Changelog for shared-mime-info-1.9-3.1.i586.rpm :

* Wed Feb 28 2018 Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Wed Oct 11 2017 Drop obsolete mime-info-to-mime (boo#1062631).
* Mon Sep 18 2017 Update to version 1.9: + Add x-systemd-unit and x-dbus-service MIME types. + Fix magic for application/x-java-keystore on little endian. + Add mime-type for STL 3D models and GCODE. + Add application/x-executable as a supertype of application/ecmascript. + Add shebang magic for gjs JavaScript files. + Add a mimetype for Khronos texture files. + Add a mime-type for Famicom Disk System images. + Add \"font\" top level type, and use IANA registered type for TTF, OTF, WOFF, TTC and WOFF2. + Add OpenCL mime-type. + Add text/x-python3 content type. + Add mime type. + Add application/x-atari-lynx-rom. + Add application/x-wonderswan-rom. + Add application/x-virtual-boy-rom. + Better JPEG 2000 MIME type support. + Add support for GIMP data files (.gbr, .gih, .pat). + Add an alias for Adobe Illustrator formats. + Add
*.mjs glob for Javascript. + Rename application/x-trig to application/trig. + Rename Panasonic RAW image mime-types to image/x-panasonic-rw
*. + Change the preferred suffix for image/x-tga from icb to tga. + Correct \"PostScript\" capitalisation. + Add mimetype for AppImage Type 2. + Remove AppImage glob with different casing.
* Tue Jun 27 2017 Replace %mime_database_post/postun with respective file triggers in shared-mime-info: any file put into /usr/share/mime will trigger the execution of the script. In order to not break the macros short-term they are being redefined to %nil.- Drop redundant %clean section.
* Wed Dec 07 2016 Update to version 1.8: + Add Flatpak-related mime-types. + Add mime-type for a number of Thomson-related disk (and cassette) images. + Add many audio and video mime-type aliases as used in VLC. + Add mime-type for pdf.lz files. + Write the correct length for literal and glob lists to the cache. + Build fixes.
* Sun Sep 11 2016 Update to version 1.7: + Add mime-types for a number of video games systems ROMS (Atari 7800, Atari 2600, Neo Geo Pocket, Sega CD/Mega-CD, Game Boy Color, Genesis 32X, Sega SG-1000, Sega Game Gear, Sega Pico). + Add mime-type for .tar.lz and tar.lz4 archives. + Add mime-type for Jupyter Notebook files. + Add Flatpak mime-types and add compatibility for xdg-app ones. + Add
*.dib glob to BMP images. + Use official IANA mime-types for WMF and EMF images. + Add application/raml+yaml mime-type. + Add GPX mimetypes as found in the wild. + Add application/vnd.squashfs and application/vnd.snap mime-types. + Add mime-type for IGES documents. + Add mime-types for Sass CSS pre-processor files. ..+.Add mime-type for Twig templates. + Add alias application/nappdf for application/pdf. + Add mimetype for AppImage. + Add application/x-bsdiff mime-type. + Add Gherkin feature specifications mime-type. + Use official IANA registered type for application/vnd.chess-pgn. + Use new IANA registered type for application/geo+json. + Use official IANA registered type for application/vnd.comicbook+zip. + Use official IANA registered type for application/vnd.rar. + Use official IANA registered type for application/vnd.framemaker. + Improve VRML mime-type. + Better MPEG-2 TS magic. + Better magic for 669 tracker MOD files. + Fix misdetection of zip files as their content. + Fix multi-page DjVu detection by file. + Fix TGA magic detection. + Fixes related to AMR audio files. + Remove \"
*.sg\" glob for Sega Master System ROM types.- Drop 0001-Add-alias-application-nappdf-for-application-pdf.patch: Fixed upstream.
* Tue Jun 14 2016 Add alias application/nappdf to application/pdf (boo#984021) 0001-Add-alias-application-nappdf-for-application-pdf.patch
* Wed May 04 2016 Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572- Drop shared-mime-info-disable-fdatasync-in-installation.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Mar 01 2016 Update to version 1.6: + Add XAR archive mime-type. + Add GeoJSON mime-type. + Add GPX mime-type. + Add xdg-app mime-type. + Add
*.xht glob and magic for XHTML files. + Bump priority of archive mime-types with long magics, to avoid false positives when detecting files inside the archive itself.- Drop xz BuildRequires: this is already part of default build setups for a long time.- Drop workaround for fdo#70366 (that is, no longer export ac_cv_func_fdatasync=no).- Add PKGSYSTEM_ENABLE_FSYNC=0 to mime_database_post and mime_database_postun macros, which is the upstream provided way to opt-out of the fdatasync call. That variable is checked for since version 1.4.- Add PKGSYSTEM_ENABLE_FSYNC=0 to post script (as we do can\'t use the macros we install with the package there).
* Mon Dec 14 2015 Disable fdatasync() during installation time or when PKGSYSTEM_ENABLE_FSYNC is set (bsc#862596) (fdo#70366) - Add shared-mime-info-disable-fdatasync-in-installation.patch
* Sat Nov 21 2015 Backport the fix from openSUSE:Factory to fix the slow installation issue (bsc#862596) (fdo#70366)
* Wed Sep 16 2015 Update to version 1.5: + Fix compilation with glib < 2.26. + Update DTD. + Mime-type changes: - Add more globs to console ROM files. - Use \"folder\" generic-icon for inode/directory. - Bump priority for ISO images glob matching to work around confusion around Wii image files. - Add application/owl+xml. - Add text/turtle. - Use IANA registered image/vnd.zbrush.pcx for PCX. - Add text/rust for Rust source code. - Add application/ld+json as subclass of application/json. - Add text/csv-schema. - Add application/vnd.coffeescript. - Make application/ a subclass of text/plain. - Make application/sdp a subclass of text/plain. - Add application/jrd+json as subclass of application/json. - Add MTM, MED, 699 and Ultratracker magic for application/x-mod. - Add Meson build definitions. - Match newer versions of XCF files. - Use IANA registered type for PKCS#12. - Add application/x-doom-wad. - Add Amiga disk image. - Rename \"Dreamcast ROM\" to \"Dreamcast GD-ROM\". - Add application/x-wii-wad. - Add magic and tests to application/x-gameboy-rom. - Add application/x-saturn-rom. - Fix application/x-genesis-rom translation rules. - Split up multi-page DjVu into its own mime-type.- Drop shared-mime-info-bump-priority-for-ISO-images.patch: Fixed upstream (fdo#80877).
* Thu Feb 19 2015 Update to version 1.4: + Add glob for low-resolution videos from GoPro. + Add mime-type for partially downloaded files. + Use IANA registered mime-type for Debian packages. + Add another magic for OTF fonts. + Add support for Adobe PageMaker. + Remove the Apple iOS PNG variant. + Add
*.dbk glob for DocBook. + Use IANA registered mime-type for Vivo. + Remove obsolete application/x-gmc-link mime-type. + Make application/x-wais-source a subclass of text/plain. + Flip application/smil+xml and application/smil type/alias. + Add Nintendo 64 ROM magic. + Add qpress archive support. + Add image/x-tiff-multipage mime-type. + Rename \"Microsoft icon\" to \"Windows icon\". + Add magic for ODB files. + Use IANA registered text/markdown for Markdown. + New mimetype for SCons scripts as subclass of x-python. + Make application/pgp-encrypted a subclass of text/plain. + Associate
*.qmltypes and
*.qmlproject files with the text/x-qml mime type. + Add text/x-genie mime type for Genie source code. + Disable fdatasync() usage if PKGSYSTEM_ENABLE_FSYNC is set. + Skip mime database update if packages are older than cache. + Add \"-n\" option to update-mime-database to only update if \"newer\".
* Thu Feb 19 2015 Add shared-mime-info-bump-priority-for-ISO-images.patch (fdo#80877, kde#337035, boo#904100)
* Tue Apr 08 2014 Update to version 1.3: + Mime-type changes: - Add Aliases for OpenOffice Base and StarWriter. - Add Apple Keynote 5 mime-type. - Add mimetype for compressed FictionBook2. - Don\'t recognize all .asc files as application/pgp-encrypted. - Add tree magic for the Kindle e-book reader. - Add LZ4 archive type. - Add PC Engine, GameCube and Wii \"ROM\" types. - Add audio/x-opus+ogg mime-type. - Add image/webp mime-type. - Prefer application/ to video/x-ms-asf. - Add application/x-riff mime-type. - Add JSON mime-type. - Add
*.jsm glob for Javascript. - Add magic and glob patterns for compressed x-spss-sav files. - JavaScript and CSS are not subclasses of text/x-csrc. - Remove
*.CSSL glob for CSS files. + Call g_type_init() only with older glib. + Fix failures on NetBSD. + Store MEDIA/SUBTYPE.xml files in lowercase.
* Sun Feb 09 2014 Export ac_cv_func_fdatasync=no before calling configure, to workaround the issue described in fdo#70366, where fdatasync() is called on each update-mime-database invocation
* Mon Sep 30 2013 Update to version 1.2: + Mime-type changes: - Use IANA registered application/sql type for SQL. - Add test for text/x-python. - Added
*.pyx as Pyrex/Cython variant of text/x-python. - Lower the priority of the
*png glob on Apple PNGs. - Add magic for Kobo e-book reader. - Add another magic for EPub books. - Add missing globs and tests for OpenPGP files. - Add MIME types for raw disk images. - Add video/x-matroska-3d mime-type. - Use application/ for SWF. - Use application/vnd.nintendo.snes.rom for SNES ROMs, associate
*.sfc with them. - Fix shebang matches for shell scripts. - Remove
*.ogv as a glob for Theora videos as they might not be Theora. - Improve detection of Perl scripts. - Add more aliases for Photoshop images. - Add Microsoft Publisher mime-type. - Correct JPEG2000 definition. + Check for errors when saving files, and ensure that files are saved to disk before carrying on. + Don\'t use access() to check for writability. + Rename to
* Sun Feb 17 2013 Update to version 1.1: + Many mime-type changes + Specification changes: - Fix mimetype names used as examples. - Document that the first extension is the main one. - Fix missing plural. + Honor NOCONFIGURE=1. + Allow builders to not run make check by default. + Fix build for platforms with executable extensions. + Disable checks when cross compiling. + Use non-installed update-mime-database in install-data-hook. + Use native update-mime-database for install when cross compiling. + Add a local-test target to print mime in.- Pass --disable-default-make-check to configure: we prefer to execute make check in the separate %check section.- Add a %check section and execute make check
* Sat Jul 21 2012 Split out -lang package (bnc#645077).
* Mon Feb 27 2012 Change libxml2 PreReq to libxml2-2, after libxml2 packaging split: we have PreReq for the libraries used by update-mime-database.
* Sun Feb 26 2012 Add libxml2-tools BuildRequires for xmllint, now that tools got split from libxml2 package.
* Tue Jan 17 2012 Update to version 1.0: + Mime-type changes: - Add root-XML for AbiWord, Atom, Dia, Dia shape, KML, RDF, XSL FO, metalink, XMI, SMIL - Add glob for VDR recordings - Make PBM/PPM detection more permissive - Fix magic for MP3 files without ID3 - Add application/vnd.visio mimetype - Fix Amazon MP3 being detected as Qt Designer - Add application/acrobat alias for PDF files - Add support for detecting DVDs without VIDEO_TS dirs + Test suite adjustments for xdgmime bug fixes
* Sun Oct 02 2011 Add shared-mime-info to BuildIgnores: libgio-2_0-0 would drag it in, but we can\'t require
*self for build.
* Sun Sep 18 2011 Update to version 0.91: + Mime-type Changes: - Add WWF - Add application/ - Add root-XML for SVG - Add Qt QML - Add application/x-fictionbook - Add application/x-mobipocket-ebook - Add another alias for ASX playlists - Add video/3gp, video/x-mpeg, video/x-mpeg2, video/divx, and video/msvideo aliases - Add MSOffice 12 and OOXML mime-types - Add video/vnd.mpegurl - Java class tweaks - Add magic for Megadrive ROMs - Add application/vnd.tcpdump.pcap - Fix root-XML for XSL - Add extension for Scheme text files - Add extensions for VRML documents - Loosen magic for FLTK fluid files - Move application/x-reject to text/x-reject - Add application/x-nzb - Remove glob from text/x-uri - Added a
*.wsgi pattern for python scripts - Add DVI, PKCS, RELAX NG, and S/MIME acronyms. - Use text/vcard instead of deprecated text/directory for vCards. - Add text/x-markdown - Add WebVTT - Add
*.php5 and
*.phps as patterns for PHP - Make dash scripts shell scripts - Add application/x-iso9660-image alias for application/x-cd-image - Add text/x-scala mime type - Add another magic for XSPF files - Update CHM mime-type to application/ + Other: - Fix parallel build - Update GPLv2 COPYING file - Use XZ tarballs by default- Drop shared-mime-info-fix-parallel-build.patch: fixed upstream.- Add xz BuildRequires because we can\'t build a package for a xz-compressed tarball without explicitly specifying that... See bnc#697467 for more details.
* Tue Jan 18 2011 Fix %mime_database_postun to not call update-mime-database twice.
* Tue Dec 14 2010 Just give up on the parallel build: it fails again. Since this module is really small, it doesn\'t matter much anyway.- Re-enable call to translation-update-upstream: bnc#658999 has been fixed.
* Sun Dec 12 2010 Add shared-mime-info-fix-parallel-build.patch to fix parallel build.- Disable call to translation-update-upstream because it adds some misnamed translations. See bnc#658999.
* Tue Dec 07 2010 Update to version 0.90: + Mime-type Changes: - Make application/epub+zip sub-class-of application/zip - Make sure RAM files are not all treated as text - Make CMakefiles a sub-class of text/plain - Add new mime-type for Panasonic RW2 images - Add XSL magic - Add root-XML for XSL - Add
*.gem as a glob for tar archives - Add test case for text/directory files - Add go source code - Add pdf.xz mime-type - Add text/x-ooc source code - Add Cobol source code + Other: - Don\'t error out on the x-scheme-handler/
* mime-types - Fix crasher when mime-magic is empty
* Thu Oct 07 2010 Add rpm macros to update the mime database: %mime_database_post and %mime_database_postun.- Update %post to never fail, and to not redirect the output to /dev/null: if there is output, then it\'s important.
* Fri Oct 01 2010 Update to version 0.80: + Mime-type Changes: - Add magic for F4V (Flash) video files - Add mime-type for Dia shapes - Bump priority for KOffice magics to give them precedence over gzip and zip - Add mime-type for Verilog and SystemVerilog source files and headers - Add Qt Linguist translation file - Add application/x-xspf+xml alias for XSPF playlists - Use audio/flac for FLAC files, make audio/x-flac an alias of it - Add mime-type for HDF files - Add mime-type for Mozilla Extension packages - Add mime-type for text/cache-manifest - Add YAML mime-type - Add application/relax-ng-compact-syntax mime-type - Add more tests for Matlab and Octave files - Improve translator comments for VCD, SVCD and PictureCD - Add application/pkcs8 mime-type - Add audio and video WebM mime-types - Add video/mp2t mime-type - Use generic video icon for application/x-matroska - Improve magic for Matroska files - Add magic for audio/x-stm - Update magic for Apple HTTP Streaming playlists - Add Lrzip archive mime-type - Fix PDF detection for some pesky files - Add details about 3GPP and 3GPP2 files - Add JavaFX video format - Add Windows Imaging Format Disk Image mime-type - Add application/x-apple-diskimage mime-type - Add e-book reader content-type - Add application/x-tex as an alias for text/x-tex - Use application/oxps mime-type for XPS files - Add magic to BibTeX files + Other: - Fix malformed D source test - Avoid using ~/.local data when running the test suite - Make sure that update-mime-info doesn\'t get called before installed- Remove workaround for ar locale (which was renamed from ara): fixed upstream.
* Sat Aug 07 2010 Change glib2 PreReq to libglib-2_0-0. It\'s a bit ugly to explicitly have to list those PreReq here, but libglib-2_0-0 is much smaller than glib2, so that\'s an improvement, I guess.
* Wed Feb 17 2010 Added support for translation-update-upstream (bnc#447180, FATE#301344).
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Update to version 0.71: + Mime-type Changes: - Add magic for FLAC files - Add ICC profiles - Remove duplicate XUL definition - Add IT8.7/2 profiles - Add Apple\'s HTTP Live Streaming playlists - Add application/pkix-crl - Match
*xsl and
*xslt to application/xslt+xml - Add
*.eml glob for message/rfc822 messages - Add application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow - Update MathML definition - Add application/x-java-keystore and application/x-java-jce-keystore - Add OpenDocument test cases, flat XML file definitions - Make D sources a sub-class of C sources + Specification: - Update version to 0.19- Work around misnamed arabic locale by renaming ara to ar.
* Fri Nov 13 2009 Update to version 0.70: + Mime-type Changes: - Add MXF video - Add Google Earth XML files - Add XZ arcgives - Add SPSS formats - Add OpenRaster images - Add glob for OpenType fonts - Add more MPEG-4 video container magic - Add RealMediaFormat videos - Add LZIP archives - Add Kexi mime-types - Add CBT comics - Add Windows theme packs - Add metalink - Better glob for core files - Better magic for graphviz files - Add MRML, CVS, TSV acronyms - Better definition for LZO archives - Fix mime-type/magic for Java archives - Fix MSWinURL magic - Add tar.bz2 as a sub-class of application/x-bzip-compressed-tar - Split Win32 from Unix autostart detection - Better magic for Cisco VPN files - New magic for Word documents - Better glob matching for Makefiles + Specification: - Add glob-deleteall and magic-deleteall support - Add case-sensitive attribute support + Other changes: - fix make call on
*BSDs - Better error in update-mime-database when a directory doesn\'t exist