Changelog for libstdc++6-gcc9-9.0.0+r266766-13.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Nov 20 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r266308).
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r266100).- Enable Ada for riscv64.
* Wed Nov 07 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r265868).- Disable D for all but x86_64, ix86 and arm.
* Mon Nov 05 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r265791).
* Includes gcc5-no-return-gcc43-workaround.patch.- Enable libphobos build if D is to be built.
* Fri Nov 02 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r265745).
* Refresh gcc44-rename-info-files.patch.
* Wed Oct 31 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r265655).
* Adds D language frontend and packages. Update gcc44-rename-info-files.patch for that.
* Fri Oct 26 2018 Update to SVN trunk head (r265522).
* Mon Oct 22 2018 Martin Liška - New package, inherits from gcc8
* gcc-add-defaultsspec.diff, add the ability to provide a specs file that is read by default
* tls-no-direct.diff, avoid direct %fs references on x86 to not slow down Xen
* gcc43-no-unwind-tables.diff, do not produce unwind tables for CRT files
* gcc41-ppc32-retaddr.patch, fix expansion of __builtin_return_addr for ppc, just a testcase
* gcc44-textdomain.patch, make translation files version specific and adjust textdomain to find them
* gcc44-rename-info-files.patch, fix cross-references in info files when renaming them to be version specific
* gcc48-libstdc++-api-reference.patch, fix link in the installed libstdc++ html documentation
* gcc48-remove-mpfr-2.4.0-requirement.patch, make GCC work with earlier mpfr versions on old products
* gcc5-no-return-gcc43-workaround.patch, make build work with host gcc 4.3
* gcc7-remove-Wexpansion-to-defined-from-Wextra.patch, removes new warning from -Wextra
* gcc7-avoid-fixinc-error.diff- Drops
* libffi-riscv.patch
* riscv-builtin-eh-return.patch