Changelog for libbd_utils-devel-2.20-3.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Thu Jan 24 2019 Add pkgconfig(yaml-0.1) BuildRequires and pass with-vdo instead of without-vdo to configure, build vdo support.- Following the above, add new sub-packages libbd_vdo2 and libbd_vdo-devel, aswell as handle the new library in post(un).
* Fri Jan 11 2019 Add pkgconfig(dbus-1) BuildRequires: Add missing BuildRequires, libblockdev needs dbus headerfiles during build, but configure does not check for it.
* Mon Nov 19 2018 Update to version 2.20: + Fixes: - Fix parsing extra arguments for LVM methods calls in the LVM DBus plugin; - Multiple fixes for running tests on Debian testing. + Development: Vagrantfile template was added for easy development machine setup.- Changes from version 2.19: + Features: - vdo: new functions to get statistical data for existing VDO volumes (bd_vdo_get_stats); - crypto: support for passing extra arguments for key derivation function when creating LUKS2 format.
* Thu Jun 28 2018 Update to version 2.18: + New plugin: vdo, support for creating and managing VDO volumes.
* Fri May 04 2018 Update to version 2.17: + New plugin: nvdimm, support for NVDIMM namespaces management; + LUKS2 support for creating LUKS2 format including authenticated disk encryption. Multiple new functions for working with LUKS devices (suspend/resume, header backup, metadata size...); + Extended support for opening TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes.- Drop pkgconfig(nss) and libvolume_key-devel BuildRequires now that they are optional and pass without-escrow to configure: libvolume_key\'s code is ancient and nearly dead upstream.
* Wed Mar 28 2018 Resplit plugins to avoid pulling clusterlvm support by default into the dependency chain (bsc#1086447).
* Mon Mar 05 2018 Move all plugins into the shared library subpackage and their respective development files into the devel one.- Add \'-only\' to LGPL License tag to comply with SPDX 3.0.
* Wed Feb 21 2018 Update to version 2.16:
* Features: - LUKS 2 support for luks_open/close and luks_add/remove/change_key. - Progress report support for ext filesystem checks.- Changes from version 2.15:
* Features: - The file system plugin is now split into multiple source files making it easier to add support for more file systems and technologies.
* Fixes: - How GPT patition flags are set; - Check the btrfs module availability as part of checking the btrfs plugin\'s dependencies; - Memory leaks in bd_fs_vfat_get_info(); - The file system plugin\'s dependency checking mechanisms.- Add libblockdev-fix-libkmod-include.patch as openSUSE doesn\'t use /usr/include/ but /usr/include/kmod to place libkmod.h.- Conditionalize the use of Python 2\'s bindings and turn it off defaulting Python 3.- Drop s390\'s plugin due to the lack of a file still not present in s390-tools package.- Drop BuildRoot tag since RPM already handles this itself.
* Thu Jan 18 2018 Remove excess Provides, BuildRequires and %ifs.- Fix %description line mismatch for s390x parts.
* Tue Nov 28 2017 Initial package, version 2.14:
* Features: - Added function to get DM device subsystem. - Support for the NTFS file system. - pkg-config definitions improvements.
* Fixes: - Fix BSSize memory leaks. - Fixes for issues discovered by coverity. - Support for the \'Legacy boot\' GPT flag.