Changelog for python3-dbus-python-1.2.8-lp151.17.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Mon Oct 01 2018 Nicolas Bock - Add missing dependency for pkg-config files
* Wed Jul 04 2018 Version update to version 1.2.8:
* Python 2.7 required or 3.4 respectively
* Tests use functionality
* Upstream dropped epydoc completely
* See NEWS for more
* Wed Jul 04 2018 Use requires_ge instead of the rpm calls
* Mon Dec 18 2017 drop unneeded epydoc requirement properly
* Thu Dec 07 2017 Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm. RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as \'the main packages version\'.
* Tue Nov 14 2017 drop unneeded epydoc requirement (API docs were not built anyway)
* Wed Mar 08 2017 Rename package from dbus-1-python to python-dbus-python to conform to openSUSE package naming guidelines.- Switch to single-spec version- Update to version 1.2.4 + Enhancements:
* Continous integration metadata for is now available. Similar to dbus, this is split into .travis.yml (Travis-specifics) and tools/ (intended to be useful for any CI framework, although it does include various workarounds for travis-ci oddities). (Simon McVittie) + Fixes:
* Make dbus.version a tuple again, not a list, for consistent sorting. This was a regression in 1.2.2. (Debian #816729, Simon McVittie)
* Use inspect.signature() instead of inspect.getargspec() on Python versions that have it. inspect.getargspec() is deprecated in recent Python 3 and seems to have disappeared from 3.6 nightly builds. (Simon McVittie)
* Make the tests pass in \"narrow\" Python builds where unicode objects are UTF-16, rather than the UCS-4 used in Linux distributions. (fd.o #57140, Simon McVittie)
* Always include headers in a consistent order (Debian #749133, Simon McVittie)
* Include config.h in all C code that we compile. This is necessary on platforms where it might contain something like \"#define _GNU_SOURCE\" or \"#define inline __inline\". (Simon McVittie)- Update to version 1.2.2 + Versioning changes:
* dbus-python releases now have an even micro version (1.2.0, 1.2.2), and snapshots from git have an odd micro version (1.2.1). + Dependencies:
* Building from git (but not from tarballs) now requires macros from the GNU Autoconf Archive, for example the autoconf-archive package in Debian or Fedora derivatives.
* Building from git (but not from tarballs) now requires Automake 1.13 or later.
* The automated tests and some examples now require PyGI (the gi module), not PyGObject 2 (the deprecated glib and gobject modules). + Enhancements:
* There is now a setuptools, allowing dbus-python to be installed into a virtualenv using pip from a standard Automake source release. This requires pre-existing system-wide installations of the normal build dependencies (pkg-config, libdbus, dbus-glib, a C compiler) and has some limitations. For system-wide installations and development, please use the Autoconf/Automake build system directly. (fd.o #55439; Simon McVittie)
* dbus-python now uses the common compiler warnings from AX_COMPILER_FLAGS (Simon McVittie)
* The automated tests can now be installed as GNOME-style \"installed tests\", and should be somewhat more reliable (Simon McVittie) + Fixes:
* ``from dbus.service import
*`` now imports FallbackObject (fd.o #85720; Ben Longbons)
* The GConf-related examples work again (fd.o #85720; Ben Longbons)
* Consistently make examples executable, and install them all (fd.o #85720; Ben Longbons)
* Search PATH for an appropriately-versioned pythonX.Y-config, or as a last resort python-config, if there isn\'t a ${PYTHON}-config in the same directory as ${PYTHON} (fd.o #92085; Yamashita, Yuu)
* Add support for the Automake 1.13 parallel test driver (Simon McVittie)
* Skip building API documentation if \"import epydoc\" fails (Simon McVittie)- Add python version-dependent and python version-indepent devel packages.
* Sat Nov 16 2013 Add missing dependency on python-gobject (bnc#850792)
* Mon Jun 03 2013 Removed the %{RELEASE} from the dbus-1 Requires: entries (fixes also Factory auto check).
* Sun Jun 02 2013 Update to version 1.2.0: Dependencies: - libdbus 1.6 or later is now required. Enhancements: - Unicode Corrigendum 9: when used with a suitable version of libdbus (1.6.10 or later, or 1.7.2 or later), noncharacters in strings are now accepted Fixes: - Support DBusException(\'something with non—ASCII\') under Python 2 (Michael Vogt, smcv; fd.o #55899) - Correct some misleading wording in COPYING which was written under the assumption that libdbus could actually be relicensed to MIT/X11 (Thiago Macieira) - Avoid variable-length arrays, because MSVC++ is still stuck in 1998 (based on patches from Christoph Höger, fd.o #51725) - Remove unnecessary uses of stdint.h (fd.o #51725) - Add support for Unix compilers not supporting \'inline\', for completeness - Use GObject.__class__ instead of GObjectMeta, which can no longer be imported from gi.repository.GObject in pygobject 3.8 - Fix autoreconfiscation on Automake 1.13 (Marko Lindqvist, fd.o #59006)- Removed libxml2-python runtime requirement (not needed).
* Mon Nov 19 2012 Update to version 1.1.1: Dependencies: - libdbus 1.6 or later is now recommended. It is not strictly required yet. Fixes: - Validate UTF-8 according to the rules libdbus uses, falling back to our own (inefficient) implementation if not compiled against dbus >= 1.6 (fdo#40817) - Under Python 3, in the absence of introspection or signature=\'...\', pass dbus.ObjectPath or dbus.Signature arguments with the obvious signature \'o\' or \'g\', not \'s\'. This previously only worked in Python 2. (fdo#50740) From version 1.1.0: Deprecations: - dbus.gobject_service is deprecated. Use dbus.gi_service and PyGI in new code. API changes: - dbus.gobject_service works in legacy PyGObject 2 applications again, like it did before 1.0. The down side is that it doesn\'t work in all PyGI applications any more, unlike 1.0. In PyGI applications, depend on dbus-python >= 1.1 and use dbus.gi_service instead - its API is the same. (fdo#48904, deb#670516) - dbus.gobject_service has been removed from Python 3 builds altogether. Enhancements: - Use DBusBasicValue from libdbus 1.5, if available, rather than reinventing it Fixes: - Put sockets for the regression tests in /tmp, not the builddir, fixing test failures in a really long builddir (fdo#46747) - Fix a reference leak in dbus_py_variant_level_set (fdo#47108) - Modify AM_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADERS so the \"another way\" works with Python 3
* Sun May 27 2012 dbus-1-python3 package added
* Thu Mar 08 2012 New upstream version 1.0.0: Dependencies: - libdbus 1.4 or later is now required. - Python 2.6 or later is now required. If Python 3 is used, it must be version 3.2 or later. - GNU make (or, at your own risk, another make with the GNU $(patsubst) extension) is now required. API changes: - dbus_bindings, which was never meant to be public API and has been deprecated for nearly 5 years, has finally been removed. - The repr() of every dbus-python object is now unicode. - The Python 3 API is not the same as the Python 2 API; see PY3PORT.rst for details. Enhancements: - Python 3 compatibility (fd.o #26420) - MethodCallMessage and SignalMessage now have a more useful repr() Fixes: - OOM while appending a unicode object to a message no longer leaks a string - If libdbus somehow gives us invalid UTF-8, don\'t crash - Fix rst2html failure in non-UTF-8 locales From version 0.84.0: Enhancements: - fd.o #30812: add the UnixFd type, and support Unix fd passing if compiled against a new enough libdbus - fd.o #34342: add Connection.set_allow_anonymous(bool) - fd.o #21017: add configure arguments PYTHON_INCLUDES and PYTHON_LIBS which can be used to override $PYTHON-config Fixes: - fd.o #35626: clear ProxyObject\'s pending introspection queue after execution - fd.o #22560: remove duplicate code from example-async-client - fd.o #36206: allow signature=\'x\' among ProxyObject method arguments- Spec file updates: - Removed pyrex from BuildRequires: (not needed anymore). - Removed \"autoreconf -fi\" from %build section and also libtool requirement (not needed). - Added epydoc and python-docutils in BuildRequires: to enable generation of HTML docs and API documentation.
* Wed Jan 25 2012 license update: MIT SPDX format for MIT license
* Fri Sep 30 2011 add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Sun Sep 18 2011 Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile (cf. packaging guidelines)- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Tue Jan 04 2011 new upstream version 0.83.2 : - libdbus 1.2 is still supported, but libdbus >= 1.4 is recommended. - Make BusConnection.list_activatable_names actually call ListActivatableNames, not ListNames - Don\'t override CFLAGS when adding compiler warnings - Fix compilation on platforms where Py_ssize_t is larger than int, like x86-64 - fd.o #21831: deserialize empty byte arrays with byte_arrays=True as ByteArray(\'\'), not ByteArray(\'None\') - fd.o #23278, #25105: fix crashes when trying to append more struct entries than the signature allows with libdbus 1.4 - fd.o #23831: fix crashes when an embedded Python interpreter imports dbus, is finalized, is re-initialized, and re-imports dbus - fd.o #21172: avoid some deprecation warnings in Python 2.6 - fd.o #15013: add dbus.lowlevel.MESSAGE_TYPE_SIGNAL etc., for those who care about message types at a low level - When removing signal matches, clean up internal state, avoiding a memory leak in long-lived Python processes that connect to signals from arbitrarily many object paths (fd.o #17551) - When setting the sender of a message, allow it to be org.freedesktop.DBus so you can implement a D-Bus daemon in pure Python
* Sun Oct 31 2010 Use %_smp_mflags
* Sun Aug 09 2009 use new python macros