Changelog for python3-setuptools-40.8.0-150.1.noarch.rpm :
Sun Feb 10 13:00:00 2019
- update to version 40.8.0:

* #1652: Added the build_meta:__legacy__ backend, a \"compatibility
mode\" PEP 517 backend that can be used as the default when
build-backend is left unspecified in pyproject.toml.

* #1635: Resource paths are passed to pkg_resources.resource_string
and similar no longer accept paths that traverse parents, that
begin with a leading /. Violations of this expectation raise
DeprecationWarnings and will become errors. Additionally, any
paths that are absolute on Windows are strictly disallowed and
will raise ValueErrors.

* #1536: setuptools will now automatically include licenses if
setup.cfg contains a license_file attribute, unless this file is
manually excluded inside
- changes from version 40.7.3:

* #1670: In package_index, revert to using a copy of splituser from
Python 3.8. Attempts to use urllib.parse.urlparse led to problems
as reported in #1663 and #1668. This change serves as an
alternative to #1499 and fixes #1668.

Sat Feb 2 13:00:00 2019
- update to version 40.7.2:

* #1666: Restore port in URL handling in package_index.
- changes from version 40.7.1:

* #1660: On Python 2, when reading config files, downcast options
from text to bytes to satisfy distutils expectations.
- changes from version 40.7.0:

* #1551: File inputs for the license field in setup.cfg files now
explicitly raise an error.

* #1180: Add support for non-ASCII in setup.cfg (#1062). Add support
for native strings on some parameters (#1136).

* #1499: setuptools.package_index no longer relies on the deprecated
urllib.parse.splituser per Python #27485.

* #1544: Added tests for (for git URLs).

* #1625: In PEP 517 build_meta builder, ensure that sdists are built
as gztar per the spec.

Thu Jan 17 13:00:00 2019
- BuildIgnore python[23]-pyparsing: python-packaging requires it
for some actions it could perform, but we don\'t make use of these
here. Ignoring this dependency allows us to break open a

Thu Dec 13 13:00:00 2018
- update to 40.6.3:

* #1594: PEP 517 backend no longer declares setuptools as a dependency
as it can be assumed.

Thu Dec 6 13:00:00 2018
- Fix fdupes call

Thu Nov 22 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 40.6.2:

* #1592: Fix invalid dependency on external six module (instead of
vendored version).
- changes from version 40.6.1:

* #1590: Fixed regression where packages without author or
author_email fields generated malformed package metadata.
- changes from version 40.6.0:

* #1541: Officially deprecated the requires parameter in setup().

* #1519: In pkg_resources.normalize_path, additional path
normalization is now performed to ensure path values to a
directory is always the same, preventing false positives when
checking scripts have a consistent prefix to set up on Windows.

* #1545: Changed the warning class of all deprecation warnings;
deprecation warning classes are no longer derived from
DeprecationWarning and are thus visible by default.

* #1554: build_meta.build_sdist now includes in source
distributions by default.

* #1576: Started monkey-patching get_metadata_version and
read_pkg_file onto distutils.DistributionMetadata to retain the
correct version on the PKG-INFO file in the (deprecated) upload

* #1533: Restricted the recursive-include setuptools/_vendor to
contain only .py and .txt files.

* #1395: Changed Pyrex references to Cython in the documentation.

* #1456: Documented that the rpmbuild packages is required for the
bdist_rpm command.

* #1537: Documented how to use setup.cfg for src/ layouts

* #1539: Added minimum version column in setup.cfg metadata table.

* #1552: Fixed a minor typo in the python 2/3 compatibility

* #1553: Updated installation instructions to point to pip install
instead of

* #1560: Updated setuptools distribution documentation to remove
some outdated information.

* #1564: Documented setup.cfg minimum version for version and

* #1572: Added the concurrent.futures backport futures to the Python
2.7 test suite requirements.

Tue Oct 30 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 40.5.0:

* #1335: In pkg_resources.normalize_path, fix issue on Cygwin when
cwd contains symlinks.

* #1502: Deprecated support for downloads from Subversion in

* #1517: Dropped use of six.u in favor of u\"\" literals.

* #1520: Added support for data_files in setup.cfg.

* #1525: Fixed rendering of the deprecation warning in easy_install

Sun Sep 30 14:00:00 2018
- update to version 40.4.3:

* #1480: Bump vendored pyparsing in pkg_resources to 2.2.1.
- changes from version 40.4.2:

* #1497: Updated gitignore in repo.
- changes from version 40.4.1:

* #1480: Bump vendored pyparsing to 2.2.1.
- changes from version 40.4.0:

* #1481: Join the sdist --dist-dir and the build_meta sdist
directory argument to point to the same target (meaning the build
frontend no longer needs to clean manually the dist dir to avoid
multiple sdist presence, and setuptools no longer needs to handle
conflicts between the two).
- changes from version 40.3.0:

* #1402: Fixed a bug with namespace packages under Python 3.6 when
one package in current directory hides another which is

* #1427: Set timestamp of .egg-info directory whenever egg_info
command is run.

* #1474: build_meta.get_requires_for_build_sdist now does not
include the wheel package anymore.

* #1486: Suppress warnings in pkg_resources.handle_ns.

* #1479: Remove internal use of six.binary_type.

Sat Sep 1 14:00:00 2018
- update to version 40.2.0:

* #1466: Fix handling of Unicode arguments in PEP 517 backend
- changes from version 40.1.1:

* #1465: Fix regression with egg_info command when tagging is used.

Sat Aug 25 14:00:00 2018
- Use noun phrase in summary.

Sat Aug 18 14:00:00 2018
- specfile:

* removed devel for noarch package
- update to version 40.1.0:

* #1410: Deprecated upload and register commands.

* #1312: Introduced find_namespace_packages() to find PEP 420
namespace packages.

* #1420: Added find_namespace: directive to config parser.

* #1418: Solved race in when creating egg cache directories.

* #1450: Upgraded vendored PyParsing from 2.1.10 to 2.2.0.

* #1451: Upgraded vendored appdirs from 1.4.0 to 1.4.3.

* #1388: Fixed \"Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools\" link in exception
when Visual C++ not found.

* #1389: Added support for scripts which have unicode content.

* #1416: Moved several Python version checks over to using six.PY2
and six.PY3.

* #1441: Removed spurious executable permissions from files that
don\'t need them.

Thu Jul 12 14:00:00 2018
- update to version 40.0.0:

* #1342: Drop support for Python 3.3.

* #1366: In package_index, fixed handling of encoded entities in

* #1383: In pkg_resources VendorImporter, avoid removing packages
imported from the root.

* #1379: Minor doc fixes after actually using the new release

* #1385: Removed section on non-package data files.

* #1403: Fix developer\'s guide.

* #1404: Fix PEP 518 configuration: set build requirements in
pyproject.toml to [\"wheel\"].

Mon May 21 14:00:00 2018
- update to version 39.2.0:

* #1359: Support using \"file:\" to load a PEP 440-compliant package
version from a text file.

* #1360: Fixed issue with a mismatch between the name of the package
and the name of the .dist-info file in wheel files

* #1364: Add __dir__() implementation to
pkg_resources.Distribution() that includes the attributes in the
_provider instance variable.

* #1365: Take the package_dir option into account when loading the
version from a module attribute.

* #1353: Added coverage badge to README.

* #1356: Made small fixes to the developer guide documentation.

* #1357: Fixed warnings in documentation builds and started
enforcing that the docs build without warnings in tox.

* #1376: Updated release process docs.

* #1343: The setuptools specific long_description_content_type,
project_urls and provides_extras fields are now set consistently
after any distutils setup_keywords calls, allowing them to
override values.

* #1352: Added tox environment for documentation builds.

* #1354: Added towncrier for changelog managment.

* #1355: Add PR template.

* #1368: Fixed tests which failed without network connectivity.

* #1369: Added unit tests for PEP 425 compatibility tags support.

* #1372: Stop testing Python 3.3 in Travis CI, now that the latest
version of wheel no longer installs on it.

Sun May 6 14:00:00 2018
- update to version 39.1.0:

* #1340: Update all PyPI URLs to reflect the switch to the new
Warehouse codebase.

* #1337: In pkg_resources, now support loading resources for modules
loaded by the SourcelessFileLoader.

* #1332: Silence spurious wheel related warnings on Windows.

Mon Mar 19 13:00:00 2018
- Version update to 39.0.1:

* Fix utf parsing with python2

* Various other fixes

Sat Mar 17 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 39.0.0:

* #1296: Setuptools now vendors its own direct dependencies, no
longer relying on the dependencies as vendored by pkg_resources.

* #296: Removed long-deprecated support for iteration on Version
objects as returned by pkg_resources.parse_version. Removed the
SetuptoolsVersion and SetuptoolsLegacyVersion names as well. They
should not have been used, but if they were, replace with Version
and LegacyVersion from packaging.version.
- changes from version 38.7.0:

* #1288: Add support for maintainer in PKG-INFO.
- changes from version 38.6.1:

* #1292: Avoid generating Provides-Extra in metadata when no extra
is present (but environment markers are).

Sat Mar 17 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 38.6.0:

* #1286: Add support for Metadata 2.1 (PEP 566).

Thu Mar 8 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 38.5.2:

* #1285: Fixed RuntimeError in pkg_resources.parse_requirements on
Python 3.7 (stemming from PEP 479).

Wed Mar 7 13:00:00 2018
- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora

Tue Feb 27 13:00:00 2018
- Recommends only for SUSE

Tue Feb 6 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 38.5.1:

* #1271: Revert to Cython legacy build_ext behavior for
- changes from version 38.5.0:

* #1229: Expand imports in build_ext to refine detection of Cython

* #1270: When Cython is available, build_ext now uses the

Sun Feb 4 13:00:00 2018
- update to version 38.4.1:

* #1257: In bdist_egg.scan_module, fix ValueError on Python 3.7.

Sat Jan 6 13:00:00 2018
- specfile:

* update copyright year
- update to version 38.4.0:

* #1231: Removed warning when PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE is enabled.
- changes from version 38.3.0:

* #1210: Add support for PEP 345 Project-URL metadata.

* #1207: Add support for long_description_type to setup.cfg
declarative config as intended and documented.

Sun Dec 31 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 38.2.5:

* #1232: Fix trailing slash handling in pkg_resources.ZipProvider.

Wed Dec 6 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 38.2.4:

* #1220: Fix data_files handling when installing from wheel.

Sun Dec 3 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 38.2.3:

* fix Travis\' Python 3.3 job.
- changes from version 38.2.2:

* #1214: fix handling of namespace packages when installing from a

Mon Nov 27 13:00:00 2017
- update to 38.2.1

* fix encoding handling of metadata when installing from a wheel

Sun Nov 26 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 38.2.0:

* #1200: easy_install now support installing from wheels: they will
be installed as standalone unzipped eggs.
- changes from version 38.1.0:

* #1208: Improve error message when failing to locate scripts in
egg-info metadata.
- changes from version 38.0.0:

* #458: In order to support deterministic builds, Setuptools no
longer allows packages to declare install_requires as unordered
sequences (sets or dicts).

Wed Nov 22 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 37.0.0:

* #878: Drop support for Python 2.6. Python 2.6 users should rely on
\'setuptools < 37dev\'.
- changes from version 36.8.0:

* #1190: In SSL support for package index operations, use SNI where
- changes from version 36.7.3:

* #1175: Bug fixes to build_meta module.

Fri Nov 17 13:00:00 2017
- Trim bias from description.

Wed Nov 15 13:00:00 2017
- specfile:

* add missing url field
- update to version 36.7.2:

* #701: Fixed duplicate test discovery on Python 3.

Sat Nov 11 13:00:00 2017
- update to version 36.7.1:

* #1193: Avoid test failures in bdist_egg when
- changes from version 36.7.0:

* #1054: Support setup_requires in setup.cfg files.
- changes from version 36.6.1:

* #1132: Removed redundant and costly serialization/parsing step in

* #844: bdist_egg --exclude-source-files now tested and works on
Python 3.

Fri Oct 13 14:00:00 2017
- update to version 36.6.0:

* #1143: Added setuptools.build_meta module, an implementation of
PEP-517 for Setuptools-defined packages.

* #1143: Added dist_info command for producing dist_info metadata.

Tue Sep 19 14:00:00 2017
- update to 36.5.0:

* #170: When working with Mercurial checkouts, use Windows-friendly
syntax for suppressing output.

* Inspired by #1134, performed substantial refactoring of
``pkg_resources.find_on_path`` to facilitate an optimization
for paths with many non-version entries.

* #1075: Add new ``Description-Content-Type`` metadata field. `See here for
documentation on how to use this field.

* #1068: Sort files and directories when building eggs for
deterministic order.

* #196: Remove caching of easy_install command in fetch_build_egg.
Fixes issue where ``pytest-runner-N.N`` would satisfy the installation
of ``pytest``.

* #1129: Fix working set dependencies handling when replacing conflicting
distributions (e.g. when using ``setup_requires`` with a conflicting
transitive dependency, fix #1124).

* #1133: Improved handling of README files extensions and added
Markdown to the list of searched READMES.

* #1135: Improve performance of pkg_resources import by not invoking
``access`` or ``stat`` and using ``os.listdir`` instead.

* #1131: Make possible using several files within ``file:`` directive
in metadata.long_description in ``setup.cfg``.

* fix #1105: Fix handling of requirements with environment
markers when declared in ``setup.cfg`` (same treatment as
for #1081).

* #462: Don\'t assume a directory is an egg by the ``.egg``
extension alone.

* #1093: Fix test command handler with extras_require.

* #1112, #1091, #1115: Now using Trusty containers in
Travis for CI and CD.

* #1092: ``pkg_resources`` now uses ``inspect.getmro`` to
resolve classes in method resolution order.

* #1102: Restore behavior for empty extras.

Mon Jul 24 14:00:00 2017
- update to 36.2.2

* #1099: Revert commit a3ec721, restoring intended purpose of
extras as part of a requirement declaration.

* fix #1086

* fix #1087

* support extras specifiers in install_requires requirements

* #1081: Environment markers indicated in ``install_requires``
are now processed and treated as nameless ``extras_require``
with markers, allowing their metadata in requires.txt to be
correctly generated.

* #1053: Tagged commits are now released using Travis-CI
build stages, meaning releases depend on passing tests on
all supported Python versions (Linux) and not just the latest
Python version.

* #1083: Correct ``py31compat.makedirs`` to correctly honor
``exist_ok`` parameter.

* #1083: Also use makedirs compatibility throughout setuptools.

* #1083: Avoid race condition on directory creation in

* Removed deprecation of and restored support for
``upload_docs`` command for sites other than PyPI.
Only warehouse is dropping support, but services like
`devpi `_ continue to
support docs built by setuptools\' plugins. See
`this comment `_
for more context on the motivation for this change.

Thu Jun 8 14:00:00 2017
- update to 36.0.1

* #1042: Fix import in py27compat module that still
referenced six directly, rather than through the externs
module (vendored packages hook).

* #980 and others: Once again, Setuptools vendors all
of its dependencies. It seems to be the case that in
the Python ecosystem, all build tools must run without
any dependencies (build, runtime, or otherwise). At
such a point that a mechanism exists that allows
build tools to have dependencies, Setuptools will adopt

* #1015: Fix test failures on Python 3.7.

* #1024: Add workaround for Jython #2581 in monkey module.

* #992: Revert change introduced in v34.4.1, now
considered invalid.

* #1016: Revert change introduced in v35.0.0 per #1014,
referencing #436. The approach had unintended
consequences, causing sdist installs to be missing
- remove fix-sle11-test-failure.patch: this doesn\'t build for
SLE11 anymore, so no need to patch it anymore

Thu Feb 23 13:00:00 2017
- update to 34.2.0

* dependencies are no longer vendored and setuptools can\'t bootstrap
without them

* drop support for python 2.6 and 3.2

* declarative config option for setup.cfg

* nspkg.pth files for development

* switch to zip format for source dist

* ensure extras are honored when building the working set

* add support for reading dist-info metadata

* support for PEP440 version specifiers
- added build-time and run-time dependencies to appdirs and packaging,
ensured these packages build without setuptools
- drop upstreamed setuptools-certpath.patch
- drop unneeded setuptools-5.4.1-create-sitedir.patch
- add fdupes
- change source file to zip, add unzip dependency

Thu Feb 16 13:00:00 2017
- update for multipython build

Mon Dec 12 13:00:00 2016
- make sure, that setuptools-certpath.patch is applied
unconditionally (fixes traceback in setuptools/

Sat Oct 8 14:00:00 2016
- update to 28.3.0:

* #809: In ``find_packages()``, restore support for excluding
a parent package without excluding a child package.

* #805: Disable ``-nspkg.pth`` behavior on Python 3.3+ where
PEP-420 functionality is adequate. Fixes pip #1924.

* #803: Bump certifi to 2016.9.26.

* #733: Do not search excluded directories for packages.
This introduced a backwards incompatible change in ``find_packages()``
so that ``find_packages(exclude=[\'foo\']) == []``, excluding subpackages of ``foo``.
Previously, ``find_packages(exclude=[\'foo\']) == [\'\']``,
even though the parent ``foo`` package was excluded.

* #795: Bump certifi.

* #719: Suppress decoding errors and instead log a warning
when metadata cannot be decoded.

* #790: In MSVC monkeypatching, explicitly patch each
function by name in the target module instead of inferring
the module from the function\'s ``__module__``. Improves
compatibility with other packages that might have previously
patched distutils functions (i.e. NumPy).

* #794: In test command, add installed eggs to PYTHONPATH
when invoking tests so that subprocesses will also have the
dependencies available. Fixes `tox 330

* #795: Update vendored pyparsing 2.1.9.

* #520 and #513: Suppress ValueErrors in fixup_namespace_packages
when lookup fails.

* Nicer, more consistent interfaces for msvc monkeypatching.

* #779 via #781: Fix circular import.

* #778: Fix MSVC monkeypatching.

* Introduce the (private) ``monkey`` module to encapsulate
the distutils monkeypatching behavior.

* Now use Warehouse by default for
``upload``, patching ``distutils.config.PyPIRCCommand`` to
affect default behavior.
Any config in .pypirc should be updated to replace
Similarly, any passwords stored in the keyring should be
updated to use this new value for \"system\".
The ``upload_docs`` command will continue to use the
site, but the command is now deprecated. Users are urged to use
Read The Docs instead.

* #776: Use EXT_SUFFIX for py_limited_api renaming.

* #774 and #775: Use LegacyVersion from packaging when
detecting numpy versions.

* Re-release of 26.1.0 with pytest pinned to allow for automated
deployment and thus proper packaging environment variables,
fixing issues with missing executable launchers.

Wed Aug 31 14:00:00 2016
- fix certificate handling with certifi, add support for SUSE\'s
CA bundle (setuptools-certpath.patch, fixes boo#993968)
- remove shebang lines, strip executable bit from README, to silence
the easy rpmlint warnings

Tue Aug 30 14:00:00 2016
- update to 26.1.1:

* Re-release of 26.1.0 with pytest pinned to allow for automated
deployement and thus proper packaging environment variables,
fixing issues with missing executable launchers.

* #763: ``pkg_resources.get_default_cache`` now defers to the
`appdirs project `_ to
resolve the cache directory. Adds a vendored dependency on
appdirs to pkg_resources.

* #748: By default, sdists are now produced in gzipped tarfile
format by default on all platforms, adding forward compatibility
for the same behavior in Python 3.6 (See Python #27819).

* #459 via #736: On Windows with script launchers,
sys.argv[0] now reflects
the name of the entry point, consistent with the behavior in
distlib and pip wrappers.

* #752 via #753: When indicating ``py_limited_api`` to Extension,
it must be passed as a keyword argument.

* Add Extension(py_limited_api=True). When set to a truthy value,
that extension gets a filename apropriate for code using Py_LIMITED_API.
When used correctly this allows a single compiled extension to work on
all future versions of CPython 3.
The py_limited_api argument only controls the filename. To be
compatible with multiple versions of Python 3, the C extension
will also need to set -DPy_LIMITED_API=... and be modified to use
only the functions in the limited API.

* #739 Fix unquoted libpaths by fixing compatibility between
`numpy.distutils` and `distutils._msvccompiler`
for numpy < 1.11.2 (Fix issue #728, error also fixed in Numpy).

* #731: Bump certifi.

* Style updates. See #740, #741, #743, #744, #742, #747.

* #735: include license file.

* #612 via #730: Add a LICENSE file which needs to be provided by the terms of
the MIT license.

* #725: revert `library_dir_option` patch (Error is related to
`numpy.distutils` and make errors on non Numpy users).

* #720

* #723: Improve patch for `library_dir_option`.

* #717

* #713

* #707: Fix Python 2 compatibility for MSVC by catching errors properly.

* #715: Fix unquoted libpaths by patching `library_dir_option`.

* #714 and #704: Revert fix as it breaks other components
downstream that can\'t handle unicode. See #709, #710,
and #712.

* #704: Fix errors when installing a zip sdist that contained
files named with non-ascii characters on Windows would
crash the install when it attempted to clean up the build.

* #646: MSVC compatibility - catch errors properly in

* #702: Prevent UnboundLocalError when initial working_set
is empty.

* #686: Fix issue in sys.path ordering by pkg_resources when
rewrite technique is \"raw\".

* #699: Fix typo in msvc support.

* #609: Setuptools will now try to download a distribution from
the next possible download location if the first download fails.
This means you can now specify multiple links as ``dependency_links``
and all links will be tried until a working download link is encountered.

* #688: Fix AttributeError in when invoked not from
the current directory.

* Cleanup of script.

* Fixed documentation builders by allowing
to be imported without having bootstrapped the

* More style cleanup. See #677, #678, #679, #681, #685.

* #674: Default ``sys.path`` manipulation by easy-install.pth
is now \"raw\", meaning that when writing easy-install.pth
during any install operation, the ``sys.path`` will not be
rewritten and will no longer give preference to easy_installed
To retain the old behavior when using any easy_install
operation (including `` install`` when setuptools is
present), set the environment variable:
This project hopes that that few if any environments find it
necessary to retain the old behavior, and intends to drop
support for it altogether in a future release. Please report
any relevant concerns in the ticket for this change.

* #398: Fix shebang handling on Windows in script
headers where spaces in ``sys.executable`` would
produce an improperly-formatted shebang header,
introduced in 12.0 with the fix for #188.

* #663, #670: More style updates.

* #516: Disable ```` to avoid hard linking
in ``sdist.make_distribution``, avoiding errors on
systems that support hard links but not on the
file system in which the build is occurring.

* #667: Update Metadata-Version to 1.2 when
``python_requires`` is supplied.

* #631: Add support for ``python_requires`` keyword.

* More style updates. See #660, #661, #641.

* #659: ```` now will fail fast and with a helpful
error message when the necessary metadata is missing.

* More style updates. See #656, #635, #640,
[#644], #650, #652, and #655.

* Updated style in much of the codebase to match
community expectations. See #632, #633, #634,
[#637], #639, #638, #642, #648.

* If MSVC++14 is needed ``setuptools.msvc`` now redirect
user to Visual C++ Build Tools web page.

* #625 and #626: Fixes on ``setuptools.msvc`` mainly
for Python 2 and Linux.

* Pull Request #174: Add more aggressive support for
standalone Microsoft Visual C++ compilers in
msvc9compiler patch.
Particularly : Windows SDK 6.1 and 7.0
(MSVC++ 9.0), Windows SDK 7.1 (MSVC++ 10.0),
Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 (MSVC++14)

* Renamed ``setuptools.msvc9_support`` to
Re-release of v23.2.0, which was missing the intended

* #623: Remove used of deprecated \'U\' flag when reading

Mon Jul 4 14:00:00 2016
- Update fix-sle11-test-failure.patch to new line numbers and

Mon Jul 4 14:00:00 2016
- Use for Source url

Thu Jun 30 14:00:00 2016
- update to 23.1.0:

* #619: Deprecated ``tag_svn_revision`` distribution

* #611: Removed ARM executables for CLI and GUI script
launchers on Windows. If this was a feature you cared
about, please comment in the ticket.

* #604: Removed docs building support. The project
now relies on documentation hosted at

* #604: Restore repository for upload_docs command
to restore publishing of docs during release.

* #589: Upload releases to using the upload
hostname and legacy path.

* #589: Releases are now uploaded to (Warehouse)
even when releases are made on Twine via Travis.

* #589: Releases are now uploaded to (Warehouse).

* #190: On Python 2, if unicode is passed for packages to
``build_py`` command, it will be handled just as with
text on Python 3.

* #598: Setuptools now lists itself first in the User-Agent
for web requests, better following the guidelines in
`RFC 7231

* Minor fixes to changelog and docs.

* #261: Exclude directories when resolving globs in

* #539: In the easy_install get_site_dirs, honor all
paths found in ``site.getsitepackages``.

* #572: In build_ext, now always import ``_CONFIG_VARS``
from ``distutils`` rather than from ``sysconfig``
to allow ``distutils.sysconfig.customize_compiler``
configure the OS X compiler for ``-dynamiclib``.

* Removed from Setuptools sdist. The
bootstrap script will be maintained in its own
branch and should be generally be retrieved from
its canonical location at

* #553: egg_info section is now generated in a
deterministic order, matching the order generated
by earlier versions of Python. Except on Python 2.6,
order is preserved when existing settings are present.

* #556: Update to Packaging 16.7, restoring support
for deprecated ``python_implmentation`` marker.

* #555: Upload command now prompts for a password
when uploading to PyPI (or other repository) if no
password is present in .pypirc or in the keyring.

* #548: Update certify version to 2016.2.28

* #545: Safely handle deletion of non-zip eggs in rotate

* Issue #544: Fix issue with extra environment marker
processing in WorkingSet due to refactor in v20.7.0.

* Issue #543: Re-release so that latest release doesn\'t
cause déjà vu with distribute and setuptools 0.7 in
older environments.

* Refactored extra enviroment marker processing
in WorkingSet.

* Issue #533: Fixed intermittent test failures.

* Issue #536: In msvc9_support, trap additional exceptions
that might occur when importing
``distutils.msvc9compiler`` in mingw environments.

* Issue #537: Provide better context when package
metadata fails to decode in UTF-8.

* Issue #523: Restored support for environment markers,
now honoring \'extra\' environment markers.

* Issue #523: Disabled support for environment markers
introduced in v20.5.

* Issue #503: Restore support for PEP 345 environment
markers by updating to Packaging 16.6.

* New release process that relies on
`bumpversion `_
and Travis CI for continuous deployment.

* Project versioning semantics now follow
`semver `_ precisely.
The \'v\' prefix on version numbers now also allows
version numbers to be referenced in the changelog,

* BB Pull Request #185, #470: Add support for environment markers
in requirements in install_requires, setup_requires,
tests_require as well as adding a test for the existing
extra_requires machinery.

* Issue #422: Moved hosting to
`Github `_
from `Bitbucket `_.
Issues have been migrated, though all issues and comments
are attributed to bb-migration. So if you have a particular
issue or issues to which you\'ve been subscribed, you will
want to \"watch\" the equivalent issue in Github.
The Bitbucket project will be retained for the indefinite
future, but Github now hosts the canonical project repository.

* Issue #519: Remove import hook when reloading the
``pkg_resources`` module.

* BB Pull Request #184: Update documentation in ``pkg_resources``
around new ``Requirement`` implementation.

* BB Pull Request #179: ``pkg_resources.Requirement`` objects are
now a subclass of ``packaging.requirements.Requirement``,
allowing any environment markers and url (if any) to be
affiliated with the requirement

* BB Pull Request #179: Restore use of RequirementParseError
exception unintentionally dropped in 20.2.

Wed Mar 9 13:00:00 2016
- update to 20.2.2:

* Issue #502: Correct regression in parsing of multiple
version specifiers separated by commas and spaces.

* Issue #499: Restore compatiblity for legacy versions
by bumping to packaging 16.4.

* Changelog now includes release dates and links to PEPs.

* Pull Request #173: Replace dual PEP 345 _markerlib implementation
and PEP 426 implementation of environment marker support from
packaging 16.1 and PEP 508. Fixes Issue #122.
See also Pull Request #175, Pull Request #168, and
Pull Request #164. Additionally:
- ``Requirement.parse`` no longer retains the order of extras.
- ``parse_requirements`` now requires that all versions be
PEP-440 compliant, as revealed in #499. Packages released
with invalid local versions should be re-released using
the proper local version syntax, e.g. ``mypkg-1.0+myorg.1``.

* Update ``upload_docs`` command to also honor keyring
for password resolution.

* Added support for using passwords from keyring in the upload

* Issue #118: Once again omit the package metadata (egg-info)
from the list of outputs in ``--record``. This version of setuptools
can no longer be used to upgrade pip earlier than 6.0.

* `Off-project PR `_:
For FreeBSD, also honor root certificates from ca_root_nss.

Mon Feb 1 13:00:00 2016
- update to version 19.6.2:

* Issue #491: Correct regression incurred in 19.4 where a
double-namespace package installed using pip would cause a
- update to version 19.6.1:

* Restore compatibility for PyPy 3 compatibility lost in 19.4.1
addressing Issue #487.

* \"setuptools.launch\" shim now loads scripts in a new namespace,
avoiding getting relative imports from the setuptools package on
Python 2.
- update to version 19.6:

* Added a new entry script \"setuptools.launch\", implementing the
shim found in \"pip.util.setuptools_build\". Use this command to
launch distutils-only packages under setuptools in the same way
that pip does, causing the setuptools monkeypatching of distutils
to be invoked prior to invoking a script. Useful for debugging or
otherwise installing a distutils-only package under setuptools
when pip isn\'t available or otherwise does not expose the desired
functionality. For example::
$ python -m setuptools.launch develop

* Issue #488: Fix dual manifestation of Extension class in extension
packages installed as dependencies when Cython is present.
- update to version 19.5:

* Issue #486: Correct TypeError when getfilesystemencoding
returns None.

* Issue #139: Clarified the license as MIT.

* Pull Request #169: Removed special handling of command
spec in scripts for Jython.
- changes from version 19.4.1:

* Issue #487: Use direct invocation of \"importlib.machinery\" in
\"pkg_resources\" to avoid missing detection on relevant platforms.
- update to version 19.4:

* Issue #341: Correct error in path handling of package data files
in \"build_py\" command when package is empty.

* Distribute #323, Issue #141, Issue #207, and Pull Request #167:
Another implementation of \"pkg_resources.WorkingSet\" and
\"pkg_resources.Distribution\" that supports replacing an extant
package with a new one, allowing for setup_requires dependencies
to supersede installed packages for the session.
- update to version 19.3:

* Issue #229: Implement new technique for readily incorporating
dependencies conditionally from vendored copies or primary
locations. Adds a new dependency on six.
- update to version 19.2:

* Pull Request #163: Add get_command_list method to Distribution.

* Pull Request #162: Add missing whitespace to multiline string
- update to version 19.1.1:

* Issue #476: Cast version to string (using default encoding) to
avoid creating Unicode types on Python 2 clients.

* Issue #477: In Powershell downloader, use explicit rendering of
strings, rather than rely on \"repr\", which can be incorrect
(especially on Python 2).
- changes from version 19.1:

* Issue #215: The bootstrap script \"\" now automatically
detects the latest version of setuptools (using PyPI JSON API)
rather than hard-coding a particular value.

* Issue #475: Fix incorrect usage in _translate_metadata2.
- changes from version 19.0:

* Issue #442: Use RawConfigParser for parsing .pypirc file.
Interpolated values are no longer honored in .pypirc files.
- update to version 18.8.1:

* Issue #440: Prevent infinite recursion when a SandboxViolation or
other UnpickleableException occurs in a sandbox context with
setuptools hidden. Fixes regression introduced in Setuptools 12.0.
- changes from version 18.8:

* Deprecated ``egg_info.get_pkg_info_revision``.

* Issue #471: Don\'t rely on repr for an HTML attribute value in

* Issue #419: Avoid errors in FileMetadata when the metadata directory
is broken.

* Issue #472: Remove deprecated use of \'U\' in mode parameter
when opening files.
- update to version 18.7.1:

* Issue #469: Refactored logic for Issue #419 fix to re-use metadata
loading from Provider.
- update to version 18.7:

* Update dependency on certify.

* Pull Request #160: Improve detection of gui script in

* Made \"test.test_args\" a non-data property; alternate fix
for the issue reported in Pull Request #155.

* Issue #453: In \"ez_setup\" bootstrap module, unload all
\"pkg_resources\" modules following download.

* Pull Request #158: Honor `PEP-488
`_ when excluding
files for namespace packages.

* Issue #419 and Pull Request #144: Add experimental support for
reading the version info from distutils-installed metadata rather
than using the version in the filename.
- update to version 18.6.1:

* Issue #464: Correct regression in invocation of superclass on
old-style class on Python 2.
- changes from version 18.6:

* Issue #439: When installing entry_point scripts under development,
omit the version number of the package, allowing any version of
the package to be used.
- update to version 18.5:

* In preparation for dropping support for Python 3.2, a warning is now
logged when pkg_resources is imported on Python 3.2 or earlier
Python 3 versions.

* `Add support for python_platform_implementation environment marker

* `Fix dictionary mutation during iteration

Thu Oct 22 14:00:00 2015
- Update to 18.4

* Test command now always invokes unittest,
even if no test suite is supplied.

Tue Oct 6 14:00:00 2015
- update to 18.3.2:

* Correct another regression in setuptools.findall
where the fix for Python #12885 was lost.
- update to 18.3.1:

* Issue #425: Correct regression in setuptools.findall.
- update to 18.3:

* Setuptools now allows disabling of the manipulation of the sys.path
during the processing of the easy-install.pth file. To do so, set
the environment variable ``SETUPTOOLS_SYS_PATH_TECHNIQUE`` to
anything but \"rewrite\" (consider \"raw\"). During any install operation
with manipulation disabled, setuptools packages will be appended to
sys.path naturally.
Future versions may change the default behavior to disable
manipulation. If so, the default behavior can be retained by setting
the variable to \"rewrite\".

* Issue #257: ``easy_install --version`` now shows more detail
about the installation location and Python version.

* Refactor setuptools.findall in preparation for re-submission
back to distutils.

Thu Aug 20 14:00:00 2015
- update to 18.2:

* Issue #412: More efficient directory search in ``find_packages``.

Tue Aug 11 14:00:00 2015
- update to 18.1:

* Upgrade to vendored packaging 15.3.

Mon Jul 20 14:00:00 2015
- update to 18.0.1:

* Issue #401: Fix failure in test suite.

* Dropped support for builds with Pyrex. Only Cython is supported.

* Issue #288: Detect Cython later in the build process, after
``setup_requires`` dependencies are resolved.

* Issue #396: Fixed test failure on OS X.

* Pull Request #136: Remove excessive quoting from shebang headers
for Jython.

Mon Jun 22 14:00:00 2015
- update to 17.1.1:

* Backed out unintended changes to pkg_resources, restoring removal of
deprecated imp module

Mon Jun 8 14:00:00 2015
- update to 17.1:

* Issue #380: Add support for range operators on environment
marker evaluation.

* Issue #378: Do not use internal importlib._bootstrap module.

* Issue #390: Disallow console scripts with path separators in
the name. Removes unintended functionality and brings behavior
into parity with pip.

* Pull Request #130: Better error messages for errors in
parsed requirements.

* Pull Request #133: Removed ``setuptools.tests`` from the
installed packages.

* Issue #373: Provisionally expose
``pkg_resources._initialize_master_working_set``, allowing for
imperative re-initialization of the master working set.

Mon Apr 27 14:00:00 2015
- Disable testsuite as this causes build cycle

Wed Apr 22 14:00:00 2015
- update to 15.1:

* Updated Packaging to 15.1 to address Packaging #28.

* Fix ``setuptools.sandbox._execfile()`` with Python 3.1.
- Remove fix-type-error.patch . Applied upstream

Sat Apr 11 14:00:00 2015
- openSUSE versions up to 12.2 are affected as well from:
AssertionError: error: must supply either home or prefix/exec-prefix -- not both
raise version check of applying fix-sle11-test-failure.patch accordingly

Fri Mar 27 13:00:00 2015
- update to 15.0:

* Pull Request #126: DistributionNotFound message now lists the package or
packages that required it. E.g.::
pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The \'colorama>=0.3.1\' distribution
was not found and is required by smlib.log.
Note that zc.buildout once dependended on the string rendering of this
message to determine the package that was not found. This expectation
has since been changed, but older versions of buildout may experience
problems. See Buildout #242 for details.

* Issue #307: Removed PEP-440 warning during parsing of versions
in ``pkg_resources.Distribution``.

* Issue #364: Replace deprecated usage with recommended usage of

* Issue #254: When creating temporary egg cache on Unix, use mode 755
for creating the directory to avoid the subsequent warning if
the directory is group writable.

* Issue #137: Update ``Distribution.hashcmp`` so that Distributions with
None for pyversion or platform can be compared against Distributions
defining those attributes.

* Issue #360: Removed undesirable behavior from test runs, preventing
write tests and installation to system site packages.

* Pull Request #125: Add ``__ne__`` to Requirement class.

* Various refactoring of easy_install.

* Bootstrap script now accepts ``--to-dir`` to customize save directory or
allow for re-use of existing repository of setuptools versions. See
Pull Request #112 for background.

* Issue #285: ``easy_install`` no longer will default to installing
packages to the \"user site packages\" directory if it is itself installed
there. Instead, the user must pass ``--user`` in all cases to install
packages to the user site packages.
This behavior now matches that of \"pip install\". To configure
an environment to always install to the user site packages, consider
using the \"install-dir\" and \"scripts-dir\" parameters to easy_install
through an appropriate distutils config file.

* Issue #359: Include pytest.ini in the sdist so invocation of py.test on the
sdist honors the pytest configuration.
Re-release of 13.0. Intermittent connectivity issues caused the release
process to fail and PyPI uploads no longer accept files for 13.0.

* Issue #356: Back out Pull Request #119 as it requires Setuptools 10 or later
as the source during an upgrade.

* Removed build_py class from According to 892f439d216e, this
functionality was added to support upgrades from old Distribute versions,
0.6.5 and 0.6.6.

* Pull Request #119: Restore writing of ``setup_requires`` to metadata
(previously added in 8.4 and removed in 9.0).

* Documentation is now linked using the rst.linker package.

* Fix ``setuptools.command.easy_install.extract_wininst_cfg()``
with Python 2.6 and 2.7.

* Issue #354. Added documentation on building setuptools

* Issue #345: Unload all modules under pkg_resources during

* Issue #336: Removed deprecation from ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``,
as it is clearly still used by buildout\'s bootstrap. ``ez_setup``
remains deprecated for use by individual packages.

* Simplified implementation of ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``.

* Pull Request #118: Soften warning for non-normalized versions in

* Issue #339: Correct Attribute reference in ``cant_write_to_target``.

* Issue #336: Deprecated ``ez_setup.use_setuptools``.

* Issue #335: Fix script header generation on Windows.

* Fixed incorrect class attribute in ``install_scripts``. Tests would be nice.

* Issue #331: Fixed ``install_scripts`` command on Windows systems corrupting
the header.

* Restore ``setuptools.command.easy_install.sys_executable`` for pbr
compatibility. For the future, tools should construct a CommandSpec

* Issue #188: Setuptools now support multiple entities in the value for
``build.executable``, such that an executable of \"/usr/bin/env my-python\" may
be specified. This means that systems with a specified executable whose name
has spaces in the path must be updated to escape or quote that value.

* Deprecated ``easy_install.ScriptWriter.get_writer``, replaced by ``.best()``
with slightly different semantics (no force_windows flag).

* Issue #327: Formalize and restore support for any printable character in an
entry point name.

* Expose ``EntryPoint.resolve`` in place of EntryPoint._load, implementing the
simple, non-requiring load. Deprecated all uses of ``EntryPoint._load``
except for calling with no parameters, which is just a shortcut for
``ep.require(); ep.resolve();``.
Apps currently invoking ``ep.load(require=False)`` should instead do the
following if wanting to avoid the deprecating warning::
getattr(ep, \"resolve\", lambda: ep.load(require=False))()

* Pip #2326: Report deprecation warning at stacklevel 2 for easier diagnosis.

* Issue #281: Since Setuptools 6.1 (Issue #268), a ValueError would be raised
in certain cases where VersionConflict was raised with two arguments, which
occurred in ``pkg_resources.WorkingSet.find``. This release adds support
for indicating the dependent packages while maintaining support for
a VersionConflict when no dependent package context is known. New unit tests
now capture the expected interface.

* Interop #3: Upgrade to Packaging 15.0; updates to PEP 440 so that >1.7 does
not exclude 1.7.1 but does exclude 1.7.0 and 1.7.0.post1.

* Issue #323: Fix regression in entry point name parsing.

* Deprecated use of EntryPoint.load(require=False). Passing a boolean to a
function to select behavior is an anti-pattern. Instead use

* Substantial refactoring of all unit tests. Tests are now much leaner and
re-use a lot of fixtures and contexts for better clarity of purpose.

* Issue #320: Added a compatibility implementation of
so that systems relying on that interface do not fail (namely, Ubuntu 12.04
and similar Debian releases).

* Issue #319: Fixed issue installing pure distutils packages.

* Issue #313: Removed built-in support for subversion. Projects wishing to
retain support for subversion will need to use a third party library. The
extant implementation is being ported to `setuptools_svn

* Issue #315: Updated setuptools to hide its own loaded modules during
installation of another package. This change will enable setuptools to
upgrade (or downgrade) itself even when its own metadata and implementation

* Prefer vendored packaging library `as recommended

* Issue #312: Restored presence of pkg_resources API tests (doctest) to sdist.

* Issue #314: Disabled support for ``setup_requires`` metadata to avoid issue
where Setuptools was unable to upgrade over earlier versions.

* Pull Request #106: Now write ``setup_requires`` metadata.

* Issue #311: Decoupled pkg_resources from setuptools once again.
``pkg_resources`` is now a package instead of a module.

* Issue #306: Suppress warnings about Version format except in select scenarios
(such as installation).

* Pull Request #85: Search egg-base when adding egg-info to manifest.

* Upgrade ``packaging`` to 14.5, giving preference to \"rc\" as designator for
release candidates over \"c\".

* PEP-440 warnings are now raised as their own class,
``pkg_resources.PEP440Warning``, instead of RuntimeWarning.

* Disabled warnings on empty versions.

* Upgrade ``packaging`` to 14.4, fixing an error where there is a
different result for if 2.0.5 is contained within >2.0dev and > even
though normalization rules should have made them equal.

* Issue #296: Add warning when a version is parsed as legacy. This warning will
make it easier for developers to recognize deprecated version numbers.

* Issue #296: Restored support for ``__hash__`` on parse_version results.

* Issue #296: Restored support for ``__getitem__`` and sort operations on
parse_version result.

* Issue #296: Restore support for iteration over parse_version result, but
deprecated that usage with a warning. Fixes failure with buildout.

* Implement `PEP 440 `_ within
pkg_resources and setuptools. This change
deprecates some version numbers such that they will no longer be installable
without using the ``===`` escape hatch. See `the changes to test_resources
for specific examples of version numbers and specifiers that are no longer
supported. Setuptools now \"vendors\" the `packaging
`_ library.

* Issue #80, Issue #209: Eggs that are downloaded for ``setup_requires``,
``test_requires``, etc. are now placed in a ``./.eggs`` directory instead of
directly in the current directory. This choice of location means the files
can be readily managed (removed, ignored). Additionally,
later phases or invocations of setuptools will not detect the package as
already installed and ignore it for permanent install (See #209).
This change is indicated as backward-incompatible as installations that
depend on the installation in the current directory will need to account for
the new location. Systems that ignore ``
*.egg`` will probably need to be
adapted to ignore ``.eggs``. The files will need to be manually moved or
will be retrieved again. Most use cases will require no attention.

* Issue #268: When resolving package versions, a VersionConflict now reports
which package previously required the conflicting version.

* Issue #262: Fixed regression in pip install due to egg-info directories
being omitted. Re-opens Issue #118.

* Issue #259: Fixed regression with namespace package handling on ``single
version, externally managed`` installs.

* Issue #100: When building a distribution, Setuptools will no longer match
default files using platform-dependent case sensitivity, but rather will
only match the files if their case matches exactly. As a result, on Windows
and other case-insensitive file systems, files with names such as
\'readme.txt\' or \'README.TXT\' will be omitted from the distribution and a
warning will be issued indicating that \'README.txt\' was not found. Other
filenames affected are:
- README.rst
- setup.cfg
- (or the script name)
- test/test
Any users producing distributions with filenames that match those above
case-insensitively, but not case-sensitively, should rename those files in
their repository for better portability.

* Pull Request #72: When using ``single_version_externally_managed``, the
exclusion list now includes Python 3.2 ``__pycache__`` entries.

* Pull Request #76 and Pull Request #78: lines in top_level.txt are now
ordered deterministically.

* Issue #118: The egg-info directory is now no longer included in the list
of outputs.

* Issue #258: Setuptools now patches distutils msvc9compiler to
recognize the specially-packaged compiler package for easy extension module
support on Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2.

* Issue #237: ``pkg_resources`` now uses explicit detection of Python 2 vs.
Python 3, supporting environments where builtins have been patched to make
Python 3 look more like Python 2.

* Issue #240: Based on real-world performance measures against 5.4, zip
manifests are now cached in all circumstances. The
``PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS`` environment variable is no longer
relevant. The observed \"memory increase\" referenced in the 5.4 release
notes and detailed in Issue #154 was likely not an increase over the status
quo, but rather only an increase over not storing the zip info at all.

* Issue #242: Use absolute imports in svn_utils to avoid issues if the
installing package adds an xml module to the path.

* Issue #239: Fix typo in 5.5 such that fix did not take.

* Issue #239: Setuptools now includes the setup_requires directive on
Distribution objects and validates the syntax just like install_requires
and tests_require directives.

* Issue #236: Corrected regression in execfile implementation for Python 2.6.
- Enable testsuite run during build. Added BuildRequires needed for that
- Refresh setuptools-5.4.1-create-sitedir.patch
- Add fix-type-error.patch: Fix error during test run
- Add fix-sle11-test-failure.patch: Fix error during test run on SLE11SP3

Wed Jul 23 14:00:00 2014
- bump to 5.4.1
Changes between 5.4.1 and 3.6

* Python #7776: (ssl_support) Correct usage of host for validation when
tunneling for HTTPS.

* Issue #154: pkg_resources will now cache the zip manifests rather than
re-processing the same file from disk multiple times, but only if the
environment variable PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS is set. Clients
that package many modules in the same zip file will see some improvement
in startup time by enabling this feature. This feature is not enabled by
default because it causes a substantial increase in memory usage.

* Issue #185: Make svn tagging work on the new style SVN metadata. Thanks

* Prune revision control directories (e.g .svn) from base path as well as

* Added a Developer Guide to the official documentation.

* Some code refactoring and cleanup was done with no intended behavioral

* During install_egg_info, the generated lines for namespace package .pth
files are now processed even during a dry run.

* Issue #202: Implemented more robust cache invalidation for the
ZipImporter, building on the work in Issue #168. Special thanks to Jurko
Gospodnetic and PJE.

* Issue #220: Restored script templates.

* Renamed script templates to end with .tmpl now that they no longer need to
be processed by 2to3. Fixes spurious syntax errors during build/install.

* Issue #218: Re-release of 3.8.1 to signal that it supersedes 4.x.

* Incidentally, script templates were updated not to include the
triple-quote escaping.

* Issue #213: Use legacy StringIO behavior for compatibility under pbr.

* Issue #218: Setuptools 3.8.1 superseded 4.0.1, and 4.x was removed from
the available versions to install.

* Issue #210: develop now copies scripts in binary mode rather than
text mode, matching the behavior of the install command.

* Extend Issue #197 workaround to include all Python 3 versions prior to

* Issue #193: Improved handling of Unicode filenames when building
- drop not applying patch setuptools-0.6c9-create-sitedir.patch
- introduce applying patch with the same effect setuptools-5.4.1-create-sitedir.patch

Thu May 8 14:00:00 2014
- Update to version 3.6

* Issue #203: Honor proxy settings for Powershell downloader in the bootstrap
- Update to version 3.5.2

* Issue #168: More robust handling of replaced zip files and stale caches.
Fixes ZipImportError complaining about a \'bad local header\'.
- Update to version 3.5.1

* Issue #199: Restored ``install._install`` for compatibility with earlier
NumPy versions.
- Update to version 3.5

* Issue #195: Follow symbolic links in find_packages (restoring behavior
broken in 3.4).

* Issue #197: On Python 3.1, PKG-INFO is now saved in a UTF-8 encoding instead
of ``sys.getpreferredencoding`` to match the behavior on Python 2.6-3.4.

* Issue #192: Preferred bootstrap location is now (mirrored from former location).

Thu Apr 17 14:00:00 2014
- Update to version 3.4.4

* Issue #184: Correct failure where find_package over-matched
packages when directory traversal isn\'t short-circuited.
- Update to version 3.4.3

* Issue #183: Really fix test command with Python 3.1.
- Update to version 3.4.2

* Issue #183: Fix additional regression in test command on
Python 3.1.
- Update to version 3.4.1

* Issue #180: Fix regression in test command not caught
by py.test-run tests.
- Update to version 3.4

* Issue #176: Add parameter to the test command to support a
custom test runner: --test-runner or -r.

* Issue #177: Now assume most common invocation to install
command on platforms/environments without stack support
(issuing a warning). Setuptools now installs naturally on
IronPython. Behavior on CPython should be unchanged.
- Remove %check, which now depends on pytest and thus introduces
a dependency loop (setuptools->pytest->py->setuptools)

Thu Mar 20 13:00:00 2014
- Update to version 3.3:

* Add ``include`` parameter to ``setuptools.find_packages()``.
- Changes from version 3.2:

* Pull Request #39: Add support for C++ targets from Cython ``.pyx`` files.

* Issue #162: Update dependency on certifi to 1.0.1.

* Issue #164: Update dependency on wincertstore to 0.2.

Fri Jan 31 13:00:00 2014
- Update to version 2.1:

* Issue #129: Suppress inspection of \'
*.whl\' files when searching for files
in a zip-imported file.

* Issue #131: Fix RuntimeError when constructing an egg fetcher.
- Changes from version 2.0.2:

* Fix NameError during installation with Python implementations (e.g. Jython)
not containing parser module.

* Fix NameError in sdist:re_finder.
- Changes from version 2.0.1:

* Issue #124: Fixed error in list detection in upload_docs.
- Changes from version 2.0:

* Issue #121: Exempt lib2to3 pickled grammars from DirectorySandbox.

* Issue #41: Dropped support for Python 2.4 and Python 2.5. Clients requiring
setuptools for those versions of Python should use setuptools 1.x.

* Removed setuptools.command.easy_install.HAS_USER_SITE. Clients
expecting this boolean variable should use site.ENABLE_USER_SITE

* Removed pkg_resources.ImpWrapper. Clients that expected this class
should use pkgutil.ImpImporter instead.
- Changes from version 1.4.2:

* Issue #116: Correct TypeError when reading a local package index on Python
- Changes from version 1.4.1:

* Issue #114: Use sys.getfilesystemencoding for decoding config in
bdist_wininst distributions.

* Issue #105 and Issue #113: Establish a more robust technique for
determining the terminal encoding
- Changes from version 1.4:

* Issue #27: easy_install will now use credentials from .pypirc if
present for connecting to the package index.

* Pull Request #21: Omit unwanted newlines in package_index._encode_auth
when the username/password pair length indicates wrapping.
- Changes from version 1.3.2:

* Issue #99: Fix filename encoding issues in SVN support.
- Changes from version 1.3.1:

* Remove exuberant warning in SVN support when SVN is not used.
- Changes from version 1.3:

* Address security vulnerability in SSL match_hostname check as reported in
Python #17997.

* Prefer backports.ssl_match_hostname
_ for backport
implementation if present.

* Correct NameError in ssl_support module (socket.error).
- Changes from version 1.2:

* Issue #26: Add support for SVN 1.7. Special thanks to Philip Thiem for the

* Issue #93: Wheels are now distributed with every release. Note that as
reported in Issue #108, as of Pip 1.4, scripts aren\'t installed properly
from wheels. Therefore, if using Pip to install setuptools from a wheel,
the easy_install command will not be available.

* Setuptools \"natural\" launcher support, introduced in 1.0, is now officially
- Changes from version 1.1.7:

* Fixed behavior of NameError handling in \'script template (dev).py\' (script
launcher for \'develop\' installs).

* now ensures partial downloads are cleaned up following
a failed download.

* Distribute #363 and Issue #55: Skip an sdist test that fails on locales
other than UTF-8.
- New dependency on python-xml
- Fix update-alternatives usage

Fri Nov 8 13:00:00 2013
- New upstream version

* Fixed behavior of NameError handling in \'script template (dev).py\' (script launcher for \'develop\' installs).

* now ensures partial downloads are cleaned up following a failed download.

* Distribute #363 and Issue #55: Skip an sdist test that fails on locales other than UTF-8.

Fri Oct 11 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 1.1.6:
+ Distribute #349: sandbox.execfile now opens the target file in binary
mode, thus honoring a BOM in the file when compiled.
- Changes from version 1.1.5:
+ Issue #69: Second attempt at fix (logic was reversed).
- Changes from version 1.1.4:
+ Issue #77: Fix error in upload command (Python 2.4).
- Changes from version 1.1.3:
+ Fix NameError in previous patch.
- Changes from version 1.1.2:
+ Issue #69: Correct issue where 404 errors are returned for URLs with
fragments in them (such as #egg=).
- Changes from version 1.1.1:
+ Issue #75: Add --insecure option to to accommodate
environments where a trusted SSL connection cannot be validated.
+ Issue #76: Fix AttributeError in upload command with Python 2.4.
- Changes from version 1.1:
+ Issue #71 (Distribute #333): EasyInstall now puts less emphasis on the
condition when a host is blocked via --allow-hosts.
+ Issue #72: Restored Python 2.4 compatibility in
- Changes from version 1.0:
+ Issue #60: On Windows, Setuptools supports deferring to another launcher,
such as Vinay Sajip\'s pylauncher _
(included with Python 3.3) to launch console and GUI scripts and not install
its own launcher executables. This experimental functionality is currently
only enabled if the SETUPTOOLS_LAUNCHER environment variable is set to
\"natural\". In the future, this behavior may become default, but only after
it has matured and seen substantial adoption. The SETUPTOOLS_LAUNCHER
also accepts \"executable\" to force the default behavior of creating launcher
+ Issue #63: Bootstrap script ( now prefers Powershell, curl, or
wget for retrieving the Setuptools tarball for improved security of the
install. The script will still fall back to a simple urlopen on
platforms that do not have these tools.
+ Issue #65: Deprecated the Features functionality.
+ Issue #52: In VerifyingHTTPSConn, handle a tunnelled (proxied)
+ Backward-Incompatible Changes:
This release includes a couple of backward-incompatible changes, but most if
not all users will find 1.0 a drop-in replacement for 0.9.
- Issue #50: Normalized API of environment marker support. Specifically,
removed line number and filename from SyntaxErrors when returned from
pkg_resources.invalid_marker. Any clients depending on the specific
string representation of exceptions returned by that function may need to
be updated to account for this change.
- Issue #50: SyntaxErrors generated by pkg_resources.invalid_marker are
normalized for cross-implementation consistency.
- Removed --ignore-conflicts-at-my-risk and --delete-conflicting
options to easy_install. These options have been deprecated since 0.6a11.
- Unify changes format

Sun Aug 18 14:00:00 2013
- Re-add Requires: python. Not needed for recent releases, but a
lot of SLE packages fail without it.

Mon Jul 29 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 0.9.8:
+ Issue #53: Fix NameErrors in _vcs_split_rev_from_url.
- Changes from version 0.9.7:
+ Issue #49: Correct AttributeError on PyPy where a hashlib.HASH object does
not have a .name attribute.
+ Issue #34: Documentation now refers to bootstrap script in code repository
referenced by bookmark.
+ Add underscore-separated keys to environment markers (markerlib).
- Changes from version 0.9.6:
+ Issue #44: Test failure on Python 2.4 when MD5 hash doesn\'t have a .name
- Changes from version 0.9.5:
+ Python #17980: Fix security vulnerability in SSL certificate validation.
- Changes from version 0.9.4:
+ Issue #43: Fix issue (introduced in 0.9.1) with version resolution when
upgrading over other releases of Setuptools.
- Changes from version 0.9.3:
+ Issue #42: Fix new AttributeError introduced in last fix.
- Changes from version 0.9.2:
+ Issue #42: Fix regression where blank checksums would trigger an
- Changes from version 0.9.1:
+ Distribute #386: Allow other positional and keyword arguments to
+ Corrected dependency on certifi mis-referenced in 0.9.
- Changes from version 0.9:
+ package_index now validates hashes other than MD5 in download links.
- Changes from version 0.8:
+ Code base now runs on Python 2.4 - Python 3.3 without Python 2to3

Thu Jul 18 14:00:00 2013
- Use update-alternatives to be parallel-installable with python3-setuptools

Tue Jun 25 14:00:00 2013
- Update to version 0.7.4:
+ Issue #20: Fix comparison of parsed SVN version on Python 3.
- Changes from version 0.7.3:
+ Issue #1: Disable installation of Windows-specific files on non-Windows systems.
+ Use new sysconfig module with Python 2.7 or >=3.2.
- Changes from version 0.7.2:
+ Issue #14: Use markerlib when the parser module is not available.
+ Issue #10: now uses HTTPS to download setuptools from PyPI.
- Changes from version 0.7.1:
+ Fix NameError (Issue #3) again - broken in bad merge.
- Changes from version 0.7:
+ Merged Setuptools and Distribute. See docs/merge.txt for details.
+ Index URL now defaults to HTTPS.
+ Added experimental environment marker support. Now clients may designate a
PEP-426 environment marker for \"extra\" dependencies. Setuptools uses this
feature in for optional SSL and certificate validation support
on older platforms. Based on Distutils-SIG discussions, the syntax is
somewhat tentative. There should probably be a PEP with a firmer spec before
the feature should be considered suitable for use.
+ Added support for SSL certificate validation when installing packages from
an HTTPS service.
- Use upstream URL, SDPX style licenses
- Provide/obsolete python-distribute, which merged into setuptools-0.7.x

Sat Dec 11 13:00:00 2010
- re-generated spec file with py2pack based on old spec file:
+ now builds on Fedora and Mandriva

Wed Sep 1 14:00:00 2010
- update to dev snapshot 0.6c12 - RPM version is set
to 0.6c11.99.r84273 so that version 0.6c12 will be an upgrade when
it comes
- this should fix \"AttributeError: \'NoneType\' object has no attribute \'clone\'\"
errors with python 2.7

Tue Jan 12 13:00:00 2010
- Removed obsolete python-setuptools-distutils-log.diff from sources.

Tue Nov 10 13:00:00 2009
- update to version 0.6c11
+ Fix \"bdist_wininst upload\" trying to upload same file twice
- additional changes from 0.6c10
+ Fix for the Python 2.6.3 build_ext API change
+ Ensure C libraries (as opposed to extensions) are also built when doing bdist_egg
+ Support for SVN 1.6

Wed Nov 4 13:00:00 2009
- removed obsolete python-setuptools-distutils-log patch

Wed Aug 12 14:00:00 2009
- improved noarch selection macro

Fri Jul 31 14:00:00 2009
- added noarch for suse > 11.1

Fri Apr 3 14:00:00 2009
- fixed spec compatibility with older versions

Mon Mar 30 14:00:00 2009
- update to 0.6c9
+ python 2.6 compatibility fixes
- added patch to create install path if it doesn\'t exist
- removed python-devel from requires