Changelog for translation-update-upstream-20180426-73.2.noarch.rpm :

* Wed May 02 2018 Improve meson/ninja domain detection (boo#1091307).
* Fri Apr 27 2018 Implement support for meson/ninja build system (fixes missing translations in nautilus, bsc#1087076,,, translation-update-upstream-embedded.patch).- Update to version 20180426:
* Update for translation-update-upstream fixes (bsc#1087076).
* Correct files from meson/ninja based builds.
* Tue Apr 10 2018 Update to version 20180410:
* Reflect latest package updates (e. g. gtk3, bsc#1087126).
* Update for translation-update-upstream fixes (bsc#1086036#c13).
* Package is now SLE 15 specific. Update
*.tlst to exclude openSUSE-only packages.- Configure upstream-collect.conf to SLE 15.
* Mon Apr 09 2018 Update to version 20180313.2:
* Add upstream eiciel to misc.tlst, remove merged downstream from lcn-sle.tlst.
* Update eiciel (bsc#1087321).
* Wed Mar 28 2018 Refresh gdm after dropping of gdm-nb-translations.patch (bump version to 20180313.1, boo#1087338).
* Tue Mar 13 2018 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest Factory snapshot (version 20180313).-
* Use latest branches.
* Add code matching NetworkManager plugins (bsc#989505).- create-tlst.conf: Switch to x86_64.- misc.tlst:
* Add firewalld (bsc#1082309, bsc#1081815, bsc#1081623, bsc#1081625, bsc#1081823).
* Add virt-manager (bsc#1081541).- lcn-sle.tlst: Remove dropped packages.- Remove more macros in rpmprep.
* Fri Aug 21 2015 supplementary script: Prevent plural form clash in case of additions only (bsc#894913).
* Thu Sep 04 2014 supplementary script: Fixed inverted po file age check (bnc#889513).- Add support for udisks.- Reset translation tarballs: use only packaged translations.
* Tue May 06 2014 New supplementary script: that creates statistics of translation completeness.- Merge latest fixes from SLE11 SP3:
* Re-add all strings lost after removal from upstream (bnc#807817#c15).
* Do incremental update by default to prevent loss of strings removed from upstream (bnc#807817#c15).
* Fix errors in debug mode.- Merge latest fixes from SLE11 SP3:
* rewrote to include strings from gnome-patch-translation (bnc#807817, bnc#811265).
* Fri Apr 25 2014 Only process PO header in msgheadermerge
* Wed Apr 23 2014 speed up msgheadermerge by factor 20-25
* Wed Mar 13 2013 Supplementary scripts update:
* GTP: Update to the new GTP web engine.
* Fri Mar 08 2013 Remove file that comes from GTP (bnc#808436).
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Improve supplementary script to fit well for SLE, openSUSE and SLE service packs.
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest 12.3 snapshot.
* Thu Jan 24 2013 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest Factory snapshot.- Supplementary scripts improvements:
* Validate all imported po files before merge.
* Try harder to make plural forms consistent.
* Collect full translations of all projects.
* Create a domain map.
* Added a script that makes possible to prepare translations for post-install translation-update package.
* Support for pending translation fixes.
* \"static\" method for update from attached tarball (needed if upstream disappeared)
* Mon Aug 06 2012 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest 12.2 snapshot.- Reflect migration of LCN from Berlios to Supplementary scripts fix:
* Fixed name of archive.
* Integrate strings from SLE11 SP2.
* Mon Feb 13 2012 patch license to follow standard
* Tue Oct 18 2011 Supplementary scripts improvement:
* Fixed partial mandatory update.
* Fri Oct 14 2011 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest Factory.- Supplementary scripts improvement:
* Keep pot file in place, so \"true\" can be used as a pot generator.
* Wed Sep 07 2011 Supplementary scripts improvements:
* Support for pot-only run (COLLECT_UPSTREAM=false).
* Implemented check for possible strings in patches.
* Support for import of strings from different gettext domain.
* Allow to skip time consuming update by setting SKIP_TUU=true.
* Thu Jul 07 2011 Don\'t process .reduced.po files from GTP (bnc#703739).
* Fri Jun 24 2011 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest Factory.- COPYING file update.
* Tue May 24 2011 fake %find_lang as if the translations are provided by the packages
* Wed Feb 23 2011 Added translations for more packages (bnc#673924).- Supplementary scripts improvements:
* Improved support for partial translations update.
* Added support for parallel processing of po files.
* Do not generate empty new translations.
* Use gettext-tools instead of sed hacks.
* Mon Feb 14 2011 Updated strings from the latest upstream translations and for the latest Factory.
* Tue Dec 14 2010 Validate locales and remove invalid ones (bnc#658999).
* Mon Jun 14 2010 Fixes of build failures:
* Edit configure
* only if po/LINGUAS does not exist.
* Support LINGUAS list in a single line.- Added the latest upstream and LCN strings.
* Fri Jun 04 2010 Added the latest upstream and LCN strings.- Ported fixes from SLE11-SP1:
* Added support for custom pot generator.
* Implemented suppport for LCN as a translation source.
* Implemented mandatory sources with absolute precedence.
* Symlinks to the new name: translation-update-tool.
* Updated translation sources.
* Tue Feb 02 2010 Use dummy tarball before version freeze.- Migration of servers from Novell Forge to Berlios.- Supports newer version of cgit.- Support for multiple osc sources.- Support for extracting new and changed strings for review.- Never overwrite strings by po file with older time stamp.
* Tue Oct 27 2009 Added several more packages.- Fixed errors if one package has updates on more servers.- Do not interfere with gnome-patch-translation (bnc#517629#c17).- Added translation-update-upstream-embedded script (src rpm only).
* Fri Oct 09 2009 Updated for the latest Factory and collected fresh translations.- Fixed bugs in merge that caused lost strings (bnc#517629#c12).- Implemented git, git web and GNOME Translation Project support.- GNOME SVN is obsolete, migrate to GNOME Translation Project.- Fixed for new RPM.- Support for multiple domains in a single package.- Generate non-volatile POT time stamps (bnc#489139).- Ignore update if it is older than the package.
* Thu Mar 26 2009 Reset mostly outdated translations until next freeze.