Changelog for libblkid1-32bit-2.28-12.10.1.x86_64.rpm :
Tue May 2 14:00:00 2017
- Prefer sysfs exported SMBIOS3 tables in lscu (bsc#1033718)
+ util-linux-lscpu-dev-mem.patch

Tue Apr 18 14:00:00 2017
- libmount: Ensure that utab.lock is always created with correct
mode (bsc#1030763, util-linux-libmount-utab-lock.patch).

Fri Feb 24 13:00:00 2017
- libblkid: Make CD-ROM errors non fatal. Fixes reading of Multi
Mode CD (boo#1020034, util-linux-libblkid-cdrom-errors.patch).

Wed Feb 1 13:00:00 2017
- su: Properly clear child PID (fix PAM local SIGKILL DoS)
(bsc#1023041, CVE-2017-2616,

Wed Feb 1 13:00:00 2017
- lscpu: Implement WSL detection and work around crash
(bsc#1019332, util-linux-lscpu-wsl.patch,

Tue Jan 31 13:00:00 2017
- fstrim: De-duplicate btrfs sub-volumes for \"fstrim -a\"
(boo#1020077, util-linux-fstrim-de-duplicate.patch).

Mon Jan 23 13:00:00 2017
- Fix empty slave detection to prevent 100% CPU load in some cases
(bsc#1020985, util-linux-script-empty-slave.patch).
- Prevent crash on close
(bsc#1020985, util-linux-script-fclose-crash.patch).

Mon Jan 16 13:00:00 2017
- Fix regressions in safe loop re-use patch set for libmount
(boo#1012504, util-linux-loop-reuse-fix-1.patch,

Wed Jan 11 13:00:00 2017
- Disable ro checks for mtab (bsc#1012632,

Wed Nov 9 13:00:00 2016
- Append inverting options for mount. on \"users\"
(bsc#1008965, util-linux-libmount-mount-invert-options.patch).

Mon Oct 17 14:00:00 2016
- Consider redundant slashes when comparing paths (bsc#982331,
util-linux-libmount-ignore-redundant-slashes.patch, affects
backport of util-linux-libmount-cifs-is_mounted.patch).

Wed Oct 12 14:00:00 2016
- Use upstream compatibility patches for --show-pt-geometry with
obsolescence and deprecation warning (bsc#990531,
drop util-linux-sfdisk-show-pt-geometry.patch).

Thu Oct 6 14:00:00 2016
- Replace cifs mount detection patch with upstream one that covers
all cases
(bsc#987176, util-linux-libmount-cifs-is_mounted.patch).

Thu Oct 6 14:00:00 2016
- Reuse existing loop device to prevent possible data corruption
when multiple -o loop are used to mount a single file
(bsc#947494, util-linux-mount-reuse-loop-1.patch,
- Safe loop re-use in libmount, mount and losetup (bsc#947494,
util-linux-loop-reuse-01.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-02.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-03.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-04.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-05.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-06.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-07.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-08.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-09.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-10.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-11.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-12.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-13.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-14.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-15.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-16.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-17.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-18.patch,
util-linux-loop-reuse-19.patch, util-linux-loop-reuse-20.patch).
losetup -L continues to use SLE12 SP1 and SP2 specific meaning
- -logical-blocksize instead of upstream --nooverlap (bsc#966891).

Wed Aug 24 14:00:00 2016
- Make release-dependent conflict with old sysvinit-tools SLE
specific, as it is required only for SLE 11 upgrade,
and breaks openSUSE staging builds (boo#994399).

Thu Aug 11 14:00:00 2016
- Install klogconsole with read permissions (bnc#990837)

Thu Aug 4 14:00:00 2016
- Add compatibility for --show-pt-geometry
(bsc#990531, util-linux-sfdisk-show-pt-geometry.patch).

Mon Aug 1 14:00:00 2016
- Correctly detect mounted cifs subdirectory
(bsc#987176, util-linux-libmount-cifs-is_mounted.patch).

Tue Jul 12 14:00:00 2016
- libblkid: Prevent infinite loop DoS while parsing DOS partition
tables (bsc#988361, CVE-2016-5011,

Fri Jun 3 14:00:00 2016
- Remove --enable-ncurses that is intended to force non-wide
ncurses (boo#978993).

Tue Apr 26 14:00:00 2016
- Remove incorrect --with-bashcompletiondir that breaks
bash-completion, use path in bash-completion.pc instead

Fri Apr 22 14:00:00 2016
- Add librtas-devel to BuildRequires on Power platforms. Needed for
proper function of lscpu (bsc#975082).

Tue Apr 19 14:00:00 2016
- blkid: Wipe corect area for probes with offset (bsc#976141,

Tue Apr 19 14:00:00 2016
- Upgrade to version 2.28 (bsc#974301).
- Fixes SUSE bugs:
- Prevent \"mount -a\" mounting btrfs bind mounts multiple times
- Prevent \"mount -a\" mounting btrfs default subvolume multiple
times (bsc#947494).
- Prevent \"mount -a\" mounting btrfs multiple times when using
\"subvolid\" option (bsc#947494).
- Prevent \"mount -a\" mounting btrfs multiple times when using
\"auto\" fs type (bsc#947494).
- Fixing \"mount -a\" for loopdev (bsc#947494).
- sulogin: Unconditionally call tcfinal (bsc#970404).
- Fix crash while evaluating root of btrfs (bsc#972684).
- Fix and improve function of lscpu on Power Systems (bsc#975082).
- Refreshed
- Performs following changes:
- Wed Apr 13 09:53:21 UTC 2016 -

* Update to version 2.28:

* Many changes and improvements, most notably:

* Now cfdisk, sfdisk and fdisk wipe all filesystem and RAID
signatures when creating a new disk label in interactive
mode. See --wipe[=auto|never|always].

* lsns -- this NEW COMMAND lists information about all
currently accessible namespaces or about the given namespace.

* The command sfdisk supports new operations --delete,
- -move-data and --reorder.

* The command blkdiscard supports a new option --zeroout to
zero-fill rather than discard a specified area.

* The command cal supports a new option --span to span the date
when displaying multiple months.

* The command chrt supports the DEADLINE scheduling class and
the new options --sched-runtime --sched-period and
- -sched-deadline.

* The command logger supports RFC 5424 structured data through
the new options --sd-id and --sd-param.

* The command losetup supports a new option --direct-io.

* The command lsblk allows to sort output by unprinted columns.

* The command mount applies the nofail mount option to

* The commands nsenter and unshare support a new option
- -cgroup for work with cgroups namespaces (CLONE_NEWCGROUP).

* The library libmount has been improved to properly detect
already mounted btrfs subvolumes.

* The library libsmartcols has been massively improved to print
table ranges, multi-line cells, table titles and to support
continuous printing.

* The package build system and code have been improved to be
more portable to non-Linux systems (BSD, OSX).

* The package does not provide fallback solutions for
openat-family functions anymore.

* The python binding for libsmartcols is available in separate
project at

* Security issue: CVE-2016-2779 is NOT FIXED yet.

* Remove old util-linux-noenc-suse.patch
- Tue Dec 1 10:27:17 UTC 2015 -

* enable last binary

Thu Mar 10 13:00:00 2016
- refreshed util-linux-losetup-Add-support-for-setting-logical-blocksize.patch for bsc#966891
Conflict with kernel earlier than 4.4 due to changed lo_flags.

Sat Mar 5 13:00:00 2016
- execute test script/race only if passed force, as it failes for aarch64 under heavy load. fate#318444

Tue Feb 16 13:00:00 2016
- Upgrade to Factory version (FATE #320552).
- Port and add compatibility check for
- Involves following changes in files:

* klogconsole.tar.bz2 + klogconsole.diff + klogconsole-quiet.patch -> klogconsole.tar.xz
- Obsolete patches, now upstreamed:

* util-linux-slash-in-format-string.patch

* util-linux-fdisk-dm-partname.patch

* util-linux-libblkid-overflow.patch

* util-linux-fsck-C_fd.patch

* util-linux-robust-probe.patch

* util-linux-libmount-double-slash.patch

* util-linux-colcrt-CVE-2015-5218-overflow.patch

* util-linux-script-man-doc-misuse.patch

* util-linux-fix-cciss-dev-lookup.patch

* util-linux-fix-cciss-sys-lookup.patch

* detect-sPar-in-lscpu.patch

* util-linux-lsblk-mountpoint-toplevel.patch

* util-linux-lsblk-dependencies.patch

* util-linux-fdisk-l-dont-abort.patch

* util-linux-fsck-implement-fsck-r_fd.patch

* util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch

* util-linux-script-mangled-EOF-big-endian.patch

* util-linux-fdisk-device-mapper-names.patch

* util-linux-script-backport.patch

* util-linux-bash-completion-blockdev.patch

* util-linux-flock-zero-timeout-is-valid.patch

* util-linux-cal-no-terminal.patch

* util-linux-lsblk-inverse-tree.patch
- Fix for SLE12: bsc#956540, SLE12 SP1: bsc#953691, Leap 42.1:
boo#954482, was obsoleted by the systemd update, and skipped.
- Disable last again to prevent conflict with sysvinit-tools.
- Performs following changes:
- Tue Dec 1 10:27:17 UTC 2015 -

* enable last binary
- Wed Nov 11 15:46:46 UTC 2015 -

* Update to version 2.27.1, bugfix release, see
- Wed Nov 11 11:25:25 UTC 2015 -

* Change condition for known fail markers from test for armv6 and aarch64
architecture to test for qemu user-space build
- Wed Sep 23 14:16:22 CEST 2015 -

* Update to version 2.27:

* Many changes and improvements, most notably:

* lsipc: new command

* unshare provides a new option --propagation=

* mount(8) supports read-only binds in one (not atomic) step by

* GNU readline support in fdisk and sfdisk.

* JSON support in libsmartcols and findmnt, losetup, lsblk,
lslocks, sfdisk and lsipc.

* script has been massively improved to be more robust and less
complex (bsc#888678, bsc#930236).

* sulogin supports locked root accounts by --force
(bsc#968733, bsc#963399).

* colors support by default. It is possible to change this
with --disable-colors-default.

* more information in cfdisk

* fdisk provides new commands \'F\' and \'i\'

* cal supports the new options --twelve and --months

* rtcwake supports a news option --list-modes and --date, no
support RTC_ALM_READ and RTC_ALM_SET fallbacks any more.

* Many fixes, most notably:

* fsck: now supports -r {fd} (bsc#903738)

* better handling of multi-path devices
(bsc#880468, bsc#924994)

* flock: improve timeout handling (bsc#926945)

* lsblk: display mountpoint even for top-level device

* colcrt: fix buffer overflow (bsc#949754, CVE-2015-5218)
- Wed Aug 19 21:18:11 CEST 2015 -

* Add licenses.
- Tue Aug 4 20:31:55 CEST 2015 -

* Add %systemd_preset_pre and %systemd_preset_posttrans that will
do one shot presetting of uuidd.service on upgrade.
(bnc#900935#c46, FATE#318949).

* Remove one shot presetting hacks.
- Mon May 25 16:26:01 UTC 2015 -

* Build with --enable-libmount-force-mountinfo the rationale is
identical to the following commit message -->
The default behaviour is undesirable and fragile when using
- Fri May 1 11:30:09 UTC 2015 -

* Update to util-linux-2.26.2:

* many fixes, most notable for logger,
*fdisks and mount

* (lib)mount, add support for MS_LAZYTIME

* disable libmount/lock test to avoid random timeouts

* socat is needed for logger tests
- Fri Mar 13 15:57:56 UTC 2015 -

* Update to util-linux-2.26.1:

* cal(1): do not segfault when TERM is not defined or wrong

* logger(1): major fixes and enhancements

* agetty(8): support /usr/lib/os-release too

* some more fixes, mostly minor ones, see ReleaseNotes

* re-enable fixed tests (fdisk/bsd, ppc64le)
- Wed Feb 25 20:43:28 CET 2015 -

* Update to util-linux-2.26:

* based on the git master branch of util-linux, remove backported
patches (util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch,

* zramctl(8): this NEW COMMAND allows to control /dev/zramN

* agetty(8): supports new option --reload to force already
running agetty processes to reprint the /etc/issue file

* cfdisk(8), sfdisk(8) and fdisk(8): support sfdisk-compatible
scripts; it\'s possible to save your partitioning layout to text
files and (re)use it in all fdisks

* fdisk(8), sfdisk(8): support new command-line option \"--output
\" to specify output columns for --list or print commands

* nsenter(1): has been updated to work with the latest kernel
changes in user namespaces supports new command-line option
- -preserve-credentials

* unshare(1): has been updated to work with the latest kernel
changes in user namespaces supports new command-line option

* swapon(8): supports new command-line option \"-o \" with
the same semantics as -o for mount(8); it\'s now possible to
specify swap options on the command line by the same string as
in fstab

* fdformat(8): supports new command-line options --from and --to
to specify tracks and --repair for broken floppies

* getopt(1): has been updated to the latest version (originally
maintained outside of util-linux) and refactored

* ldattach(8): has been improved to support GSM0710 and intro
modem commands

* logger(1): supports new command-line option --id= to specify
PID (or another ID) allows to specify --rfc3164 or --rfc5424
syslog protocols

* libfdisk: the library is distributed as a shared library with a
stable API and a standard header file

* libmount: provides a new simple API to monitor mount-table
changes (including changes in userspace mount options)

* Fix lack of I18N support in util-linux-systemd (mis-compilation).
- Sun Feb 22 17:15:41 UTC 2015 -

* Build with FULL RELRO.
- Tue Feb 10 15:26:55 UTC 2015 -

* define upstream source for klogconsole to remove patches

* klogconsole-quiet.patch

* klogconsole.diff

* remove openSUSE 13.1 specific eject permissions, did not worked
anyway since eject-fpie.patch was removed

* always call autoreconf, not only for splitted packages, skip
autopoint (gettext)
- Fri Feb 6 17:01:02 UTC 2015 -

* Do not try to unregister an info file ( which we do
not own. Already in May 2011, we stopped registering it: \"do not
register (not provided by this package)\".
- Wed Feb 4 19:08:43 CET 2015 -

* libblkid: care about unsafe chars and possible buffer overflow
in cache (CVE-2014-9114, util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch,
util-linux-libblkid-overflow.patch, bsc#907434)
- Thu Jan 29 14:13:41 UTC 2015 -

* Update to version 2.25.2: mostly minor fixes
(including boo#908742)

* re-enable utmpdump and ipcs tests for all archs
- Thu Jan 15 17:15:47 UTC 2015 -

* Use util-linux:/bin/logger as split-provide,
/usr/lib/systemd/system/fstrim.service didn\'t exist in 13.1
- Sat Jan 10 02:24:25 UTC 2015 -

* Remove from /etc/pam.d/login. By definition,
local logins are always secure. Remote logins actually use
/etc/pam.d/remote by way of `/bin/login -h` (such as rlogind).
This solves the problem that root logins are erroneously rejected
when using kmscon(8) or `machinectl login`, because they use
- Tue Nov 11 10:57:12 UTC 2014 -

* Remove known fail marker for fdisk/bsd on ppc, ppc64, s390, s390x
- Fri Oct 17 21:18:43 CEST 2014 -

* Fix mis-compilation of libuuid without uuidd support

* Fix uuidd socket activation (bnc#900935).

* Remove obsolete sysvinit script for uuidd.

* Remove no more needed uuidd permissions stuff.

* Replace PreReq for obsolete pwdutils by names of binaries.

* Add fstrim service scripts and rcfstrim helper.
- Mon Sep 8 21:04:34 CEST 2014 -

* Install runuser and runuser-l PAM file
(runuser.pamd, bnc#892079).
- Wed Sep 3 16:21:57 CEST 2014 -

* Update to version 2.25.1:

* bug fixes (removed util-linux-bash-completion-blockdev.patch,

* translation updates

* correct support for plurals

* gpt: use real sector size to set PTMAGIC_OFFSET

* gpt: add Microsoft Storage Spaces GUID

* libmount: use -t for type.subtype in helpers API

* erase all traces of the long-obsolete xiafs
- Tue Aug 26 12:15:02 UTC 2014 -

* Always mark ipcs/limits and misc/setarch as known failure
- Tue Aug 26 07:43:16 UTC 2014 -

* fix parsing of slash in the format string [bnc#889934] (internal)

* added patches:

* util-linux-slash-in-format-string.patch
- Thu Aug 21 18:34:59 CEST 2014 -

* Remove hacks for format_spec_file and source_validator
(bnc#891152, bnc#891829).

* Use macro defined summary that passes both SLE and openSUSE
check-in QA scripts (invented by Ruediger Oertel).

Tue Nov 3 13:00:00 2015
- losetup: Add support for setting logical blocksizes
(bsc#931634, FATE#319010)
+ util-linux-losetup-Add-support-for-setting-logical-blocksize.patch

Fri Oct 16 14:00:00 2015
- Fix backport bug in util-linux-lsblk-inverse-tree.patch

Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2015
- Prevent colcrt buffer overflow (bsc#949754, CVE-2015-5218,

Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2015
- do not segfault when TERM is not defined or wrong [bnc#903440]
+ util-linux-cal-no-terminal.patch

Wed Sep 23 14:00:00 2015
- Fix fsck -C {fd} parsing (bsc#923777, bsc#903738,
- Implement fsck -r {fd} (bsc#923777, bsc#903738,
- Add patches to fix lsblk output in some situations (bsc#943415,

Thu Aug 27 14:00:00 2015
- Add %systemd_preset_pre and %systemd_preset_posttrans that will
do one shot presetting of uuidd.service (bnc#900935#c46).
- Remove one shot presetting hacks, it is handled by preset scripts
(bnc#900935#c46, FATE#318949, FATE#317727).

Wed Aug 19 14:00:00 2015
- Add licenses.

Wed Jun 10 14:00:00 2015
- One-shot reset uuidd service to its default state, socket
activation, during upgrade to SLE12 SP1
(bnc#900935#c46, FATE#318949).
- One-shot reset fstrim service and timer to its default state
to run once weekly during upgrade to SLE12 SP1

Wed Jun 10 14:00:00 2015
- Fix mount point lookup (and mount -a) if the path contains //
(bsc#931955, util-linux-libmount-double-slash.patch).

Thu May 28 14:00:00 2015
- Follow multipath-tools partition names configuration
(bsc#880468, util-linux-fdisk-device-mapper-names.patch).
- Fix recognition of /dev/dm-N partitions names
(bsc#880468#c11, util-linux-fdisk-dm-partname.patch).
- Fix lsblk -f on devices with nodes in /dev subdirectory
(bsc#924994, util-linux-fix-cciss-dev-lookup.patch).
- Fix fdisk -l on devices with nodes in /dev subdirectory
(bsc#924994#c13, util-linux-fix-cciss-sys-lookup.patch).

Thu May 14 14:00:00 2015
- script: Fix hang caused by mis-interpreted EOF on big-endian
(bsc#930236, util-linux-script-mangled-EOF-big-endian.patch).

Mon Apr 20 14:00:00 2015
- flock: zero timeout is valid
(util-linux-flock-zero-timeout-is-valid.patch, bsc#926945).

Wed Feb 25 13:00:00 2015
- Fix lack of I18N support in util-linux-systemd (mis-compilation).
(See bsc#900935#c46.)

Fri Feb 20 13:00:00 2015
- Recognize Unisys s-Par as hypervisor (FATE#318231)

Mon Feb 16 13:00:00 2015
- script: Backport new implementation to fix all known hangs
(bsc#888678, util-linux-script-backport.patch).
- script.1: Document consequences of script misuse

Fri Feb 6 13:00:00 2015
- Do not try to unregister an info file ( which we do
not own. Already in May 2011, we stopped registering it: \"do not
register (not provided by this package)\".
(See bsc#888678#c72.)

Wed Feb 4 13:00:00 2015
- Fix mis-compilation of libuuid without uuidd support
- Fix uuidd socket activation (bnc#900935).
- Remove obsolete sysvinit script for uuidd.
- Remove no more needed uuidd permissions stuff.
- Replace PreReq for obsolete pwdutils by names of binaries.
- Add fstrim service scripts and rcfstrim helper.

Thu Jan 15 13:00:00 2015
- Use util-linux:/bin/logger as split-provide,
/usr/lib/systemd/system/fstrim.service didn\'t exist in 13.1
(See bsc#888678#c72.)

Mon Jan 12 13:00:00 2015
- libblkid: Reset errno in blkid_probe_get_buffer() to prevent
failing probes (e. g. for exFAT) (util-linux-robust-probe.patch,

Wed Dec 17 13:00:00 2014
- libblkid: care about unsafe chars and possible buffer overflow
in cache (CVE-2014-9114, util-linux-libblkid-unsafe-chars.patch,
util-linux-libblkid-overflow.patch, bsc#907434)

Wed Sep 17 14:00:00 2014
- do not abort when fdisk -l when device cannot be opened
[bnc#886790], [bnc#893712], [bnc#890351]

Mon Sep 8 14:00:00 2014
- Install runuser and runuser-l PAM file
(runuser.pamd, bnc#894833).

Thu Sep 4 14:00:00 2014
- Disable broken testcase ipcs/limits2.
- Call to sync all three spec files.

Tue Aug 26 14:00:00 2014
- fix parsing of slash in the format string [bnc#889934]
- added patches:

* util-linux-slash-in-format-string.patch

Tue Aug 12 14:00:00 2014
- Split spec file to three stages:

* util-linux.spec: Everything that do not need python or systemd.

* util-linux-systemd.spec: Stuff that needs systemd:
util-linux-systemd and uuidd
NOTE: Not building systemd-less variants of utilities.

* python-libmount.spec: Just python-libmount
- Move bash-completion files to correct packages.
- Add patch util-linux-bash-completion-blockdev.patch.
- Add filter for rpmlint false positive (util-linux-rpmlintrc).
- Add --enable-static. It makes possible to run more complete
test suite.
- Mark newly introduced kill/queue test as failing.
- Mark libmount/lock test as failing (it sometimes fails).

Tue Jul 22 14:00:00 2014
- Update to v2.25 final:

* documentation updates

* translation updates

* small fixes

Fri Jul 11 14:00:00 2014
- Update to v2.25-rc2:

* translation updates

* documentation updates

* minor fixes

Mon Jun 23 14:00:00 2014
- Update to v2.25-rc1:

* translation updates

* tests updates

* minor fixes

Thu Jun 12 14:00:00 2014
- Updated to the latest git snapshot 180b3a7 of forthcoming version
2.25 (using work of Ruediger Meier ):

* based on the git master branch of util-linux

* many fixes (including bnc#871951)

* new Python binding sub-package for libmount: python-libmount

* new library: libsmartcols

* new commands: lslogins, setpriv

* add fstrim systemd timer

* better systemd integration

* DROPPED command:

* cytune: Upstream decided to remove tool untested for years
that supports this old hardware.
- Dropped patches included in the upstream:
*git) Included with no changes
(+git) Included with improvements
(!git) Included with differences

* support-other-tty-lines-not-vconsole.patch (

* agetty-fooled-on-serial-line-due-plymouth.patch,

* sulogin-fooled-on-tty-line-due-plymouth.patch (

* agetty-on-s390-on-dev-3270-tty1-line.patch (

* sulogin-does-not-find-any-console.patch (

* util-linux-setarch-uname26.patch (

* util-linux-ng-2.16-squashfs3-detect.patch (

* util-linux-lscpu-improve-hypervisor-detection.patch
(!b774473, b32488c, 5bd31c6, 0f0c558, 96ce475)
WARNING, INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: \"lscpu -p\" no more reports
hypervisor, as it breaks standard behavior. Use standard output
instead! (FATE#310255)

* blkid-stop-scanning-on-I-O-error.patch (+296d96e)

* blkid-convert-superblocks-to-new-calling-convention.patch

* util-linux-libblkid-ext-probe.patch (

* util-linux-hwclock-drift-check.patch (

* util-linux-hwclock-adjtime-check.patch (

* util-linux-loopdev-dont-clear-FD-at-EBUSY.patch (

* util-linux-losetup-dont-ignore-EBUSY.patch (

* util-linux-sfdisk-suppress-irrelevant-warnings.patch (
- Dropped obsolete patch:

* util-linux-2.23.1-eject-fpie.patch (eject is no more SUID)

* util-linux-2.24-fdisk_remove_bogus_warnings.patch
(upstream fixed it in a different way)

* util-linux-HACK-boot.localfs.diff
(MOUNT_PRINT_SOURCE is no more referenced)
- Ported and renamed:

* util-linux-2.23.1-noenc-suse.diff
- > util-linux-noenc-suse.patch
- Merge Factory changes from

* use nologin from upstream (was added in 2.24)
(dropped nologin.c, nologin.8)

* remove unknown configure options

* remove unused and outdated suse READMEs

* README.raw (documented migration SLE8 -> SLE9)

* README.largedisk (fdisk now supports large disks as well)

* require bc for checks

* Remove --disable-static. It makes possible to run more complete
test suite.

Thu May 29 14:00:00 2014
- sfdisk: Suppress warning irrelevant for Linux (bnc#871698#c49,

Tue May 27 14:00:00 2014
- losetup: Handle EBUSY properly (bnc#869355,
patches from Takashi Iwai).

Fri May 16 14:00:00 2014
- Update to util-linux-2.24.2 (by

* minor man page improvements

* Some minor corrections to the manual

* don\'t connect _DEPENDENCIES and _LIBADD

* fix usage in libblkid and libmount

* libmount/python/ is always a dist file

* cleanup return codes

* cleanup stdout/stderr usage

* minor man page improvements

* -w output not line-buffered

* don\'t report EPIPE

* update AUTHORS file

* Clarify that space can also be deallocated

* Some minor change to the manual

* don\'t colorize \"foo \" prefixes

* use nfs4 fallback on EBADF too

* Some typographical corrections to the manual

* A few typographical corrections to the manual

* add hint to man page

* getopt.1 The usual doc dir is /usr/share/doc, not .../docs

* fix possible hang and other set_hardware_clock_exact() issues

* don\'t wipe errno on EPIPE

* cleanup jumplabel stlyes

* fix ipc_msg_get_info fallback case

* fix ipc_sem_get_info fallback case

* fix ipc_shm_get_info fallback case

* fix memleak in ipc_
*_get_info functions

* A few typographical changes to the manual

* fix minor typos in the man page

* make dirent d_type usage more robust

* add extra checks to XFS prober

* fix logical partition reorder command

* make qsort_r() optional

* properly implement read-only mode

* FS id and parent ID could be zero

* accept (deleted) path suffix in mountinfo file

* initialize
*root to NULL in mnt_table_get_root_fs

* fix minor typos in the man page

* wait for udev

* cleanup, use _PATH_SYS_CPU/NODE

* don\'t abort if cache size is unknown

* don\'t assume filesystem supports d_type when searching for NUMA nodes

* read_hypervisor_dmi only fallback to memory scan on x86/x86_64

* Some typographical changes to the manual

* One typographical correction to the manual

* Some typographical corrections to the manual

* Some typographical changes in the manual

* Some minor typographical corrections to the manual

* improve formatting and wording of man page and help text

* apply \"nofail\" to MNT_ERR_NOSOURCE libmount error

* fix --all and nofail return code

* mount.8 Some typographical and prefix corrections to the manual

* remove obsolete and confusing statement from mount.8

* update mount.8 about barrier mount options defaults

* minor man page improvements

* fix set{gid,uid} order,drop supplementary groups

* Improve the typesetting of the manual

* make dirent d_type usage more robust

* merge changes

* update cs.po (from

* update da.po (from

* update de.po (from

* Improve the typesetting of the manual

* correct max priority in renice man page

* fix minor typos in the man page

* Also flush writes to timing file.

* time from end of read() call partially fixes #58

* no need to skip first time value or last bytes fixes #58

* Fix ppc64le architectures

* Fix --apparmor-profile

* don\'t use kill(0, ...) when propagate signal

* fix minor typos in the man page

* minor man page improvements

* Improve the typesetting of the manual

* wrong version number in check

* make dirent d_type usage more robust

* verify initramfs by f_type, not devno

* add fdisk \'f\' command MBR test

* add lscpu dump for ppc cpu with no cache size

* clean up backport

* cleanup, remove unused lscpu output

* update Py parse mountinfo test

* update libmount tabdiff tests

* use old output format

* fix typo in usage

* more robust success message for --all

* include libmount.h to provide missing MS_
* defines

* minor man page improvements

* minor man page improvements
- remove tty3270-on-serial-line-of-s390.patch (was already upstream
since 2.24.1)
- remove barrier_documentation.patch (applied upstream)
- rebase blkid-convert-superblocks-to-new-calling-convention.patch
- remove util-linux-hwclock-prevent-hang.patch (was a backport)

Tue May 13 14:00:00 2014
- Prevent excessive clock drift calculations (bnc#871698,
- Check /etc/adjtime drift factor (bnc#871698,
- Prevent hang in exact hwclock adjustment (bnc#871698,

Thu May 8 14:00:00 2014
- Modify patch support-other-tty-lines-not-vconsole.patch to
make it work on virtual console
- Modify patch agetty-on-s390-on-dev-3270-tty1-line.patch
to add the missed 3270 support upstream

Wed May 7 14:00:00 2014
- Add patch support-other-tty-lines-not-vconsole.patch
to be able to support console lines like xvc and hvc
- remove tty3270-on-serial-line-of-s390.patch (was already upstream
since 2.24.1)

Thu Apr 17 14:00:00 2014
- Enable socket activation needed by systemd service (bnc#872807).

Fri Apr 11 14:00:00 2014
- libblkid: Drop the broken ext2/ext3/ext4 discrimination logic
(util-linux-libblkid-ext-probe.patch, bnc#864703).
- Drop util-linux-update-default-commit-interval.patch, this tweak
was SLE11 specific.
- Drop umount-avoid-readlink.patch, the patch for deprecated branch
is not active in SUSE and the code was dropped in the upstream.
- Drop sfdisk-warn-about-2TB-limit.patch. Upstream already
implemented this check.

Wed Mar 19 13:00:00 2014
- Abort blkid probing on I/O errors (bnc#859062,

Mon Mar 17 13:00:00 2014
- Merge fixes and features from SLE11 (bnc#831868):

* Detect squashfs version <= 3 as squashfs3 and version >= 4 as
squashfs. (,
util-linux-ng-2.16-squashfs3-detect.patch, bnc#666893)

* add sfdisk-warn-about-2TB-limit.patch (,

* Document barrier option in mount.8 (,,
util-linux-ng-2.19.1-barrier_documentation.patch, bnc#489740)

* lscpu: improve hypervisor detection (,
- util-linux-lscpu-improve-hypervisor-detection.patch

* umount: avoid calling readlink on mountpoints if not necessary
- add: umount-avoid-readlink.patch (, bnc#794529)

* fix file conflict between util-linux and s390-32
(, bnc#805684)

* util-linux-update-default-commit-interval.patch:
mount(8): update default commit interval (,

* Obsolete no more packaged uuid-runtime.
- Add uname26 (util-linux-setarch-uname26.patch, FATE#313476).

Thu Mar 6 13:00:00 2014
- Modify the patches
to be able to disable plymouth if not already terminated due to
a hanging network service (bnc#866860)

Sun Feb 9 13:00:00 2014
- util-linux 2.24.1
- agetty:

* support the special terminal on first serial line on a S/390
- blkdiscard:

* BLKSSZGET fills in an int, not a uint64
- blkid:

* escape quotes in the output

* simple typo
- blockdev:

* don\'t use HDIO_GETGEO
- build-sys:

* add --with-smack to config-gen.d

* fstrim depends on libmount
- chsh, chfn:

* add info about non-local support to the man pages
- dmesg:

* fix --raw zero timestamp for kmsg
- docs:

* add patching process to howto-contribute.txt

* update AUTHORS file

* update links to http // web repository views
- fdisk:

* don\'t care about partition type

* fix printf stuff

* fix usage(), -l []
- flock:

* Change the \'exit status\' man page section to make more sense
- fsck:

* add ext4 to list of filesystems with progress bars in fsck man page
- fstrim:

* add --all to discard all filesystem

* cleanup usage()
- lib/path:

* add path_strdup()
- libblkid:

* (nilfs2) check also backup superblock

* detect alone PMBR

* fix memory leak in blkid_parse_tag_string()

* fix swap-area version
- libfdisk:

* (dos) be more verbose when change bootable flag

* (dos) fix free part counter

* (dos) warn on type 0

* (gpt) add /home GUID

* (gpt) improve and cleanup recovery code

* (gpt) recover from corrupted primary/backup PT

* (sgi) generate partname according to partition position

* (sun) fix end sectors with +1 error
- libmount:

* add efivarfs to the list of pseudo filesystems

* add mnt_tag_is_valid()

* cleanup fix_optstr() regards to selinux and smack

* fix typo in smack path

* remove smackfs
* option when SMACK not enabled
- lsblk:

* fix -D segfault
- lscpu:

* sort NUMA nodes to keep output human readable

* support discontinuous NUMA nodes

* support non sequentially numbering of CPUs
- man:

* Syntax and spelling fixes
- mkfs.minix:

* fix fscanf() format string [coverity scan]
- mkswap:

* fix compiler warning [-Wunused-variable]

* remove cruft from the man page
- mount:

* add note about \"noauto\" to --all description

* correct mount man page default iso9660 permission

* fix man mount page type

* improve -s man mage info

* make NAME=value tags usable for non-root

* mount.8 fix grammar

* update man page ext3/4 mount options
- partx:

* fix --update ranges and out of order tables
- po:

* merge changes

* update da.po (from

* update de.po (from

* update pt_BR.po (from

* update zh_CN.po (from
- pylibmount:

* correctly import from

* import directly from pylibmount in tests

* remove unncessary subdirectory
- script:

* don\'t call TIOCGWINSZ in signal handler

* restore errno in signal handler

* use poll() rather then O_NONBLOCK
- setpriv:

* simplify usage()
- setterm:

* fix -dump man page info
- sulogin:

* use dirent->d_type when scans /dev
- taskset:

* fix PERMISSIONS section of taskset man page
- tests:

* update blkid swap tests

* update build-sys tests

* update lscpu tests
- textual:

* small inprovements to usage and man page of fstrim
- umount:

* fix umount by tag for non-roots
- unshare:

* add more hints about mount namespaces to the man page
- wipefs:

* call BLKRRPART when erase partition table
- removed patches:

* blkdiscard-BLKSSZGET-fills-in-an-int.patch, applied upstream
- modified patches:

* tty3270-on-serial-line-of-s390.patch, one hunk applied

Fri Feb 7 13:00:00 2014
- Add patch sulogin-does-not-find-any-console.patch to enable sulogin
to find suitable console device even if first is not usable (bnc#862078)

Thu Feb 6 13:00:00 2014
- Avoid that hanging plymouth locks terminal lines that is
add patch sulogin-fooled-on-tty-line-due-plymouth.patch and
modify patch agetty-fooled-on-serial-line-due-plymouth.patch
to remove any lock which had been left over.

Tue Feb 4 13:00:00 2014
- Modify patch agetty-on-s390-on-dev--3270-tty1-line.patch and
patch tty3270-on-serial-line-of-s390.patch to handle 3270
- Really do not verify /usr/bin/eject

Mon Feb 3 13:00:00 2014
- Add patch agetty-on-s390-on-dev--3270-tty1-line.patch
to let agetty detect /dev/3270/tty1 as device not as baud rate

Tue Jan 28 13:00:00 2014
- Don\'t verify /usr/bin/eject, it lost the SUID bit and was dropped
from /etc/permissions (bnc#824406)

Thu Jan 23 13:00:00 2014
- Change patch agetty-fooled-on-serial-line-due-plymouth.patch
to sleep instead of sending breaks to terminal (bnc#774126).

Mon Jan 13 13:00:00 2014
- Ensure localstatedir value used by configure is /run (changed to that
value upstream since 2012).

Fri Jan 10 13:00:00 2014
- Add patch
even with TTYReset=no it seems with systemd or plymouth the termios
flags become changed from under the first agetty on a serial system
console as the flags are locked (bnc#774126).

Tue Dec 10 13:00:00 2013
- Update to util-linux-2.24
+ Release highlights (2.24)

* the code has been completely refactored and moved to libfdisk
(the library does not have a stable API yet)

* user interface has been unified for all label types and it
supports colors

* GPT disk UUID, partition UUID and partition name modification
is supported now

* this new library provides PYTHON BINDINGS for libmount;
use --with-python[=2|3] to enable the bindings
last(1) and lastb(1):

* the NEW IMPLEMENTATION has been merged from sysvinit to
util-linux and extended; now it supports command line options
- -present, --since, and --time-format

* use --enable-deprecated-last to enable the old util-linux
last(1) implementation

* the option --discard= and fstab mount option discard= allow
to explicitly specify \'pages\' or \'once\' discard policy. If no
policy is selected, the default behavior is to enable both.
See swapon.8 man page for more details.
libblkid and blkid(8):

* supports LOGUUID= for external logs (e.g. extN and XFS)

* generates a pseudo PARTUUID= for MBR partitions (based on MBR
Id, Linux kernel supports the same concept for root= command
line option)

* supportes new issue file \\S escape code to read information
from /etc/os-release

* the option -L allows to completely control CLOCAL flag

* supports new command line option --time-format to specify
time format

* supports new iso-8601 time format

* supports long options now

* the command is compatible with sysvinit implementation now

* supports new command line option --prio-prefix when logging

* allows to detect more hypervisor types and provides info
about Max and Min CPU Mhz

* supports new command line options --fork and --mount-proc for
pid namespaces

* now wipes superblocks with incorrect checksums too

* supports new command line option --backup to backup erased
data to $HOME/wipefs--.bak

* this command has been merged into util-linux, the command
politely refuses a login.
- Removed following patches now upstream

* eject-scsi-check-host_status-and-driver_status.patch

* more-fix-buffer-overflow.patch

* more-check-for-buffer-size-when-write-multibyte-char.patch

* more-guarantee-space-for-multibyte.patch
- Removed following patch because now pkg-config does that

* fdisk-tinfo.patch
- Refreshed following patches with updating version string

* util-linux-2.23.1-fdisk_remove_bogus_warnings.patch
- Added enable_last condition in case we don\'t want to use the last
binary from sysvinit-tools in future
- Upstream moved getopt examples from datadir to docdir but we keep
the old location because we would need to fix the manpage first.

Fri Nov 29 13:00:00 2013
- Add patch
to better support the first and second serial line on s390/x

Sun Nov 3 13:00:00 2013
- blkdiscard-BLKSSZGET-fills-in-an-int.patch: Fix type mismatch in

Fri Oct 25 14:00:00 2013
- Drop SUID flag for eject (bnc#824406).

Wed Oct 9 14:00:00 2013
- No
*fdisk on m68k

Wed Oct 2 14:00:00 2013
- Safely migrate su config files from coreutils to util-linux

Fri Sep 27 14:00:00 2013
- Add more-check-for-buffer-size-when-write-multibyte-char.patch and
more-guarantee-space-for-multibyte.patch -- check for buffer space with
multi-byte chars (BNC#829720).

Fri Sep 27 14:00:00 2013
- Add more-fix-buffer-overflow.patch (bnc#829720).

Fri Sep 13 14:00:00 2013
- Avoid build require gpg-offline twice

Wed Sep 11 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 2.23.2:

* this NEW COMMAND provides command line interface to setns()
Linux syscall and allows to run program with namespaces of
other processes

* supports new PID and USER namespaces

* provides experimental support for GUID Partition Table (GPT),
the implementation is still not complete and some (unimportant)
features are missing.

* ~50% of fdisk code has been refactored, this task is going to
be complete in the next release. The goal is to have libfdisk
shared between all fdisks.

* supports new \"update\" command (implemented by

* supports new userspace mount option x-mount.mkdir[=] to
create mountpoints on demand

* the support for propagation flags has been improved, now the
flags could be specified in /etc/fstab and used together with
regular mount options. It\'s also possible to specify more
propagation flags together. This EXPERIMENTAL feature is
implemented by additional mount(2) syscalls, because Linux does
not allow to use propagation flags with another options or more
flags together.

* supports new command line option --recursive to recursively
unmount all sub-mounts for the specified mountpoint
* supports
new command line option --all-targets to unmount all
mountpoints in the current namespace for the specified
* the options --recursive and --all-targets could be
used together

* supports new command line options --color, --human and
- -nopager, the --human option enables relative times, colors and
pager support.

* supports new command line options --group and --supp-group to
specify primary and supplementary groups
chfn(1) and chsh(1):

* the commands could be linked with libuser to support non-local
accounts modification (e.g. LDAP, etc).

* the command has been improved to be compatible with procps
version, the procps version is deprecated now, the util-linux
version is enabled by default.

* this NEW COMMAND discard sectors on a device (for example on
SSD disks)

* provides multi-console feature from SysVinit

* provides new columns FREQ, PASSNO, ID, OPT-FIELDS, PROPAGATION

* provides new column BLOCKER and detects blocked locks

* supports new command line option --scsi and new columns HCTL,
TRANsport VENDOR and REVision
swapon(8) and losetup(8):

* the commands prints basic overview by default if no option

* supports new command line option --output-separator to specify
table output delimiter

* supports new command line option --symlink to rename symlink

* supports new command line option --compare to periodically
compare the Hardware Clock to the System Time (based on
adjtimex -c)

* supports new command line options --bytes and --human

* supports new command line option --force to force erase on used
- Removed upstreamed patches (mkfs.bfs_cleanup_64bit.patch-Patch,

Mon Jul 1 14:00:00 2013
- Correct condition for Conflicts of sysvinit-tools.

Mon Jul 1 14:00:00 2013
- Correct version in source URL path.

Fri Jun 28 14:00:00 2013
- Fix Provides and Obsoletes of eject.
- Conflict with old coreutils and sysvinit-tools with conflicting
files to guarantee seamless upgrade.
- Remove Provides and Obsoletes of packages that do not exist since
SuSE Linux 8.
- Include upstreamed patch from SUSE eject package:
Check eject host_status and driver_status when using SG_IO

Wed Jun 19 14:00:00 2013
- rely on systemd-rpm-macros instead of the full thing

Wed Jun 12 14:00:00 2013
- util-linux.spec: remove previously added \"moving-su-trickery\" again
as a su-less coreutils packet is in Base:Build and Factory now.

Fri Jun 7 14:00:00 2013
- util-linux.spec: work around su(1) PAM problems based on su(1)
being provided by both the coreutils and the util-linux package.
Fix macro typo in %post and %verifyscript sections related to su(1):

Thu Jun 6 14:00:00 2013
- Add make-sure-sbin-resp-usr-sbin-are-in-PATH.diff, that is include
the old \"let `su\' handle /sbin and /usr/sbin in path\"
- Provide the new eject utility to avoid file conflict with old
eject package

Wed Jun 5 14:00:00 2013
- Update to util-linux-2.23.1
+ Release highlights (2.22)

* has been merged from coreutils into util-linux

* utils-linux version uses /etc/pam.d/su-l PAM config file for --login
(e.g. \"su -\") session.

* has been merged from sysvinit into util-linux

* has been merged from sysvinit into util-linux

* has been merged from inactive upstream from and Fedora into util-linux

* supports new options --manualeject, --force and --no-partitions-unmount

* this NEW COMMAND prints local system locks and it\'s replacement to very
long time unmaintained lslk(1)

* this NEW COMMAND shows hardware watchdog status

* does NOT EXECUTE uuidd on demand, the daemon has to be started by
init scripts / systemd

* supports socket activation (for systemd)

* supports new options -no-fork, --no-pid and --socket-activation
+ Release highlights (2.23)

* this NEW COMMAND discard sectors on a device (for example on SSD disks)

* provides multi-console feature from SysVinit
- Removed following patches now upstream

* 0001-Test-for-secure_getenv-too.patch

* 0001-include-bitops.h-Use-the-operating-system-byteswappi.patch

* add-canonicalize_path_restricted.patch

* fdiskbsdlabel.patch

* libmount-add-MNT_ERR_LOOPDEV.patch

* libmount-add-special-MNT_ERR-codes.patch

* libmount-don-t-use-nosuid-noexec-nodev-for-cifs-user.patch

* login-close-tty-before-vhangup.patch

* mount-new-add-loopdev-specific-error-message.patch

* mount-new-allow-sloppy-for-non-root.patch

* mount-new-improve-error-messages.patch

* mount-new-use-MNT_ERR-for-error-messages.patch

* mount-sanitize-paths-from-non-root-users.patch

* util-linux-2.21.2-noenc.diff

* umount-sanitize-paths-from-non-root-users.patch
- Removed following patch which otherwise cause to break build

* util-linux-2.20-libmount-deps.patch
- Refreshed following patches with updating version string

* util-linux-2.23.1-fdisk_remove_bogus_warnings.patch

* util-linux-2.23.1-noenc-suse.diff
- Add util-linux-2.23.1-eject-fpie.patch to compile and link eject
with PIE

Wed May 29 14:00:00 2013
- fixing mkfs.bfs to make it 64bit and endian clean.
adding the patches mkfs.bfs_cleanup_64bit.patch and

Sun Mar 17 13:00:00 2013
- Split \"which\", \"time\" and \"adjtimex\" off util-linux

Sat Feb 16 13:00:00 2013
- fdiskbsdlabel.patch:
Fix fdisk compilation on aarch64

Tue Feb 5 13:00:00 2013
- 0001-Test-for-secure_getenv-too.patch:
Current glibc in 12.3/factory no longer exports internal
function __secure_getenv() but has secure_getenv() instead.

Mon Jan 7 13:00:00 2013
- add-canonicalize_path_restricted.patch,
prevent leaking information about existence of folders
(bnc#797002, CVE-2013-0157)

Fri Dec 28 13:00:00 2012
- 0001-include-bitops.h-Use-the-operating-system-byteswappi.patch
Use OS byteswapping macros, this patch is functionally identical
to the version submitted upstream with the exception it excludes
code that target non-linux systems.

Wed Sep 19 14:00:00 2012
- login: close tty before vhangup (bnc#778842)

Fri Jun 22 14:00:00 2012
- Remove pam_lastlog from login.pamd, login is doing it itself.

Wed Jun 20 14:00:00 2012
- add a hack for boot.localfs to determine the devices to wait for

Fri Jun 15 14:00:00 2012
- improve error messages from new mount (bnc#767208)
- backport patches from upstream git:
- mount-new-add-loopdev-specific-error-message.patch
- mount-new-use-MNT_ERR-for-error-messages.patch
- libmount-add-special-MNT_ERR-codes.patch
- mount-new-improve-error-messages.patch
- libmount-add-MNT_ERR_LOOPDEV.patch

Fri Jun 15 14:00:00 2012
- remove encryption options completely as upstream will do that as
well in the next release (bnc#748879).

Thu Jun 14 14:00:00 2012
- fix automount with quota (rh#825836)
- mount-new-allow-sloppy-for-non-root.patch
- fix wrong mount options for CIFS mounts (bnc#766157)
- libmount-don-t-use-nosuid-noexec-nodev-for-cifs-user.patch

Thu May 31 14:00:00 2012
- require binutils-devel because \"which\" wants to find libiberty.a
- remove which-lib64.patch because it\'s broken and couldn\'t find
libiberty.a whithin /usr/lib64
- which doesn\'t need autoreconf anymore

Tue May 29 14:00:00 2012
- switch to new libmount-based mount(8)

Fri May 25 14:00:00 2012
- update to util-linux-2.21.2
- bugfix release
- drop sfdisk-fix-calculation-due-to-type-mismatch.patch
(fixed upstream)

Fri May 25 14:00:00 2012
- build with RPM_OPT_FLAGS again (removed by mistake)

Thu Apr 12 14:00:00 2012
- fix miscalculation in sfdisk on ix86 (bnc#754789)
- add sfdisk-fix-calculation-due-to-type-mismatch.patch

Sat Mar 31 14:00:00 2012
- update to util-linux-2.21.1
- bugfix release

Fri Mar 16 13:00:00 2012
- Fix Obsoletes / Provides for login.

Tue Mar 13 13:00:00 2012
- Enable /bin/login and obsolete old fork now merged back
(not moved to /usr/bin until all problems are solved to
avoid that root is not able to login).

Tue Mar 6 13:00:00 2012
- keep binaries in /usr tree (UsrMerge project)

Tue Feb 21 13:00:00 2012
- update to util-linux-2.21
- new command
- new command
- the command has been rewritten, features:

* supports 64bit ioctls only

* losetup -a does not require root permissions

* uses new /dev/loop-control kernel API

* supports new command line option --partscan to enable
kernel partition table parser
- supports new command line options --nohints to disable hints
about Num, Caps and Scroll Locks
- supports new command line option --remote to add a hostname
to the login(1) command line
- supports new command line options --file to read the log from
a file rather than from kernel buffer
- supports new command line options --punch-hole to punch holes
in the file
- supports alternative location of the fstab file
- supports new command line option --all to remove all resources
- supports new command line options --all, --offline and
- -online to list all, offline or online CPUs
- supports s390 topology description (polarization, books, ...)
- supports partitioned loop devices
- allows to zap partition tables
- supports new command line option \"--type \" to wipe only
specified filesystems, RAIDs or partition table types
- provides new function blkid_do_wipe() to remove all
signatures from the given block device.
- disable elvtune (works only with 2.4 kernel)
- drop patches which are upstream now:
- drop fsck-use-FS-blacklist-for-non-all-mode-too.patch
- drop util-linux-dmesg-fix-printing-of-multibyte-characters.patch
- libmount-ignore-tailing-slash-in-netfs-source-paths.patch
- libmount-fix-chdir-to-parent-for-restricted-user-umo.patch
- update to adjtimex-1.29
- use fdupes to symlink duplicate manpages
- disabled make check for time (noop)
- libraries back to %{_libdir}, /usr merge project (by
- drop cryptoloop support (provided by dm-crypt)
- util-linux-2.17.1-mount_losetup_crypto.patch

Tue Feb 7 13:00:00 2012
- Remove redundant tags/sections

Mon Dec 26 13:00:00 2011
- do not call %suse_update_config

Mon Nov 21 13:00:00 2011
- add fdisk-tinfo.patch to fix build with newer curses.

Tue Nov 15 13:00:00 2011
- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Wed Nov 9 13:00:00 2011
- add libmount-ignore-tailing-slash-in-netfs-source-paths.patch and
fix umounting network filesystems as plain user (bnc#728480)

Tue Nov 8 13:00:00 2011
- add fsck-use-FS-blacklist-for-non-all-mode-too.patch (bnc#728645)

Wed Nov 2 13:00:00 2011
- add util-linux-dmesg-fix-printing-of-multibyte-characters.patch

Thu Oct 20 14:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.20.1
- bugfix release
- drop patches (in upstream):
- util-linux-sfdisk-manpage-fix.patch
- util-linux-lib-sysfs-deinit.patch
- fdisk-dont-shorten-long-path-to-disk.patch

Wed Oct 12 14:00:00 2011
- add fdisk-dont-shorten-long-path-to-disk.patch (bnc#722959)

Tue Oct 4 14:00:00 2011
- cross-build fix: use %__cc, %configure macros
- set bindir explicitly when installing
- (cross-?)build fix: disable build dependency on SELINUX_LIBS
in libmount

Tue Sep 13 14:00:00 2011
- add util-linux-lib-sysfs-deinit.patch (bnc#714151)

Mon Aug 29 14:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.20
- cleanups, bugfixes
- build with --enable-ddate
- add util-linux-sfdisk-manpage-fix.patch

Thu Aug 25 14:00:00 2011
- BuildIgnore pwdutils.

Wed Aug 17 14:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.20-rc2
- bugfixes
- drop patches:
- util-linux-fix-manpages.patch
- util-linux-wall-build-with-pie.patch
- util-linux-2.20-rc1-agetty-fixes.patch
- util-linux-2.20-rc1-hexdump-segfault.patch
- util-linux-2.20-rc-fix-dmesg.patch

Wed Aug 10 14:00:00 2011
- add util-linux-2.20-rc1-hexdump-segfault.patch (bnc#710877)

Wed Aug 10 14:00:00 2011
- add util-linux-2.20-rc-fix-dmesg.patch (bnc#710417)

Wed Aug 10 14:00:00 2011
- add util-linux-2.20-rc1-agetty-fixes.patch (bnc#711240)

Mon Aug 1 14:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.20-rc1
- Release highlights
- mingetty features have been merged to agetty
chrt(1), taskset(1):
- supports new command line option \"--all-tasks\" to set or
retrieve the scheduling attributes of all the tasks (threads)
for a given PID
- supports new command line options: --clear, --console-on,
- -console-off, --ctime, --decode, --facility=,
- -level=, --show-delta, --notime, --kernel and
- -userspace
- improved dialogs to be more user-friendly
findmnt(8), partx(8), lsblk(8)
- support new command line option \"--pairs\" to enable
key=\"value\" output format
- supports new command line options \"--poll\" and \"--timeout\" to
monitor /proc/self/mountinfo changes
- supports human-readable scheduling class names, for example:
ionice -c best-effort $PID
- supports new command line option \"-q \" to use
- supports real-time signals in formats RT, RTMIN+ and
- supports new columns
- supports new command line option \"-D\" to print device discard
- improved support for s390 boxes
- supports minix version 3
- this set of deprecated utils has been REMOVED
- support new command line option \"--timeout\" to specify write
timeout to terminals in seconds.
- add util-linux-fix-manpages.patch
- add util-linux-wall-build-with-pie.patch
- package /sbin/rcuuidd

Tue May 3 14:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.19.1
- numerous bugfixes, including (bnc#690486 and bnc#690488)
- drop umount-by-imgname.patch (merged upstream)
- cleanup: do not register (not provided by
this package)

Thu Apr 14 14:00:00 2011
- merge util-linux-2.17.1-losetup-honor-documented-c-option and

Mon Feb 21 13:00:00 2011
- add umount-by-imgname.patch (bnc#666161)

Thu Feb 10 13:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.19
- uuid fixes
- cleanups, documentation and translation updates
- drop util-linux-2.19-rc1-loop-offset.diff (fixed in upstream, by
different patch)

Wed Jan 26 13:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.19-rc3
- bugfixes

Tue Jan 25 13:00:00 2011
- don\'t mess with /etc/mtab in %post. aaa_base does that for us

Fri Jan 21 13:00:00 2011
- fix parsing offset= followed by more options (bnc#666150)

Tue Jan 18 13:00:00 2011
- fix bnc#664873

Thu Jan 6 13:00:00 2011
- update to util-linux-2.19-rc1
- important changes:

* lsblk(8):
- this NEW COMMAND lists information about all or selected block
devices in tree-like format.

* partx(8):
- this command has been rewritten to use libblkid for partition
tables parsing. It supports aix, bsd, dos, gpt, mac, minix,
sgi, solaris_x86, sun, ultrix and unixware now.
- supports new command line option \"--show\" to list partitions in
new format
- prints UUID and name for GPT and mac partitions

* findmnt(8):
- supports new command line option \"--submounts\" to list all
submounts for selected mountpoint(s)

* agetty(8):
- supports new command line options \"-c\" and \"-s\" to reuse
already initialized tty cflags and existing baud rate

* mount(8), umount(8):
- could be linked with libmount (--enable-libmount-mount) to
manage userspace mount options outside /etc/mtab on systems
where the file is a symlink to /proc/mounts. (EXPERIMENTAL,
enabled in openSUSE package)

* losetup(8), mount(8):
- uses /sys/dev/block//loop/backing_file rather than
loopdev ioctls (requires kernel >= 2.6.37)

* fsck(8):
- supports new command line option \"-l\" to lock whole-disk device
by exclusive flock(2). This option is recommended when more
fsck(8) instances are executed in the same time.

* rtcwake(8):
- supports new mode \"show\" to print the current RTC alarm time

* fstrim(8):
- this NEW COMMAND allows to discard unused blocks on a mounted
filesystem (wrapper for FITRIM ioctl)

* swapon(8):
- supports new options \"discard\" and \"nofail\"
- in post, replace /etc/mtab with a symlink to /proc/mounts/self
- drop following patches (in upstream)
- util-linux-swapon-btrfs-limitations
- util-linux-agetty-s-option.patch
- util-linux-fsck-l-option.patch
- util-linux-2.18-no-canonicalize-fix.patch
- util-linux-swapon-canonicalize-swap-device.patch
- fix uuidd Summary and Description
- build with --enable-libmount-mount (new option)
- use set_permissions macros
- run spec-cleaner

Tue Dec 14 13:00:00 2010
- add util-linux-swapon-canonicalize-swap-device.patch

Thu Dec 2 13:00:00 2010
- mount: don\'t canonicalize \"spec\" with --no-canonicalize option

Thu Dec 2 13:00:00 2010
- add Provides: util-linux(fake+no-canonicalize) [bnc#651598]

Tue Nov 30 13:00:00 2010
- update util-linux-2.17.1-mount_losetup_crypto.patch (bnc#655804)

Fri Nov 26 13:00:00 2010
- add Provides: fsck-with-dev-lock

Thu Nov 25 13:00:00 2010
- add \'fsck -l\' option needed for systemd

Tue Nov 16 13:00:00 2010
- disable silent rules

Thu Nov 11 13:00:00 2010
- add \'agetty\' -s option needed for systemd\'s serial console setup

Tue Sep 28 14:00:00 2010
- uuidd rc file already creates /var/run/uuidd, mark it as %ghost
in spec file.

Fri Jul 9 14:00:00 2010
- update to util-linux-ng-2.18
- do not provide rdev, ramsize, vidmode and rootflags commands
- fdisk does not use cylinders as display units by default
- libmount: new library; its API is still officially unstable
- new commands: findmnt, fsfreeze, swaplabel
- blkid: new option \"-i\" to print I/O limits
- full release notes:
- update to adjtimex-1.28
- update to which-2.20
- drop util-linux-2.14.1-mount_skip_sync.patch (fixed upstream)
- drop util-linux-addpart-use-atoll.patch (fixed upstream)
- drop util-linux-mount-detect-ro-mount.patch (fixed upstream)
- drop adjtimex-1.20-nosyscall.diff (fixed upstream)
- cleanup specfile a bit

Mon Jun 28 14:00:00 2010
- use %_smp_mflags

Thu Jun 24 14:00:00 2010
- document btrfs limitation with swapfiles (bnc#616617)

Tue Jun 22 14:00:00 2010
- hppa specific binaries are parisc{,32,64}

Tue Jun 1 14:00:00 2010
- do not run uuidd as root, but uuidd:uuidd (bnc#604168)

Fri May 28 14:00:00 2010
- add util-linux-mount-detect-ro-mount.patch (bnc#481123)

Tue May 11 14:00:00 2010
- add util-linux-addpart-use-atoll.patch (bnc#603328)

Tue Apr 6 14:00:00 2010
- update to version 2.17.2
- fix small typo in v2.17.1-ReleaseNotes
- fix -b fdisk
- fix typo in ionice
- fix display of device size, fix infinite loop when probe chain
bails out early, more robust minix probing, remove \"0x\" prefix
from DRBD UUID, reset BLKID_TINY_DEV flag in
blkid_probe_set_device, support alignment_offset=-1 in libblkid
- fix cpuid opcode detection in lscpu
- more explicitly explain fstab usage in mount.8, posix option
of vfat is obsolete, properly ignore comments in
/etc/filesystems in mount
- update ja.po, pl.po, update vi.po
- remove \" (deleted)\" from filenames from /proc/swaps
- cleanup usage() and man page of wipefs

Thu Mar 11 13:00:00 2010
- Properly honor documented -c option (bnc#583677)

Tue Mar 2 13:00:00 2010
- drop freeramdisk (bnc#584565)
- drop hostid (bnc#584562)

Tue Feb 23 13:00:00 2010
- new version 2.17.1
- new commands: wipefs, unshare, fallocate
- fdisk: DOS-compatible mode marked deprecated
- honor nofail option in fsck
- libblkid overhaul
- lots of bug fixes
- fix self-obsoletes
- compile suid programs using -fpie
- drop -DCONFIG_SMP for s390 as it doesn\'t seem to be used anyways

Sun Dec 13 13:00:00 2009
- add baselibs.conf as a source

Sun Dec 6 13:00:00 2009
- enabled parallel build

Mon Nov 30 13:00:00 2009
- exclude sparc correctly -> %sparc bnc#559180

Sun Nov 15 13:00:00 2009
- refreshed patches with fuzz=0

Mon Oct 26 13:00:00 2009
- fsck during boot up fails with Too many open files [bnc#503008]

Tue Oct 20 14:00:00 2009
- fix typo in baselibs.conf change

Tue Oct 13 14:00:00 2009
- Fix requires of 32-bit devel packages.

Tue Sep 29 14:00:00 2009
- finaly remove the mount mtab locking patch:

* util-linux-2.14.1-mount_race.patch
It causes too much regressions.

Mon Jul 13 14:00:00 2009
- update to final 2.16 release
- fix libdir issues in pkgconfig files
- fix location of uuidd run directory
- improve libuuid handling if uuidd is installed but not setuid
- add blkid.conf file to:
- disable the sequential /dev scanner
- move cache to /dev/ to get file out of /etc
and prevent the cache file to survive a reboot

Wed Jul 8 14:00:00 2009
- added baselibs.conf for libblkid
* and libuuid

Sun Jun 28 14:00:00 2009
- update to version 2.16
- switch from libvolume_id to new libblkid
- provide fsck
- provide libblkid
- provide libuuid
- provide setarch
- provide separate uuidd package
- remove patches:
util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu_add_hypervisor_detection.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.14.1-lscpu_sysroot_option.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.14.1-sys-utils_lscpu_exit.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.14.2-schedutils_fix_email.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.12r-fdisk_cyl.patch (upstream)
util-linux-2.14.1-mount_swap_pagesize.patch (--fixpg option)
util-linux-2.14.2-schedutils_ionice_enosys.patch (-t option)
util-linux-2.14.1-hwclock_adjust_and_hctosys.patch (--systz)

Thu Apr 16 14:00:00 2009
- Move /usr/sbin/adjtimex to /sbin/adjtimex to be able to check the
kernel time variables even without /usr mounted