Changelog for libicu52_1-52.1-lp150.2.4.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Apr 07 2016 Add icu-CVE-2014-8146.patch: Add overflow fix. (bsc#929629, CVE-2014-8146)- Add icu-CVE-2014-8147.patch: Fix potential overflow issue. (bsc#929629, CVE-2014-8147)
* Fri Feb 27 2015 Add icu-CVE-2014-9654.patch: Improved checking of regular expression pattern size limits. (bnc#917129,CVE-2014-9654)
* Wed Aug 13 2014 libicu%aversion-data may not be noarch, as it has arch-specific content wrt. endianess [bnc#889837]
* Mon Jun 16 2014 add icu-fix-tests-depending-on-date.patch to fix build see
* Fri Mar 07 2014 s390 is big endian as well
* Tue Nov 12 2013 Update to new upstream release 52.1
* Unicode 6.3: New bidi control codes, new Bidi_Class property values, two new bidi \"bracket\" properties; for other property value changes see the UAX #44 summary.
* CLDR 24: Improved coverage for top 70+ languages, fractional plural rules and forms, many new measurement units, major simplification of collation rule syntax, preliminary version of European Ordering Rules, new relative fields.
* New API for converting between Windows time zone ID and IANA tz database ID.
* Implement support for plurals that depend on displayed fractional values
* Mon Jul 29 2013 make filelist depend on architecture icudt51b.dat - on BigEndian platforms icudt51l.dat - on LittleEndian
* Tue Jul 23 2013 Add missing symlinks and update description in icu-versioning.diff
* Sun Jul 14 2013 Change icu-versioning.diff: Resolve libqt4 emitting a warning that it cannot dlopen Build I18N data as a plain file rather than as an arch-dependent huge shared library- Add icu-fix-install-mode-files.diff
* Sat Jun 15 2013 Add icu-versioning.diff: Treat each minor release as a new SONAME (bnc#824262)
* Wed Jun 05 2013 Update to new upstream release 51.2
* Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 23.1
* Time zone database version 2013c
* Security fixes for font layout and glyph table errors. NOTE: Applications must implement LEFontInstance::getFontTable(LETag, size_t &length) in their LEFontInstance subclasses, so that ICU can properly bounds-check font tables.
* Mon May 06 2013 Update RPM group, description, URL
* Tue Mar 26 2013 Update to new upstream release 51
* Collation tailorings put native script first; non-Gregorian calendar formats are more consistent;
* Date format/parse now supports CLDR short weekday names
* Support DisplayContext for date formatting, locale display names
* Support new timezone pattern characters in LDML spec
* Support for “dangi” Korean luni-solar calendar
* Add CompactDecimalFormat and TerritoryContainment APIs
* ICU50 regression fix: Affixes set with e.g. DecimalFormat::setPositivePrefix were ignored for parse
* ICU50 regression fix: UNUM_PARSE_INT_ONLY no longer handled grouping separator- Recompress to xz to save space
* Fri Jan 25 2013 license update: X11 official license list now contains an entry for X11
* Sat Jan 19 2013 Update to version 50.1.2
* Fix an ABI regression introduced in 50.1, icu bug#9826
* Wed Nov 14 2012 Update to new upstream release 50
* Unicode 6.2: Turkish Lira Sign, improved word & line segmentation (BreakIterator) for symbols
* CLDR 22.1: Data coverage & quality improved across all major languages; new short width type for weekday names; new zhuyin (Bopomofo) collation for Chinese; improved data for CompactDecimalFormat & RBNF
* Time zone data: 2012h
* Ordinal-number support in MessageFormat & PluralRules
* Deprecate setLocale(locale) in PluralFormat
* Dictionary-based break iterators (word segmentation)
* Wed Jul 11 2012 Remove; only run the link updater on icu updates (FATE#313539)
* Wed Jun 13 2012 license update: SUSE-XFree86-1.0 The license (as stated in the license.html page) is not upstream at yet - thus, use this version (with SUSE- proprietary prefix until the license goes upstream)
* Tue Apr 10 2012 license update: MIT and SUSE-Public-Domain This is _not_ IBM Public License code.
* Tue Apr 03 2012 Update to new upstream release 49.1:
* Unicode 6.1: New scripts & blocks; changes to grapheme break & line break property values; some characters change from symbol to Po or No; etc.
* CLDR 21.0.1: Changes in segmentation data to match Unicode 6.1; new structures for support of Chinese calendar, for context-dependent capitalization, for gender of lists of people, for ordinal categories, and for multiple number systems per locale; deprecation of \"commonlyUsed\" element in timezone names; removal of \"whole-locale\" aliases; major cleanups of timezone names, delimiter data, abbreviated number data.
* Support for ISO 4217 numeric currency code
* See for more
* Sat Feb 25 2012 Use shlib policy for icu package- Use proper data directory in CXXFLAGS
* Wed Jan 18 2012 Update to version + Time zone database version 2011k + Several bug fixes.- Changes from version 4.8.1: + Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 2.0.1 + Time zone database version 2011h + Several bug fixes.- Changes from version 4.8.0: + Common Changes: - CLDR 2.0: The CLDR 2.0 release contains numerous improvements and bug fixes approved by the CLDR committee, including much additional data for many languages. - Explicit parent locale support in data imported from CLDR - MessageFormat and related classes (choice/plural/select) have been reimplemented, with several improvements and some incompatible changes. - Extended PluralFormat pattern syntax supports explicit-value forms and offsets. - Utility APIs in PluralRules (get some/all/unique keyword values) - Time zone API to return a list of available canonical system time zone IDs - Time zone API to return a region - Collation: Full implementation & public API for script reordering - Dictionary-type trie - GB18030-2005 update + ICU4C Specific Changes: - Alphabetic Index support ported from ICU4J - X11 Compound Text encoding support ported from ICU4J - Appendable interface- Add unzip BuildRequires to handle .zip source file.- Change the way we unpack the docs zip file: we need to create the html subdirectory first, so we don\'t unpack via %setup but with an explicit call to unzip.
* Sat Dec 24 2011 Remove call to suse_update_config, and stop removing config.cache.
* Thu Dec 22 2011 Add automake BuildRequires that was implicit before, to fix build.
* Wed Oct 12 2011 Drop pkgdata.diff: everything leads me to think this is not needed anymore. Debian doesn\'t ship this patch with its 4.4 version of ICU. This patch was just a workaround in the first place anyway.
* Tue Oct 11 2011 Disable \"make check\" when run under qemu.
* Tue Aug 02 2011 Enable strict-aliasing again since the code seems to be fixed.- Enable make check inside %check.- Cleanup the spec file with spec-cleaner.
* Thu May 05 2011 Update to version 4.6.1: + Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 1.9.1 + Update timezone data support to Olson 2011c + Fix: UCOL_RUNTIME_VERSION should be updated for 4.6 + Fix: Collation Reordering Use Of USCRIPT_UNKNOWN + Fix: Can\'t find Hangul with search coll (usearch doesn\'t handle CE iter behavior) + Fix: ULocale#toLanguageTag() should not supply \"und\" as language when the locale has only private use + Fix: USpoof uses NFKD, should be NFD + ICU4C-specific bug fixes, including: - ICU misparses numbers in scientific notation - detect out of memory issue for Hashtable in low memory situations- Changes from version 4.6.0: + Unicode 6.0: - Supports final version of Unicode 6.0 - New UCA data for collation/sorting, with refinements from CLDR; this data is revamped for more effective use of collation weights, and noncharacters are now handled - Support for 2,088 new characters, including the new emoji and Indian Rupee sign - Fully updated properties + CLDR 1.9: - Supports final version of CLDR 1.9 - The CLDR release contains numerous improvements and bug fixes approved by the CLDR committee, mainly in the areas of collation sequences, transliteration, and available date formats. + Support for UTS #46 Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing. + Alternate number symbols based on numbering system. + Compact collation tailoring syntax for reduced memory and disk footprint. + New collation [import] rule for reduced footprint and improved maintenance. + Fast string BiDi direction detection. + ICU4C-specific changes: - ICU 4.6 requires compiler RTTI to be turned on. Please see the ICU4C readme for more details. - pkg-config files for a standard way of linking against ICU. - Promotion to AATTdraft (from AATTinternal) for most regex functions that provide access via UText. - Regex support for a \"find progress\" callback. - Enhance regex APIs to support full 64-bit offsets and indices. - New regex API to set match and start position independently.- Update icu-remove-datetime.patch to apply without fuzz.- Rebase icu44-rpmlint.diff.- Add pkg-config BuildRequires to automatically get pkgconfig()-style Provides.
* Fri Jan 14 2011 Update to version 4.4.2: + Common Changes: - Update LMBCS mapping table - Time zone data 2010l + ICU4C Specific Changes: - Fix: Difference between Java and C implementation with exponent characters - Fix: u_fflush (and thus u_fclose) not flushing stateful converter - Fix: unum_parseInt64 is not giving proper error - Fix: Missing header files in Windows build
* Thu Jul 08 2010 Update to version 4.4.1 + Common Changes - Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 1.8.1 - Enabled non-Gregorian calendars in DateIntervalFormat- Changes from version 4.4: + Common Changes - Unicode 5.2 support. - CLDR 1.8 data - over 22% more data, with many new locales. - Normalizer2 - for fast, flexible normalization, paving the way for UTS #46 support of international domain names. - Optimized resource bundle format to reduce the ICU resource bundle installation footprint. - Hebrew calendar month numbering improvement. - Finer granular ICU locale resource data packaging. - SelectFormat - for selecting a translation by a keyword among multiple alternatives when formatting messages. - Flexible hour pattern handling in DateFormatPatternGenerator. - Updated LMBCS converter implementation. - EBCDIC converter enhancement for supporting various SI/SO codes used by non-IBM mainframes. - 64bit time zone transition data support. + ICU4C Specific Changes - Regular Expressions support UText - allowing regular expressions to work on large or discontiguous text (Technology Preview). - DecimalFormat support for big decimal numbers. - ICU Plug-ins - for packaging a specific ICU servce as plug-in and calling different versions of plug-ins in a same environment (Technology Preview). - C++ public smart pointers. - Java modified UTF-8 support. - Improved UnicodeString substring operations. - New usearch options to control matching of collation elements- Use %_smp_mflags- Add icu44-rpmlint.diff to fix some build errors.- Add pkgdata.diff to help build on some architecture, see
* Tue Apr 20 2010 In JeOS, libicu is installed by default but it should require timezone package to fullfill all dependencies.
* Tue May 26 2009 Drop icu4c-3_6-src-setBreakType-public.diff: it\'s not needed anymore for OOo.
* Sat May 23 2009 Update to 4.2: + Locale Data: ICU uses and supports data from Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) 1.7 , which includes data for 146 languages, 159 territories, 468 locales- 21% more locale data than the previous release. + Number system support and the number keyword. + Number system override in DateFormat. + Numerics used by Hebrew Calendar date in Hebrew locale. + BCP47 (language tag) / Locale transformation. + BCP47 mapping of LDML keywords. + Encoding selector: Return a list of charsets that can handle the input text. + Simple duration: Implementation of CLDR duration format. + Available/Preferred keywords for a locale (Calendar, Collation, and Currency). + StringPrep standard profiles: RFC3491 NAMEPREP, RFC3530 NFS4, RFC3722 iSCSI, RFC3920 NodePrep/ResourcePrep, RFC4011 MIB, RFC4013 SASLprep, RFC4505 trace and RFC4518 LDAPprep. + Miscellaneous Arabic shaping enhancements. + UTF-8 friendly internal data structure for Unicode data lookup. + API to get CLDR version used by ICU. + ISCII charset converter updates (added Gurumukhi, other updates). + Performance improvements in Time Zone Name format/parse, and in DateIntervalFormat construction.- Remove AutoReqProv: it\'s default now.- Drop icu-gcc44.patch: fixed upstream.- Do not package packaging doc in libicu-doc.
* Fri Mar 27 2009 Add icu-remove-datetime.patch to be more build-compare friendly.
* Mon Mar 02 2009 fix build with GCC 4.4- remove static libraries