Changelog for libthai0-0.1.25-1.1.x86_64.rpm :

* Fri Jul 01 2016 Update to version 0.1.25: + New word break APIs for more thread-safety. + Fix compilation error and warning with GCC 6. + Do not test word breaking if dictionary is disabled. + Updated word break dictionary.
* Mon Nov 30 2015 Update to version 0.1.24: + Fix infinite loop caused by optimization in previous version. (deb#805703). + Updated word break dictionary.
* Thu Nov 12 2015 Update to version 0.1.23: + Correctly check doxygen version on configure. + Threadsafe word breaking. + Improve word breaking performance by 0.1%. + Updated word break dictionary.
* Fri May 15 2015 Update to version 0.1.22: + Updated word break dictionary. + Improve word breaking performance by 0.38%. + No timestamp on Doxygen-generated doc.
* Sat Aug 23 2014 Update to version 0.1.21: + Updated word break dictionary. + Improve word breaking performance by 8.61%.
* Sun Oct 27 2013 Update to version 0.1.20: + Updated word break dictionary. + Fix compiler warnings in test suites.
* Tue Feb 05 2013 Update to version 0.1.19: + New API th_validate_leveled() for IM correction with strictness level. + Updated word break dictionary. + Switched to XZ tarball compression.
* Mon Jun 18 2012 Update to version 0.1.18: + Updated word break dictionary.
* Tue Feb 21 2012 Update to version 0.1.17: + Recognizes acronyms on word breaking. + Updated word break dictionary.
* Wed Jan 18 2012 Update to version 0.1.16: + Updated word break dictionary.- Change versioned Obsoletes for libthai from <= to < now that we have a new upstream version.
* Mon Jun 27 2011 Apply SLPP (bnc#674012): + Split out libthai0 subpackage + Move thbrk.tri in new libthai-data subpackage + Add libthai-data Requires to libthai0. This Requires use >= %{version}, instead of =, since the data is not parallel-installable with other versions. We can just hope the data format will stay compatible (and the higher version will be more complete).- Change License tag to LGPL-2.1+, as per Do not require libdatrie-devel from the -devel package: it will be added automatically the pkgconfig()-way.- Adjust baselibs.conf to follow the SLPP name change.- Change Group of the -devel package to be Development/Languages/C and C++ instead of System/Libraries.- Stop using source services. Factory is moving away from it and a different approach to verify the authenticity of the tarballs is being implemented (by using the Source URL).- spec file cleanups.
* Fri Apr 29 2011 Update to 0.1.15: + Updated word break dictionary.- Use source services: download_url, recompress, set_version.
* Tue Feb 22 2011 Add missing baselibs.conf.
* Sun Feb 28 2010 Update to version 0.1.14: + Fix crash on corrupted dictionary file; now it fails quietly instead. + License clarification on individual source files. + Updated word break dictionary.
* Sun Jan 17 2010 Update to version 0.1.13: + Fix integer overflow vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-4012). + Updated word break dictionary.- Changes from version 0.1.12: + Improved unknown words boundary. + Add symbol versioning. + Updated word break dictionary.- Changes from version 0.1.11: + Diminished link flags in pkg-config info, for less dependency for clients. + More words in word break dictionary.- Changes from version 0.1.10: + More dictionary capacity with libdatrie 0.2. + Dictionary clean-up on unload. + Some performance fine-tuning. + More words in word break dictionary.- Drop warnings.patch: fixed upstream.- Drop bug-569615_01_integer-overflow-vuln.patch: fixed upstream.