Changelog for libparted0-32bit-3.2-2.13.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Dec 19 2017 Update fatresize from 0.1 to 1.0.3 (bsc#1072479); Notable changes: - Added command line options - New syntax - Added man page - remove: fatresize-0.1.tar.bz2 - add: fatresize-1.0.3.tar.bz2 (custom file, contains build hacks) - add: fatresize-changing-quite-to-quiet.patch- fatresize: Fix getting the device name from partition name (boo#959181) - add: fatresize-fix-getting-dev-name.patch- fatresize: Fix a segfault and assert handling (bsc#1072479) - add: fatresize-fix-segfault-and-asserts.patch
* Tue Nov 21 2017 Fix the resizepart and rm command (bsc#1058667) - fix asking for the partition end for resizepart in interactive mode when the partition is busy - allow resizepart shrinking and rm of busy partitions in script mode by adding the --ignore-busy option - allow growing busy partitions in script mode by default - print a warning when shrinking a non-busy partition in script mode - fix help text printing of long options without short option - remove: parted-do-not-warn-when-shrinking-in-script-mode.patch - add: parted-add-ignore-busy-option.patch - add: parted-fix-resizepart-and-rm-command.patch
* Mon Nov 13 2017 Escape printed device path in machine mode (bsc#1066467) - add: parted-escape-printed-device-path.patch
* Mon Oct 23 2017 Add support for NVDIMM devices (bsc#1064446) - add: libparted-Add-support-for-NVDIMM-devices.patch - add: libparted-fix-NVDIMM-partition-naming.patch)
* Wed Sep 20 2017 Prepare to fix the resizepart command (bsc#1058667) - add: libparted-BLKPG_RESIZE_PARTITION-uses-bytes.patch - add: libparted-fix-udev-cookie-leak.patch - add: tests-check-extended-partition-length.patch
* Wed Sep 13 2017 Make SUSE parted pass all tests in upstream test suite - add: tests-set-optimal-blocks-for-scsi_debug.patch - add: tests-increase-scsi_debug-tmo.patch - add: tests-use-wait_for_dev_to_-functions.patch - add: tests-wait_for_-loop.patch - add: tests-update-t0220-t0280-for-swap-flag.patch - add: tests-adapt-to-SUSE.patch
* Wed Sep 13 2017 Fix partition naming for dm devices not ending in a digit and also fix resizing of dm partitions (bsc#1056508) - amend: libparted-partition-naming.patch
* Thu Aug 24 2017 Drop using deprecated configure option \"--disable-Werror\"- Drop (SUSE specific) support for hybrid pMBR (gpt_sync_mbr label) (fate#317849, bsc#1041322) - remove: parted-gpt-mbr-sync.patch - remove: libparted-ppc-prepboot-in-syncmbr.patch - remove: parted-workaround-windows7-gpt-implementation.patch - refresh patches- libparted: Fix starting CHS in protective MBR (bsc#969165) - add: libparted-fix-starting-CHS-in-protective-MBR.patch
* Tue Aug 15 2017 Fix s390x --wipesignatures regression caused by fate#320525 (bsc#1047031) - amend: parted-implement-wipesignatures-option.patch - refresh: 0002-dasd-enhance-device-probing.patch
* Fri Aug 11 2017 Amend parsing of empty GPT partition names to require quoted empty strings \'\"\"\' or \"\'\'\" (bsc#1023818, boo#1032562) - amend: parted-mkpart-allow-empty-gpt-part-name.patch
* Thu Aug 10 2017 parted: mkpart: Allow empty string \"\" for the GPT partition name in script mode (bsc#1023818, boo#1032562) - add: parted-mkpart-allow-empty-gpt-part-name.patch
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Add a swap flag for dasd/gpt and handle it like gdisk/fdasd (bsc#1044536, fate#314888) - add: parted-mkpart-set-a-swap-flag-if-available.patch - add: libparted-set-swap-flag-on-GPT-partitions.patch - add: libparted-dasd-add-swap-flag-handling-for-DASD-CDL.patch
* Wed May 24 2017 Fix printing DASD/CDL partition flags \"lvm\" and \"raid\" (bsc#1040163, fate#314888) - add: libparted-dasd-improve-lvm-raid-flag-handling.patch
* Tue May 16 2017 Enhance fdasd detection and probing (bsc#935127, fate#320525) - add: 0001-fdasd-geometry-handling-updated-from-upstream-s390-t.patch - add: 0002-dasd-enhance-device-probing.patch - add: 0003-parted-fix-build-error-on-s390.patch - add: 0004-fdasd.c-Safeguard-against-geometry-misprobing.patch - add: 0005-libparted-Remove-fdasd-geometry-code-from-alloc_meta.patch - refresh: libparted-dasd-update-and-improve-fdasd-functions.patch - refresh: libparted-dasd-add-new-fdasd-functions.patch
* Thu May 11 2017 Add support for RAM drives for not erasing them when printing their partitions (bsc#1006834) - add: libparted-Add-support-for-RAM-drives.patch
* Tue May 02 2017 Use latest fdasd/vtoc code base from s390-tools (fate#321531) - add: libparted-dasd-unify-vtoc-handling-for-cdl-ldl.patch - add: libparted-dasd-update-and-improve-fdasd-functions.patch - add: libparted-dasd-add-new-fdasd-functions.patch
* Thu Apr 27 2017 libparted: Don\'t warn if the HDIO_GET_IDENTITY ioctl isn\'t supported (bsc#964012, bsc#1001967) - add: libparted-dont-warn-if-no-HDIO_GET_IDENTITY.patch- Amend patch description: - libparted-open-the-device-RO-and-lazily-switch-to-RW.patch
* Tue Aug 09 2016 Sync with SLES-12 SP2 for bsc#979275 - amend: libparted-open-the-device-RO-and-lazily-switch-to-RW.patch
* Tue Aug 09 2016 Correctly flush caches before reading from the device (bsc#989751) - amend: libparted-open-the-device-RO-and-lazily-switch-to-RW.patch - refresh: libparted-Add-support-for-NVMe-devices.patch
* Sat Jun 18 2016 install_info should run in %preun; otherwise the files to operate are gone already.- Drop with-pic: only useful for static libs (which are not built)
* Tue Jun 14 2016 Detect NVMe devices and fix the nvme partition naming scheme (bsc#982169) - libparted-Add-support-for-NVMe-devices.patch - libparted-fix-nvme-partition-naming.patch
* Thu May 26 2016 Update parted-implement-wipesignatures-option.patch: - Move functionality to libparted (bsc#980834)- libparted: open the device RO and lazily switch to RW only if necessary (bsc#979275) - libparted-open-the-device-RO-and-lazily-switch-to-RW.patch
* Wed May 18 2016 implement --wipesignatures option (bsc#943623, fate#319893) - parted-implement-wipesignatures-option.patch
* Fri Mar 11 2016 libparted: Use read only when probing devices on linux - libparted-Use-read-only-when-probing-devices-on-linu.patch (bsc#967375)
* Thu Sep 10 2015 Update parted-gpt-mbr-sync.patch to fix bsc#945068 Basically just a copy of gpt_alloc with minor modifications now
* Tue May 26 2015 Remove \'udevadm\' from Requires; parted no longer calls \'udevadm settle\'
* Thu May 21 2015 Add note to specfile to remove parted-resize-alias-to-resizepart.patch compatibility patch once bnc#931765 is resolved.
* Tue May 05 2015 Do not warn about shrinking a partition if script mode is used (bnc#929189) - add: parted-do-not-warn-when-shrinking-in-script-mode.patch
* Wed Feb 11 2015 Update to parted-3.2; Notable changes: - Added new partition type flag, esp, to set the type to 0xEF on MS-DOS. Also aliased to boot on GPT to set the UEFI ESP GUID. - You can now choose to ignore errors about partitions that overlap, or are longer than the disk. This allows you to use parted to repair the problem. - When attempting to manipulate a mounted partition, parted now issues a warning that you can choose to ignore, instead of an error. - When creating a loop label, it automatically comes with a partition using the whole disk. - parted -l no longer lists device-mapper devices other than dmraid whole disks. - Added new Linux-specific partition GUID type code (0FC63DAF-8483-4772-8E79-3D69D8477DE4) for Linux filesystem data on GPT disks. This type code is now assigned as the default partition type code for new partitions holding Linux filesystems. - Added new \"msftdata\" flag to identify partitions holding NTFS or FAT filesystems on GPT disks. This flag corresponds to a GPT type code of EBD0A0A2-B9E5-4433-87C0-68B6B72699C7 (\"Microsoft Basic Data\"). Since Linux filesystem partitions formerly used this type code, this flag may optionally be set on Linux partitions to make the partition table type codes match former configurations in case the new Linux filesystem type code causes problems with some utility. Note that this flag cannot be removed from NTFS or FAT partitions within parted except by setting a competing flag, such as \"boot\" (which sets the type code used by EFI System partitions) or \"msftres\" (which sets the \"Microsoft Reserved\" type code). - Many bugfixes (see /usr/share/doc/packages/parted/NEWS)- merge parted-fix-cciss-partition-naming.patch, libparted-fix-mmcblk-partition-name.patch, fix-dm-partition-name.patch into libparted-partition-naming.patch- Add parted-resize-alias-to-resizepart.patch- Add libparted-avoid-libdevice-mapper-warnings.patch- drop patches (in upstream): - fix-error-informing-the-kernel.patch - Fix-help-text-for-disk_-set-toggle.patch - libparted-Avoid-dasd-as-default-disk-type-while-probe.patch - libparted-add-support-for-EAV-DASD-partitions.patch - libparted-add-support-for-implicit-FBA-DASD-partition.patch - libparted-copy-pmbr_boot-when-duplicating-GPT-disk.patch - libparted-initialize-dasd-part-type.patch - libparted-mklabel-to-support-EAV-DASD.patch - libparted-mklabel-to-support-EDEV-DASD.patch - parted-Add-Intel-Rapid-Start-Technology-partition.patch - parted-GPT-add-support-for-PReP-GUID.patch - parted-btrfs-support.patch - parted-resize-command.patch- drop do-not-create-dm-nodes.patch: Not needed anymore since parted DM handling has been reworked.- modified more-reliable-informing-the-kernel.patch: No longer call \'udevadm settle\' as it was causing issues.- add patches from upstream (post-3.2): - lib-fs-resize-prevent-crash-resizing-FAT16.patch - libparted-device-mapper-uses-512b-sectors.patch - parted-dont-crash-in-disk_set-when-disk-label-not-found.patch- refresh patches
* Fri Nov 14 2014 No longer perform gpg validation; osc source_validator does it implicit: + Drop gpg-offline BuildRequires. + No longer execute gpg_verify.