Changelog for libgraphviz6-2.40.1-169.1.i586.rpm :

* Fri Nov 30 2018 use pkg-config with correct parameter, reported by Werner Fink
* Thu Nov 29 2018 Support dynamic move to Guile 2.2, part of boo#1117121: - Replace conditional pkgconfig(guile-2.[02]) BuildRequires with guile-devel: The package name is unchanged, which allows the distro projects to move wihout step-locking changes. - Patch to look for guile-2.2 if guile 2.2 is being used.- order inputs alphabetically
* Fri Nov 16 2018 Fixed double file declaration in graphviz and graphviz-addons (x11)- Mark license files with %license instead of %doc
* Thu Oct 25 2018 Build with gts support (bsc#1108978, bsc#1108976) SLE12 flavors do not provide gts, so explicitly exclude gts support there.
* Mon Jul 30 2018 Extend reproducible.patch to make build reproducible (boo#1041534)
* Tue Mar 27 2018 Build with PHP5 for Leap 42.x and earlier, PHP7 requires swig 3.0.11 Drop graphviz-plugins-fix_install_dirs.patch, use sed script to fix directories, same as for Lua
* Tue Mar 27 2018 Do not delete dotty/lefty/lneato man pages which are part of the x11 subpackage, built from the addons package/spec. (No changelog entry).
* Sat Feb 10 2018 Drop harmful modification of tclpkg/gv/gv_doc_langs.tcl, which changes the timestamp, although the file does not contain LIB_DIR. Graphviz ships prebuilt manpages in man and PDF format. Modifying the tcl script rebuilt the documentation, and replaced the PDFs with empty documents (due to missing groff). This also made the doc subpackage nonreproducible, causing rebuilds in all dependent packages.
* Thu Feb 08 2018 Disable guile 2.2 modifications temporarily- Move lefty/dotty/lneato graph editor tools to x11 subpackage and build as part of addons package. Removes any X11 dependency from core package, both build and runtime.- Drop unused libXaw6 build dependency- move libpng, libjpeg, freetype and fontconfig build dependencies to addons, unused for core
* Thu Jan 25 2018 Move to pkgconfig(guile-2.2) BuildRequires on suse_version >= 1500.
* Tue Jan 16 2018 Disable building the graphviz-ocaml package: we have no consumer of it, but not building it allows us to elminiate a build cycle.
* Thu Oct 26 2017 Reverse last change.
* Wed Oct 25 2017 Remove and graphviz-addon.
* as they aren\'t needed anymore.
* Mon Oct 23 2017 Replace the recommends for graphviz-gnome by a \'supplements packageand\' so that graphviz doesn\'t pull in all the X11 related stuff on a machine without graphical desktop (bsc#930442).
* Wed Oct 04 2017 Exclude %{_mandir}/man1/smyrna.1%{ext_man} from graphiz\' main package, since the man page is packaged in the -smyrna sub package already.
* Mon Aug 07 2017 Add bcond for java and ocaml that can be overriden in staging prj
* Thu Aug 03 2017 Drop smyrna and gvedit separate spec, now handled by graphviz-addons
* Switch graphviz-gvedit to Qt5: + graphviz-qt5.patch- Drop graphviz-plugin subkpg in favor of graphviz-addons.spec that is generated from graphviz directly- Make sure all patches are applied also in main package so none get lost by accident- Refresh patch graphviz-plugins-fix_install_dirs.patch- Make sure graphviz php plugins are generated using php7
* set the php7 path in graphviz-plugins-fix_install_dirs.patch- Remove tkspline from tcl package as it is no longer shipped- Make sure the pic/pie is enforced on all the libs/bins
* Wed Aug 02 2017 Update to 2.40.1 release:
* Remove usage of ast_common.h
* network-simplex fixes and optimization (Stephen North)
* built-in tred tool now available in the various swig generated language bindings (John Ellson)
* number rounding added to SVG renderer (same as PS and TK rounding) to aid regression testing. (John Ellson)
* additional regressson test framework, used in Travis CI builds. (Erwin Janssen)
* PHP7 support (requires swig-3.0.11 or later). (John Ellson)
* Allow user to specify clustering algorithm in gvmap. (Emden Gansner)
* Add Sierpinski graph generator to gvgen. (Emden Gansner)
* Extensive code cleanup (Erwin Janssen)
* Removal of libgd source - use vanilla libgd from separate install
* Windows builds (Erwin Janssen)
* Appveyor CI for automated Windows build testing (Erwin Janssen)
* Travis CI for Fedora/Centos builds (Erwin Janssen)
* Added JSON output format, -Tjson (Emden Gansner)
* New curved arrowhead, cylinder node shape.
* Resolves bugs: 2599, 1172
* Add cylinder shape for databases.
* Free installed plugins
* Update makefile for dot so that the using libpanco_C in the static build include PANGOFT2 as well as PANGOCAIRO_LIBS (needed for some versions of Ubuntu)
* Add json output format
* output class value in svg files
* Add plain shape for use with HTML-like labels.
* Add icurve arrowhead.
* Revert to old, translate to origin semantics in neato, etc. Add flag notranslate if that is what the user desires.- Run over with spec-cleaner and convert deps to pkgconfig- Fix Group- Remove unused pre requirements as there is no pre phase- Inline sed changes and do not rely on pipes- Do not add needless requires to devel pkg, there are no such stated dependencies in any of the .pc files provided- Add scriptlet to allow generating of the extras subpkg instead of having independent spec files
* Sun May 28 2017 Add reproducible.patch to not have binaries depend on build system timings
* Wed Jun 10 2015 Remove pangocairo and lasi support as it introduces build cycle
* Thu Apr 09 2015 Build with pangocairo and lasi support.
* Mon Nov 17 2014 Led - fix ksh-specific constrictions in script- add patches: + graphviz-2.38.0-fix-gvmap.patch