Changelog for os-prober-1.76-134.2.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Dec 11 2018 Don\'t hard require btrfsprogs by downgrading it to suggests (boo#1118279)
* os-prober-make-btrfsprogs-optional.patch
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Fix missing grub-probe command that caused linux-boot-probe to abort prematurely. It is a mistake while rebasing patch to 1.76 (bsc#1113615)
* os-prober-1.49-grub2-mount.patch
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Version bump to 1.76:
* Fix check on ID_PART_ENTRY_SCHEME, to look for \"dos\" instead of \"msdos\"
* Remove code using device mapper
* This also removes the dependency on dmsetup- Rediff
* os-prober-1.49-grub2-mount.patch
* os-prober-accept-ESP-on-IMSM.patch
* os-prober-dont-load-all-fs-module-and-dont-test-mount.patch
* os-prober-fix-btrfs-subvol-mounted-tests.patch
* Tue Jul 31 2018 UEFI Grub does not insert Arch Linux entry correctly (boo#1101942)
* os-prober-multiple-initrd.patch
* Thu Jun 14 2018 Rather than Recommend lvm2 merely Suggest it. [bsc#1026766, os-prober.spec]
* Mon Feb 26 2018 Use blkid to bailout udevinfo for db not imported in chroot environment (bsc#1076779)
* os-prober-05efi-blkid.patch
* Fri Feb 23 2018 revert os-prober-05efi-udevinfo.patch as it messed up with strings that could be named differently in which even with non ascil characters.
* Wed Jan 31 2018 Fix Windows not listed in grub menu after install or upgrade (bsc#1076779)
* os-prober-05efi-udevinfo.patch
* Wed Mar 01 2017 Fix btrfs 1.74 regression in detection btrfs, the do_unmount has to be skipped for btrfs as it removes tmp mount point of which btrfs is making use (bsc#1024196)
* modify os-prober-btrfs-absolute-subvol.patch
* rediff os-prober-btrfs-always-detect-default.patch
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Version bump to 1.74:
* Add support for Mageia
* Improve logging of mounting and setting partitions to ro/rw
* Use a read-only device-mapper entry if possible rather than setting the underlying device to read-only. Note that this introduces a dependency on dmsetup on Linux architectures.
* Remove the \"blockdev --setro\" code path entirely, since the read-only device-mapper arrangement supersedes it and should be safer
* Make the yaboot parser more tolerant about the syntax of \"append\" options
* Disable debugging if OS_PROBER_DISABLE_DEBUG is set
* Replace basename/dirname with shell string processing
* Fix typos in README
* Add Devuan detection
* Work harder to avoid trying to mount extended partitions
* Drop \" (loader)\" suffixes on Microsoft operating systems
* Add support for 4MLinux
* Use HTTPS for Vcs-
* URLs, and link to cgit rather than gitweb.- Rediff
* os-prober-1.49-grub2-mount.patch
* os-prober-EFI-openSUSEfy.patch
* os-prober-btrfs-always-detect-default.patch
* os-prober-btrfsfix.patch
* os-prober-dont-load-all-fs-module-and-dont-test-mount.patch
* os-prober-fix-btrfs-subvol-mounted-tests.patch
* os-prober-linux-distro-avoid-expensive-ld-file-test.patch
* os-prober-linux-distro-parse-os-release.patch- Remove patches; fixed on upstream release
* os-prober-call-dmraid-once.patch
* os-prober-1.49-skip-LVM2_member.patch
* Tue Nov 15 2016 The wildcard test for is inaccurate, slow and sometimes hangs a long time with grub2-mount. Disable it becuase it does quite opposite it was intended to do, that is having an inital quick filter for non linux partition to speed things up. (bsc#1008444)
* modified os-prober-linux-distro-avoid-expensive-ld-file-test.patch
* refresh os-prober-linux-distro-parse-os-release.patch
* Tue Oct 04 2016 Handle /etc/os-release symlink (bsc#997465)
* refresh os-prober-linux-distro-parse-os-release.patch
* Wed Sep 14 2016 Parse /etc/os-release for openSUSE Tumbleweed (bsc#997465)
* os-prober-linux-distro-parse-os-release.patch
* Thu Dec 17 2015 The ld file tests cost too much as it transversed all files in the given wildcard directory and path, we should avoid when not necessary. (bsc#953987)
* added os-prober-linux-distro-avoid-expensive-ld-file-test.patch- Fix missing linux16/initrd16 parsing in entry result- Fix kernelfile path if separate boot partition on btrfs
* modified Improve-btrfs-handling-on-os-probing-for-grub2.patch- fix os-prober failed to detect os in btrfs root tree (bsc#957018)
* added os-prober-btrfs-always-detect-default.patch
* Tue Nov 10 2015 Update to version 1.70
* Fix hurd-any support: Test for /servers instead of /servers/exec to avoid starting an translator in the mounted system. Also, /hurd/init might be phased out at some point (Closes: #802053).- Remove patches; fixed on upstream release
* os-prober-grep-for-windows-bcd-file.patch
* os-prober-properly-detect-Windows-10.patch
* Mon Nov 09 2015 detect os on default subvolume in snapshot (bsc#954225) (os-prober-btrfs-snapshot-detection.patch)
* Thu Oct 01 2015 replace os-prober-grep-for-windows-bcd-file.patch by upstream\'s version
* modified os-prober-grep-for-windows-bcd-file.patch- include patch from upstream to fix os-prober is missing support for Windows 10 (bsc#947487)
* added os-prober-properly-detect-Windows-10.patch
* Sun Aug 02 2015 add os-prober-40grub-check-grub2.patch
* also skip legacy grub if /boot/grub2/grub.cfg is present, not only /boot/grub/grub.cfg
* Thu Jun 18 2015 add os-prober-btrfs-absolute-subvol.patch
* fix os-prober mount error, no such file or directory (bsc#931955)
* Mon Jun 01 2015 Deleted os-prober-btrfsfix-trim-leading-subvol.patch: supersceded by Improve-btrfs-handling-on-os-probing-for-grub2.patch
* Fri May 29 2015 Improve-btrfs-handling-on-os-probing-for-grub2.patch
* Improve btrfs handling on os-probing for grub2 (bsc#892364)- Replaces: os-prober-btrfsfix-trim-leading-subvol.patch
* Wed May 13 2015 os-prober-btrfsfix-trim-leading-subvol.patch
* fix os-prober fails to detect other SLES12 installation (bsc#892364)
* Mon Jan 26 2015 add os-prober-grep-for-windows-bcd-file.patch
* fix os-prober misinterprets Windows 8 to be Vista (bsc#910654)
* Sun Dec 14 2014 Version bujmp to 1.65:
* use latest in debian to be up par patch wise
* Drop reiserfs, it\'s no longer supported. - we actually still support it as we patch this class away anyway, but still they have it in their changes...
* Add ppc64el support. Closes: #752416.
* Recognise the new ignore_uefi flag from partman-efi.- Refresh all patches to still apply:
* os-prober-1.49-grub2-mount.patch
* os-prober-call-dmraid-once.patch
* os-prober-dont-load-all-fs-module-and-dont-test-mount.patch- Always delete all the .orig files as sometimes even upstream put them to tarball :)