Changelog for carla-devel-1.9.12+git20181025.cbd3ef95-lp150.122.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Nov 27 2018 Edgar Aichinger - spec: update application URL- spec, package meta: update description
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Edgar Aichinger - spec: define provides-exclude for internal
* Mon Nov 12 2018 Edgar Aichinger - updated carla-systemlibs.patch to current sources- removed carla.libjack-soversion.patch (workaround for a past link problem, not needed anymore)
* Thu Nov 08 2018 Edgar Aichinger - updated to 2.0-RC2 (aka 1.9.12)
* reenabled fluidsynth support
* Thu Sep 27 2018 Edgar Aichinger - updated to 2.0-RC1 (aka 1.9.11)
* removed fluidsynth support temporarily (API changed)
* removed carla.libjack-soversion.patch and carla-systemlibs.patch temporarily, will update these as needed in near future
* Thu Aug 09 2018 fiddled with _service to include the git submodule (\"native external plugins\")- major spec file cleanup (remove rdflib bcond, adjust BuildRequires to utilize pkgconfig () etc.- now carla\'s own GUI uses Qt5 instead of Qt4
* Sat Aug 04 2018 Update to version 1.9.9+git20180721.c03571a9:
* Forgot to bump version in a script
* Bump version to beta7
* Update submodule
* Don\'t show option regarding qutting carla in carla plugin settings
* Don\'t show quit confirmation dialog when running as plugin
* More aggressive hacks around linuxsampler
* Fix spelling
* Fix SharedResourcePointer includes
* Allow CarlaMutex to be constructed on the heap
* Minor compiler warning fix + Add confirmation dialog for quitting Carla + Add confirmation dialog for \"Remove All\" and \"New File\" actions + Add internal MIDI Channel A/B plugin + Add semitones parameter to internal midi-transpose plugin + Implement move up/down plugins in rack (right-click menu) + Implement LV2 UI port notifications to feedback messages to UI + Implement more libjack stubs, Catia now loads inside Carla :) + Transport controls are now considered stable and always enabled, no longer in experimental settings + Disable ableton-link and audio kits search UI elements if not built/enabled + Do not capture logs if running in nogui mode + Do not use or check for kVstParameterUsesIntegerMinMax VST property + Do not lockup on close in case audio driver stops working + Export LV2 window is now a simple combo-box, making it more usable + Save plugin author name in exported LV2 plugin + Increase polling rate for non-gui mode (30 Hz), fixes slow OSC handling + Fix mouse position offset of Carla-embed mouse events + Fix processing of internal plugins with multi MIDI inputs + Fix crash when closing a session containing bridges with Ctrl+C + Fix patchbay/graph to work with variable buffer sizes + Fix some issues regarding integer parameter control + Fix controlling logarithmic parameters with MIDI CC + Fix \"MIDI CC 0x01\" not selectable in some systems + Fix loading of VST plugin parameters and LV2 state for plugin bridges + Fix carla-single usage under ladish + Fix file dialog filter of the internal MIDI file plugin
* Wed Feb 28 2018 Drop liblinuxsampler-devel BuildRequires: linuxsamplerate was identified to have an exception clause on their \'gpl license\' that makes it non-free (non-commercial exception).
* Mon Nov 20 2017 added carla.libjack-soversion.patch (removes soversion from private removed unneeded explicit BuildRequires: jack-devel,
* Wed Nov 15 2017 Update to version 1.9.7+git20171111.5b97ec1e
* removed carla-buildcompare.patch, not needed anymore
* updated carla-systemlibs.patch so it applies to current source
* Fri Aug 11 2017 remove carla-gcc7.patch - being a failed attempt to fix 32bit compilation
* Thu Aug 10 2017 Wipe __DATE__/__TIME with carla-buildcompare.patch- Fix build with carla-gcc7.patch- Use system flac/vorbis/ogg with carla-systemlibs.patch- ExclusiveArch x86_64 until i386 is fixed
* Fri Jul 07 2017 Add missing runtime dependency on PyQt4
* Fri Jun 16 2017 Remove override of pyuic4
* Tue Mar 28 2017 ExclusiveArch Intel
* Fri Feb 24 2017 Update to version 1.9.7+git20170124.9ff1711b:
* Remove (unused) usage of pyqtWrapperType
* Sun Feb 05 2017 Trim irrelevant parts from description
* Tue Jan 17 2017 change mode from localonly to disabled in _service- fix build on nonx86
* Mon Aug 15 2016 Update to 1.9.6+git20160801.e07f144 + Fix build with gcc6
* Mon Mar 07 2016 Update to version 1.9.6+git20160305.f8933f9: + Update zynaddsubfx + Add carla-patchbay-vst 16 channel variant + Give a name to the patchbay internal ports; Cleanup + Add ZebraHZ to the list of u-he workarounds + Try to avoid denormals for plugin bridges + Fix build + Update juce + Fix for nasty&weird mingw compiler error + Update zynaddsubfx Fixes #368 + Remove mverb as internal plugin Having GPLv3 as license makes carla itself GPLv3. Let\'s keep Carla at GPLv2+ please :) (a single simple plugin is not worth the \"upgrade\") + Update DPF based modules + Update DPF based plugins (only minor misc changes)
* Sat Jan 30 2016 some more spec file cleanup + removed unneeded buildreqs and reordered the remaining ones for readability
* Sat Jan 30 2016 Added bcond (conditional build) for python3-qt4/5 and rdflib + Fixes build with openSUSE 13.1 and openSUSE Leap 42.1- General spec file cleanup- Update to version 1.9.6+git20160124.544f0fc: + Implement discovery for \':all\' used in last commit + Some minor changes needed for bridged AU plugins + Don\'t use unneeded functions in discovery, fixes windows build + Ignore uniqueIds for LV2 plugins + Use plugin audio port names in bridge mode Fixes #344 + Avoid calling jack1\'s bad set_thread_init_callback Fixes #337 + Increase the maximum allowed per-atom size + Don\'t write atom to ringbuffer after it fails the initial data + Find plugin binary when saved filename doesn\'t exist
* Tue Jan 12 2016 updated to version 1.9.6.git.2016.01.02
* Tue Mar 31 2015 updated to 2.0-beta4
* Sat Jan 10 2015 initial package (version 2.0-beta3)