Changelog for libxcb-image0-0.4.0-23.54.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Oct 16 2014 marked baselibs.conf in specfile as source in order to make factory checkin policy happy
* Wed Oct 15 2014 Update to version 0.4.0: + Pick-up changes in m4 submodule as it\'s better to have all util repos at same m4 level. + corrected return value documentation for xcb_image_shm_put() + added additional format tests for XY_PIXMAP bit planes + changed test_xcb_image to work with XY_PIXMAP with nontrivial planemask + Fixed get_image to handle xy format with nontrivial plane_mask. + added window names to test_xcb_image windows + increased window size for test_xcb_image for usability + Fixed endianness bug in xy pixmap getimage. + fixed some compiler C90 warnings + config: add bug URL to AC_INIT + config: replace deprecated use of AC_OUTPUT with AC_CONFIG_FILES + config: remove old dead code for documentation + config: use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS to create a config.h file + config: add missing COPYING file + make: there should be no attempt to remove any file + make: using EXTRA_DIST for is redundant + make: image is using X11 Protcol headers, so XPROTO_CFLAGS is required + test: move test cases into their own directory + image: use AM_CPPFLAGS rather than per-target libxcb_image_la_CPPFLAGS + Fix compilation when NDEBUG is defined + Check submodules before running autoconf.
* Sun Feb 17 2013 Use more robust make install call
* Thu May 31 2012 update to version 0.3.9
* Add missing xcb_bitops.h.
* Don\'t try to build test_xcb_image_shm if SHM isn\'t available (for example on MinGW).
* Use rand() instead of random() (more portable, for example to MinGW).
* Wed Mar 21 2012 Initial package for