Changelog for python3-ruamel.yaml-0.14.5-7.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Wed Apr 12 2017 update to 0.14.5
* fix for 0o52 not being a string in YAML 1.1
* fix issue 109: None not dumping correctly at top level
* fix issue 110: .replace on Preserved/DoubleQuoted/SingleQuoted ScalarString would give back “normal” string
* Wed Mar 29 2017 Update to version 0.14.2 - fix for old default pip on Ubuntu 14.04 (reported by Sébastien Maccagnoni-Munch)- Update to version 0.14.1 - fix Text not available on 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 (reported by Charles Bouchard-Légaré)- Update to version 0.14.0 - updates for mypy --strict - preparation for moving away from inheritance in Loader and Dumper, calls from e.g. the Representer to the Serializer.serialize() are now done via the attribute .serializer.serialize(). Usage of .serialize() outside of Serializer will be deprecated soon - some extra tests on functions- Update to version 0.13.14 - fix for issue 97: clipped block scalar followed by empty lines and comment would result in two CommentTokens of which the first was dropped. (reported by Colm O\'Connor)- Update to version 0.13.13 - fix for issue 96: prevent insertion of extra empty line if indented mapping entries are separated by an empty line (reported by Derrick Sawyer)- Update to version 0.13.11 - allow \':\' in flow style scalars if not followed by space. Also don\'t quote such scalar as this is no longer necessary. - add python 3.6 manylinux wheel to PyPI- Update to version 0.13.10 - fix for issue 93, insert spurious blank line before single line comment between indented sequence elements (reported by Alex)- Update to version 0.13.9 - fix for issue 92, wrong import name reported by the-corinthian- Update to version 0.13.8 - fix for issue 91, when a compiler is unavailable reported by Maximilian Hils - fix for deepcopy issue with TimeStamps not preserving \'T\', reported on `StackOverflow Q&A `_ by `Quuxplusone `_
* Tue Dec 27 2016 Update to version 0.13.7:
* fix for issue 85, importing unicode_literals caused mypy to fail on 2.7 (reported by Peter Amstutz) 0.13.6:
* fix for issue 83, collections.OrderedDict not representable by SafeRepresenter (reported by Frazer McLean) 0.13.5:
* fix for issue 84, deepcopy not properly working (reported by Peter Amstutz) 0.13.4:
* another fix for issue 82, change to non-global resolver data broke implicit type specification 0.13.3:
* fix for issue 82, deepcopy not working (reported by code monk) 0.13.2:
* fix for comments after empty (null) values (reported by dsw2127 and cokelaer) 0.13.1:
* optimisations on memory usage when loading YAML from large files (py3: -50%, py2: -85%) 0.13.0:
* if load() or load_all() is called with only a single argument (stream or string) a UnsafeLoaderWarning will be issued once. If appropriate you can surpress this warning by filtering it. Explicitly supplying the Loader=ruamel.yaml.Loader argument, will also prevent it from being issued. You should however consider using safe_load(), safe_load_all() if your YAML input does not use tags.
* allow adding comments before and after keys (based on StackOveflow Q&A by msinn) 0.12.18:
* another fix for numpy (re-reported independently by PaulG & Nathanial Burdic) 0.12.17:
* only the RoundTripLoader included the Resolver that supports YAML 1.2 now all loaders do (reported by mixmastamyk) 0.12.16:
* allow dot char (and many others) in anchor name Fix issue 72 (reported by Shalon Wood)
* Slightly smarter behaviour dumping strings when no style is specified. Single string scalars that start with single quotes or have newlines now are dumped double quoted: “‘abcnklm’” instead of: \'\'\'abc klm\'\'\'
* Sun Oct 02 2016 Initial version