BARControl: fix not working context menu \"exclude\", \"none\" in
status tab, files list, removed debug code
- fix archive file name for CD/DVD/BD
- BARControl: fix sorting of columns in jobs tab file/device tree
- BARControl: fix calculating directory size (context menu in
file list in jobs tab)
- fixed parsing of storage specification for cd/dvd/bd

Tue Oct 26 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15a
- fix compilation problems with LONG_LONG_MAX
- fix typecast in strings.c for 64bit systems
- fix man create install path
- support build service (thanks to lalalu42)
- add make variable DIST, SYSTEM to install
- update download-script: gnutls 2.10.2
- fix typing error in strings debug code
- use getpwnam_r and getgrnam_r to avoid multi-threaded problems
- fixed wrong locking code in semaphore read-lock
- fixed possible infinite blocking in index update (ssh read)
- fixed memory leak in index thread
- fixed test for large file support on 64bit systems
- fixed ssh-communication problem (\"bad record mac\" in BARControl),
improved error messages
- added different BAR daemon start scripts, fixed start script
- enable dynamic linkage of system internal libraries
- clean-up Makefile file

Wed Oct 13 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.15
- added command line option --job to execute a job from a job
file with BAR
- clean-up BAR command line options:
- replaced -a|--crypt-asymmetric -> --crypt-type=
- added option --normal to select normal archive type
(required to overwrite setting in job file)
- fixed ordering of options in help
- added support for CD and BD (options --cd-.../--bd-... and configuration
entries cd-.../bd-...)
- clean-up BARControl command line options:
renamed --job-mode -> --archive-type
- fixed name of option --dvd-write-image-command
- BARControl: fix option --key-file
- renamed command line option --no-bar-on-dvd -> --no-bar-on-medium and
configuration file entry no-bar-on-dvd -> no-bar-on-medium
- set key valid time to 365 days when created with openssl
- BARControl: added tool tips help
- BARControl: complete redesign of restore tab
- added database of stored files to BAR (sqlite based)
- search for created archives in database
- search for stored files in archives in database
- restore archives or single files
- automatic indexing of already created archives which are stored
in file system or on an external server
Note: to use this new feature, you must add the database-
configuration options in bar.cfg!
- temporary base directory is now named bar-XXXXXX
- BARControl: improved pause-function: settings for create, storage,
restore and update index. See menu in BARControl. By default create
and restored are paused only
- BARControl: add destination types \"cd\" and \"bd\", add different images
sizes for cd/bd
- BARControl: clean-up layout, rearranged some buttons
- BARControl: updated to SWT 3.6.1
- create package bar-gui-
*.zip with compiled GUI only
- documentation: renewed screen shots, added documentation of
new options, fixed documentation of some options, clean-up
- updated man-page

Wed Jul 28 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.14
- added command line control functions to BARControl:
--list, --job, --job-mode, --abort, --ping, --pause,
--suspend, --continue
- improved BARControl command line parser
- BARControl: added file selector buttons for ssh keys, device name
- fixed BARControl restore tab: listing path names
- fix C string parser: %s and %S can be empty strings
- BARControl: fixed abort in restore dialog, some clean-up. Note:
The restore tab will be improved in some of the next releases.
- BARControl: fixed parsing of archive part size (job was ignored
when number was bigger than 32bit; now 63bit are allowed)
- fixed display of archive/device sizes: units are G,M,K
- add warning when no BAR server password given
- BAR server: added support to list image entries
- updated manual
- clean-up

Sat Jul 24 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.13d
- fix wrong installation path \"/man/man7\" man pages: now

Fri Jun 11 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.13c
- fix bar-keygen which caused broken Debian package: wrong template
file names
- fix bar-keygen: create bar.jsk in /etc/bar by default
- improved bar-keygen: check if keys exists, add option --force
- improved BAR server: additional check /etc/ssl/private for
- fix some typing errors in manual
- fix Makefile of BARControl: SWT JAR version

Sun May 23 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.13b
- fix assert-error in options -#/-!
- improved test of file functions (added -#, -!)
- fix on-the-fly compiling of libgcrypt: use provided libgpg-error
instead of system-libraries (which may not exists)
- fixed and improved download of zlib: download recent version
- small fixes in manual

Sat Apr 10 14:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.13a
- fix typing error in \"owner\"
- fix wrong parsing of \"owner\" in server
- fix memory leak in server
- BARControl: fix opening directories in file tree
- added epm to download third-party script

Sun Mar 21 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.13
- implemented device image functions: create images from devices
- implemented support for images with ext2/ext3, fat12/fat16/fat32
file systems
- renamed option --directory to --destination, use it for
destination of images, too
IMPORTANT: please edit your files in /etc/bar/jobs and
replaced \"directory = ...\" by \"destination = ...\"!
- verify if server TLS certificate expired; output error
- fix halt on some not implemented functions when
restoring files
- added stack backtrace output in string-debug functions
- fix lost string when directory cannot be created
- added option --owner
- BARControl: added support for 64bit systems
- fixed some C compiler warnings
- fixed creating directory when writing incremental file list
- improved error messages
- fixed memory leak
- improved valgrind suppression rules
- fixed compilation warnings
- improved and clean-up command line/config value parsing
- set socket timeout in BARControl (20s)
- improved error messages in BARControl
- updated SWT JAR to 3.6 (this fix a bug with GTK versions
>= 2.18)
- added 64bit SWT JAR for Windows
- added SWT JAR for MacOSX (experimental)
- fixed C stacktrace output in debug mode: print function names
- added option -L = --long-format
- added option --human-format, -H: print sizes in human readable
format (size+unit)
- added first version of a manual!
- improved configure checks for doc tools

Fri Jan 1 13:00:00 2010 Torsten Rupp 0.12d
- fixed wrong usage of vprintf in log function (caused SigSegV
on 64bit systems)

Tue Oct 20 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.12c
- fixes in configure: fix large file support for some system
- fixes in configure: add libcrypto only if available (required
for some older libssh2 implementations)

Sat Oct 17 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.12b
- added option --owner to overwriting settings for
user/group of restored files
- fixed creating directories: use default user creation
mask for parent directories
- revert error to warning when permission/owner ship
cannot be set if --stop-on-error is not given
- fixed configure check for EPM: do not try to detect
version if no EPM installed
- fixed configure check for gcrypt version

Tue Sep 15 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.12a
- clean-up design of progress bars
- fixed layout of part-editor (canvas widget)

Sun Jul 19 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.12
- disabled -fschedule-insns2 optimization. This cause with my
gcc 3.3 a problem in String_parse() when a boolean value
should be read. It seems the address of the variable become
wrong when -fno-schedule-insns2 is not given (thus
schedule-insns2 optimization is enabled). Is this a gcc
- added crypt password in jobs-storage-tab: password can be
default (read from configuration file), interactive input
(ask) or specified password
- BARControl: added check if JDK key file is valid
- BARControl: improved password dialog
- BARControl: added password dialog when crypt password mode
is \"ask\"
- fixed statics of skipped/error files
- BARControl; added pause button with timeout (default
- added support for lzma compression
- added script for simple download of additional packages
- added support to build additional packages when compiling
BAR (extract packages to specific sub-directories or use
- BARControl: added copy job button
- BARControl: check if job exists for new, copy, rename

Sun Apr 12 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.11b
- BARControl: improved volume dialog: unload tray button
- fixed handling of DVDs
- BARControl: fixed progress BAR for volume
- BARControl/server: fixed writing crypt-type entry (was empty)

Tue Mar 31 14:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.11a
- fixed accidently removed save/cancel button in
storage part edit dialog
- BARControl: fixed URI parsing
- fixed string-error in DVD functions

Sun Mar 22 13:00:00 2009 Torsten Rupp 0.11
- added selection of multiple days to schedule days
configuration, e. g. you can specify \"Mon,Tue,Sat\"
- BARControl: fixed quit (internal threads blocked quit)
- BARControl: changed names of buttons in file tree
- BARControl: added button to open all included directories
in file tree list (green directory symbol at the bottom
right side)
- BARControl: added function to detect sizes of directories;
when \"directory info\" checkbox is enabled and a
sub-directory is opened the sizes of the directories are
detected in the background
- internal change in protocol BAR/BARControl
- fixed some lost strings
- improved speed: inline some function calls
- BARControl: added version number in about-dialog
- fixed parsing of schedule data (type was missing)
- fixed detection of size of current archive (was always 0)
- new scheme to build a incremental file name from an
archive file name if no incremental file name is given:
- discard all %-macros
- discard all #
- remove - and _ between macros
- replace file name extension .bar by .bid
A name like backup/ will
be transformed to backup/
- improved error messages
- fixed debug function in string library: limit number of
entries in string-free-list.
- fixed problem with \"broken pipe\" error in network code
- added support for openssl command in bar-keygen
- fixed generating Java SSL key
- added creating RPM and DEB packages