Changelog for libproxy1-0.4.15-lp150.179.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Wed Dec 12 2018 Dominique Leuenberger - Convert package from multispec to multibuild.
* Fri Oct 05 2018 Dominique Leuenberger - Update Url tag to point to Add libproxy-python3.7.patch: Support python 3.7 and 3.8.- Drop py_requires: no longer needed.
* Sat Jul 07 2018 Drop favor_gtk2 conditional.
* Thu Feb 22 2018 Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Thu Sep 07 2017 Update descriptions and RPM categories.
* Thu May 11 2017 Update to version 0.4.15: + Port to, and require, SpiderMonkey 38. + Fix \"NetworkManager plugin not being built\" (gh#libproxy/libproxy#53). + Fix \"networkmanager plugin not working (gh#libproxy/libproxy#58). + Fix \"Invalid read after free\" (gh#libproxy/libproxy#59). + Fix intermittent unit test failures.- Replace pkgconfig(mozjs185) buildRequires with pkgconfig(mozjs-38), following upstream.
* Mon Feb 06 2017 Have libproxy1-config-kde require libqt5-qtpaths instead of libqt5-qttools on openSUSE > 13.2 / openSUSE > Leap 42.x (boo#988808).
* Mon Jan 09 2017 Update to version 0.4.14: + Parallel build support for python2 and python3. - DWITH_PYTHON has been replaced with -DWITH_PYTHON2 and - DWITH_PYTHON3 to have full control over this. Default is ON for both (gh#libproxy/libproxy#22). + Minor fixes to the PAC retriever code (gh#libproxy/libproxy#40). + Fallback to mcs instead of gmcs for the mono bindings (gh#libproxy/libproxy#37). + Fix build using cmake 3.7. + Fix deprecation warnings of pxgsettings with glib 2.46. + Improve the get-pac test suite (gh#libproxy/libproxy#47).- Drop The script has not been usable for years, since libproxy is no longer hosted in this svn repo.- Drop upstream merged patches: + libproxy-cmake-3.7.patch + libproxy-FindMono-4.6.patch + libproxy-gnome-waitpid.patch + libproxy-python3-support.patch- Re-enable the test suite: with the upstream changes this should now be more reliable.
* Tue Nov 22 2016 Add libproxy-cmake-3.7.patch: Fix build with cmake 3.7.
* Thu Sep 29 2016 Add libproxy-FindMono-4.6.patch: Fall back to mcs if gmcs cannot be found. Fixes issues with mono 4.6, which no longer ships the wrapper by default.
* Mon Aug 08 2016 Add libproxy-python3-support.patch: Allow to build PYTHON2 and PYTHON3 bindings during the same build phase.- Create new subpackage python3-libproxy.- Add python3-devel BuildRequires when not building core.
* Fri Jul 22 2016 Add libproxy-gnome-waitpid.patch: GNOME3: Wait for pxgsettings to vanish while destroying the plugin (boo#967601).
* Fri May 20 2016 Update to GNOME 3.20.2 (Fate#318572, bnc#980527)
* Tue May 10 2016 Require libqt5-qttools by libproxy1-config-kde: the plugin spawns qtpaths to find the right config files (boo#979232).- Trigger libproxy1-config-kde for installation when plasma5-session and libproxy1 are installed.
* Mon May 09 2016 Fix condition to not build KDE plugin for SLE.
* Thu Apr 28 2016 Update to version 0.4.13: + Allow linking webkit pacrunner against javascriptcore-4.0 (webkit2). + Allow to disable building of the KDE module (-DWITH_KDE=ON/OFF). + Fix compilation errors with CLang on MacOSX. + bindings: perl: Add an option to explicitly link against Some distributions want to do it, other prefer not to, the library is anyway in context of perl. + config_kde: Add a basic cache and invalidation: performance improvement for the KDE module.- Pass -DWITH_KDE=OFF to cmake when building core.- Replace pkgconfig(webkitgtk-3.0) BuildRequires with pkgconfig(javascriptcoregtk-4.0): make use of the WebKit2 port.
* Fri Apr 15 2016 Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572
* Thu Jan 14 2016 Disable building libproxy-config-kde on SLE.
* Tue Jan 12 2016 Update to version 0.4.12: + Move development to + Fix fd leak in get_pac (Bug #185). + Detect running MATE session (Bug #186, Part1). + Fix linking of perl bindings to pthread (Bug #182). + Correctly detect spidermonky (mozjs185) (Bug #188). + Stop pxgsettings from segfaulting on exit (Bug #192). + Fix test #10 (Bug #189). + Fix build on Mac OS X (Bug #183). + Add a generic KDE Config module (fix crashes of Qt5 based apps) (issue#4).- Drop upstream fixed patches: + libproxy-pxgsettings-crash.patch + libproxy-no-libperl.patch + libproxy-pxgsettings-signals.patch- Rename libproxy1-config-kde4 subpackage to libproxy-config-kde, following upstreams introduction of the generic config loader.- Require libKF5ConfigCore5 from libproxy1-config-kde (we don\'t really need the library, but kreadconfig5 in this package).- Replace libkde4-devel and libqt4-devel BuildRequires with libKF5ConfigCore5: the new KDE config parser interacts directly with kreadconfig5 and does not link to Qt.
* Fri May 15 2015 Add libproxy-pxgsettings-signals.patch: Fix for pxgsettins not actively monitoring gsetting changes. Due to recent changes in GLib, only values are being monitored, that are read AFTER the signal handler is attached.- Adjust baselibs.conf to match what is currenly being built.
* Wed Aug 06 2014 Change Supplements to install libproxy1-config-gnome3 only if gnome-session-core is installed to reduce minimal install size (bnc#885455).
* Thu Sep 05 2013 Add libproxy-no-libperl.patch: do not link the perl module against libperl. We do not want a dependency on the libperl library, as that would make as depend on the specific version of perl. As the bindings are running in perl context, libperl can be assumed to be loaded by that time.- Use perl_requires if it is defined.
* Mon Aug 26 2013 Add libproxy-pxgsettings-crash.patch: fix crash in pxgsettings when it\'s closing down (bnc#836576).
* Fri Aug 02 2013 Build mono, perl and python sub package while building -plugins instead of the main package. This helps keeping the build deps for the main package minimal.
* Thu Jul 11 2013 Use build conditional (gcond) for enabling/disabling mono bindings instead of static defines. This allows for osc build and rpmbuild to be used more flexible.
* Thu Feb 28 2013 Remove mono support for aarch64 for now.
* Sun Dec 02 2012 Update to version 0.4.11: + Build fixes with cmake 2.8.10+. + Quick release without built binaries / files (bug#184).- Drop cmake-2.8.10-compat.diff: fixed upstream.
* Mon Nov 12 2012 Add cmake-2.8.10-compat.diff: fixes a CMake error with CMake >= 2.8.10 (bnc#789219).
* Tue Oct 16 2012 Update to version 0.4.10: + Fix http chunk encoded PAC that was broken in previous release. + Add HTTP client unit test. + Fix more coding style issues.- Disable test suite for now: the new http client test fails for weird reasons in the build bot (but works locally).
* Thu Oct 11 2012 Add explicit netcfg BuildRequires for the test suite.
* Wed Oct 10 2012 Update to version 0.4.9: + Fixed buffer overflow when downloading PAC (CVE-2012-4504). + Fix infinite loop uppon network errors.
* Tue Oct 02 2012 Update to version 0.4.8: + Only support standalone mozjs185 as mozilla js engine. + Support building with javascritpcoregtk 1.5 + Support sending multiple results.
* Issues fixed: - #166: Libproxy does not parse NO_PROXY correct when the line contains spaces - #164: If gconf\'s value is an empty list, pxgconf will make /usr/bin/proxy wait forever - #60: use lib js for embedded solutions - #160: strdup and gethostbyname not declared on OSX 10.7 - #168: .pc file should be installed under OSX as well. - #170: Also check for \"Transfer-Encoding: chunked\". - #171: mozjs pacrunner: Fix parameters of dnsResolve_() - #172: Allow to forcibly build pacrunner as module - #173: Libproxy doesn\'t build with gcc 4.7 - #147: Use ${CMAKE_DL_LIBS} instead of assuming libdl is correct. - #176: python bindings: guard the destructor. - #177: Speed up importing of libproxy in python.- Drop upstream fixed patches: + libproxy-javascriptcoregtk.patch + libproxy-mozjs185.patch + libproxy-trim-ignores.patch + libproxy-gcc47.patch + libproxy-force-bipr.patch
* Sat Jun 09 2012 Add libproxy-force-bipr.patch: Force building pacrunner as module This is required as libproxy, when building only one pacrunner, links the module internal. But as we only temporarly disable the mozjs, we do need to keep the webkit runner as an external module.- Also pass -DBIPR=0 to cmake, to enable the patch above.
* Wed Jun 06 2012 Temporaryly disable the mozjs pacrunner: it casues crashes due to symbol conflicts in Firefox (bnc#759123): + Introduce build_mozjs defines, currently set to 0 + Conditionally build the pacrunner-mozjs package + Conditionally buildrequire pkgconfig(mozjs185) + When not building mozjs pacrunner, obsolete the package by libproxy1.
* Tue Mar 13 2012 Add libproxy-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
* Wed Feb 01 2012 Add libproxy-trim-ignores.patch: Trim strings in ignore list. Fix bnc#739069.
* Mon Nov 07 2011 remove mono dependency also for ppc64
* Fri Oct 07 2011 remove mono dependency for %%arm
* Wed Jul 27 2011 Build against js instead of xulrunner: + Add libproxy-mozjs185.patch: taken from upstream, detect mozjs185 instead of xulrunner in the build system. + Add pkgconfig(mozjs185) BuildRequires and remove mozilla-xulrunner-devel BuildRequires. + Change Supplements of libproxy1-pacrunner-mozjs to use libmozjs185-1_0 instead of mozilla-xulrunner.- Change Supplements of libproxy1-pacrunner-webkit to appropriately use libjavascriptcoregtk-1_0-0/libjavascriptcoregtk-3_0-0 (depending on %favor_gtk2) instead of libwebkitgtk-0.
* Mon Jun 20 2011 Add libproxy-javascriptcoregtk.patch: Fix build with webkitgtk-3.0 version 1.5.1: javascriptcoregtk became independent and can be used on it\'s own now and is actually what libproxy depends on. Patch taken from upstream svn, r816.
* Mon Jun 06 2011 Update to version 0.4.7: + Support/require xulrunner 2.0+ + Support linking againgst libwebkit-gtk3 (-DWITH_WEBKIT3=ON) + Port to gsettings for gnome3. (-DWITH_GNOME3=ON[default]) + Issues closed: - #149: always test for the right python noarch module path - #155: Cannot compile with Firefox 4 - #156: libproxy should build against webkitgtk-3.0 - #158: Won\'t compile w/ xulrunner 2.0 final - #159: libproxy fails with autoconfiguration \"\" - #131: GSettings-based GNOME plugin - #150: SUSE sysconfig/proxy config support- Drop patches included upstream: + libproxy-sysconfig-support.patch + libproxy-xul2.patch + libproxy-backports.patch- Package gnome3 module instead of gnome module, if favor_gtk2 is not set (in the project metadata).- Add gnome3 module to baselibs.conf and fixup the various Supplements in baselibs.conf (pointed to the pre -config names).- When building for gnome3 (favor_gtk2 = 0), add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gio-2.0) >= 2.26, pkgconfig(gobject-2.0) and pkgconfig(webkitgtk-3.0)- When building for gnome2, add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gconf-2.0), pkgconfig(gobject-2.0) and replace libwebkit-devel with pkgconfig(webkit-1.0).
* Mon Apr 18 2011 Update baselibs.conf.
* Tue Feb 15 2011 Add libproxy-backports.patch: Backport critical fixes from upstream codestream.
* Mon Feb 14 2011 Add libproxy-xul2.patch: Add compatibility to build against xulrunner 2.0. Patch submitted upstream, issue#155.- Use xulrunner 2.0 on openSUSE 11.4.
* Mon Dec 06 2010 Add libproxy-sysconfig-support.patch, to support the proxy configuration from sysconfig. Part of bnc#655483. Patch written by Duncan Mac-Vicar .
* Thu Sep 02 2010 Update to version 0.4.6: + Fixed a crash in the URL parser + Fixed build issues with Visual Studio + Updated the INSTALL file + Install Python binding in prefix path if site-packages exists
* Fri Aug 20 2010 Mono bindings are not available for all supported platforms, thus wrapping it in a if have_mono [...] endif.
* Thu Aug 19 2010 Check for build_snapshot: the svn snapshot project contains unversioned tarballs.
* Thu Aug 19 2010 Update to version 0.4.5: + C# bindings are installable (-DWITH_DOTNET=ON) + C# bindings installation path can be changed using -DGAC_DIR= + Internal libmodman build fixed + Installation dirs are now all relative to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX + Fixed test while using --as-needed linker flag + Fixed generation of libproxy-1.0.pc + Basic support for Mingw added (not yet 100% functional) + Ruby binding implemented (not yet in the build system) + Fixed modules not being found caused by relative LIBEXEC_INSTALL_DIR + Fixed bug with builtin plugins (Issue 133) + Vala bindings installation path can be changed using - DVAPI_DIR= + Python bindings installation path can be changed using - DPYTHON_SITEPKG_DIR= + Perl bindings can be installed in vendor directory (-DPERL_VENDORARCH=ON) + Perl bindings installation path can be change using - DPX_PERL_ARCH= + Unit test now builds on OSX- Changes from version 0.4.4: + Add support for optionally building using a system libmodman + Rework build system to be cleaner + Fix two major build system bugs: 127, 128
* Mon Jul 05 2010 Add mono-devel BuildRequires to install the csharp bindings.
* Tue Jun 22 2010 Initial work to support win32 cross building.
* Mon Jun 14 2010 Use external libmodman: add libmodman-devel BuildRequires.- Drop libmodman0 subpackage
* Wed Jun 09 2010 Enable build on other distributions than openSUSE, wrapping openSUSE rpm tags like Recommends and Supplements in %if statements.
* Mon Jun 07 2010 Update to version 0.4.3: + Test can now be out-compiled using BUILD_TESTING=OFF + Fixed python binding not handling NULL pointer + Pyhton binding now support Python version 3 + Rewrote URL parser to comply with unit test (bnc#612007) + Username and password are now URL encoded + Scheme comparison is now non-case sensitive + Fixed deadlock using WebKit as PAC runner + Fixed OS X compilation of Perl bindings- libmodman0_0_0 is now correctly called libmodman0, follow this change also in baselibs.conf
* Tue May 25 2010 Update to version 0.4.2: + Fixed python bindings + Workaround cmake bug with dynamic libraries in non-standard folders.
* Tue May 18 2010 Update to version 0.4.1: + Improved cross-platform build + Added Perl and Vala bindings + Fix multiple infinite loop bugs + Fix random crash with Gnome backend + Standardized Gnome backend based on Mozilla and Chrome behavior + Removed dependency to X11 in Gnome backend + Allow disabling features at build time using WITH_
* cmake options + Module path can now be altered using PX_MODULE_PATH environment + pxgconf helper location can be altered using PX_GCONF environment + Removed proxy scheme filtering, we now trust config modules + socks5:// and socks4:// is now allowed + Fix crash when password is empty string + Complete list of bug fixes: - #19, #59, #65, #86, #87, #88, #89, #90, #91, #92, #93, #97, [#98], #99, #100, #101, #102, #103, #106, #108, #110 + Known issues: + #109 - Scheme comparison is case sensitive + #112 - Username and password are not URI encoded
* Mon Mar 29 2010 Update to svn snapshot 626 + No longer require xlib to detect session.- Remove xorg-x11-libXmu-devel BuildRequires.
* Fri Mar 26 2010 Build against mozilla-xulrunner192-devel on openSUSE > 11.2.
* Mon Mar 15 2010 Update to svn snapshot 621 in order to fix some serious crashes in config_gnome. This is close to what will be the 0.4.1 release.- Drop all patches as they came from upstream and are included in this snapshot already.
* Wed Mar 10 2010 Do not forcibly require libmodman from the tools package. It\'s pulled in by library dependencies.
* Wed Mar 10 2010 add libmodman0_0_0 to baselibs.conf
* Sat Mar 06 2010 Add libproxy-gcc45.patch to fix build with gcc 4.5. Patch comes from upstream svn, rev 599.
* Fri Feb 26 2010 Update to version 0.4.0: + C++ rewrite + Small API change (px_proxy_factory_get_proxy() can now return NULL) + SOVERSION bump + libmodman is now a separate library + Migrate to cmake + Windows support (config_w32reg, ignore_hostname; VC++ support) + MacOSX support (config_macosx, ignore_hostname) + Built-in modules support + Support for chunked encoding + Move to hidden visibility by default + KDE\'s KConfig semantics are fully supported + Removeal of all PX_
* env variables (no longer needed) + Symbol based detection of relevant pacrunner + Reworked config_gnome to not suck (its
* faster) + Many other things I can\'t remember- BuildRequire cmake, gccc-++ and zlib-devel- Add libproxy-pysitelib.patch, as the python bindings are are arch-independent- Add libproxy-libexecpatch.patch to move library helpers to proper libexecdir.- Build the python-package as noarch- sonum bump to 1, thus changing name to libproxy1- Split out libmodman (will not follow the versioning of libproxy in the long run).- Add libproxy-pkgconfig.patch to also install the .pc file.
* Tue Jan 05 2010 Package baselibs.conf
* Thu Oct 08 2009 Update to version 0.3.1 + Bugfixes - config file parser reads all sections - KDE session detection based on environment varibales, as suggested by KDE upstream. + KDE configuration module is the first module in C++ and now links to libkdecore4 in order to properly detect the configuration folder for kde. + At the moment we\'re not compatible with KDE3. Sorry. + .NET bindings can now properly be installed and it should be possible for packagers to provide them.- Add gcc-c++, libkde4-devel and libqt4-devel for updated kde mod.- This update solves bnc#546199.
* Sun Aug 16 2009 Update to version 0.3.0 + WARNING!!! Slight API change!!! see docs for px_proxy_factory_get_proxies() + Credentials support (see API change above) + A complete rewrite of the module manager + file:// as valid PAC URLs + Sample Mono application + Automake 1.11 shaved output + gnome backend rewrite (now w/o thread issues) + Test suite base functionality exists + Many solaris build fixes + Seamonkey support as JS pacrunner + Bugfixes + Compiles for MS Windows using Mingw- Split additional modules out in separate packages.
* Wed Aug 12 2009 Use new python macros on openSUSE <= 11.1
* Sun Aug 09 2009 use new python macros
* Mon Jun 22 2009 Add libproxy-svn-303_as-needed.patch to successfully build with - -as-needed
* Tue Jun 16 2009 Extend baselibs.conf We also need the plugins 32bit. The 32bit plugin get\'s installed as soon as the 32bit librarz is installed. Same featureset is recommended, bnc#485543
* Wed May 13 2009 Tag patches.
* Wed May 06 2009 Build libproxy-plugins against mozilla-xulrunner191 on openSUSE > 11.1.
* Thu Apr 23 2009 Change Name to libproxy-plugins in libproxy-plugins.spec.
* Thu Apr 16 2009 Split the build in two steps, libproxy and libproxy-plugins, to avoid a build loop: libproxy depends on libwebkit which depends on libsoup which depends on libproxy. So we now have a new spec file for libproxy-plugins where the libwebkit dependency is.
* Sat Mar 14 2009 Review changes.
* Sat Mar 14 2009 use correct mozilla/xulrunner dependencies