Changelog for libbluray2-1.1.0-85.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Feb 15 2019 Update to version 1.1.0: + Add initial support for OpenJDK 11. + Add initial support for UHD disc BD-J menus. + Add support for compiling .jar file with Java 9+ compiler. + Move AWT classes to separate .jar file. + Update libudfread submodule repository URL. + Improve main title selection. + Improve error resilience and stability. + Improve BD-J compability. + Fix playback of some broken BD-J discs. + Fix playback of discs without normal titles (only TopMenu / FirstPlay title).
* Tue Dec 19 2017 Modified patch:
* libbluray-java9.patch + Some change in hunks integrating upstream fixes that were partially different from ours.
* Tue Dec 19 2017 BuildConflict with jdk10 or higher, since some removal of deprecated SecurityManager functions makes BD-J not buildable with jdk10
* Tue Dec 05 2017 Update to version 1.0.2: + Add initial support for UHD BluRay discs (without BD-J menus). + Detect JRE (from the Java Applet plugin) on MacOS. + Improve error resilience and stability. + Improve libmmbd support. + Fix static build dependencies in pkgconfig file. + Fix creation of cache (sub-)directories on windows platforms. + Fix BD-J temporary storage when persistent storage is disabled. + Fix leaks.- At least java-devel >= 1.8 ist required for build.
* Mon Oct 30 2017 Added patch:
* libbluray-java9.patch + Fix build with jdk9 + Due to incompatible changes in jdk9, the same code cannot be built with jdk9 and jdk <= 1.8 + Only apply on systems that hava jdk9
* Sun Sep 10 2017 BuildConflict with java-devel >= 1.9. Java 8 is the last to support source_version 1.5.
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Update to version 1.0.1: + Add possibility to check whether BD-J is functional without opening a disc. + Improve main title selection. + Improve error resilience and stability. + Fix Windows dll loading. + Fix JAVA_HOME environment variable handling in Windows. + Fix build issues when CPPFLAGS is given in make command line. + Fix MSVC build issues. + Remove --disable-bdjava and --disable-udf configure options.- Fixed patch libbluray-jvm_dir.patch.
* Fri Mar 03 2017 Update to version 1.0.0: + Add support for Java VM (BD-J) on MacOS. + Add clip_id to BLURAY_CLIP_INFO. + Add a suitable JVM path for Fedora/RHEL and clones. + Add support for AVCHD 8.3 filenames. + Add player setting for disabling persistent storage. + Add bd_set_rate(). + Add playback time position to BD_EVENT_SEEK. + Add BD_VK_ROOT_MENU handling. + Add support for heavily fragmented 3D .m2ts files. + Improve Win32 dll loading security. + Improve playback resume position accuracy. + Improve error resilience and stability. + Fix using libmmbd with unmounted discs. + Fix leaks. + Delay BD-J overlay opening until something visible has been drawn. + Close BD-J overlay when window is not visible. + Use temporary storage when cache or persistent root location is unknown.- Fixed patch libbluray-jvm_dir.patch.- Changed soname version to 2.
* Mon Feb 13 2017 Rename %soname to %sover to better reflect its use. Fix RPM groups.
* Sun Feb 12 2017 drop patch A02-expopse-clip_id.patch as Handbrake seems to be the only package that needs it, to avoid binary runtime incompatibilities with libbluray packages that would stem from other repositories
* Thu Feb 02 2017 add patch to expose clip_id (as applied by Debian), which is necessary to build packages that depend on it (such as Handbrake)
* A02-expose-clip_id.patch
* Tue Aug 16 2016 Drop libbluray-autotools.patch as it has no real benefit and if something should be upstreamed
* Thu May 19 2016 Fix download url to not fail on network error
* Tue May 17 2016 Update to version 0.9.3: + Add bd_open_files(). This function deprecates old global file system hooks. + Add flag for on-disc menu support to DISC_INFO. + Add configure argument to disable building of JAR file. + Add missing player settings enums. + Update linux Java search path list and preferred JVM. + Enable UDF support by default. + Split developer tools from examples. + Improve BDJ_EVENT_CHAPTER triggering. + Improve main title detection. + Improve error resilience. + Improve BD-J compability. + Improve detecting of working aacs implementation. + Improve libmmbd support. + Fix BD-J media player stop(). + Fix restoring playback rate with some BD-J discs. + Fix restoring suspended playback time position. + Fix current chapter lookup. + Fix lost key focus with multi-HScene discs. + Fix playback of discs without Top Menu title. + Fix caching of some BD-J files from UDF filesystem. + Fix stopping playback from HDMV menus. + Fix possible errors in win32 .iso image reading. + Fix undefined values in DISC_INFO. + Fix memory leaks.- Fixed patch libbluray-jvm_dir.patch.
* Thu Dec 03 2015 Update to version 0.9.2: + Add primary audio stream to bd_select_stream(). + Improve error resilience. + Fix Java 8 compability issues. + Fix Android build. + Fix SecurityException in AWTAutoShutdown. + Fix BD-J check when install path in Windows contains non-ASCII chars. + Fix jvm.dll loading in Windows ($JAVA_HOME/bin should be in dll load path). + Fix class translating in recent Java 8 versions.- Fixed patches libbluray-autotools.patch and libbluray-jvm_dir.patch.
* Wed Nov 04 2015 Update to version 0.9.1 + Improved BD-J security. + Improved error resilience. + Improved seeking (avoid skipping PAT/PMT/PCR). + Fix UO mask check when bd_play_title() is used for Top Menu. + Fix re-starting of title bound Xlets when title changes. + Fix loading classes with invalid debug info.
* Mon Oct 05 2015 Update to version 0.9.0: + Add functions to read files from VFS. + Improved error resilience. + Improved BD-J compability. + Fix Xlet-initiated font caching. + Fix return value when setting BLURAY_PLAYER_SETTING_DECODE_PG. + Fix build with C++ compiler
* Mon Aug 10 2015 Fix build in SLE_11
* Fri May 22 2015 Update to version 0.8.1: + Notify application when UO mask changes. + Improved error resilience. + Improved BD-J compability. + Fix crash after bd_open(NULL). + Fix compability problem with libbdplus. + Fix memory leak in UDF filesystem parser. + Fix crash in freetype.
* Thu Apr 30 2015 Update to version 0.8.0: + Add security checks to BD-J. + Add support for UDF image files and unmounted discs. + Add UDF volume identifier to DISC_INFO. + Add bd_init(), bd_open_disc() and bd_open_stream(). + Add /usr/share/libbluray/lib/ to .jar file search paths. + Add BD_EVENT_PLAYLIST_STOP (playlist playback is interrupted). + Accept directory name (without .jar file name) in LIBBLURAY_CP. + Improved error resilence. + Improve BD-J compability. + Fix Java 8u40 compability. + Fix infinite loop with some broken HDMV menus.- Fixed patches libbluray-autotools.patch and libbluray-jvm_dir.patch.- Build with UDF support.
* Fri Mar 06 2015 Put the configure args each on its own line
* Tue Feb 10 2015 Use proper homepage.
* Tue Jan 27 2015 Update to version 0.7.0: + Add player setting for BD-J persistent storage and cache paths. + Add support for system fonts. BD-J fonts in jre/lib/fonts/ are not required anymore. + Add BD-J organization ID and disc ID to BLURAY_DISC_INFO. + Release still mode when BD-J terminates. + Implement BD-J caching. + Improve BD-J compability. + Java 8 compability fixes. + Fix storage size for bdjo object reference in BLURAY_DISC_INFO. + Fix BD-J on-disc font usage. + Fix animations in some BD-J menus. + Fix BD-J storage path charset issues in Windows.
* Fri Dec 19 2014 Added patch libbluray-jvm_dir.patch to set the correct path to java lib because variable JAVA_HOME on openSUSE is defined as \'/usr//jvm/jre\' by update-alternatives.
* Thu Dec 18 2014 Enable BD-J support.
* Wed Dec 17 2014 Update to version 0.6.2: + Fix possible subtitle corruption after seek. + Fix some main path embedded HDMV menus. + Fix reading outside of source image in BD-J drawImage(). + Fix missing BD_EVENT_ERROR when BD-J is not supported. + Several stability and code quality fixes.- Version 0.6.1: + Fix stream position when seamless angle change point is at clip boundary. + Fix Mac OS X jni compilation + Fix bd_seek() jumping outside of clip/playlist. + Fix crash when stream selection is changed after playlist end. + Fix J2ME build. + Fix seamless angle change. + Fix freetype2 resource leaks on shutdown. + Improve duplicate playlist detection.- Version 0.6.0: + Improved BD-J support (Most BD-J discs are correctly played). + Mark BD-J titles supported in BLURAY_DISC_INFO if BD-J is functional. + Install .jar files to datadir (/usr/share/java/) instead of libdir. + Added version number to .jar file names. + Added JNI headers for BD-J (cross) compilation. + Added HDMV/BD-J title information to BLURAY_DISC_INFO. + Added disc application info to BLURAY_DISC_INFO. + Added bd_set_rate(). + Added color keys (RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE). + Improved error resilence. + Fix build without libxml.- Version 0.5.0: + Portability fixes. + Build system updates. + Improved BD-J support (still alpha). + Improved updating of application-allocated ARGB frame buffer. + Get JRE library location from registry (Windows). + Added bd_get_main_title(). + Added BD_EVENT_ERROR when title playback fails. + Added BD-J flags to disc info. + Added support for user timeout in HDMV menus. + Added cropping of RLE images. Cropping values in overlay are now always 0. + Added support for LIBAACS_PATH and LIBBDPLUS_PATH environment variables. + Added timestamp based m2ts stream filtering.- Removed patch use-recommended-freetype-include.patch, fixed upstream.