Changelog for libqmplay2-devel-17.02.12-3.1.i586.rpm :

* Wed Mar 01 2017 abfonly 17.02.12-1- (0959d64) Log: Update to 17.02.12- (0959d64)
* Fix updating covers (also title, artist and album outside QMPlay2) in network streams,- (0959d64)
* add -Skip- and -Stop after- flags for playlist (Zamarin Arthur),- (0959d64)
* add -Lock- flag for playlist entry - don\'t allow to remove it,- (0959d64)
* equalizer improvements (presets must be set again),- (0959d64)
* display cover arts in Freedesktop notifications,- (0959d64)
* scale VU meters in Simple Visualization,- (0959d64)
* minor improvements and bug fixes,- (0959d64)
* add quick group synchronization,- (0959d64)
* add Profiles (Zamarin Arthur),- (0959d64)
* displaying still images,- (0959d64)
* add full macOS support.
* Fri Feb 17 2017 Andrey Bondrov 16.12.23-2- (b862647) MassBuild#1257: Increase release tag
* Sat Dec 24 2016 abfonly 16.12.23-1- (bea99bd) Log: Update to 16.12.23- (bea99bd) New Notifications module (Zamarin Arthur),- (bea99bd) use cookies obtained from youtube-dl,- (bea99bd) add Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP,- (bea99bd) updated German translation (martinkg),- (bea99bd) add audio dynamic range compressor,- (bea99bd) bugfix.
* Fri Dec 23 2016 abfonly 16.11.20-1- (c0246a3) Log: Update to 16.11.20- (c0246a3) -Display real FPS and interlaced video information on Information panel,- (c0246a3) -VA-API displays using OpenGL (default behavior),- (c0246a3) -updated German translation (martinkg),- (c0246a3) -add DXVA2 decoder (limited features),- (c0246a3) -fix seeking on interlaced videos,- (c0246a3) -CUVID bugfix.
* Fri Dec 09 2016 Andrey Bondrov 16.11.01-3- (56f45fe) MassBuild#1190: Increase release tag
* Fri Nov 25 2016 Andrey Bondrov 16.11.01-2- (ce7290f) Bump release
* Sun Nov 06 2016 abfonly 16.11.01-1- (75de046) Log: Log: Update to 16.11.01- (75de046) build with avresample support- (75de046) fied build in 2016.1- (75de046) fixed debug
* Sat Oct 01 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.09.24-1- (78a5f1c) Update to 16.09.24
* Sat Oct 01 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.09.04-1- (09e5923) Update to 16.09.24- (abfonly: aca1e74) Log: Update to 16.09.04- (abfonly: aca1e74) enable portaudio _19.25_ only on mrb- (abfonly: aca1e74) Changes in QMPlay2 build 16.09.04:- (abfonly: aca1e74) - don\'t load subtitles which needs decoder without the decoder,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - add checkbox to disable PBO in OpenGL2 module settings,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - fix displaying multi-line graphical subtitles,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - don\'t crop non-graphics subtitles on zoom,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - add quality button in YouTube browser,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - download -youtube-dl- if necessary,- (abfonly: aca1e74) - get rid of -QtNetwork- module
* Sat Aug 27 2016 abfonly 16.08.19-1- (ec8fd44) Log: Update to 16.08.19- (ec8fd44) fixed BR- (ec8fd44) fixed and enable debug
* Sat Jul 23 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.07.20-1- (592a521) Update to 16.07.20
* Sat Jul 23 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.07.07-1- (7339025) Updated translations QMplay2.desktop- (Victor Ryzhikh: 2a8bc92) Update to 16.07.20- (abfonly: 656ab46) Log: Update to 16.07.07
* Mon Jul 04 2016 abfonly 16.07.02-2- (d2309e7) Log: Fixed debug (made Pulfer happy again)- (d2309e7) Update russian thx to viktor2007
* Mon Jul 04 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.07.02-1- (1497ad7) Updated to 16.17.02, building with qt5, Updated Russian translations
* Mon Jul 04 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.06.08-2- (4e5c4b8) Updated to 16.17.02, Updated Russian translations- (Victor Ryzhikh: 2d724a0) Updated Russian translations
* Sat Jun 11 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.06.08-1- (0b71fda) Updated Russian translations- (Victor Ryzhikh: 750ff0c) Updated to 16.06.08, Updated Russian translations
* Sat Jun 11 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.06.01-1- (b285efc) Updated to 16.06.08, Updated Russian translations- (Victor Ryzhikh: 5a91958) Updated to 16.06.01, Updated Russian translations
* Sat Jun 11 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.05.06-3- (bd58105) Updated to 16.06.01, Updated Russian translations- (Victor Ryzhikh: 3b29bad) Updated Russian translations
* Wed May 11 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.05.06-2- (8260a74) Updated Russian translations- (Victor Ryzhikh: ae8b46a) Updated Russian translations
* Mon May 09 2016 Victor Ryzhikh 16.05.06-1- (8a77d99) Updated Russian translations- (abfonly: 5a21fea) Log: Update to 16.05.06- (abfonly: 5a21fea) Warning- (abfonly: 5a21fea) =======- (abfonly: 5a21fea) For a qt5 porting ,qt5 5.6.1 is mandatory, we have 5.6.0- (abfonly: 5a21fea) for now , patching the build against 5.6.0 will cause- (abfonly: 5a21fea) binary segfault.
* Sat Apr 16 2016 abfonly 16.03.24-1- (019cecf) Log: Update to 16.03.24- (019cecf) drop the pushed upstream ru lang, thx to Viktor