Changelog for python3-ruamel.yaml-0.13.7-4.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Tue Dec 27 2016 Update to version 0.13.7:
* fix for issue 85, importing unicode_literals caused mypy to fail on 2.7 (reported by Peter Amstutz) 0.13.6:
* fix for issue 83, collections.OrderedDict not representable by SafeRepresenter (reported by Frazer McLean) 0.13.5:
* fix for issue 84, deepcopy not properly working (reported by Peter Amstutz) 0.13.4:
* another fix for issue 82, change to non-global resolver data broke implicit type specification 0.13.3:
* fix for issue 82, deepcopy not working (reported by code monk) 0.13.2:
* fix for comments after empty (null) values (reported by dsw2127 and cokelaer) 0.13.1:
* optimisations on memory usage when loading YAML from large files (py3: -50%, py2: -85%) 0.13.0:
* if load() or load_all() is called with only a single argument (stream or string) a UnsafeLoaderWarning will be issued once. If appropriate you can surpress this warning by filtering it. Explicitly supplying the Loader=ruamel.yaml.Loader argument, will also prevent it from being issued. You should however consider using safe_load(), safe_load_all() if your YAML input does not use tags.
* allow adding comments before and after keys (based on StackOveflow Q&A by msinn) 0.12.18:
* another fix for numpy (re-reported independently by PaulG & Nathanial Burdic) 0.12.17:
* only the RoundTripLoader included the Resolver that supports YAML 1.2 now all loaders do (reported by mixmastamyk) 0.12.16:
* allow dot char (and many others) in anchor name Fix issue 72 (reported by Shalon Wood)
* Slightly smarter behaviour dumping strings when no style is specified. Single string scalars that start with single quotes or have newlines now are dumped double quoted: “‘abcnklm’” instead of: \'\'\'abc klm\'\'\'
* Sun Oct 02 2016 Initial version