Changelog for autokey-qt-0.93.10-1.2.noarch.rpm :
Fri Jan 13 13:00:00 2017
- Update to 0.93.9

Thu Nov 17 13:00:00 2016
- Update to 0.93.7 (Master-Brunch)

Thu Sep 15 14:00:00 2016
- Update to 0.93.6
- build with Python 3
- fix mirco release number
- fix autokey-run

Thu Mar 31 14:00:00 2016
- Update to 0.93.4
- Fix (has non ASCII characters)
- Fix syntax error in src/lib/

Sun Dec 13 13:00:00 2015
- Update to 0.91.1

Wed Jan 2 13:00:00 2013
- Replace application name with %name
- Fix shebang rpmlint warnings

Wed Jan 2 13:00:00 2013
- Update to 0.90.4:

* [GTK] Fix various issues with notifications

* [GTK] Fix various issues with clipboard scripting

* Apply patch from issue 199 - add support for Meta modifier

Wed Jan 2 13:00:00 2013
- Update to 0.90.0 version:

* [GTK] Port the GTK UI to GTK3

* [GTK] Add a help menu entry for the scripting API

* [GTK] Get rid of the Abbreviation Selector as it\'s unmaintained and unused

* [GTK] Add function to run the currently selected script

* [GTK] Add a Tools menu, merge with View menu and add some new options

* [GTK] Add the ability to enter custom trigger characters for abbreviations

* [GTK] Obey desktop setting for monospace font in script editor

* [GTK] Add a dialog for automatically configuring window filters

* [GTK] Fix for issue 190 - special hotkeys won\'t save

* [GTK] Save and restore the clipboard when using it to send text

* [GTK] Allow manual sorting of the treeview on the name column

* [GTK] Enable typeahead search in the treeview

* [GTK] Add the ability to record keystrokes to phrases

* [KDE] Add a help menu entry for scripting API, and enable standard \"About
KDE\" entry

* Add ability to store global variables in the script store

* Completely remove the EvDev interface and daemon, and all related UIs

* Use PNG icons for KDE and SVG icons for GNOME

* Add cinnamon to the list of environments using Super key workaround

Sun Apr 3 14:00:00 2011
-Update to version 0.71.3

* Fix for issue 108 - cannot upgrade a v0.5x config file any more

* Fix for issue 107 - clipboard get functions are not using unicode

* Implement enhancement 109 - add general keyword arguments to script

* If unable to connect to the daemon on startup, retry a few times

* If interface initialisation fails, still initialise necessary objects
to allow user to modify interface configuration.

* Update changelog and bump version for release.

Fri Jan 28 13:00:00 2011

* Update packaging license to GPLv3

* Bump version and update changelog for release
[common] Fix for issue 95, dropping next character after hotkey
[common] Fix engine.run_script() (issue 97)
[common] Add missing COPYING file
[common] Update all licenses to GPLv3 and add where missing

Tue Oct 26 14:00:00 2010
Corrected a few errors in the spec file (thanks to Luiz Fernando Ranghetti

Tue Oct 26 14:00:00 2010
some changes so the spec file works for 11.1 and 11.2 (thanks to Darix)

Tue Oct 26 14:00:00 2010
- Change the suggest to recommends (thanks to Darix

Sun Oct 24 14:00:00 2010
- minor update to solve this problems
Add proper sections to .desktopto quit desktop-file-validate
Use non-absolute pathnames
Deleting wiki page Nogui
[gtk] Handle situtation where no folders exist
Remove Keyboardinterrupt handeling as it didn\'t work
Fix window.get_active_geometry()
Don\'t use absolute path to init script to meet Redhat sysv init specs
Bump version and update changelog for v0.71.1 release
Add message blankpage.xml for GTK UI

Mon Oct 11 14:00:00 2010
- Initial version of the package (version 0.71.0)